Sunday, December 4, 2011

Museum & Simkin Centre update, Eadie's tirade, Realtor rules, homeless housing victims, Vandal vs consultation, boneheaded judge: All in one podcast !

Shout-outs off the top of today's podcast across the continent, to a crew that includes a Winnipeg student journalist, a realtor, a new member of our Facebook group from Thompson, a rock singer who is also an aspiring American politician, and a groovy Village retailer.

One of the overriding themes today - there is less news and information and more pollyanna-ism in Winnipeg mainstream media than ever with the return of the Jets - who will fill in the gap?

Part One: Follow-ups on recent featured analysis of

- The new slant of the Museum of Human Rights, apparently unwilling to allow discussion of human rights abuses and genocide by Nazi's and Communists but seemingly willing to commit a blood libel against Christianity as part of their Holocaust displays - a philosophy that all must disavow BEFORE more public funding goes to the pet project of Millionaires;

- the disregard of the Simkin Center for basic non-profit governance, as the CEO's contract was extended? renewed? no one's sure - without even needing approval of the closed-shop self - perpetuating Board of Directors .

Who in government or the MSM watches the public's back? Who will speak out about this abuse of power and is the watchdog against non-profits that break their bylaws, from bullying by the connected classes, from community dishonesty ? We ask, who's there to protect you ?

Part Two - City Hall behaves like a Grade 3 Class ?

L'affair Ross Eadie: F-sharps like "a newly peglegged pirate"; the real questions about his rant; naming names of who was for/against the 108 Scotia St. housing; and a blogger analyzes the cast of characters and explains how our impending civic budget ... um, well ...

"These are the people that we decided were responsible and mature enough to handle our money for us, and on the strength of their decision-making skills we will owe a billion dollars within the next three to four years without having solved any of our existing problems. Everything is terrible. There's your local news."

Speaking of politicians, a realtor brilliantly delves into how complacency harms Winnipeggers as both voters AND homeowners, and reveals a startling new era of accountability may be on the way - for realtors, anyways:

Part Three - Crime Courts and Public Safety

Just wondering, considering #35 was a homeless person in an abandoned apartment block, is #36 halfway there ?

Speaking of homeless people and public safety:
FP Reporter: In Winnipeg, At Home has produced a number of heartwarming success stories along with some spectacular failures.
"Wally Ruban, operations manager at B & M Land Co., which once rented 10 suites to At Home participants, said the company has pulled out of the program. "I think it's fallen flat on its face," he said Friday."
(A project manager said:) "I think it's been a learning experience for all of us."

Again the question is asked who speak out for the people that live in suites next to the "spectacular failures" AND I tell what someone in the private sector hears after trying the "learning process" excuse out on the boss.
And who speaks out for the victims of these failures, ie their neighbours especially in public housing ?

Meanwhile, Coun. Danny Vandal tries to find a way to knock the public (and their own responsibility as elected officials) out, once and for all, from having a say in transit fares by emulating the Parking Authority model -

"It also allows that independent intelligent analysis that is often lacking and avoids what happened on the floor of council," Vandal said, referring to the recent transit fare hike.

Memo to the Councillor: if we had something in this town called MANDATORY PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS, a 25c fare hike wouldn't have happened either.

And how can it exist until you and council get a handle on this next issue?

"The report shows that when it comes to feeling "not at all worried" about using or waiting for public transit at night, Winnipeggers had the lowest rate in Canada.

Only 33 per cent of Winnipeggers said they felt that way"

James Turner of the Sun - well, in this case of his blog

tried to reward the effort of a Crown attorney to protect the public from a violent sick 16 year old who beat up two innocents in 2 days last summer, kept out of jail because she might be around bad influences and then there's the little baby that needs her.

She walked away Wednesday with two years of supervised probation, admittedly with some stringent conditions for the first few months.

Despite randomly picking a stranger to attack, brutally beat and strangle for no apparent reason — two days after robbing another guy behind a 7-11 — S won’t do any real time.

(How long till bonehead judgements forces the Crown to rethink her career?)


LASTLY: From our former Kick-FM colleague Ezra of Illegal Curve on CFRW:

"Hello everybody.

As some of you already know, my father, John Ginsburg recently released the e-version of his book "Fine Times" on Amazon and the iTunes book store.

My dad began working on this book in the summer of 2009 and completed it in 2010.

The book is currently only available for download from iTunes and the Amazon book store. The cost of the book is $2.99 and it can be found by searching "Fine Times John Ginsburg"

I'm really proud of my dad and I hope everyone enjoys it.

-Ezra Ginsburg"

(Ed. note - It's about a girl who idolizes Moshe Dayan, so it must be great.)