Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We now resume regular blogging...

Sorry for the interruption. I've noticed a fair amount of traffic still comes here and I wanted to update the basics.

The weekly update was discontinued due to a variety of issues -- mostly time management with so much on the go, and the fact that to stay on the air we have stayed focused on building the radio audience and developing relationships with sponsors.

If you believe in what we do on TGCTS and want to support alternative news gathering in Winnipeg, please contact us about creating a special ad campaign on radio and in print for your service or business. To keep the program on the air and to expand to two hours, we need the support of listeners and businesses in Manitoba.

Yes Winnipeg's only drive-home call-in show is still on the air from 4-5 PM Central time daily and replayed Sunday nights from 7-midnight. The Sunday night replays have become very popular with summer cruisers.You can tune in via our website
http://www.kick.fm/ .

Our guests the past 3 months have included political leaders and candidates, media and sports personalities and one of my proudest scoops, the world exclusive interview with Bill Otten, a Florida photographer who discovered the late Nancy Benoit. My stories about the murder of Nancy and her son Daniel can be found on the front page of
http://www.scotttaylorsports.com/ and have been noted by The Wrestling Observer and other media.

We kept the spotlight on the mayhem engulfing Magnus Avenue and forced the councillor Harry Lazarenko, as well as their MLA George Hickes onto the hot seat, and grilled Mayor Katz as well. We also watched the rise and fall of former Free Press publisher Andy Ritchie.

I will try to get one of our interns to summarize the shows for May June and July and then resume blogging about our show and the stoires we cover.

A major break came in June, when the company formed by our business expert, Shaun Myall of Victoria, was selected to appear on CBC-TV's Dragons Den series for the fall season. Along with Chris Tidwell of Toronto and two young wrestlers who were spectacular performers, ol' Dirty Money and I pitched the millionaire panel for $$$ for our upcoming Power Pro Wrestling TV show on KVOS. You won't believe the way the segment play out.

Very shortly I will be announcing two sportswriting gigs that have come my way, which will be in addition to my columns on

In the meantime if you have any comments or story ideas please email us at