There's 2 elections coming up, so we're coming back.

Consider the following:

A) The City of Winnipeg needs more independent news and public affairs media coverage, not less. 

B) Same with Manitoba, and Western Canada. 

C) There's needles all over our streets and parks, taxes and fees are squeezing our wallets, and voters have deep concerns about energy policy, health care, and overall government priorities. 

If you agree with that premise, The Great Canadian Talk Show has a few questions for you to consider:

  • Is it important for governments and power brokers to hear voices that MSM doesn't listen to?
  • Is it important for you to get reporting and analysis that isn't under a corporate umbrella? 
  • Is it important for the community to have stories told that don't chase the usual and expected narratives?
  • Lastly, do you trust the existing media outlets to provide  coverage you can trust of the provincial and federal elections and give fair play to the issues important to you this fall?

If you were a fan of The Great Canadian Talk Show on KICK-FM, or of City Circus on Shaw TV, you'll like what we are trying to do with citizen journalism in 2019. 

This plan needs your support to get it off the ground. 
The mathematics are, with 100 fans and supporters donating $50 each, we're in the news game in a big way right in time for the elections. 

(More about that in a moment. In fact, tonight as this was being written, the first supporter stepped forward with their $50.00 after seeing this idea on our Facebook group. So it's 1 down, 99 to go. )

Our region has been stripped of too many community media outlets by radio and TV executives making decisions about community programming. 

Ultimately, they don't want anything that challenges their hold on the audience and on advertisers, or puts their pals in positions of power on the hot seat. The CRTC doesn't stop them. They should have, especially with 2 governments asking to be reelected in September and October. 

Commentary, analysis, and election coverage is what The Great Canadian Talk Show did best, and the biggest reason why it's needed as much as it ever was.

As Mayor Sam Katz said to Coun. Gerbasi about me interviewing politicians: "First you get grilled, then you get cross-examined." But he still shook my hand.

There's lots of ways to explain why $50 is a reasonable cost to help arm the community with an experienced, proven and effective media outlet again at this crucial time. 

A) That's only $25.00 per election.  What a bargain!

B) Who doesn't like me filing freedom of information requests on government and seeing what they cough up? (Well OK, Eric Robinson and Nahanni Fontaine don't I guess.)

C) Did I mention I have more information about Manitoba Housing and its problems with used needles to publish?

Join the 100 and help me get the truth out. 

The easiest way is by PayPal
or email for other options such as etransfer or to meet up. 

There will be a Patreon or similar platform utilized which should be ready in a few days. But for now, I want to try to get to the target through PayPal, etransfer and the old-fashioned methods. 

Yes, I will come see you in person this week, shake your hand, take a photo and add you to our builders list (or not, cause I know some of you want to keep it private), provide a receipt for the donation, etc. If you want to sponsor the podcasts or videos, I'd love to talk about that idea too. 

We'll be posting stories on this revived blog, we'll have TGCTS podcasts and video on YouTube (Spirited Kenny's channel is at ) - and that's not all!

Content will be posted on Facebook, we're both on Twitter - @TGCTS and @spirited_kenny, - and Kenny is starting discussions on Instagram. You'll be able to subscribe, join the Facebook group, and chime in to help move stories along and fill in the gaps.

In the next week there'll be some classic City Circus episodes posted here on the blog, and I'll be getting back onto the city hall file too. 

Here is an example of the kind of reporting I delivered in 2014, a video review of the monthly council meeting in the final months of the Katz tenure. Watch Coun. Paula Havixbeck go at it with Mayor Katz and good ol' Justin Swandel, and then the late David Sanders gave City officials hell for the dubious Post Office/Cop Shop deal.  

Your $50 kick-in can fund our basic costs for equipment, internet, parking and gas, etc. and ensure energetic, motivated coverage and analysis of Winnipeg and Manitoba politics through the federal election campaign in October. 

That's MORE reporting on town halls, MORE asking candidates direct questions, MORE issues important to you put on the table in the Manitoba and Federal elections this fall. That is my commitment to the community. 

Be next to join the 100 club:
or email 

Thank you, 
Marty Gold

Coming Next : 
Whose cabinet had Minister Tickles AND Minister Peeping Tom? 

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