Monday, October 31, 2011

Winnipeg police chief, Wiggum-like, couldn't predict annual Halloween weekend mayhem

When the best the police chief can do is add 2 cops to the chase for clues in three weekend shootings, and admits he had not even a thought that the Halloween weekend might, just might, end with gunshots, blood, and death after last years' triple shooting, Winnipeg has a serious crime fighting problem -- right at the top.

As we explain in the Monday Podcast, it's a little late now for El Chefe to ask the public to help with tips, when the police brass have up till now somehow concealed serious crime from being compiled on Crimestat so the public could actually have a complete picture of the mayhem,

or from being mentioned in daily press releases, when there's all those road closures to announce:

We also review another blogger/columnist, Colin Fast, who today agreed with our long-standing position that leaders from minority communities have to become engaged in the discussion about public safety solutions because politicians keep acting like, well ... :

"Is it possible that all the shiny new toys in town are masking some of our real, serious problems? After all, it’s more fun to cut the ribbon on a fancy new development than cut the police tape on a crime scene."

Speaking of ribbon-cutters et al, the folks from the "Air Canada was wrong, its just a perception of crime" crowd tried to regroup in response to the Winnipeg homicide record being tied at 34.

Firstly was the guy who only weeks ago said of downtown crime, that his reading of statistics indicated "there was not much going on."

FP readers online comments indicate great scepticism at the new mantra "we can do it!"of resident local tall forehead, U of M professor Rick Linden, whose solution to car theft treated drivers - and not car thieves - as criminals. He now wants to help dictate a "crime master plan" needing more funding for the failed social engineering programs the NDP love to blow tax dollars on.

Meanwhile the beleaguered, Crimestat--defending Downtown Biz, was forced to pretend to be doing something and demonstrate it really cares when it comes to consulting the public about crime.

The setting will be at 3 different November forums, on two subjects (urban transportation and housing) that will #fail if public safety is not incorporated effectively, and a third where the subject actually IS downtown safety.

"“We all have a role to play in the revitalization of our downtown, so come on down and speak up! Have your voice heard!” Stefano Grande, Executive Director of the Downtown BIZ declared. “This is a chance to ask questions and learn from others who are stepping up and taking the lead on these important downtown issues.”

We shall see if the Biz not only allows voices to be heard, but actually listens to an outraged public and Biz members and learns something itself.

Or, if the anticipated throngs of associated lapdog agencies and lobby groups try to dominate the forum narratives in lockstep with, as Scott Price of CKUW calls it, the media oligarchy.

Here is the link to the Monday Podcast:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shots ring out all weekend long in Murderpeg as Crimestat under fire

If anyone complains to you, that CTV is a US style 'crime/violence/fear' TV newscast, well you can tell them the station doesn't do a very good job of it.

For instance at 6 PM Sunday, the anchor said Winnipeg had our 34th homicide tying the record, but didn't point out we have 2 months to go.

And the victim number 33, whose family declined to speak to CTV but who did talk to Richard Cloutier on CJOB radio, seems to have been a straight-laced Asian young adult of 20 who was in the passenger seat - the passenger seat mind you - of a car after going out Friday night, presumably to an Exchange District bar, for -- Halloween.

And the news script concluded, that police explained, "it's hard to predict who may have firearms and when they might be used".

How comforting, for parents whose kid go out trick or treating or to community parties, let alone their older kids who go to bars and socials. Just in time for the cops to admit, they have lost control of the streets of this city. Lovely.

It is notable how many of the killings and stabbings this year have been open-air, rather than inside dingy apartments or 1 star hotel rooms on Main Street.

CTV also, on this quite violent weekend after last years' pre-Halloween shooting and killing spree- split the crime reports up on the newscast. It separated the Lincoln Hotel shooting - which wasn't identified by either CTV or the Free Press as the second north end shooting location in 12 hours - from a stabbing at Aura nightclub on Portage Avenue one block from the University of Winnipeg (and showed the blood on the sidewalk).

Instead CTV did a 180, following the Exchange District murder with a glowing upbeat cheerleader piece about the opening of the new airport, mentioning that "problems with the underground pipes" led to a one year delay , but not connecting the delay to any increase in cost -- although the cost had been mentioned too.

Getting back to the crime aspect, the police department has to completely rethink the way it deals with the press and public. This week former deputy chief Menno Zacharias carved the sanctimonious piety of Crimestat upholders into little bits, stemming from Stefano Grande's recent comments and opinions on Twitter, blogs and, well, maybe some radio but not radio where the questions to the Downtown Biz director would be guaranteed in the Zacharias realm --- challenging Grande's fantasy that downtown is safe.

Zacharias showed that only the most serious of crimes- such as, oh, people being shot - made the daily press releases.

"In September 2011 the Winnipeg Police Service issued 26 News Releases. In those 26 news releases, however, the Service made reference to only 10 of the 787 offences reported on Crimestat during September... During the month of September, 59 of the 111 muggings reported city-wide were committed in District 1, which encompasses the downtown area. "

North end blogger Rae Butcher, who has fought tooth and nail for accountability and proper information about her own street, noted how important measures of public safety such as stabbings are under-reported as robberies on Crimestat and arsons are not calculated into Crimestat at all.

"What is the actual purpose of the CrimeStat map on the WPS website? Is it to arm citizens with valuable information on crimes being committed throughout Winnipeg? Or is it designed to create illusions of Winnipeg as City Hall sees fit?"

She also enumerated recent PR and non-emergency bulletins issued by police email last Friday which the number of which dwarfed the real news. (Not to mention what Tom Brodbeck of the Sun has to say about the real news downtown and Mayor Katz.)

The time has come for the revival of placing someone the press and public can trust to meaningful compile press releases and reports with some basic comprehension that the idea is to report on crimes, not to promote Chief McCaskill's social work agenda and manipulative style (like when drinking parties turn bad, and the official lingo is " they were socializing".)

The time has come for a civilian spokesman who understands what the public needs to and wants to know, and to assign the officers to what we paid to train them to do - be cops and deal with crime and criminals , not with keyboards and microphones.

As of CTV, the segue to the weather was "I don't want to say we dodged a bullet yesterday - but we did"

You'd think on a weekend when 2 men are gunned down and a 14 year old gets dropped in broad daylight on Selkirk Avenue and barely survives, CTV would have thought thru how their "happy-chat" clever-word quotient would be expressed under the circumstances.

And you'd hope someone in the MSM will ask, what role the police chopper played in the response to any of the 3 (known) shootings this weekend. If any.

Happy Halloween.

(Next podcast is on Monday, this was a stand-alone blog piece. )

Friday, October 28, 2011

CKUW host calls out "teflon" Downtown Biz for ducking public safety discussion: "We're not idiots"

"It's an important debate that needs to happen", explains CKUW assistant news director Scott Price about why he tried to get Downtown Biz honcho Stefano Grande to tackle the issue of downtown safety mano-a-mano with urban affairs blogger Brian Kelcey on live radio.

But as the host of the thrice weekly morning show People of Interest tells TGCTS, "His first response, I just shook my head. "There's no debate with the Biz, there's only moving forward." What the heck does that mean?"

"I have little to zero journalistic training, but that doesn't mean I don't know the issues" states Price, who chased Grande by Twitter, email and phone to appear on the show on October 17 to no avail. "We're not idiots", Price exclaims, believing that Grande "probably didn't want, as knowledgeable as Brian Kelcey is, isn't something Stefano wanted to do on a Monday morning".

What he, as a citizen journalist sees of the Downtown Biz, is "this strategic, tactful, trying to sidestep things put on the teflon so things don't stick approach" that fails to recognize that Grande's suggestion to go on CKUW to talk about topics such as housing was insufficient at best and insulting at worst.

"If we're talking about downtown residents, crime and safety is at the top of the list ... Our audience is Downtown, West Broadway, west end. To me, when the Biz was evasive, these people give us their money ($50,000) every year to keep us as a media source, every year, there's a disconnect there, maybe Mr. Grande doesn't realize that."

Price admits that even at 6'2" and over 200 lbs, it was "heads up hockey" out there, going so far as saying he and his friends as a rule plan to "only make 1 beer run" to avoid being jacked leaving the Sherbrook Hotel vendor. In our exclusive interview, he is as unimpressed by the Downtown Biz' CEO Sleepover stunt as we were, and also criticizes, as we had, the charade of City of Winnipeg public consultations for the Sherbrook bike lanes and the Our Winnipeg open houses.

Campus radio certainly "gets it" when compared to what Price saw as the mainstream newsroom "oligarchy".

Also on the Friday podcast:

A review of the racist attack on the Okay Groceries supermarket (3 blocks from Health Sciences Centre) by radical supporters of the deceased shoplifter Geraldine Beardy yesterday
, leads TGCTS to ask serious questions.

Will Justice Minister Andrew Swan and the police brass will take action to crack down on vigilantiism against the Korean storeowner after charges against him were dropped? Or does the store have to have the windows smashed out or be torched by arsonists first.

Listen to the Friday podcast and the interview with Scott Price here:


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inside the Crocus "settlement" - 8 directors lined up to agree starting the day after NDP re-elected

None of the mainstream media outlets took a moment to actually look into the details of the Manitoba Securities Commission decision allowing 8 Crocus Fund Directors to walk away without being held accountable or expressing any remorse for allowing inflated shares in the labour fund to be sold without the required checks and balances being followed by the Board, that would have protected trusting Manitobans from being fleeced.

How did the MSC think that suspending their ability to do anything like it again -- for a year -- is any kind of sanction or protects the public?

We took the time to read it over.

Since not one newsroom seems to have actually named the Directors - can they be called guilty? I think they can because they admitted to breaching the Act by not adhering to the Prospectus - TGCTS will name names:

Charles Curtis, Peter Olfert, Waldron (Wally) Fox-Decent, Lea Baturin, Albert Beal, Diane Beresford, Sylvia Farley and Robert Hilliard.

It is a sickening reminder of how under the NDP white-collar crime that would result in a stint in the penitentary in the US is absolved in Manitobastan by compliant regulators after hearing pleas that 'the lawyers advised us' and 'the accounting firm said it was ok'. (Ever heard of Enron, any of you ?)

The "Reasons for Decision" is ONE WHOLE PARAGRAPH.

Wait till you hear excerpts from the Order, which includes:

- the dirty details of stalled Valuation approvals;

- backroom infighting between parties unnamed in the documentation (but who were longtime Crocus CEO Sherman Kreiner and new executives Chief Operating Officer Laurie Goldberg and Chief Investment Officer John Pelton - please note I mis-guessed the CIO in this narrative on this podcast as being Albert Black which will be corrected on the next podcast);

- and the pathetic excuses of the 8 directors subject to the Order whom, although all promoters of the Fund and highly educated professionals, were seemingly out of their depth on how to discharge their responsibilities properly when it came to actually running the Fund as Directors of the Board.

(Two remaining Directors, Ron Waugh and Robert Ziegler, will appear at a hearing at 1 PM on Wednesday, November 2 at the MSC offices.)

Listen to our walk-thru of the details, and in particular the discovery of a glaring irregularity in the documentation. And I mean glaring.

Also on the agenda today:
* The Simkin Centre pulled an Olga Fuga and declared the Annual General Meeting over when the tough questions about the abuse of the elderly and a closed-shop Board nomination process started piling up. This was a shameful way for a Jewish organization to abandon their duty to the community.

* The City of Winnipeg 311 Service, try though it might, cannot cover-up for the bloated bureaucracy, which has taken 6 weeks to figure out who is supposed to remove two discarded toilets ( left there in mid-August) from the lane behind Home Street in the west end.

* Don't forget tomorrow's special episode, focusing on the Air Canada memo fall-out and the relationship between the Downtown Biz and its critics, featuring a special interview with a citizen journalist who pulls no punches in describing the sad state of civic "debate" in Winnipeg and the dismissive attitude of the Biz to the community.


@tgcts on Twitter

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bizarro Manitoba: Crocus Fund directors pay no penalty; foreign students and polar bears NDP priority over humans in need

When newsrooms report that the punishment for 8 Crocus Fund directors who admitted selling shares far above their worth, is to bar them from doing it again FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR, and the mainstream media fails to identify who those directors are or question the Securities Commission about the post-election timing, this province is in a serious free-fall of accountability and ethics.

When foreign students getting free health care
and multi-million dollar shelter for Polar Bears is more important to local philanthropists and the Selinger government than access to doctors for Manitobans and shelter for victims of domestic violence and the homeless, this province is in a serious free-fall of financial and moral judgement.

When a political party that fell under 10% support thinks people will now pay to join up, this province is in a serious free-fall of critical thinking and common sense.

When mainstream media reports on a poll about Mayor Sam Katz based on at best, 450 responses, and more likely only 300, and the pollster is allowed to claim '1.2% accuracy 95% of the time' without challenge, this province needs a strong alternative media more than ever.

These topics, plus an explanation about the legacy of hug-a-thug sentencing in the Tony Lanzellotti murder, a police chief who cares more about being a social worker than caring for police dogs, and asking why cars crashing on winter streets isn't called an "accident" but the wrongful release of dangerous violent offenders into the community is, rounds out the show. Plus shout-outs and some surprising visitors to our blog today.

Please note that on Friday, we are scheduling a special about the Air Canada memo, the war of words between realists and pollyanna's, and the attitude adjustment needed by the Downtown Biz to truly get a handle on the crime and safety problems downtown.

That episode will feature an exclusive interview with a citizen journalist, who explains why it is indisputable they represent a neglected segment of the community. Wait till you hear what he has to say about the players and the political game, the message he has for Stefano Grande, and how remarkably similar his observations and experiences are, to the positions taken and causes championed by TGCTS for the past 5 years.

Far from being on the wrong track, we were right on the money about the issues and the role of campus radio to raise awareness and create a sense of community, regardless of what Red River College censors like Cathy Rushton and Graham Thomson thought.

To prepare for that special, take a look at photo-blogger Bryan Scott's danger spots in downtown, which we also reviewed today. You'll recognize all the usual suspects instantly.!/wpglovehate/status/121643407121711104/photo/1


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exclusive details: Judge Ted Lismer facing QB hearing to turf him from Labradoodle trial

October 25th is the 22nd anniversary of the final election of Bill Norrie as Winnipeg's mayor - which I covered on MTN-TV. Time flies, eh ?

Along with a brief recollection of that vote, and shout-outs to our friends the Greendell Falcons for their valiant losing effort in double overtime at Canad Inns Stadium on Sunday in Midget Football playoffs and to Kenny Omega for winning the World Junior Heavyweight wrestling title in Japan, the Tuesday podcast focuses on our personal observations of the proceedings in the Labradoodle trial, now being challenged by an application to Queen's Bench by lawyer Gene Zazalenchuk for a Prohibition Order to turf the judge.
What's with this court case about allegedly abused dogs ? We tell you all about it.

Missing warrants - as in there was none.
Missing Inspection Notices - was there ever one, or was there none ?
Missing the point - a provincial court judge who is now accused of creating an apprehension of bias after being seen speaking in the hallway to the 'star' witness from the Provincial Veterinarians' Office and refusing to recuse himself.

Excerpts from an official transcript and affidavit, combined with James Turner's report in Metro, gives TGCTS listeners a pretty complete review of the situation involving Judge Ted Lismer they can't get anywhere else in the local media.

In civics, somehow we use Dan Lett's column to tie together Phil Sheegl's statue of 3 monkeys, Coun. Jenny Gerbasi, and the bike lobby. It makes sense to us, anyways.

In the public safety update, a drive-by in Elmwood proves the Safer Communities initiatives bragged about by the NDP government are a dangerous joke. Why did neighbours get no action after 15 calls about the house - until it was finally shot up? Maybe police were too busy chasing the cold, cold leads in last year's triple shooting in the north end. Plus, a listener advises that another Winnipeg hospital may yet be the scene of the next Brian Sinclair tragedy because it tolerates non-patients to loiter in the ER.

Also, here is the link to my latest column in the Jewish Post and News about downtown safety that names a few prominent Pollyanna's.

(Although it didn't get mentioned in the podcast, check out this hilarious take on Terry Nelson's new career in the used car business:


Friday, October 21, 2011

How blogs and alternative media step up to fill local news and information gap

The opening segment is a commentary about the role of alternative media, the entrenched ivory-tower local institutions, and the state of critical and other reporting in the local MSM, that is a must-hear for those concerned about free speech in our community.

Then, three blogs anchor the three segments today:

The slush fund being carved out of new garbage fees, and the Gem Equities court file are each dug up by a blogger with personal observations about the track record of those involved and the lack of genuine common-sense analysis by elected officials.

Provincial: What's with Selinger appointing interim Ministers to handle key departments?

Crime and Courts: James Turner proves that when it comes to 'accidental' prisoner releases, the time line tells the tale.

Here is the link for the (belated) Friday podcast:

Our apologies for the delay in being able to upload the Friday audio file.

The next podcast will be on Tuesday with an exclusive story coming from the Law Courts building.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday podcast: WRHA review of Jewish senior's care facility results in more questions by families

Highlights of the Thursday podcast:

- A city official enunciated the actual position on downtown surface parking lots today - they're against it until they're for it. (It's about time that was explained.)

- FP readers shame the newspaper into providing actual, you know, details about 2 stories. (Actually Bart did really well in handling one of them.)

- According to CBC, Greg Selinger actually backed the losing horse for speaker today. (Mazel Tov to Darryl Reid.)

- According to CP, Jon Gerrard's "I'm go-going going (in 2 years)" scrum was terribly run.

- According to the Winnipeg Jewish Review, the Simkin Centre still faces lots of questions about its management, Board governance, and not meeting WRHA standards.
(LATE BREAKING NEWS: Private prosecution laid over Rabbi Berkal's death in that care home:

- According to a blogger, Riverbend residents are seeing decay and disorder that the new federal crime bill does not address.

Oh, and a few observations about former speaker George Hickes, the NDP, and Red River College; and about today's Throne Speech today as well. Plus this:

Here is the link to the podcast:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MKO chief says witnesses and evidence in Beardy death not required, plays race card

Better late than never...

A coverage triple crown of city hall, under the big dome and around the blogosphere stand as proof the alternative media leader tells you what you need to know and tells it like it is.

At 510 Main, it was loan guarantees and garbage fees; meanwhile the NDP Premier extolled the virtues of a Maple Leaf Foods "Centre of Excellence For Bacon" (not that there's anything wrong with that) while putting Energy and Conservation together under the man who promised to end hallway medicine (and we all know how that turned out). Over in cyberville, award-winning blogger Graham Hnatiuk explained to a former city hall insider the business basics of the lopsided Forks-North Portage parking fee scheme that extracts substantial game night profit margins out of the pockets of Forks restaurants, as well as a listener blasting another blogger for his performance in a radio studio.

Then we get to the good stuff.

The Grand Chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak expressed outrage that the Geraldine Beardy manslaughter charge was dropped by the Crown against a Korean storeowner in the Centennial neighbourhood 3 blocks from the Health Sciences Centre.

MKO's David Harper, the deceased's cousin, told CBC there was "no need for such cases to be dropped".

Oh really. Who needs the witness, who skipped a border to avoid their own arrest? or anything like, say evidence against Mr. Kim ? Apparently not Chief Harper.

Today's podcast applies some of that logic to other recent justice system examples such as Premier Selingers favorite rapper, and refutes Harper's comparison of this shoplifters' death to a single case of a missing or murdered woman.

We also mine some classic comments from the Free Press' record 683 online contributions, and explain why any Beardy lawsuit is on thin ice compared to the Brian Sinclair family suit, in which they are kicking the WRHA's heinie by pointing out the court can't allow an institution to precipitate a customers death and then claim his rights didn't exist.

Shout-outs today to TGCTS alumnus Shannah-Lee Vidal, Josh Grummett and David Shorr, who have gone on to notable careers with Mix 100 FM CJCD, APTN-TV, and the Manitoba Liberal party respectively.

The trio were producers and contributors to our show for many years and are an example of the quality of people who interned with TGCTS on 92.9 Kick-FM in citizen journalism and talk radio, while taking the Red River College creative communications course. (Welcome back Shannah-Lee)

The link to the Wednesday podcast is here:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tues. Podcast: Kelcey missed Grande's real message: Downtown crime realists to be ignored

After a great morning helping CDI College produce compelling new ad spots for Streetz104.7, and an afternoon investigating your story leads, the Tuesday podcast is finally ready !

- State of the City has Part 3 in their crime analysis disagreement with the Downtown Biz. But in sending a polite message to TGCTS about a proposed debate, Brian Kelcey might have missed the real message sent by Stefano Grande to critics from the alternative media. Between a tweet to Graham Hnatiuk and communications with CKUW, we piece it together and it does not bode well for Biz members or the general public.

- Speaking of Hnatiuk he raises the kind of pick-their-pocket story about the Forks-North Portage management from businesses at the Forks and "free" parking for Jets games that they are in the end paying for, that the MSM would never delve into and do what Kelcey endorses - question authority. It's another message that also should cause concern for Biz members.

- - We set the record straight about the departure of Dave Shorr from Manitoba Liberal Party offices at 405 Broadway and the deck chairs being shuffled;

- And an "Our Mistake" classic from the Free Press: "She was dead before she was alive";

Plus more on youth criminals, violent home invasions, and runaway teens repeatedly in the police bulletins.

Here is the link to the Tuesday Podcast:



Monday, October 17, 2011

Remembering Reg Alcock; Grande challenged to debate Kelcey; Online media helps find teen

A personal recollection of the late Reg Alcock from my MTN days at the Manitoba Legislature, and a reminder of how an interview with Krista Erickson may explain why he fell out of favour with voters in Winnipeg South, leads off today's show. Reg passed away suddenly on Friday morning.

A recap of the reported and unreported numbers (and underlying motivations of participants) of the Zombie Walk, Slutwalk and Occupy Winnipeg which all took place this weekend is provided (find out Zombies favorite brands of beer!) -- and as all of the marchers went through downtown, naturally the latest salvos in the Stefano Grande vs Brian Kelcey online battle about downtown safety is reviewed, with Kelcey holding the upper ground.

The attacks by representatives of the Biz on honest reporting of public concerns and experiences downtown has the potential to backfire on the organization, as Kelcey points out: (By the way, as you'll hear on the podcast, many of these examples ARE criminal offences, and Grande is invited to test one in particular.)

Not incidentally, (Grande) writes:

"Panhandling, public intoxication, aggressive panhandling, urinating, loitering, gangs of kids hanging out - all are an issue. But these issues are not crimes.

Coming from the Director of the Downtown BIZ, these are strange words. He's technically right, of course - if you define crime exclusively by what's in the Criminal Code.

But while the City rarely uses the by-law in question, aggressive panhandling is an offence under Winnipeg by-laws because it's a threat to public safety. If the Director of the Downtown BIZ feels that this by-law should be unmentioned, unreported or left unenforced because it's not really a crime to corner someone in an enclosed bus stop and demand cash, I'd encourage him to consult with his membership to see if they agree. He might not like the answer he'll get.

This latest attempt to deny the obvious by the Downtown Biz resulted in an as-yet unresponded to challenge to a debate by Kelcey, which I have offered to moderate. We're waiting ...

The Crime and Courts roundup offers congratulations to Shelley Cook and Jacqueline Traverse for their role in the return of a missing 14 year old girl to her family; asks some obvious questions after a 13 year old, with a 10 year old accomplice, tried to commit 3 armed robberies late last week; and we have a few final words about the late John Radocaj after all 3 defendants were convicted for his murder.

Shout-outs to our newest followers on Twitter: @OutlawAK (Adam Knight), @deanatwpgsun (Dean Pritchard), and @pegpoppindeals (no idea who they are but thanks for following us !)

Here is the link for the Monday podcast:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Slim pickings for NDP cabinet; Kelcey hammers out truth about crime and downtown cheerleaders

The Thursday podcast starts off with a brief tribute to my mentor, Yoram Hamizrachi East on the first anniversary of his passing.

Part one of the show is all about provincial politics, as we recount an interesting opinion piece from the publisher of the Neepawa Banner, Ken Waddell, and then explore an issue only TGCTS addressed during the election campaign - the wafer-thin depth of the NDP backbenches with 2 cabinet posts to be filled.

Blogger Brian Gilchrist looked at the poor crop of Finance candidates,

FP reportrix Mary Agnes Welch focused on the rudderless Conservation department which even Bill Blaikie didn't bother to fix

Part two continues the Air Canada/downtown safety controversy, utilizing not only the op-ed analysis of Brian Kelcey "Downtown spinners in crime denial"

but also his excellent and revealing blog post with a first hand account of harassment of AC employees and other vulnerable (potential) victims of habitual drunks

And we ask, how can the police brass be expected to develop strategy to deal with the bums, when they can't even figure out how to use internal security cameras to protect their own cops from false claims of assault?

And in the last segment, imagine the nerve of the defence attorney asking for leniency for a Native Syndicate member who broke into his own cousins' house in Lake St. Martin, mistakenly thinking a drug dealer lived there, and robbed the family anyways before firing a shotgun into the air to scare the little kids even more ?

Shout-outs today to our new followers on Twitter,
Illegal Curve's Richard Pollock @ICrichyp
and, The Pony Corral @ponycorralwpg

(And let's all welcome FP editor Margo Goodhand @margogoodhand to social media)

Here is the link for the Thursday podcast:


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wed podcast: Race-baiting rapper lauds Selinger

The Winnipeg Sun added more details about the arrest of Premier Selinger's favorite rap artist Jamie Prefontaine after an altercation while boarding a flight in Montreal on election day.

The accused posted a number of comments online earlier today, raft with gangsta lingo, bad spellink and threats. On today's podcast we highlight his racially-charged ramblings alleging mistreatment by the media and police and claims of community service such as the excerpts below:

"i maid bails this morning in montreal im free there is not one bit of thruth to the story ... we help troubled youth avoid the life style we had in the past due to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poor you take away are rec centers are goverment money and put white ppl into programs that kids dont want ... greg silinger got more votes bye standing bye ppl who have changed there life get the real facts before you print storys on us no ones been convited in heatbag records or winnipegs most in 5 years so suck it up and suck me off this is brooklyn"

The first half of the show reviews blog posts about the promotion of the "perp being a victim" culture in the north end and why one blogger has walked away from "organizations", how it connects to the Greg Selinger-directed tactics of manipulating community institutions while ignoring the escalation of crime, and connects the dots to City Hall which has a bottomless pit of rewards for mega-project developers with no shame.

Plus, filling in the blank on the first of two Good Samaritans who were stabbed this week, and
closing arguments in the Ivan (John) Radocaj murder trial.

Here's the link:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday podcast - Gordo and pals gang up on Air Canada; fail to refute valid downtown safety concerns

With Yom Kippur and Thanksgiving observed, today's podcast is a classic TGCTS stream-of-consciousness tapestry reflecting on the reality of the state of the downtown, that starts and ends with Gordo himself -- all because of this drivel from Saturday:

Listen to the Tuesday podcast to hear our own Jim Nielson story, and our analysis explaining

- how the distorted Freep headline and "reporting" about downtown crime rates tried to conceal the fact that maybe, just maybe, there is a basis for Air Canada to be concerned for the safety of it's crews on layovers,

- the lecture by Lloyd Axworthy from his U of Winnipeg fiefdom,

- a government lease in the "once-downtrodden North Portage" relies on those evil surface parking lots,

- exactly what Judge Fred Sandhu said about alcoholism fueling social disorder with no solutions from government in sight (H/T James Turner who
ran the transcript here),

- how $40 million of provincial tax dollars earmarked for the CMHR could be used to make our community safer instead of pumping up the pet project of millionaires

- why the social do-gooders don't pressure the NDP to deal with it:
because Greg Selinger didn't tell them too

- and in the Crime Courts Public Safety Update, election day
news about Greg Selinger's favorite rapper and his dealings with Air Canada and Montreal police (here's our previous story about Brooklyn and his pals, he's on the far right, yo);

plus a recap of a violent weekend in the 100 block of Main Street, including a midnight firearm-backed sexual assault and a broad daylight stabbing of a Good Samaritan.

(Off the top of the show we shout-out to our new Twitter followers, we end with our favorite story about a Game 1 Jets fan and a challenge to Gordo, and for those CFL and wrestling fans, here is a link to my book review of Angelo Mosca's biography

Tuesday Podcast link:




Thursday, October 6, 2011

Metro News Publisher Steve Shrout details their positive Winnipeg experience/ Election vote count surprise

Right off the top of the program today, TGCTS features a lengthy interview with Steve Shrout, recorded at the Metro News office at Portage and Main.

He tells about how the paper had to overcome resistance to their free distribution plan before it could launch; his dealings with Mayor Sam Katz and city hall; why the tabloid has found acceptance among consumers and advertisers locally; social media as part of their self-promotion; and why he is a big booster of this city. It's a fast-paced informative exchange and so good it just had to lead today's edition. Thank you Steve.

Newswise, we have more analysis of the failure of the PC's to translate their support into enough added votes at the polls to win, more MSM stories and listener comments about the Air Canada and downtown safety issue, and some Jets history round out the show, and the week as we will be taking tomorrow off for the Yom Kippur holy day.

Here is the link to the Thursday podcast:

Podcasting resumes on Tuesday with an exclusive news story courtesy of a listener - or as Brad Oswald would say "citizen journalist" - that will - ! surprise ! - NOT be about the Jets home opener.

Hint: Why were all those bikes on parade in a Winnipeg neighbourhood overnight ?

Twitter: @TGCTS

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Opposition disconnects with public; public disconnects with voting

The post-election post-mortum reflects on the state of Manitoba politics and media with a round-up of pundits critiques, including Tom Brodbeck, Charles Adler and Brad Oswald, as well as listener comments and an idea to encourage voting. Where are the missing 15% , and why are they staying away ? Who will watch out for the majority of Manitobans who are not pro-NDP when both parties are in disarray ? What about reports of dirty tricks and possible fraud even at the polls?

The CCPS Update takes a look at Portage Avenue, a suggestion to the Mayor from a former cop, and the trial in the murder of John Radocaj.

And advance notice - tomorrow's podcast features our interview with Metro publisher Steve Shrout !

Here's the link to today's edition:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Election Day: The missing details of 'Lemieux cheque' complaint / Pics of homeless-wear of the rich

On Election Day we bring listeners the exclusive story behind the dirty trick complaint that was dismissed by Elections Manitoba against NDP local Government Minister Ron Lemieux.

"Watchdog Clears Lemieux"

"Elections Commissioner Bill Bowles said Lemieux, who is running for re-election in Dawson Trail, was acting as an MLA, not a candidate, when he presented a $15,000 cheque for a playground in Landmark ...

"In his ruling, Bowles said the cheque presentation was only semi-public. Lemieux did not speak at the formal playground dedication ceremony and did not publicize his attendance. He waited until after the ceremony to give the cheque to the playground committee. A reporter from the Steinbach Carillon happened to tag along.

Bowles also said he could find no fault with a blog-style article Lemieux published a few days later on a local news site, where he touted the playground grant and posted a photo of the cheque presentation."

Listen to the podcast to hear us dissect the intellectual dishonesty of Elections Manitoba creating the new concept of a "semi-public" appearance by a cabinet minister wielding a government cheque, and then absolving him for writing as a "candidate" about his actions as a Minister, replete with a photo that just "happened". (What is "blog-style", anyways?)

More importantly, a source shared information with TGCTS about the timing aspect, which seems to have escaped scrutiny.

When was the Community Places grant cheque cut? What is the normal protocol for getting the money to the organization? What decisions did Lemieux have the option of making ? You can decide, is Elections Manitoba part of the supplicant society as described by Prof. Bryan Schwartz?

And that's not the only campaign dirty trick discussed, as while recording the show, we received confirmation of a major brouhaha over voter ID at an inner city polling station that had (has?) lawyers involved.

Two bloggers provide great insight into the Air Canada crew layover controversy.

Kevin dug up an insiders' explanation of a recent violent incident downtown that appears to have spurred the move; while the other asked why people cannot discuss the obvious connection of downtown disorder with a down-and-out and often homeless element in the aboriginal community without being labeled a racist.

Speaking of homelessness, DJ Monkey took time away from upgrading the desktop in the studio to provide some colour commentary about pictures we have acquired of the Downtown Biz CEO sleepover that illustrate how out of touch the Biz and corporate honchos are, focused more on public relations than true compassion and understanding of the homeless in the city.

For instance, whereas this was supposed to be an "outdoor" sleepover, it doesn't mean the CEO's slept under the stars.

They slept under canvas.

No staying warm under newspapers for this pretend-homeless person, with her 4 layers of clothing and a hairstyle so perfect Mary Agnes Welch is sure to endorse her for political office one day.

Nothing says "at one with the homeless" than a $600 Canada Goose insulated parka and fur-lined hood. Way to go, Brain, er, em, Brian.

In addition to the access to indoor washrooms, bright Las Vegas style lighting, and 20 security guards obstructing photographs and demanding that even visiting senior executives from Alberta show identification, the Downtown Biz couldn't very well have the high and mighty of Winnipeg experience the indignity of suffering any actual, you know, hunger, before the formal breakfast with an imported speaker last Friday.(Wait till you hear what DJ Monkey said about what the real homeless have for dessert.)

As our picture-provider said:

"They wanted to talk the talk of homeless people but they sure didn't walk the walk."

Here is the link to the Election Day podcast:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Air Canada pullout over safety exposes Downtown Biz, politicians living in denial

The dirty tricks pile up as Election Day draws near, CBC flunks math, and reporting the gritty reality of downtown crime and disorder started a Twitter assault by the Downtown Biz on the Winnipeg Sun this weekend.

Listen to the podcast for details about
- the fliers attacking Liberal candidate Joe Chan,
- the excellent blog post by L.L. about the dangers of living and working downtown, after the pollyannas and the politicians complained that Air Canada pulled their crews from staying at Portage and Smith,
- the Tweets back and forth smacking down Stefano Grande (and what broadcaster and former downtown resident Andrea Slobodian wrote),
- opinions of a listener about the Biz' CEO Sleepover PR stunt
- and another listener had some observations about the election campaigns and health care bureaucracies.

The Free Press coyly refusing to give credit to our podcast
for the Selinger/Heatbag records picture and story, alcoholism wreaking havoc on our city coming up in court last week, Gordo making excuses for teen killers, the passing of a Winnipegger whose name is well known in the sports scene even if he is not anymore, and my weekend on the road with the legendary Honky Tonk Man in Beausejour and La Broquerie for Western Wrestling Tours, round out the show.

Special thanks are in order for our Marquee Sponsor for October, Osborne House. We'll have lots to say about their service to the community and how you can help, all month long.

Here's the link:

Maybe Elections Manitoba can be fooled but we aren't - exclusive details
behind a campaign dirty trick;

PLUS! see for yourself the Downtown Biz PR stunt and how pampered the CEO's were, while pretending to the public they would, in any way, be able to better understand the challenges of a homeless person after sleeping outdoors at 201 Portage. You will not want to miss it.