Subject: Follow up to your comment about me‏
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 16:33:10 -0500

Ms. Rushton,

Surely by now you have refreshed your memory about what you said about me in that email on November 14th, what you meant by the remark about my role as a volunteer broadcaster on Kick-FM, why you sent the email to Mr. Thomson and especially Mr. Buisson, and what else you said to them about me.

In light of your new appointment by the NDP government, my complaint regarding Mr. Buisson and Mr. Thomson's improper handling of an NDP "complaint" about my broadcast (sent to the College only one month after your email about me to those officials) takes on new importance.

I would like to know exactly what you meant by
"the quality of people" I am ?

-Ken Atamanchuk

RRC Grad 2001

Kick-FM Volunteer Since 2008