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Coming up: Katz tomorrow, Climategate series, and we clear the email bag -- lots about us, parking, traffic, and the NDP

Time to clear out the email bag--- but first a reminder about our upcoming guests and stories:

Monday- Coun. Jeff Browaty and a Grey Cup reviw with Blue Bomber punter Troy Westwood

Tuesday: Mayor Sam Katz from 4-5 PM

Wed- Friday: Special Series-- everything the mainstream media doesn't want you to know about Climategate

Wed Dec. 9th - Bart Jose of
Friday Dec. 11 - Coun. Harvey Smith

(later in December-- Ace Burpee of HOT103, lawyer Jack King, and a special guest for the holidays!)

A big thank you to everyone who participated in and contributed to The Kerry Brown Tribute show on November 10th. Here is an email we got from his mother in response to
the story by SLAM!Sports writer Richard Kamchen:

Hi Richard,

I just finished reading your writeup on the tribute, I am blessed with everything you had to say, I will keep this email with me till I am gone. I have regrets now that I did'nt see any of Kerry's matches live as I was totally impressed with the wrestlers Tuesday night, they were so respectful and kind in their remarks to me and Kerry's family, I felt a kinship with them all.

Please let them know how I feel and may God bless all of you folks.

Regards to all


Also, please check out the online audio tribute to wrestler/videographer Adam Dykes "Adam Firestorm", by his broadcast partner Ian Hamilton at
Ringside Live, with interviews with Pacific Northwest wrestlers Bryan Alvarez, Buddy Wayne, Adam's former tag partner "Strife" Happy Kreter, his trainer and mentor Gorgeous Michelle Starr, and special audio of Adam and his son Thomas.

Adam was a very, very close friend of mine and a partner in our Power Po Wrestling enterprise which landed us a record-setting appearance on CBC-TV's Dragons Den in October of 2007. He appeared on The Nighthawk during my CJOB stint last summer with an Olympic protests report, and was a brilliant man with great ability in multimedia and in making people laugh.

Jason Clevett wrote about his passing on SLAM! Wrestling
as did I in this backgrounder to the events which led to his passing
God rest his soul.


Anniversary and Story of the Year


It has been my pleasure to be a part of the Great Canadian Talk Show's team since day one! Yes, it was just you and me on the first day with no fan fare or pre-promotion 3 years ago. No one knew about the show except for those in our immediate circles of influence. In the past three years the audience has grown exponentially. I still remember when an unnamed legislature figure referred to us as 'lesser media' and I look back and smirk. The lesser has become the leader.

There is no media outlet in Winnipeg that does anything close to what you do. MSM does not have the patience to read reports thoroughly, the institutional memory to flag a story that doesn't ring true with the past, or the Independence to tell the truth without fear of lost Government ad dollars. This is what you and only you (maybe a few bloggers) bring to the people of Winnipeg.

It's the beginning of the end for many MSM outlets. Remember the Gandhi quote- we're living it:

"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. Then they fight you. Then you win."

Government and mainstream media types started by ignoring us, then laughed about the show and put down bloggers, now the fight stage is starting. Alternative media will win. And Marty, in this neck of the woods, you are the leader.

Congrats of three stellar years! Stir it up more in year number four!!!

Captain Audio

"Story of the year absolutely must be Rebate Gate "

This story has so many facets to it, it covers not only extreme government corruption, but also the mass media cover up of it. Yes it was "mentioned" in the media, but really in passing.

Rebate Gate is nothing more then pure theft of tax dollars by "our" government for their own bank accounts. I know full well that EVERY government mis-manages files and policies. EVERY government will eventually get sloppy and treat their friends to many perks for their years of support. We all get used to this as BUSINESS AS USUAL.

However, when a government actually steals money, and that’s what they did, purely to pad the lining of their pockets, that is where the line is drawn at complete unacceptability.

Although from what has been revealed is a lot less money then the amount of tax money that the Liberal Governement of Canada stole during the sponsordhip scandal, the principle of theft is still maintained. Both parties took money out of the tax base illegally and put it into their bank accounts.

Money they had no right to and only were able to secure it by stealing it from us by accounting tricks.

But we know all of this, and this is why this must be the story of the year.

As I said before, every government will screw up and mis-manage a project. They will put "friends" in high places. They will waste money left right and centre on programs that make no sense or benefit the groups who put them in power. BUT actual theft of tax dollars is an aggregious use of absolute power. Something so vile and disgusting, and the only thing worse then all of that is that Manitobans were not given even a quarter of the story from the media coverage because of the relationships that they have with the NDP Government.

We were given the glossy, rose colored glasses version told to us by Gary Doer, who basically said there was no story here, just a mis-understanding with Elections Manitoba, and the MSM simply goes along with that.

This web of deceit is woven so intricately, that it took almost 10 years to come to light. Everything from stealing money from the tax payer to our current Premier throwing the other 25 candidates and agents under the bus to paying off the head of Elections Manitoba in order to make everything "go away".

No disrespect to the stories on the nomination list, ironically this one not even on the list, but this hits on every theme of your show from naming names to government corruption to the gatekeepers of information and even to your new theme for this coming year of whistleblowers.

Marty this must be the story of the year.

Thanks for everything you do on your show, it's one of a kind and greatly needed here in this city. It's the only forward moving and thinking thing in Winnipeg.

Another illiterate complainer

Mr. Gold most Winnipeggers are tired of your constant criticism of the NDP Government if this was the Conservatives in power would you make these's comments, i hope Gary Filmon goes nowhere near MTS as he was the one who sold it off and it was he and hs party that are responsible for hallway medicine and the nursing shortage making him the worst premier in Manitoba history. As for the audit on personal care homes you should be restrained and put into a care home as you are rambling & senile, as for your hatred of Gordon Sinclair Jr saying he's a tired old concept while the same could be said about you, Sinclair has more class and dignity than you ever will.

Diamond lanes

Hi Marty,

I was listening to your show today while driving north down Main St. from downtown back to work. I work at a locally owned North End business. I am concerned about the addition of these diamond lanes which run down Main street until Inkster Blvd.

The businesses on Main St. were not notified of the addition of the diamond lanes, although the city claims they were. As well, the no parking sign between Bannerman and Atlantic is placed directly against the building, where it is not visible from the road.

Not only does the addition of the diamond lane affect business, it has also forced certain businesses without parking lots to change their hours so their customers do not get tickets.

While driving in rush hour today, I only say one bus using the diamond lane. The 18 and 32 (express) North Main are the only buses that run on Main St. past Mountain Ave. They come aproximately once every ten minutes.

Is it fair that businesses and customers suffer for the purpose of 2 buses using the diamond lane? Why do we need to lose the parking lane on a street that has four lanes? Further more, why were we not notified, and why is it so poorly posted?

Colin Butler

overnight paid parking on 300 block Ross Avenue

Hi Marty,

I spoke to Dave Hill this morning. He admitted the parking stations on Ross were both incorrectly signed and programmed.
I've been assured that it will be corrected in short order.

Coun. Jeff Browaty
more parking - "Skymeter"


Some thoughts/complaints about Dave Hill's latest innovation for Winnipeg parkers; "SKYMETER" - another way to allow a person to monopolize a parking space for the entire day.

The "variss" system already allows this, but you are obligated to make a phone call to initiate this process. Regardless, it allows the parking spot to be occupied all day by one vehicle.

The parking meters and I assume the Pay Stations used to allow periods of 1 hour or two hours (1 complete cycle of the meter or the complete allowable time stated on the pay station) before you had to vacate the spot so it would allow a turnover for other vehicles. The maximum allowed in any case was 2 hours. Tires were chalked and time in excess of these limits resulted in a ticket for OVERTIME METER PARKING.

Overtime meter parking is not currently being enforced and hasn't been for some time and as far as I know, by-laws have not changed to allow more than 2 hours of metered parking, even if otherwise stated.
By-laws can only be changed by Resolution or by a Motion to amend, voted on and passed by Council, not on the whim of WPA management.

Another downside to the above systems is that it creates more work for the "ground level" by-law enforcement and dispatch people, in that they have to check every vehicle with expired parking privileges to ensure that they have not extended their time by phone and soon by GPS, although I'm sure it makes it easier for some senior (supervisors/managers) employees.

A loyal listener

Hi Marty,

My opinion is, once again Dave Hill is playing his little power games.
If you think parking is a problem now, wait until they implement this system. Most parking by-laws would no longer be relevant.

But wait he already ignores the very by-laws with which he is charged to uphold, that would be the meter/residential parking passes which give you free parking. The by-laws themselves do not allow for the current system nor the new high tech one. City council would have to make many changes to the by-laws in order for these system to be legal.

And what about equipment the enforcement officers need in order to do their jobs? The technology they are using now doesn't work. Think about the amount of money the parking authority would have to spend to purchase new equipment.

I think Dave Hill is looking to spend more money than he has, where is he getting this money? I wonder how much ticket revenue is down from previous years? I think he just loves playing with other people's money for his whims and toys instead of dealing with parking issues, allow the officers to do their jobs instead of having them spend two hours checking empty and locked parking lots. I have to wonder how much of a hand Dave Hill had in the potential sale of the Winnipeg Square parkade? Just a thought.

As for a mandate how can you have a mandate when you keep changing the rules? Honestly many times at work we were told about a new change and believe it or not a half hour or so later we would all receive a radio call telling us of a new change to the new rule. Believe me it was confusing at times. And that's if they bothered to tell you at all. People get written up because they broke a rule they hadn't been told about. So how can they have a mandate?

speaking of the Parking Authority...


I have done some follow up from our discussion yesterday and have some responses for you.

The first issue I asked about has to do with the Special Constables. I have confirmed that the process of appointing special constables changed a couple of years ago. The City is now permitted to make these appointments administratively, and the Courts are accepting this. WPA uses the same process for making appointments as Planning Property and Development, Police, and Community services. Our legal services advise that we are doing this correctly.

I asked for more information about the 12 hour pay stations. The WPA says that they are adjusting some of the new pay stations on the outer edge of downtown to allow longer parking periods, 12 hours at the moment. They are in lower demand areas, the idea is to use the fee $1 per hour to manage the turnover. The WPA says that it is working out well, revenues are up, tickets are down, people are happier.

I also raised the issue of inadequate communication where meters are going up in residential areas particularly in the inner city. The WPA says that residential permits are not for making money, they just refund the cost of some of the work we do, and encourage people to use their own property where possible. (they cost $20 per year) If people know about these permits and get one, they can park for free and 1 and 2 hour restrictions don’t apply. They also get a free guest pass. He said they are working on a better communication program. I have strongly emphasized that the WPA should do a mail drop into each home affected directly from new meters and not rely solely on the internet.

Hope this helps with some of the issues we discussed.


Jenny Gerbasi
Councillor, Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry
Phone: (204)986 5878

speaking of the Gerbasi interview...

Hi Marty

You asked the councillor a question regarding the status of peace officer or special constables relating to the parking authority. She replied that we had been appointed as per the Province.

I don't know if you've read the Provinical Police Act. I have. Don't understand all of it, but in article 6.2, it indicates that only 100 peace officers or special constables could be appointed. And that was for the Provinicial Police Force. As a matter of fact, most of the Act seemed to deal with Police Agencies. Thus I have to question the validity of her reply regarding the Police Act. The Police themselves will tell you that you must be sworn in, but I suppose different rules for different people.
Keeping in mind that the Parking Authority IS NOT a Police Agency which is why MPI won't give them access to their systems.

I'm sorry Councillor I thought you an excellent apologist for David Hill and the Parking Authority, are you perhaps the one who has been protecting him? And no Ms. Gerbasi, he is not particularly good at his job. He knows parking lots and parkades, he doesn't know street enforcement which is a whole other dynamic than private lots.



Residential parking passes are not usually recognized in paid parking areas. The reason they are recognized at present was that WPA put in pay stations in areas where residents already had passes and had to allow passes there and henceforth had to allow them in all areas (that the pass was effective in). When the current passes expire, I will be surprised if the WPA will still recognize passes in pay areas.


Hydro and furnaces


While the new condensing gas furnaces are very efficient, they are problematic as you said.

Electric furnaces are 100% efficient... they use ALL the electricity they get. There is NO heat wasted up a chimney (or out a pipe)

I heard a rumour that MB Hydro was considering a "surcharge" for all electric households which would be a "penalty" for people not using any natural gas. My understanding was that this wouldn't be subject to a PUB ruling.

Sort of a slap in the face considering Wpg Hydro used to give a discounted rate to all electric households years ago.

Hydro wants us to go "green" so they can sell the power.


Hey marty, I am regular listener of your show. How in the world do these kind of things happen, do the tall foreheads not understand the world around them! I mean really, everytime you do the crime / courts report its like deja vu every single day! WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY!!

I am still young and these absolutely horrid crimes keep happening more and more I have to wonder whether I will remain in this city in years to come.

Keep up the good work, ask the questions that others won't ask.


Personal care Homes


I guess Teresa Oswald just simply never ceases to amaze me.

Yesterday, our favorite Auditor General slapped the NDP Government with a charge that more then half of the provinces personal care homes meet 4 of the 5 core Provincial standards that this very NDP Government brought in in 2005.
What is that?? They are operating at a 20% success rate?

This should be a damming charge to the system when more then half of the facilities do not meet patient care plans, use of restraints, pharmacy services and training for staff.

Basically Carol Bellringer is saying aside form making sure the buildings are not falling apart and that people who shouldn't be there don't get in, they are failing in every other aspect.

They are failing at patient care plans??? Is this not the purpose of these facilities? To care for the elderly who can no longer care for themselves? How can more then half of the facilities fail at this?

And when "Minister" Oswald is questioned about this, what is her answer??? She tells Global's Jeff Keele last night that "Oh, well the problem actually is that we made the standards TOO HIGH!!!!!

Are you friggin kidding me, they go in and bring our old crappy standards up to be consistant with other provinces FOUR YEARS AGO.
They have had FOUR YEARS to get facilities up to standard and her excuse is, "Sorry, we made the standards too high".

Apprantly Teresa Oswald is telling us that really we are a have not province because trying to play catch up with the other provinces is simply too hard. Exactly how long does she suggest we wait for standards to come up to the level of other provinces? Who knows maybe by then, we will have to make even newer standards to catch up to the other provinces again.

Can this "Minister" not take any responsibility for anything? There is always someone else to blame, other then her disasterous, mis-managed, bungling department.

Amazingly in the past 4 years I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the projects they have given money to that make absolutely no sense, when they could have been focusing on fulfilling their own standards that I am positive they put out a press release for about 10 times.

It's really bad when you force these crappy regurgitated press releases down our throats telling us how wonderful you are as a government and just how amazing a service you are developing for us, but then in the meantime actually do nothing, zippo, nidlaw.

Then FOUR YEARS LATER, when you get caught, it's announced to the Province that "Hey you know that thing you told us you were going to do to bring out personal care home standards up to that of other provinces, you actually haven't done anything", you have the BALLS to say, well it's really not us, it's the standards, you know the ones we developped? Well it turns out they are too high.

It's simply too tough for us to keep our own word. We really researched those standards, we wanted to be like other provinces, you know give our elderly the same care that they could get say in Regina or Kenora, but it's too hard.
Sorry, please give us more time.

I will tell you exactly how much more time we will give them, only because we have no other choice. October 2011.



Election Finance Scam


It is very clear that "Today's NDP" needs a refresher course in how to run open and transparent democratic elections.

It appears to me and I am sure many others that they view the election process as means to an end. They cook the books during provincial elections to their financial benefit. Now even when they choose a new leader they eat their young.
What with union manipulation (20% vote in delegate process) and many spoiled ballots during the delegate process it is very clear that they manipulate the election process to their own advantage.

What with Remembrance Day just around the corner I am sure that many a brave Canadian solider who sacrificed their life for democracy is rolling in their grave. Oh the shame!!


RE: Freep letter writer Bruce Clark of Palm Springs attacking Lindor Reynolds and defending the killer of Gage Guimond

A few comments on this:

"...writing that his killer played the "race card" or that she "scooted off to the reserve" trivializes the tragic life of Shirley Guimond and dismisses her own past..."

Guimond is a severely damaged human being who, at one time in her sad life, would have evoked Reynolds' sympathy not her enmity.

I take that this excuses Guimond for her actions? How about everyone else? Shall we litter the highways with the corpses of broken children because their parents or caregivers were "in a bad way" or had some sort of problem?

Either we take responsibility for our actions, or we do not: If we take responsibility, we must aggressively punish those who kill, maim, torture, abuse, rape, steal etc. If we do not take responsibility, we must accept our lot in life - to be killed, maimed, tortured, abused, raped and stolen from, with impunity, by those who have had "hardships" in the past. The bright side is that being a victim now allows you to terrorize others with impunity!!!

"instead reinforces the notion that First Nations people can't seem to look after their children. "

1) Of all the kids who died while under the care of the various CFS organizations in the province over the past (5, 10, 50) years, how many were in aboriginal care and how many in non-aboriginal care?

2) Sad to say, but look at the math: In Manitoba, how many children are in the care of others all of the combined CFS agencies. Next, look at how many are in the care of Metis or aboriginal CFS organizations and work out the percentage. The overwhelming majority of children in care are aboriginal/metis.

From the result of either point above, you find one of two things:
Either "white people" are imposing a higher standard of care upon aboriginals than is reasonable (wait - the standard is the same for both aboriginal or non-aboriginals, so it can't be that) or maybe, just maybe, there are some fundimental problem that needs to be addressed.

"Native child and family services are removing native children from loving, caring, white foster parents and placing them in an abusive and sometimes fatal situation with native relatives to ensure that the "white is taken out of the children."

The policy is refered to as placing them in "culturally appropriate" housing - to ensure that their culture, values and beliefs are taught to the children. For the native leadership, it would seem, a child is better off being a "dead indian" than an "apple" (red on the outside, white on the inside - a phrase I first heard on a CBC radio documentary).

After all - a dead child is a rallying point. A live child, in a community where their are jobs, good healthcare, decent education and no history of abuse is not newsworthy.

Aboriginal School division divisive?


I was listening to CBC Radio this morning and heard that the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg thinks there should be an aboriginal school division. You have to be a committed racialist to believe an aboriginal school division is necessary. You have to believe that those Caucasian-in-appearance school board trustees are so racist that they don't even know how racist they are; you have to believe that they can't help discriminating against aboriginals. So separate schools are needed with separate school boards.

Why stop there? Indeed how can you stop there? Separate everything. Unless the qualifier of 'aboriginal' is affixed to any object, it isn't fair to aboriginals. The only people thinking in one-dimensional terms of race are the Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg. We used to call the Council's proposals, "segregation." Now it's called, "culturally appropriate."

Pat Martin


I received Pat Martin's Special Report on Poverty in the mail last week. Martin says of his own riding: "... Winnipeg Centre has amongst the highest rates of child poverty in Canada." Martin blames successive federal governments for not redistributing enough wealth to eliminate child poverty but as the long-standing MP for Winnipeg Centre, what does this say about Martin's effectiveness?

You can't legislate morals and some people simply have more kids than they can afford. Arguably, our gratuitous welfare state enables irresponsible parenting. If that's the case, redistributing more wealth would mean more kids which would mean more child poverty. The War on Child Poverty is perfect for the tireless crusader.

But that's just the usual warmed-over Marxism from the NDP.

In his Special Report on Poverty, Pat Martin writes one of the most bizarre statements I have ever read from a Canadian politician: "We live in the richest and most powerful civilization in the history of the world." What do the Pharoahs of Egypt or the Emperors of Rome have on us? The Sphinx is no match for the Golden Boy and the Coliseum of Rome looks like a spitoon compared to our glorious and haughty Esplanade Riel. We're so great that history books haven't even begun to write about our greatness.

If injudicious statements were a gauge of competence for elected members of parliament, Pat would be appointed a senator.

Keep up the good work,


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vote for best story of Year 3! and Manifesto Monday tomorrow

Young Josh has reviewed the list and has determined the following 10 nominees for Story of the Year.

You can register your vote at
and one lucky voter who picks the winning entry will get a special prize package courtesy of TGCTS and 92.9 Kick-FM!

The nominees are:

Porkgate - the Winnipeg Free Press never once covered the story of how taxpayer-funded food for the poor, mysteriously arrived at the picket line around their building, and was later the cause of public health warnings due to the fact it had already thawed and was reportedly re-frozen.

2) The real story of the New Years Eve "Vigilante"/hate-crime" beating of
a carjacker on Horace Street by concerned citizens defending the occupants of the warming vehicle, a mother and her baby.

The Meth Caller- a friend of meth addict Daniel Van Den Bosche explained her view of his shooting himself when cornered by cops, only hours after a raid uncovered illegal guns to which he was believed linked. She told of the deep-rooted meth epidemic in the city often overlooked by MSM and politicians

Two-Tier justice: a man accused of an attempted home invasion on a Crown Attorney, where nobody was injured, got sentenced to 57 months; meanwhile, a 15 year old who, with 2 accomplices, stormed an Alexander Avenue West house that his sister had been evicted from, stabbed the new occupant and nearly killed him, got only 27 months.

5) Inside the Free Press union conflict: the battle between rank-and-file CEP members who felt frozen out of strike negotitation and later tried to initiate job-sharing, and the arrogant union leadership.

Bill Blaikie exclusive interview: TGCTS scored the only extensive interview with the former MP who successfully held the Elmwood riding for the Doer NDP in the byelection. Our interview was the first time anyone heard of a commitment for additional funding from the NDP to keep the Disraeli Freeway open during re-construction.

The death of Gail Glesby: Not only was the Health Sciences Centre caught hiding proof about her multiple falls suffered while in the emergency room, we exposed how at one point Glesby was left in a hallway, strapped into a wheelchair and dying of a brain bleed, while her frantic family was told she had been discharged and an HSC operator hung up on them. Questions were asked in the Legislature and the Winnipeg Sun also picked up on our story.

Cox2 studies faked by leading anaesthetist- Unreported in mainstream media, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass. asked medical journals to make retractions because its former chief of acute pain, Dr. Scott S. Reuben, had faked data used in 21 studies purporting that COX2 drugs such as Vioxx, Celebrex and Effexor XR were safe.

9) Aurtarlia-
to this day, the Free Press has never corrected their mistake, leading to our determination that they must have discovered a new continent. Subsequently on October 30th, Adam West accepted the role of Consul-general of Aurtarlia and announced the initiation of diplomatic relations with the fictional town of Quohog, Rhode Island, of which he is the Mayor on Fox-TV's Family Guy.

Exposing the Public Trustee's Office - the story of the Knizat family, who discovered the Kremlin-like tactics used by this unaccountable agency to fleece the father's estate of $7000 every 3 months, while he was left without proper medical care in Riverview under their 'authority'.

Listeners can certainly suggest other stories, such as:

- forcing Justice Minister Dave Chomiak to apologize to Mayor Sam Katz after falsely claiming Katz was opposed to photo-radar refunds;

- relevations about the Parking Authority bullying employees, as well as inner-city residents and businesses, and how all tickets issued since last year under the G4S contract may be invalid; and...

- our shows on how panicked Manitoba Hydro executives are violating the Whistleblower Act.

Monday at 4 PM:
- we kick off Year 4 with Manifesto Monday, in which we set out our theme for the coming year.
- As well, a Lesson in Journalism about Manitoba Hydro;
- the Canadian MSM ignores emails proving pro- Al Gore scientists invented "global warming" data;
- inside the Transcona murder of Nolan Norman;
- and Spirited Kenny joins Frank the Italian Barber and Brad Harrison to preview the Grey Cup game between Saskatchewan and Montreal.

And how about that Brett 'Vikings are 9-1' Favre ?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exclusive: Free Press facing Press Council complaint over misleading photo

The Manitoba Press Council has been asked to investigate a complaint by a man who was scorned by the Winnipeg Free Press after asking the newspaper to address the distorted use of a photo of him.

Used in conjunction with a story of public disorder at a "Zombie" walk, and clearly identifiable in the picture while posing on the hood of his brother's car for a stunt photo, readers were left with the impression police had been called on the man while he participated in the march.

The Press Council is a virtually invisible media watchdog, and lists only 4 complaints lodged against Manitoba papers in the past 4 years. Three, including one against the Free Press, were dismissed. The Free Press is listed as one of 51 members.

The MPC website describes its work this way:

As a non-judicial, non-government review board, the Manitoba Press Council’s main objectives are:

To consider complaints against its member newspapers. In a decision, the council outlines why a complaint is upheld or denied and makes the findings public. (It costs nothing to complain and you do not need a lawyer or anyone else to represent you.)

To encourage ethical and professional standards of journalism

To serve as a medium of understanding between the public and press

To help preserve the freedom of the press as an extension of freedom of expression in a democratic society.

The procedure for investigation includes:


1. All complaints to the Manitoba Press Council shall be made in writing. Name, address, phone number and email address should be included.

2. Complaints must be against specific instances of conduct of the newspaper against which the complaint is laid. A copy of the offending article(s) must be included.

3. The newspaper against which the complaint is laid must have been given an opportunity to redress the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant before the Council will investigate.

4. On receipt of a complaint, the Executive Secretary will forward it to the newspaper involved and advise the newspaper and the complainant that they should try to resolve the matter directly.

5. A published Letter to the Editor, an apology, or an explanation from the publisher or senior editor may resolve the concern.

6. If there is neither action towards agreement nor resolution of the problem within 14 days, the Council will decide on the evidence available to it whether or not to proceed with adjudication. Additional time may be allowed if warranted and at the discretion of the Council. The Council may approach the newspaper seeking mediation in some cases.

If the matter goes to a hearing, the Free Press would have to consent in writing, to media coverage of the testimony. And, as a member of the agency, the broadsheet is bound to publish the findings of the hearing, for their own readers to see.

"In general terms, the values expected from newspapers by the Manitoba Press Council include enlightening the public, independence, accuracy, truthfulness, impartiality, fair play, decency, and a clear separation of news and commentary."

The complaint, which was accompanied by all the emails between Free Press officials and the complainant, is reprinted below:

(personal information withheld)

November 18, 2009
Manitoba Press Council
101-2033 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3J OK8

Dear Manitoba Press Council:
I am writing on my own behalf.

On Tuesday, October 27, 2009, the Winnipeg Free Press ran a picture of me to illustrate a story headlined "Zombies bit too lively for event's organizers."

The caption under the picture states "Some Zombies got a little too much into character during walk down-town on Sunday night." There can be no mistaking what the newspaper was saying by juxtaposing the photo with the story, namely that the person in Zombie makeup in the photo (me) was one of the partici-pants of the event who had disrupted traffic and scared motorists by climbing on their cars.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The person behind the wheel in the picture is my brother and the person beside him is his girlfriend. They were parked in a private lot. They had called me over and I was performing for their amusement. I wasn't jumping on the hood of a stranger’s vehicle in traffic. I made this clear to various representatives of the Winnipeg Free Press as you will see from the attached emails.

I wasn't breaking any laws, and this misleading link needs to be corrected in the interest of accu-racy. I have asked that the Winnipeg Free Press publish a retraction and a correction of their misstate-ments, as has my mother. Bob Cox, publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press has responded that they will take no further action on this matter.

I draw your attention particularly to a Correction published Wednesday, November 4, 2009, on Page 2 of the Winnipeg Free Press almost immediately after they rebuffed me.

In it, the newspaper acknowledges it was wrong to use an inaccurate photo to illustrate a story about a park-ing lot. An inanimate piece of land they will apologize for misrepresenting; however parking lots do not have a reputation that could be damaged do they?

I look forward to discussing my complaint with your agency further.
Ryan Porath
Misrepresented Zombie

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Browaty replay, more on Asher Webb, Orlikow live at CDI, 3rd Aniversary show makes for a busy week ahead

I want to begin by thanking everyone who contributed their time, effort, auction prizes or support for the Kerry Brown Tribute Show last week at the Marlborough Hotel. It was a pleasure dealing with Mike Episcopo and his staff and the entire performance side of the presentation was problem-free. All the wrestlers were committed to putting on a physical, fun card.

I especially want to thank Spirited Kenny, Stacia and Danielle, and Dave Shorr of Kick-FM for also handling some duties in relation to the event production. And to special guest ring announcers Cosmo of CITI-FM, Ace Burpee of HOT 103, and Scott Taylor. They looked like they were having a blast. (I also want to mention Adam Knight who produced the wonderful tribute video, Bob Axford for printing and design, Jay Walker for the website where you can still make Paypal contributions, and to Kevin Wallace of CJOB/Power 97 for his support of the event.)

A very nice write-up by Richard Kamchen about the show is on Slam Wrestling at:

Kerry's mother sent Richard an email after reading the account:
Hi Richard, I just finished reading your writeup on the tribute, I am blessed with everything you had to say, I will keep this email with me till I am gone, I have regrets now that I did'nt see any of Kerry's matches live as I was totally impressed with the wrestlers Tuesday night, they were so respectful and kind in their remarks to me and Kerry's family, I felt a kinship with them all. Please let them know how I feel and may God bless all of you folks. Regards to all Bernice

The official results made the
Wrestling Observer newsletter. This was a taste of the classic Canadian wrestling style and presentation, with some modern twists:

- Kerry Brown Tribute Event,
Skyview Ballroom - Marlborough Hotel, Winnipeg Manitoba, 300 fans - -- Moses Luke pinned Bobby Jay with TJ Bratt,
- EZ Ryder, Gene Swan & La Sombra b. Sgt. Tom Steele & Paul Arcidi and Donnie Douglas,
- Matt Fairlane pinned Rob Stardom with manager Professor Levinski,
- Crash Crimson & Billy Blaze b. Aj Sanchez & Kevin Chevy and El Assasino & Vance Nevada in a 3 Team Stampede match, losers had to enter the Rumble first
- Outlaw Adam Knight b. "Lance Storm's trainee" Scott Justice,
- Adam Knight No Contest Nate Hardy, and was chased from the ring by autographed Goldeye-bat wielding promoter Tony Condello
- Chi Chi Cruz b. Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson Moore in a 2 out of 3 fall Handicap Tag Match with help from Stan Saxon
- La Sombra tossed Knight and won the Kerry Brown Memorial Rumble

After receiving several inquiries, if you or your organization is interested in using a family wrestling event as a fundraiser please email . This event proved that there are well-qualified professional wrestlers (as opposed to 'sports-entertainers') who can deliver the goods, and who are happy to give back to the community.
Today is a replay of our November 9th interview with Coun. Jeff Browaty. He heard lots on the Parking Authority, including our handing over proof that they tried to force inner-city residents to pay for overnight parking - since revoked thanks to our appeal for protection for the poor and working class against the unrepentent bullies at that unaccountable special operating agency.

When we return live for a busy Tuesday -- lots more on Manitoba Hydro and the whistleblower; a "comedian" tastelessly defends the killer of Gage Guimond; Bob Marshall had some observations in the Free Press about Alabama Jim Silver and his recent pro-gang study; Sean Crawford of MacDonald Youth Services will tell us about hosting the Sigurdson McFadden MYS Mini Open at U-Puttz Black Light Mini Golf on December 10; and we will look at the life of the late Osborne Village businessman Asher Webb, and a Nov. 27th Ozzy's fundraiser for the family of the late Randy Booth of Les Pucks fame;

On Wednesday, Shannah-Lee will regale with tales of the debut Murder City Maidens Roller Derby bout (standing room only) against the Fargo squad;

On Thursday our first live remote of the season from CDI College, with Coun. John Orlikow;

and finally on Friday it's our 3rd Anniversary Show, with among others, Spirited Kenny, the return of Young Josh, Rick the Boss, and Scott Taylor.
Hail Aurtarlia artifacts- the perfect Christmas gift? I bet Consul-General Adam West thinks so!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

CBC finally wakes up to 2008's story of the year - Cheez Whiz

Despite the stunning revelation by Free Press columnist Dan Lett that Premier Gary Doer kept Dave Chomiak in the pressure-cooker Justice portfolio even after his wife committed suicide, which resulted in his long-time confidant struggling to even get through a basic day, the CBC decided the most important issue was something we first reported over one year ago.

Here's what they refused to report for the past 14 months:

"While making excuses for the NDP's refusal to support a Private Members bill of Liberal Kevin Lamoureux (Inkster) to establish a fixed price for fresh milk and make that staple affordable to Northern Manitoba, (keep in mind the price of beer is, by law, the same as in Winnipeg but milk runs up to $22 or more for a 4-litre), Marcelino stated that the people of the North were ingeniously using other products to ensure their children get calcium in their diets.

Specifically: Cheez Whiz.

Which, as our science specialist Spirited Kenny is going to tell us on Friday, is barely recognizable as a food.

Here's the excerpt from Hansard:

Marcelino: ... However, I noticed that if you can be creative and practical, there are other alternatives to milk if you just want calcium. I saw in Gods Lake Narrows this school where supplies are delivered. They have several boxes of Cheez Whiz which is also a derivative of milk product containing calcium. I saw lots of bread. I thought without even thinking about this bill that this is a good alternative for milk.

So these children and adults from remote communities who, with this product which could be stored for a long time, these people from the northern communities are not without calcium in their diet. They may not have the actual fresh, chilled milk in the morning, but they have Cheez Whiz and other milk-derivative products that could be stored.

We are still searching for proof that the calcium in the standard serving size (2 tablespoons or 33 grams) of Cheez Whiz is an effective preventative measure for cavities in 2 year olds, or that the benefits of Cheez Whiz outweigh the excessive saturated fat, sodium, and other dubious nutritional qualities of that unnatural processed concoction.

But on the other hand, the government keeps beer affordable ..."

That story was published over one year ago. The MSM ignored it.

But once Marcelino was appointed a Cabinet Minister, CBC ran to the wayback machine.

This much is clear to even a rookie Red River College Cre- Comm student: if these ridiculous utterances of this NDP MLA was newsworthy yesterday,
it was newsworthy when it was first reported. By us. Last September 9th.




This story could have been told when it was first discovered.

When native people and northerners were first insulted.

Before anyone even thought that Premier Selinger was going to deem Marcelino qualified to ascend to cabinet.

Why wasn't it?

Did it really require the insertion into the issue by CBC of an 'activist', Joan Hay, to justify CBC exposing the complete absurd political posturing by Marcelino, who was running interference for a milk policy that flies in the face of the avowed NDP commitment to children, to the north, to 'healthy living'?

Or did CBC, and every other MSM outlet, deliberately ignore our 2008 Story of the Year as a finding of "the lesser media", even though a substantial number of them listen to our show and read our blog?

Last evening, at the conclusion of Sheila North-Wilson's report, CBC anchor Janet Stewart intoned "Now, Flor Marcelino just called us to say she apologizes and she now says Cheeze Whiz is not a good alternative to milk. She says she wants meet with Joan Hay, the activist we talked to, to apologize in person."

Forget that spin, CBC. You missed the boat again.

Her first act as Minister in the House should be to rise and apologize on the record, to ALL Manitobans. CBC should insist on it. We will.

This episode also begs the question, why did CBC deign that l'affair Cheez Whiz was more newsworthy instead of asking if it was in the public interest for Gary Doer to use a stressed-out high-strung widower to make important decisions on public safety and enforcement policy?

Or to ask why Doer left Chomiak to flounder in the face of Winnipeg regaining Murder capital status, the lost gang database, the photo-radar ticket debacle, and the 1999 NDP Election Finance Scam he presided over as campaign chairman?

Oh ya. Cause we reported it first.

Watch for it on CBC News at 5, 5.30 and 6 -- in about 14 months time.

Thanks to MPI's Brian Smiley, Liberal MLA Kevin Lamoureaux, and Tory leader Hugh McFadyen for appearing on the show yesterday. Smiley, in particular, will be scheduled in the near future to debate the MPI rationale and business case for their massive capital builing plan with some listeners who told him the numbers were being spun and the building of new service centres is not justified.

- Today at 4.05 PM Alternative Media Perspectives with's Darryl Walsh

- at 4.45 PM Greg Oliver and Jon Waldman join the show to discuss the exciting launch of their new Slam!Wrestling book, Shocking Stories of the Squared Circle.

I will be hosting the launch event, at McNally Robinson Polo Park, at 7 PM. Then we will be off to the PCW card 'HellBound" at Dylan's on Pembina. For those who wish to attend next week's Kerry Brown Tribute Show fundraiser tickets will be available at both events.

(Thank you to CJOB's Hustler and Lawless, for having me on their show last night at the Pier 7 Pony Corral to talk about Kerry's life and the card being held to honour him. Also thanks to Laurie Mustard
for mentioning the cause in his Sun column.

For tickets email and/or listen to TGCTS for ticket giveaways every day until showtime!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adam West accepts post as Consul General of Aurtarlia, and thanks to our other guests this fall

Our special ComicCon edition of the show Friday paid dividends immediately, as the audience was vastly entertained firstly by actress "Catwoman" Julie Newmar, who described her life of 6 successful careers, and then we were joined by "Batman" Adam West.

West said that he felt like "The captain of a huge pleasure ship" with his many fans as passengers,and spoke about the revival of his career by playing an animated, exaggerated version of himself on FOX-TV's Family Guy.

Taking advantage of his role on the hit series as the mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island, we offered Mr. West the post of Consul General of the land of Aurtarlia, and he gladly accepted! He agreed that, by virtue of his joint positions, diplomatic relations between Quahog and Aurtarlia could commence post-haste.

What a way to cap off a great month. If there are any guests you would like us to interview, email, and thank you for listening.

September and October guests:

Coun. Jeff Browaty
Tahl East, Director CDI College
Kelly Dehn, CTV Crimewatch
The Uniter 4 - Jess, Adam, Adam and the guy whose name wasn't Adam
Dr. Jon Gerrard, Manitoba Liberal party leader
Hugh McFadyen, Manitoba Conservative party leader
Bob Axford, civic/business consultant
Tony Condello, Ultimate Cage Wars
Sean Crawford, MacDonald Youth Services
Dan Denton, Los Angeles filmmaker
James O'Connor, Managing Editor, Brandon Sun
Cam Nikkel, photographer, victim of internet identity theft
Anders Swanson, Bike to the Future
Steven Hanks, Premier Massage Group
Mayor Sam Katz
Andrea Slobodian, Global-TV
Mike Sutherland, Winnipeg Police Association
Joan Wilson, general manager Unicity Taxi
Coun. John Orlikow

(specific October guests)

Marilyn and Howard Andleton (Knizat family vs Public Trustees Office)
Coun. Harvey Smith
Webster Webb, financial planning consultant
"Sgt Tom Steele" (Mike Phillips), Children's Wish fundraiser by Steeltown Pro Wrestling
Larry Stefaniuk,
James Cotton, ManitobaPost blogger
TJ Bratt, for the Kerry Brown Tribute Show
Mother of security guard assaulted by B-Side gang in botched home invasion
Steve Ashton, MLA Thompson, Manitoba NDP leadership candidate
Dan Lett, Winnipeg Free Press political columnist
"Dr. Dave" Newsham, Academy Chiropractic Centre
Kevin Lamoureaux, MLA Inkster
Jason Geiger and Curtis Brigham, Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters
Mal Anderson, Exchange District Biz
Colin Craig, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Theoren Fleury, author, Playing with Fire
Darryl Walsh, Communication Media
"That Zombie Guy" (in a dispute with Free Press over photo caption)

plus Spirited Kenny, Shannah-Lee, Adam the Kick-FM news director, Deniz the Thursday request hour girl, Dave "Mr. Comedy" Shorr, Stacia and Danielle the interns, Jess Chapman, Brad of the peanut gallery, Professor Levinski, Drew Mindell and Richard Pollock of the radio show, Jon Waldman - (buy his Slam!Sports book at the book launch this Thursday at McNally-Robinson Polo Park, hosted guessed it), Brad Harrison, and Frank the Italian Barber.

On Monday, we will be joined at 4.30 by Frank's city Councillor, Jenny Gerbasi, to talk about the absurd proposal to sell the Winnipeg Square parkade to benefit the debt-ridden Winnipeg Parking Authority, and the WPA's policy of bullying residents of the poorest neighborhoods in the city; and...

- Gordon Sinclair Jr. embarassed himself on Saturday with a Free Press column about H1N1 "queue -jumpers" that his readers and our listeners had strong reaction to;
- a review of the new Sunday Freep tabloid On7;
- after 5 PM we will analyze why an Indian Chief didn't have to go to jail after his third drunk-driving conviction;
- and at 5.20 Frank, Brad Harrison and Spirited Kenny will debate the Bombers playoff chances, the Vikings handling the Packers, why the Phillies are choking against the Yankees in the World Series, and other sports highlights including a Winnipeg Sun blog post about our favorite pastime.

Hail Aurtarlia!