Dear Lee,

Today, a representative from the City's Water and Waste Department, the caretaker of the church, and BFI attended the site to remove the debris. While the maggots left littering the lane are something to be desired, the clean up is appreciated, as well as the plan to remove the bin, and hopefully stop the ongoing illegal dumping.

The ROOT CAUSE of the matter is still unresolved, and Winnipeg as a whole needs to come to grips with the need to handle the solid waste in the City's core areas more diligently.

Kudo's to Councilor Smith for coming by the day he received my first e-mail, as well as Casey Jones from the City, (responsible for the roll out bins, NOT the auto bins), for his help loading the couches and other debris into the BFI bin.

Thanks to BFI for assisting in hauling the debris, as well as the Caretaker of Kateri Tekakwitha for agreeing to manage their garbage differently.

Shame on 311. Apparently, not only my request went unheeded for 2 weeks, but the Church has called twice in that time as well.

If not shame on 311, then shame on Water and Waste, and certainly shame on the organization of The City of Winnipeg for the dismal response time, and for ignoring the three calls we are AWARE of. How many other concerns just get ignored?

There remains a 50 gallon drum, 1/3 full of an unknown substance, that can not be lifted, nor disposed of in good conscience.