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Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth: The troubled history of the executioner of TGCTS

Since October 18th, the Winnipeg Free Press has managed to wedge 3 stories involving newly-arrived RRC president Stephanie Forsyth into their news-hole-challenged broadsheet.

* The first story was a flattering piece about her arrival on the Prairies and her personal mission to save RRC from relevancy in the current job market.


Think of Red River College and maybe you think of future plumbers and electricians and carpenters and computer programmers and medical technicians, and people learning how to build, maintain and fix huge and complex machinery.

When new RRC president Stephanie Forsyth thinks of the college, she thinks about how the school and its students can relate to the planet, and how Red River can attract and keep students now too often unable to benefit from an education.

"I don't consider myself an academic. I'm first and foremost a practitioner," said Forsyth...

* The second was about a gratuitous Selinger government press conference held at RRC on November 18th, with Forsyth photographed in a group conversation with Education Minister Nancy Allan about new 'stay-in school' legislation. As in, 'stay in high school'.


Red River College is not a high school, and is unaffected by the new legislation.

* The third story was actually in a special advertorial insert this past Saturday, in which Forsyth espoused all sorts of values RRC supposedly holds as one of "Manitoba's Top 25 Employers".

Forsyth has been an 'employer' since only Sept 27th; no mention of the man who made RRC a top-notch workplace, former radio journalist and past president Jeff Zabudsky, was made.

" Here, diversity is embraced, success is celebrated and innovation is encouraged. People are proud to work at RRC- it's a community committed to learning...we care about our people. It shows through the kind of environment we have created, one that mirrors the values of our employees, including family, community, sustainability and partnerships"

"It's very satisfying to know that the work we do has such a positive impact all around."

Former employees under Forsyth's command may have a different story to tell about her record as a "practitioner" - not that the Free Press would want to interrupt their fawning coverage with bothersome facts about the new darling of the Advanced Edumacation set.

* In an exit interview in the Terrace (BC) Standard, it was revealed Forsyth's term was marred by controversy.

"SUNLIGHT filters through the windows of Northwest Community College’s newly-opened ($2.5 million) longhouse as its outgoing president, sitting at a table in the otherwise empty main room, addresses the topic head on.

“I’ve heard people in town say this is an Indian college. Nothing could be further from the truth,” says Stephanie Forsyth.

The topic is how Forsyth has changed the college over her decade-long tenure from being a place of primarily white Canadiana to one that also reflects the region’s aboriginal population.

“It wasn’t deliberate. It was done unknowingly and with no idea that we were perpetuating colonialism ... "

Forsyth’s transformation of the college began by giving its buildings aboriginal names...


While Forsyth’s vision for Northwest Community College has been fixed and focused, there have been plenty of challenges and some setbacks.

“Well it wasn’t a disaster but it was disappointing and that was what happened with our plans for a new campus in Prince Rupert,” she said of one of the larger challenges.

The provincial Liberal government, newly elected in 2001, froze all public sector building projects the year after, including the college’s badly needed and long-planned Prince Rupert campus.

“It was a blow to the morale of the staff in Prince Rupert,” remembers Forsyth.
What’s worse is that work had already started.

“We had a big hole in the ground and had to put a fence around it and security on site,” said Forsyth.

The provincial freeze resulted in an 18-month delay and a change in the building’s design.

She’s also had to deal with what seems to be an annual shortfall of money when it comes to the college’s budget.

Her final president’s newsletter to college employees says “the [financial] storm brewing this year is particularly harsh.”

But alienation within the general community and her vision of expansion being scuttled by provincial government funding shortfalls weren't the only issues that found Forsyth on the defensive.

" Forsyth has a reputation for being an exacting employer, demanding much from her senior managers.

“I set a standard and I know it’s high. Perhaps that’s a weakness as I may not make it myself,” she says of her expectations.

... But Forsyth did describe as “unfair” suggestions she is a micromanager, zeroing in on issues and situations.

“With new people it’s critical they get my guidance until they’ve got it,” said Forsyth. “But then I’ll leave you alone and you only need to come to me if you need my help.”

* On November 17th The National Post reported that Forsyth ('an exacting employer') was contacted by the editor of the Winnipeg Free Press, and thereafter Forsyth repeated their complaint without investigating its validity, to an RRC Vice-President.

This set in motion a chain of events that resulted in Forsyth's employees -- who are also appointees to the Kick-FM Executive Committee -- engineering a format change that affected only one program - the very show the Free Press editor Margo Goodhand was "concerned" about (but has never listened to) : The Great Canadian Talk Show.

In this case, Forsyth appears to have reversed her usual practice, and the 6 week resident of Winnipeg gave "guidance" to RRC employees who have sat on the board of Kick-FM for all 4 years of TGCTS airing without one formal, written complaint being filed.

* Also unreported in the Free Press- or anywhere else in local mainstream media - is any mention of Forsyth's aborted relocation to the prestigious Vancouver Community College. She accepted the VCC job, but never actually started it. There is no clue online as to why not.

But the Feb. 6, 2009 press release from NWCC that trumpeted her new position, gives a few clues as to her agenda in now coming to Manitoba.

"President Stephanie Forsyth, Northwest Community College, announced today that she has accepted an offer to assume the Presidency of Vancouver Community College (VCC) effective October 2009.

"... to bring my voice closer to the seat of government and campaign on behalf of all community colleges in British Columbia" "

(FYI: Among those affected by the cancellation were 3 other educational institutions who either sponsored the program and whose work in the community was showcased, or whose journalism and broadcasting students were relying on TGCTS and Kick-FM for workplace experience and practicums. )


* Lastly, Forsyth's previous relationship with "the seat of government" has also gone unreported in the mainstream media in Winnipeg.

So remarkable it was, that the Georgia Straight reserved special attention for Forsyth in the 2004 year-end edition.

Christmas goodies for sycophants, blowhards

By Bill Tieleman,

I love Christmas. I receive a lot of wonderful presents I can't wait to exchange.

— Henny Youngman

As embers of the yule log glow in the chimney and another uneventful year in British Columbia politics comes to a close, it's time to give out a few Political Connections Christmas Awards to the truly deserving. Whether you've been naughty or nice, these little stocking stuffers will bring cheer to the holiday season--though probably not to those receiving them.



Another happy face saying "You're hired" in the Business Council television ads is that of Stephanie Forsyth, president of Northwest Community College in Terrace.

But on September 16, Forsyth was telling a very different story to the provincial select standing committee on finance and government services meeting in Terrace.

"It is my premise, and that of my colleagues in the north, that education and training are preconditions for social and economic development of any community, especially in one as economically depressed as ours," said Forsyth. "The province needs to effectively turn its attention to the social and economic development of the northwest. We have had numerous discussions but, as yet, we have no real, effective, tangent strategies to turn the economy around here."

Wait a minute, Stephanie! You're living in an area that is "economically depressed" and you're on TV talking about people getting hired ? You say there is no real, effective government strategy "to turn the economy around", but you appear in a commercial that says "with B.C.'s economic policies on the right track, employers are preparing for a decade of job growth"?

It sounds like Forsyth herself shouldn't have been hired for the ad.

Stand Up For Free Speech
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TGCTS Podcast #2 - Live Event Update, more on Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth, $3 Million for Bike Path boondoggle

TGCTS Podcast #2:

* How listeners can Stand Up for Free Speech by joining the TGCTS Live studio audience on December 7th in Greg Selinger's back yard (well, close to it)

* Blogger gets on city committee

* Another blogger stands up to Coun. Vandal's approval of an extra $3 Million for bike path cost over-runs, as the Downtown Biz gives an award to a cycling lobbyist;

* Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth gets her picture in the Free Press again (3 times in 5 weeks), this time for being a great employer and community supporter

* Local Colleges and Universities keep making headlines for the wrong reasons

* CBC's James Turner embarasses Lord Selkirk city councillors who didn't have a single question for cops about the triple-shooting investigation....

and Spirited Kenny discovers the NFL Network


The Stiff Bishops – I’m No Better Than You
The Stiff Bishops – Kimberley

Mas Headspace – James Dit
The Stiff Bishops – Kick off
Pulled Asunder - October


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The Stiff Bishops
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The Standard - 61 Sherbrook Street
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Anniversary show podcast now online; Stories of the year, Red River College censorship, and what's the Parking Authority trying to hide?

Podcast is again available, sorry for the interruption!


Spirited Kenny Productions is pleased to present:
* The Great Canadian Talk Show 4th Anniversary Show*

- Marty's first person account of how Kick-FM dumped the show with no notice,
- the National Post expose,
- reaction from media, students, bloggers and supporters,
- background on the reported relationship between the new Red River College President - Stephanie Forsyth and the Winnipeg Free Press,
- good questions asked by outraged listeners for those responsible -- and their not-so-good answers;
- a review of recent news coverage about snowbound bike lanes and traffic circle, NDP edumacation policy, Manitoba Hydro and Miss Whistle, Free Press "reporting" about Iggy and the Filipino vote, and more.

- Our Freedom of Information request uncovered that the Parking Authority, already on the city hall watch list for untendered contracts , was also paying an Ottawa company to monitor TGCTS and file reports to former head honcho Dave Hill.


- At the end of the podcast, we announce Breaking News and News Analysis Stories of the Year, and

- the date of an upcoming live event in December, that all supporters of TGCTS will want to be part of. You Have The Power !

A comment left on the Kick.FM website

At November 20, 2010 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

I was disappointed, that the GCTS was canceled. I was a frequent listener who did not always agree with Marty but was impressed with the topics discussed. His criticism of politicians/news media/etc, did not only include The NDP, Jenny Gerbasi, The Aspers, Gordon Sinclair and other so called leftists but also a so called right wingers as mayor Katz , Pm Harper, etc. As a centrist it was important to me to hear contrary opinions to the main stream media.

It seemed to me that listening to the program the students were very much involved in production, on-air commentary, independent thinking and participants in a learning environment.

I am a father of a grade 12 daughter who is applying for the Creative communications course at Red River next fall. I'm not sure if I will be supporting this choice anymore. She is an independent thinker , who like to criticize and challenge the status quo. I'm not sure if Red River is the place for her to express her opinions ,flourish and learn at this time.??
Good luck to Marty and the Red River students

p.s. I regret not ever calling the show and participating.


Because of the unprecedented popular demand of the podcast, our monthly allocated bandwidth for the month has been used up in 24 hours.

However, everyone that wants to hear this very speical podcast should be able to, below is a link where you can download a copy of this in demand podcast.

You Have The Power!

Here Is The Link To The Podcast


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Thanks to the following for providing songs, listed as heard in the Podcast

Mas Headspace - Elephants
Pulled Asunder - October
Stiff Bishop - I'm Not Better Than You Are
Mas Headspace - James Dit
Pulled Asunder - October

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4th Anniversary Show podcast Saturday -- more about who wanted TGCTS silenced by Red River College

The Great Canadian Talk Show will celebrate its fourth anniversary on Saturday with a special podcast edition, our first ever. Story of the year, breaking news story of the year, and whole lot more including a giveaway of a copy of Retropeg!

Spirited Kenny assures that he has the technology down pat, and in a special one hour edition he and Marty Gold will reply the flood of emails and comments from supporters, go inside Kick-FM and the Red River Cre-Comm department, review the multiple changes to the official story, and explain why the targeted cancellation of the voices of the community is a Freedom of Speech issue.

Assiniboine bike lane chaos in the snow, Roch Street traffic circles, the Crocus Fund scam, Hydro Whistleblower proven right, Selinger's Stadium shenanigans and more --- the style and substance that made TGCTS the alternative media leader will be part and parcel of the anniversary package.

ON the podcast, will also be a special announcement about a Live Audience Edition of TGCTS in December, that will be a can't-miss event for anyone interested in the real dirt on inside the halls of power in Winnipeg.

Thanks to the record number of readers who have come to this blog ! Rest assured TGCTS is far from done holding elected officials and friends of the entitled class to account, telling your stories, and making sure the bias of mainstream media is exposed.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Press fibs to the National Post; Margo knows and so do I

The National Post has extracted an admission from Red River College that shortly before the cancellation of The Great Canadian Talk Show, Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand had "contacted" newly-installed RRC president Stephanie Forsyth.

This was an open secret throughout the College and mainstream media newsrooms over 10 days ago, but when I asked Thomson when he delivered the bad news on Nov. 8th he could only muster an embarassed "no comment".

“As I understand it, the president did get a communication from the Free Press,” he said, later adding that he believed the communication came from editor Margo Goodhand. “There were some concerns about Marty having taken shots at the Free Press ... I believe that the concern about the show was voiced by the president to one of our vice-presidents who is on the board.”

Mr. Thomson said the vice-president was present at the Nov. 2 executive board meeting of Cre-Comm Radio Inc. — the non-profit corporation that manages the station — where four voting board members unanimously decided to cancel Mr. Gold’s show.


Yet Goodhand professed in an email to the NP
"...I’ve never actually heard his college radio show, and I don’t know why it was cancelled.”

The first part may be true, and stands as a testament to how out of touch the Free Press leadership is with the pulse of the community.
The second part ...

If Margo admits to have never listened, then how could she be placing a call to the FUNDER of the station about the program with a complaint?

Ask yourself, if someone called publisher Bob Cox to complain about the Freep but admitted to never ever having read it, what would he do ?

Although Goodhand professes not to know why the show was canned, she does know what her "communication" was about.

And she approached Forsyth, who had been the subject of a flattering FP profile on October 18th directly, rather than contact station manager Rick Baverstock.

Despite her feigning ignorance, Margo knows who shed tears, and so do I.

And so, soon, shall you readers and listeners. I again thank you for your support.

In the meantime, here are emails from a cross section of listeners from all political stripes, who saw through the pretense floated by Red River College for canceling TGCTS.

From a scientist:
Hi Marty,

I finally did some checking to see why I couldn't get your show last week. At first I thought you were on vacation! I read on the blogs about what happened.

But now I'm blown away! How are you faring in all of this! I can just imagine what you have to say! Will we hear you on air some where again?

Although I take issue with those who say "they" are silencing you because you're on "the right" - since when has exposing the pet projects of millionaires been the purview of conservatives!!?? :-) I enjoyed your show because it spanned the political spectrum. And I've mentioned before I'm what they would call a leftie, (although if we ever sat down over a beer it would be pretty clear that I'm all over the map!)

I made a longer post about the fact that you are "politically ambidextrous" on chrisd's blog:

from a sociology professor
From: Christopher J. Fries
Sent: November 11, 2010 1:12 PM
To: Graham Thomson
Subject: Re: TGCTS

Dear Dean Graham Thomson,

I have accepted your invitation to (re)read the statement you issued on the station's website.

While I would like to accept your assurances that the decision to end TGCTS without notice was not an instance of censorship, but was simply made to put more students air on during prime time, two issues arise: First, your statement of November 9, 2010 reads in part, “the Executive Committee of the Board of CreComm Radio Inc. made a decision to re-focus on the station’s role as an instructional resource”.

The statement also informs that, “In compliance with CRTC policy on campus and community radio, the station is managed by a non-profit corporation called Cre Comm Radio Inc. The Board of Directors of this corporation includes representation from the general community (including potential employers), the student body, the Creative Communications program and Red River College.”

I am unclear as to who exactly at “the station” made this decision? Was it the entire Board of Directors? Or was it the Executive Committee of the Board and if so, who, and which constituencies did they represent?

This is no trivial matter as my understanding is that the CRTC policy on campus and community radio mandates that all relevant stakeholders, including the public, play a role in the governance of campus and community radio. Restated, who exactly at “the station” made this decision?

Second, in your email reply you indicate that the change was made to allow more students more on-air time, especially in prime time. I understand why a college radio station wants as much student driven content as is possible.

What I am unsure of is why you identify the “prime time” slot as particularly important in meeting this objective? I sincerely hope you can address my questions and the concerns they raise.

I reiterate my original point that public debate and open dissent are core values in a democratic society, which we, as educators, have an obligation to impart to our students as part of their training / educational experience.

Sincerely, Dr. Christopher J. Fries, PhD,
Assistant Professor Department of Sociology
317 Isbister Building
University of Manitoba

from a listener in Point Douglas:

Just got a call from Thomson re: my concerns and questions about TGCTS.

He was quite polite but I gave him my take on this travesty such as:

Why didn't the whole kick board make this decision? Answer- because they can, but are meeting again to discuss what happened.

Have you reviewed all comments on the kick blog, such as the block of students who said they believed the 'student outcomes' they had were just fine? Answer-no, but he'll look at them.

Was there political intereference in this decision? Answer- I'll swear on a stack of Bibles, there wasn't.

I said your show was better than any other media outlet covering local issues and it should be put back on air, is there a chance of that? Answer- not likely.

I insisted that the Freep show be pulled as it is useless, would it get the can too? Answer- He's never heard it but probably it also would be terminated.

I told him several times that this was a wrong move; you definitely were helping students in live radio and suggested he get a list of all the cre com interns who worked along side of you and get their input. Answer- he would.

He had to go and that was that.

So, at least he called back, Twyla didn't.



from a financial consultant

Well Marty I am disappointed to see that no one is connecting the dots to the NDP. Isn't it an amazing coincidence that this happens exactly when the NDP has kicked off its election campaign with the anti McFadyen ads, the nice guy Selinger ad, and the throne speech.

Even if it is not reported on, I am sure that the lesson is not lost on the media heads.

There are those who believe that a hot head getting fired is not really a free speech issue. And if I didn't see the pattern here I would agree. But when something this obvious happens and no one is speaking out for fear of retaliation then it is a sad day for free speech in Canada absolutely.


from a Red River College alumnus:

Dear Mr. Thomson,
With regards to the post on KICK's website regarding the station's governance:
As an avid listener to the station, I can say that there was nothing wrong with the station's governance. The station management has done an excellent job in providing a platform for eclectic and interesting student run programming.
"The Great Canadian Talk Show" provided local news, sports and discussion on a wide range of local politics and affairs that no other station in Winnipeg provided. From a listeners standpoint there seemed to be a lot of student involvement on the both the technical and reporting side. Mr. Gold actively sought student participation on the phone lines and there were also episodes where students challenged him in discussion. No one could ever confuse this show with commercial radio (and that is meant a compliment). "The Great Canadian Talk Show" and KICK fm provided the best election coverage on the radio dial. This is a great way to get future broadcasters prepared to enter the real world.
The interviews were alway top notch and with candidates and politicians of all political stripes participating and returning. If they were offended or upset then they never let on either on the show or on other media. Mr. Gold treated all his guests with respect and allowed them to air their views as well as engaging the community at large. The entire GCTS team had a well researched show where the listener was encouraged to their own research.
The show also provided a platform for groups as diverse as McDonald Youth Services and Canadian Blood Services to let the listener know what was going on with their efforts. This was valuable community service.
Judging from the shows many sponsors, it seems that the community agreed. The focus on local sports and personalites was welcome as well.
In the post on the website it is stated that the station would like to re-focus on the role as an instructional resource.
That is a great goal but it has already been accomplished some time ago. I was listening last Monday when the Cre-Comm students were running the show and thought they did a great job. Other shows like the morning programming have always seem to be run by students as well as a good portion of the evening programming, and weekend programming. During the day students do news and sports updates. The station has been a training ground for as long as I've been listening.
That being said, KICK FM is also on the public airwaves. You can receive this station from St. Norbert to almost as far as Selkirk. Just by being there then KICK is competing with commercial radio. That means there are listeners and that means criticism. KICK FM is not playing in a sandbox by itself. From the post on KICK's website, listener concerns are not valid. I disagree. How can RRCC be training students for the real world using a real transmitter broadcasting for a nearly 30 mile radius with a potential audience of nearly 700 000 people (and how many millions more by streaming audio) and say listeners do not matter. How are these students going to know what they are doing right or what they are doing wrong? Having a radio transmitter and internet stream is a responsibility and listeners come as part of the package.

On KICK I can hear radio like no other, music by local artists, points of view by local young broadcasters. Even the programs I don't like have a place on KICK, if the purpose is training, but then they also have to be able to take criticism and be aware of their responsibility to the listening public.

If the popularity of GCTS is anything to go by then the students were doing everything right and on commercial radio you would never pull a popular program that had real sponsors and real listening audience. A program that got to speak with a good portion of city council, the mayor, mayoral candidates, politicians on all sides, MPI spokespeople and that was just the surface. How could students not learn from this?
I am also a Red River College alumni (Med Lab 1996) and valued the time there. Our program offered hands on experience in a real high volume hospital lab where what we did mattered to peoples lives. If that responsibility is too much for the Cre-Comm program then let the students play in the sandbox and give the frequency to a broadcaster (commercial or community) that can handle it.
In the post on the website the focus is to be on student programming. Yesterday in the 4pm slot I listened to part of something called "Bad Buddha Radio". I hope that the trend of KICK FM is not to replace local programming with canned American podcasts of quasi religous satire where apparently all issues are solved by "dealing with them".
Will I stop listening to KICK? To be honest, I enjoy the music during the day (more Winnipeg content than anyone else!) , I like the local programs that focus on local artists like "Beer for Breakfast" and "Homespun". I like to support the home team when I can.
Like any other consumer in the market, I'll keep using the product until it no longer serves my need. But without listeners, what point is there to the station?
John H.
JOIN THE SUPPORT GROUP - remember, You Have The Power.

Red River College Kills Free speech on 92.9 Kick FM



UPDATE: KICK-FM received this e-mail on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 10:39am:

In light of the college’s shift away from non-student programming, we’ve decided to move Stop the Presses to our website and live-stream it going forward. We’d like to create a more interactive show, with an embedded Cover it Live chat console.

Thank you for the opportunity to launch our show on Kick FM.

Deputy Editor Online
Winnipeg Free Press

Monday, November 15, 2010

Red River College Students Defend TGCTS Learning Experience

Compare and contrast:

First, the public excuses of the educators for the cancellation:

Recently, the Executive Committee of the Board of CreComm Radio Inc. made a decision to re-focus on the station’s role as an instructional resource. This means giving students more opportunity to hone their craft during primetime hours, ensuring they receive structured performance feedback, and exposing them to standards and practices that are consistent with the management of a commercial radio station... As an initial step, the Executive Committee has decided to stop broadcasting the Great Canadian Talk Show.

Now, the facts, from the blog of Kick-FM news director Danielle Conolly ( and check out the comments other students posted in response):


"he was a friend to every student who helped with his show. He asked about our course load, offered help where he could, and was excited to help us learn how to operate the sound board. He frequently asked me if I had any classmates who wanted to learn, or if there was any way he could help us with our studies of radio.

Marty would welcome even those who called to tell him he was outright wrong - just as long as he knew people were thinking about civic issues and starting to be more aware of what goes on in their city.

The accusation that there was no student involvement in his show alarms me.

No students were asked if they were involved in his show.

One of my classmates would have shown up to operate the soundboard for Tuesday's show, had she not found out via TWITTER that it had been cancelled. The first-year students who opped for his show weren't asked or told about the cancellation, either. Another classmate who often appeared as a student commentator on his show wasn't told either. And I, volunteer news director for the station, was not consulted...

Marty did provide opportunities for students - students who went on to have their own shows and to teach others, like I did. Students who weren't consulted before a decision was made...

As a longtime volunteer for KICK FM, and a PR student, I feel that we volunteers are an important internal audience who should have been given a voice... Everyone is entitled to their opinion of his show - there are days that I changed the station while he was broadcasting, too, if I didn't see eye-to-eye with him on a topic. But looking beyond that to the advertising he brought in for the station, the live-remote broadcasts he did that I assisted on, and his interest in helping students, I see opportunities lost".

Thank you to the record number of visitors to this blog already this month.

Please join the Facebook support group

Blogs about the silencing of the voice of the community :









late addition to the bloggers list:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Without even a thank you, RRC chopped The Great Canadian Talk Show

On Monday, November 8th, just before 3.30 PM, the Kick-FM station manager brought Red River College vice-president Graham Thomson into the studio. I was doing pre-show preparations for the 4 PM start time with Bob Axford. Thomson nervously pulled out a small piece of paper which, he said, he was ordered not to provide a copy of.

It stated that the "executive committee" of the Kick-FM corporate board, held a meeting last week and decided to refocus the station for its purpose as an instructional tool for the Cre-Comm students, especially in the prime time hours. Therefore, the board has canceled The Great Canadian Talk Show.

That was it. No thank you and nothing in writing.

Questions were patiently asked:

Was there a complaint to the CRTC? no.
To the Kick-FM Board? no.
Was the executive committee aware of the number of students from RRC and other local colleges already involved in the program on a daily basis? no.
Who is on the committee? names were given.
Was there any discussion with the students about the value they placed on the program and the work being done? No.

Well, what about other programs hosted by non-students, with 3 examples named of shows constantly cross-promoted with TGCTS?

Thomson went silent. Finally whispered, I didn't know that. Fumbling, he said, we'll, we'll have to consider them as well.

Have any of them been canceled? No.

(That would have included the Winnipeg Free Press show, which aired at 3 different times on Wednesday, starting at 4 PM)

Even though the bearer of bad news, Thomson quietly stated that personally, although he did not like everything he heard on the show, he was a fan and appreciated what it had accomplished with the students and community. He did not have a vote; as I learned neither did 6 other board members. There was no consultation with the full board, leaving out the student reps, leaving community reps in the dark, and without speaking to any student or volunteer involved with the program (many of whom only found out the next day from Twitter and Facebook).

The decision was made by 4 people.

Two are Red River College administrators.

Thomson denied the college pressured their people on the executive. The College has nothing to do with it, he said.

The other 2 behind this decision, are commercial radio chain general managers, who are on the board because they are prospective employers of the students.

What Thomson did not know, was that there was a leak inside RRC. A big one.

Over the weekend, bloggers had gotten near-identical appeals from an an insider, who was disturbed about the well-known imminent cancellation of the show and the real reasons for it. And, the tip said, pressure had been put upon the College to do something about Marty Gold. Pressure from powerful interests. CTV got a similar tip.

And then the College had put pressure on their people on the executive after all, because the College funds the station for $50,000 a year (used to $80,000.)

Was this true, I asked, naming names.

Thomson said "no comment".

Next installment: what Red River College students say about the value of TGCTS to their education and to the community, compared to the new "format" of unsupervised student talk.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Lesson in Journalism - comparing the theory of "academics" with the practice of TGCTS

Massive public pressure has forced Red River College to trot out its second spokesperson in 2 days.

The College wants to try to deflect responsibility for the arbitrary termination of Winnipeg's only drive-home call-in show to the Kick-FM executive committee, which RRC conveniently neglects to mention is under RRC control.

Tomorrow, I will issue my own response to their latest version of excuses with the truth about how the program that held elected officials, the mainstream media and assorted bigshots and special interest groups to account, and provided an unparalleled opportunity for students from ALL educational facilities to learn the art of talk radio, was silenced -- with NO notice or opportunity to defend our record and our work.

Today,please take the time to read what (for today), stands as "the official RRC theory of radio training for students", and then compare it with the experience of an eyewitness who got involved with the show and learned firsthand the meaning of YOU HAVE THE POWER.

RRC Statement from the Kick-FM website:

KICK Programming
Recent decisions about programming on KICK-FM have raised questions about the station's governance and about its role in the local broadcasting market. According to its by-laws, the primary purpose of the station is to act as a training forum for students enrolled in Red River College's Creative Communications Program. The objective is to provide a setting that resembles, as nearly as possible, the operation of a commercial radio station.

In compliance with CRTC policy on campus and community radio, the station is managed by a non-profit corporation called Cre Comm Radio Inc. The Board of Directors of this corporation includes representation from the general community (including potential employers), the student body, the Creative Communications program and Red River College.

The College does support the station by providing annual financial assistance, studio facilities, transmitter and tower space, and technical assistance. However, decisions about programming are the responsibility of Cre Comm Radio Inc.

Recently, the Executive Committee of the Board of CreComm Radio Inc. made a decision to re-focus on the station’s role as an instructional resource. This means giving students more opportunity to hone their craft during primetime hours, ensuring they receive structured performance feedback, and exposing them to standards and practices that are consistent with the management of a commercial radio station.

This reorganization will include a review of all current programming, and will likely lead to several changes in the KICK-FM broadcast schedule. As an initial step, the Executive Committee has decided to stop broadcasting the Great Canadian Talk Show.

While we understand this decision might not be welcomed by the show's listeners, we do feel it's consistent with the stated purpose of the station and its future direction. Going forward, we anticipate the launch of many exciting new shows, providing new opportunities for students to gain broadcasting experience, and new voices for listeners to enjoy.

For further information about the station reorganization, please contact KICK board member Graham Thomson at 949-8377 or gthomson@rrc.mb.ca
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Now, with permission, read the full essay of Graham Hnatiuk posted on his Progressive Winnipeg blog which - keep in mind - was written BEFORE Thomson's public statement.

Compare what RRC publicly says was not being accomplished with students and the community by TGCTS with what Hnatiuk experienced, and if this raises questions in your mind, well, Mr. Thomson says he is waiting for your calls. Let him swing in the wind until I reveal the REAL reason the Executive Board stifled free speech.

Thank you for your support.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Though it has only been two days thus far without The Great Canadian Talk Show on the airwaves, reaction to the show's sudden knee-jerk cancellation has been nothing short of astounding. As I write this, I am setting new site traffic records, and the day is all but half over.

More details will come this week. However details is not in the cards for today's post.

So what's it going to be? Feel like some perspective.

Fresh perspective?

First, James Turner, respected crime reporter for CBC (and a Cre-Comm graduate- ed.) sums up Marty Gold's four year program at Kick FM quite nicely. You can read that right here.

"I’ve been a quiet fan of the show for some time now, for the sole reason that regardless of one’s feelings about its host, it was information about Winnipeg that you just couldn’t get anywhere else.

In my view, the show’s recent coverage of the civic election was must-listen radio for those interested in civic issues."

Well said, James. The truth will stand forever, regardless of how low your opinion of Marty Gold can go: you would never have heard about Assiniboine Avenue if it were not for Marty, "Kim the traffic reporter," and myself, because the Free Press pretended the problem didn't exist.

You would never have heard about Ross Eadie's claim of NDP-backed financing and simultaneous denunciation of NDP faith for the new Protestantism - independent - because Melissa Martin forgot to mention it in her articles
, or anything about the approximately ten formal complaints made to elections officer Mark Lemoine about it.

You will never hear a word uttered about Upper Fort Garry or the boondoggle that is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights....because the Winnipeg Free Press sends Gordon Sinclair Jr to wax sensationalism and drop a few tears unto his Remington keys to sway opinion.

After all, opinions can be easily swayed if you control information. Winnipeg was none the wiser until The Great Canadian Talk Show came along.

And there are those who would claim the show is right wing buffoonery.

From a comment left on Chris D:

This show was no alternative for the truth. It was a springboard for radical anti-social right wing nutbaggery. The kind of “get off my lawn!” paranoid vitriol that makes us laugh at the United States almost daily. Gold has let guests lie on air without ever correcting them or enforcing a shred of journalistic integrity.

Now this fellow has Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell and Fox News all mixed up with Marty Gold.

You'd never hear Marty suggest a mosque being built at Ground Zero was a terrible insult to a country, you'd never hear him suggest evolution was false, or make a case for abstinence, or lobby to ban masturbation, or call Africa a country, or make a mockery of a day of national pride by holding some protest march under the name of a hero who's been dead for more than a century.

For some, the truth goes in one ear and out the other. For folks like this, it gets plugged at the first ear. Talk to the hand I suppose.

This silliness to brand an informative show with such brash ignorance is again lost on the truth. Funny how the truth wins out all the time, in the end. Marty Gold was a platform for all political ideas and candidates. If the person sitting here at this computer writing this very blog post from somewhere to the left of centre can tune in and even actively participate in this show, it can't be all that radical. I abhor bigotry.

Nowhere else had candidate Judy-W for over 3 hours of long format interview. Nowhere else can even make that offer. Nowhere else would Jenny Gerbasi have the opportunity to defend her actions before being cut to make sure a commercial break was on time. Nowhere else was Scott Fielding even asked about Berry Street. Nowhere else WANTED to interview these people, and these candidates.

Hell, during this election? Candidate Ian Rabb had to worry about what the Free Press was going to write about him, for no good reason other than the Free Press is clearly more interested in tabloid election stories (unless it involves Ross Eadie or the NDP) than actually allowing candidates the chance to explain their views and platforms.

I happened to be in the studio that day. Here's a perspective shot of Mr Rabb.

Nowhere else would you have heard such extensive post-election coverage and analysis. Almost as if by the time the Friday paper had rolled out two days after the election, it was, there was an election? What election? Everything is same old same old, who cares right?

Well, Ian Rabb, despite his tabloid-worthy past, got a hell of a lot of votes. What does that mean for Fort Rouge? Who knows, it wasn't in the paper. Jarret Hannah was such a nice guy to not force a recount of Charleswood, but what does it say that a Liberal came that close in Toryland? Who knows.

What electiooooon, it's all the saaame Sam Katz blah blah.

How about the vote counts and the polls? Can we see them? Can you put it up online?

Where did you hear that kind of discussion?

The Great Canadian Talk Show.

Who decided these things were worthy of attention and analysis?

Marty Gold.

Nobody else is calling for things like a Civic Ombudsman.

Nobody else is calling for council meetings to be streamed online,
Nobody else is raising the issue of posting poll-by-poll results.
Nobody else is bashing 311 into it's desk with a phone. (See: figurative language).
Nobody else stood up for Eliminator RC, the people of Point Douglas and Elmwood.

There is, literally, nobody else in the media who stands up for the kinds of things I just mentioned on a daily basis. There is nobody else in the media who will give (other than a select couple) bloggers the time of day. Hell, despite the success of this blog, I'm STILL not mentioned on the Free Press blog list.

Marty Gold and The Great Canadian Talk Show gave voice to anybody who wanted it. Including people like myself, who would have never gotten as far as we have without that radio program.

Not just me, either. Red River College students. Board operators. It IS a training facility. That studio, that host and that talk show, that's REAL experience that Red River College simply cannot get without Marty Gold.

Have you sat in on a show? It can get pretty hectic, what with multiple guests in studio, people calling in, hitting breaks, playing the right splitters, turn this guy's mic down turn that guy's mic up.

In particular, "Young Josh" former RRC student and Dave Shorr both highly credit The Great Canadian Talk Show as irreplaceable experience. The board ops that have moved to other places in this country owe similar thanks to Marty Gold for providing them that opportunity to learn skills they can get nowhere else.

This day and age, many people are acutely aware of how the media spins things, covers things up. Many people have suspicions of government corruption but they can never know for sure, nothing is ever investigated. Many people wish their newspaper of record would not take sides, would publish something of substance, many people wish CJOB didn't ask lame questions when the Premier is on or screen calls. People KNOW calls are being screened.

People know about The Filter. If you've never experienced The Filter directly, you can sense it somehow. They aren't telling you everything. There's something else going on. It's fishy. It doesn't seem right.

Marty Gold's radio program was right. It felt right. You can try as hard as you want, but you can't sense The Filter, how can you, when Judy-W is on for 90 minutes and she's allowed to talk and expand on her points? How can you, when three or four sources are cited for one story or incident?

The plug was pulled, without rhyme or reason. No formal complaint was EVER made against the show. RRC states it is because they want to remove volunteer programming, yet this program, was the ONLY program cancelled.

You can read some of the details on and support the fight back.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to our new readers and thanks to all our supporters!

This isn't the usual way one would want to set record traffic, but thanks very much for coming by in such droves to our site. Our work continues and you should continue to make your voice heard to those who chose to discontinue our broadcasts despite no known complaints and with no notice to the community TGCTS served.

Feel free to use the search engine to find important stories about your community, local media, social, health and crime issues, and the odd tribute to a fallen hero.

My deepest thanks to everyone who has voiced support, especially our sponsors, student interns, guests, and you listeners. Feel free to 'like' the Facebook group

Red River College Kills Free speech on 92.9 Kick FM

and join other Winnipeggers who also believe "YOU HAVE THE POWER".

Many bloggers are also chiming in about the principle of free speech and respect for the community and due process -- and that is also a healthy part of democracy... for those who believe in those kinds of things. There is much more yet to be said.

Among the stories NOT being told this week by the mainstream media that we had planned:

- 2 part series about Kristallnacht, with Stacia of the Red River Cre-Comm program
- an interview with Barb Judt of Osborne House where a life may have been saved by our exposes of downtown gridlock delaying emergency vehicles,
- Tahl East of CDI College, Matt of Red River College, Travis of Academy of Broadcasting,
- breaking down the stadium "deal" into what it may cost your pocket,
- more Hydro controversy,
- our first ever special broadcast with a former Canadian serviceman who survived Bosnia;
- your emails
- and Frank the Italian Barber who says hello.
OH, I almost forgot, Roller Girls!


The First Email to martygoldlive@gmail.com gets TWO TICKETS to
Crushes and Carnage, Saturday night at the Convention Centre, featuring a 3-team series of bouts !

PS - Our deepest sympathies to the family of our cousin Naomi Rosenberg Palansky, who passed away age age 46. Funeral is Wednesday at the Eitz Chain, 123 Matheson, at 11 AM.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Red River College Kills Free Speech on 92.9 Kick FM

The headlines:

- Red River College sent an executive "messenger"
who refused to give Marty Gold a copy of a brief statement read to Marty today.

- The statement said
two Red River College employees and two commercial radio general managers who are on the executive committee of Kick FM, made a decision without any involvement of anyone else on the Board, excluding student and community representatives from the process.

- They claim the station needs to focus on "student outcomes" and
want to exclude all volunteer radio programs (like the recently elevated to CFRW Illegal Curve Hockey show, Beer for Breakfast and Breaking and Entering on Saturdays, and The Winnipeg Free Press’s Stop The Presses) and on the job training. No fewer than 7 students and volunteers trained on TGCTS went on to garner professional jobs as a result of that training in journalism and technical operations. Many others started their own radio programs.

- The RRC spokeman openly stated in front of Rick the Boss that
NO complaints had been received by the Kick-FM board or the CRTC in the 4 years TGCTS has been heard on 92.9.

No one spoke to Marty or Rick before silencing the voices of the community. Only TGCTS has aired the fear of the community about
- emergency response being hampered by "Active Transportation" bike lanes and traffic circles,
- derelict buildings,
- the failed 311 and CanAlert systems,
- festering garbage left to rot in core-area neighborhoods, and
- the wasteful pet projects of millionaires such as Upper Fort Garry.

(Or featured local sports stars such as roller girls, the Manitoba Maple Leafs professional hockey team, or internationally known professional wrestlers like Outlaw Adam Knight, Kenny Omega, The Amazing Mentallo, Sgt Tom Steele, Moses Luke, and many others.)

- The Great Canadian Talk Show is only Kick-FM radio program to have been cancelled.

More Details To Come…

You can be heard, and protest this censorship of the community and the alternative media by joining the Faceboo
k page ‘Red River College Kills Free Speech on 92.9 Kick FM
SEE ALSO: http://www.chrisd.ca/blog/31178/marty-gold-kick-fm-great-canadian-talk-show-cancelled-red-river-college/

Here are the voices of the community after reading Chris D's post:

  1. Reed Solomon

    That’s a shame, and oddly sudden as well. Is there a provincial election coming up or something? I quite enjoyed the show and it helped introduce me to other kick FM shows. I didn’t necessarily agree with the guy but he did some good work. Something about this seems underhanded. Nothing new in the media industry, alas.

  2. Claude

    Let us not dismiss the possibility of political pressure eluded to by Reed. After all, what other media outlet is provincially funded? UofM and UofW radio are, but they have yet to break a story that ends up in the script of the opposition at question period.

    No other outlet provided local election coverage of candidates and campaigns like Marty. My source for good local/civic news is gone.

  3. Bomber Fan

    Time to revolt in the streets. I blame this on the new RRC president. Jeff Zabudsky would have never let this happen.