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Richard Balasko leaves Elections Manitoba - tune in to TGCTS Monday for analysis / Nov.- Dec. guest list

Thanks to all of our listeners and the followers of this blog, for making 2009 so rewarding for everyone at The Great Canadian Talk Show.

We kicked off 2009 by breaking the real story behind the actions of News Years Eve partiers rescuing a mother and her infant from a drunken carjacker on Horace Avenue, and that momentum carried on through :

- the amazing "meth caller" after a druggie suicide in a cop chase,
- our coverage of the lies by Health Minister Theresa Oswald and WRHA officials about the preventable Emergency Room death of Brian Sinclair,
- our exclusive interview with MP turned MLA Bill Blaikie,
- "breaking news story of the year" about the cover-up of the hospital negligence that contributed to the 2004 death of Gail Glesby at Health Sciences Centre,
- the whistleblower-driven expose of the 1999 NDP Election Finance scam,
- The Parking Authority and Transit's Diamond Lane policies running roughshod over Winnipeg drivers, businesses and neighbourhoods
- the very valid reasons why the Hydro Whistleblower should be protected from attacks by the likes of Bob Brennan and have a proper airing of her complaint of financial and risk mismanagement
- Did someone mention Climategate?


The Winnipeg Free Press 2009 misadventures in journalism, such as inventing "Aurtarlia", the exploitation of Faron Hall, and the overall arrogance, bad reporting, and slanted writings as typified by the shameless cheerleading for the Pet Projects of Millionaires and elitists (the Friends of Upper Fort Garry, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Point Douglas Provincial Park) resulted in our "News Analysis Story of the Year":

the downfall of the Free Press as the
'newspaper of record'.

It is already apparent that on Monday, January 4th, we will be following up on the same theme, as Gordon Sinclair Jr. soon will be bragging about treating his homeless hero buddy Faron Hall to some Taco Time on Tuesday. ( Has Faron ever been invited to dinner at Chez Gordo in Lindenwoods, or are 'parkers' preventing turnover at the Sinclair table?)

Today, the broadsheet on Mountain Avenue that brags about their 4 legislature reporters completely failed to report on the sudden "retirement" of Elections Manitoba chief Richard Balasko.

Is Tricky Dickie trying to duck a legislative committee in January, loaded with questions about his role in the shady 2003 deal with the NDP and former Premier Gary Doer that saw Balasko hide news of the agreed "settlement" of possible criminal charges against the NDP until 7 months after the 2003 election?

We will have LOTS to say about this on Monday.

(Only one other mainstream media outlet reported by 5 PM on Balasko's sudden departure -- with nary a hint that he is dogged by the scandal and facing an Opposition grilling in January. Shame on the MSM.

Even more shame on the NDP government which for some unknown reason, couldn't spare a typist to produce a press release on the subject today... it couldn't have had anything to do with wanting to keep the majority of newsrooms and the general public in the dark, would it?)


Meanwhile, FP vice-editrix Julie Carl tried to entice subscribers this afternoon with the following "news":

" Looking ahead
We often look back wistfully at the year behind us the last week of December, but the Free Press looks ahead in tomorrow’s paper. We asked three of Winnipeg’s brightest commentators 10 questions about 2010. Think of it as a program for the new year. And you know what they say: you’re lost without a program.

Even though we were not on the air, Canada's smartest radio audience sent us a flurry of predictions as to the FP's chosen troika.

Here is a sample:

" Richard Cloutier, Lloyd Axworthy and David Northcott ;-)"

(from a blogger:) " Not me. If any bloggers at all, I'm thinking either (Liberal pollster) Curtis Brown or Policy Frog will be among them. Rounding out the roster will be some old Trotskyite eggheads in academia. Not because they are currently among the brightest commentators, but because they are still on the rolodexes of a tired, unimaginative MSM."


Faron Hall
Nahanni Fontaine
Dave Hill.

Because she just wants you to get happy".


Don't forget our theme for Year 4:

That is what TGCTS in 2010 will be all about.

(That, and a few visits to the dentist.)

A special thanks to our regular visitors and contributors this year, including:

Tahl East of CDI College,
Darryl Walsh of Triallo Communication Media,
RRC J-student Jess Chapman,
Jon Waldman of Slam! Sports,
the King of Corydon Avenue Frank the Italian Barber,
NFL expert Brad Harrison,
This Week in History with Professor Levinski,
the boys from Illegal Curve,
and a true friend, Kelly Dehn of CTV.


The sponsors of the show were enthusiastic and showed great faith in our program and the role of alternative media in Winnipeg.

Unicity Taxi,
the Winnipeg Police Association,
CDI College,
The Focal Point Optician on the U of Manitoba campus, Atlantic Pizza,
TJ Bratt,
Phil's Barber Shop,,
Brad Gross,
the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association,
Triallo Communication Media
Steven Hanks Premier Massage Group,

thank you for supporting TGCTS and 92.9 Kick-FM in 2009.

There would be no broadcasts without the hard work of our volunteer producers.

Many thanks are in order to Shannah-Lee, Spirited Kenny, Kick-FM News Director Awesome Adam Toy, Deniz of Humber College, Brad of the peanut gallery, RRC's Danielle and Stacia, and Kiirsten May and Josh Grummett, both now of CJOB68.

And hey, Senior Producer Captain Audio, take a bow as well.


November and December guests:

Coun. Jenny Gerbasi
Brian Smiley, Manitoba Public Insurance
Kevin Lamoureaux, Liberal MLA
Hugh McFadyen, Manitobas Conservative leader
Greg Oliver, Slam! Wrestling editor
Scott Taylor, CITI-FM sports director
Coun. Jeff Browaty
Mike Sutherland, Winnipeg Police Association
Ezra Ginzburg, Drew Mindell, and Richard Pollock,
Tony Condello, Ultimate Cage Wars/Kerry Brown Tribute Show
Sean Crawford, MacDonald Youth Services
Coun. John Orlikow
Colin Butler and Mike Wolchuk, Pollock's Hardware Co-op
Mayor Sam Katz
Melanie Pitcher, Walk4Darfur
Alex Morrison, scientist
Coun. Harvey Smith
Bart Jose, Artists Emporium
Dr. Tim Ball, Climategate expert
The BEAT DJ's -- Indierawker and Mod Marty
Larry Stefaniuk, WiseUp Winnipeg
Coun. Scott Fielding
Dan Lett, Winnipeg Free Press
David Faurschou, Conservative MLA
Colin Craig, Canadian Taxpayers Federation
JOHN K of VJ's Drive -Inn


PS: Rest in Peace, former NCAA and professional wrestling champion Steve "Dr. Death" Williams. A protege of Cowboy Bill Watts and an unbelievably physical competitor, Steve died yesterday of throat cancer at age 49.

Here is a link to a brief tribute from his friend Missy Hyatt, scroll down for links she has compiled to many of his greatest matches from the US and Japan.

Thanks for the memories, Doc.

Monday, December 28, 2009

VJ's John and Frank the Italian Barber to meet live at 4 PM - plus story of the year/replay sched and more!

This week we are limiting our live broadcasts to Monday and Tuesday in order to enjoy some much-needed time off. But we will be ending the year with some very entertaining and informative shows, as well as excellent Best-of replays to fill out your New Years' listening.

Today, along with the usual post-Sunday quarterbacking of the NFL scores - hello, Jets fans! - by Brad Harrison on the phone and Frank the Italian Barber in the studio, we will be joined by the man behind the busiest burger counter in the city, John K from VJ's.

He's taking an afternoon from the annual winter shutdown/vacation of his Main St and Broadway shoppe to participate in TGCTS and bring greetings to the many carnivores who are already suffering withdrawals from the fries and grilled meats that VJ's is famous for. Maybe Frank can give him a little trim...

Also on Monday we will be declaring Story of the Year of Year 3 (ending Nov. 20 2009), and once again recognition will be in 2 categories: news analysis and breaking news.

Tuesday will be our final live show of 2009, and Tahl East of CDI College will open the show with a discussion of the accomplishments of her staff and students this past year. CDI is the marquee sponsor of TGCTS and we look forward to our next live remote from the 280 Main Street campus in the new year.

And in a slight change of routine, the boys from Canada's best hockey coverage, Illegal Curve, will close out Tuesday's show and preview the Olympic selections and no doubt, strongly urge all listeners to tune into their analysis of the roster Wednesday night on 92.9 Kick-FM.


Replay schedule:

Wednesday: Our December 16th show featuring interviews with Manitoba Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen and Mike Sutherland of the Winnipeg Police Association

New Years Eve: Our November 26th edition assessing the "strong women of the NDP cabinet", and the still unreported-by-MSM $200,000 robbery at Red River College in September.

New Years Day: The Nov. 27th interview with Mike and Colin of Pollock's Hardware, about the North Main Street Diamond lane, never discussed or debated with residents or businesses, that is costing the newly-revived store between $100-200 a day. And for good measure, Mike also told of his miserable experiences with the Winnipeg Parking Authority plunking parking meter pay stations on Main Street and around the Centennial neighborhood, again without any notice to the people who live and work there...


All Star Sunday night replays! A special lineup for January 3rd, starting at 7PM:

Nov. 26- "the strong women of the NDP cabinet"
Nov. 27 - Pollock Hardware et al blast Diamond lanes and the Parking Authority
Dec. 9 - interview with 'global warming denier' Dr. Tim Ball
Dec. 17 - follow-up interview with Dr. Tim Ball
(direct link to the 2 interviews with Dr. Ball
Dec. 22 - the year in review with Free Press columnist Dan Lett

A selection of Emails from listeners:

Parking authority and diamond lanes

Hey Marty, as per our many discussions over the phone and in person I know full well that you are the person who will most appreciate this story.

Today on Dec 17, 2009 I drove up to an open parking spot on Carlton St (between Ellice and Portage) and hustled through the cold the four stalls required to plug the automatic ticket dispensers. When I got up to it, I immediately noted that the machine was flashing a red light and it would not accept my money (which I suppose is a small mercy).

So you can imagine my surprise (or lack thereof) when I came out of my office later in the evening to find that I and 5 other drivers had been tagged with a ticket. The funny part. The ticket was for "Meter expired".

Of COURSE THE METER IS EXPIRED! It was EXPIRED when I Parked there at 3pm to start my shift!!

How is it that I a mere citizen of Winnipeg know the rules for parking better than the Non Civil Servant Employees of the WPA? In fact, the 311 operator I spoke to (who was incredibly polite and sympathetic just like every receptionist I've ever met) had no idea in regards to these rules either.

After this incident (as well as the one from 2 months ago where my paid receipt "wasn't visible enough") it is clear to me that anyone who claims that the streetwalkers (not a typo) are NOT authorized to meet ANY quotas are clearly out to lunch. This tactic is Profiteering 101.

Throw out 10 false tickets; 3 people will fight it; 3 more will just ignore it, and the remaining 4 will pay up out of fear of retaliation.

Honestly, if the WPA was actually being run as a "business" as everyone at City Hall and in the FreeP likes to claim that they are there would be NO ONE using their services, ever. In order to be run as a business, you have to provide a CHOICE to citizens. And from now on, I might go and park indoors, because at least I KNOW I'm getting screwed on pricing, but at least my car will be warm.

Thanks for reading.

I was confronted by a Parking Authority officer on December 22, 2009 while taking pictues of him illegally parked. He was grabbing a coffee at Tim Horton's coffee in the Princess Street Campus and was parked in front of a fire hydrant.

While I was taking pictures of his vehicle, he starting taking pictures of me telling me he is a peace officer and demanding my identification. I told him to stay away from me and not talk to me.

He got in my way and demanded my ID telling me he was a peace officer and he could park anywhere he wanted as it was an official City of Winnipeg vehicle. I walked away from him and felt he was acting illegally telling me he was a peace officer and demanding my ID.

Another story of an out of control Parking Authority officer and guess what, he does not fall under LERA or the Law Review Agency. My only channel of complaint is to guess who, THE PARKING AUTHORITY.

(name withheld pending WPA review of complaint)


Regarding traffic in Diamond Lanes:

Curb lanes on busy thoroughfares were signed with No Stopping during rush hours. The only holdup to buses was illeagal parks. The holdup for the rest of the traffic, other than emergencies, accidents, etc. was BUSES SITTING WITH THEIR 4-WAY FLASHERS GOING WHILE THEY WERE GETTING BACK ON SCHEDULE. The only other people using the diamond lanes are cyclists, who are bottlenecks in any case. I cannot personally see any practical use for these lanes.

A Loyal Listener

not good enough, Councillor Scott Fielding

Marty I was disappointed with your guest Mr Fielding Not so much with him as what he represents.

When you read my comments to him his response spoke to what is wrong at City Hall. He stated Ladco Homes does not do infill so how do they force them.

Building Permits are a biproduct of city planning. If the city sets a number on in fill houses to be built each year and a number on new lot builds each year and issues permits only in pairs with a surety in place to ensure the infill is built Ladco would have no choice but to either build infill themselves or subsidize others to satisfy there obligation.

If a $350,000 house in Island Lakes becomes 360,000 because of a committment to rebuild the core what is the harm in that. What Mr Fielding does not realize is that people who really want to live in the burbs can but there are many more people who would snap up a new build in the westend for $125,000 if such an animal actually existed.

Please remember Marty when you tour the neighborhoods of the west end, West Kildonan, E.K., Elmwood and old St Boniface what little in fill housing that has happened has been snapped up and are desired properties because they are within the financial grasp of the lower middle class.

Mr. Fielding like most councillors is conditioned by effective lobbying on the part of new home builders to think that allowing entire neighborhoods to turn into slums is no big deal which sold well in the 70's when they were killing the north end. Only problem is the foresaken neighborhoods become havens for crime which then spreads all over the city.

We cannot just ignore this problem it is not going away unless Mr. Fielding knows of some master plan to move Downtown to Polo Park and allow St Vital to form its own city I do not see him with solutions and this problem is nipping at the east boundary of his riding.

Thanks Phil
homeless housing

Hi Marty, love your show!

I was watching the news last night and they talked about this. It's not a program, it's an experiment. Sounds like 5 locations were chosen, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Montreal, some place in the Maritimes and I forget the last one. Each will be targeted at a different type of homeless. In Vancouver it's the drug users, Winnipeg it's the aboriginals. I think in the Maritimes it's rural homeless.

After I believe 5 years, they are planning on interviewing each of the recipients to see how many remained in housing, etc. This whole thing has a mental health aspect to it.

I agree that targeted aid in this manner is amoral. We are all the same race, the human race. There's no reason to separate us any further than that.

Keep up the good work, all of you!

Respectfully submitted,


I wonder why no one is talking about the manufactured nature of the "consensus."

Wasn't it another Watergate phrase that we need to talk about here too - Follow the Money!??"

I'l like to see all the global warming/climate change projects that got turned down for traditional academic funding vs the ones that received it. I suspect there'e more $$ flowing to any hypothesis that investigates the AGW position. Who cares what you actually believe, if you have to "publish or perish" you'll do what pays (and plays) the best.

Pretty soon you're addicted to the fame and fortune, the international academic convention circuit and presto, you write another grant proposal to do Phase 2 of your project, and so it!

Then a young Master's student or PhD candidate wants to work with someone of note so they can rise to the top fast too, whose research do they build uopn? The guy or gal who never did a keynote, not has published much?

Soon, there are "cells" of warmists all over the world, reinvestigating, building more scenarios, under the direction of academic advisors who drank the Koolaid long time ago, who see more grant money coming in, and more opportunity for "ground-breaking" research. And so it, ca-ching, ca-ching....

Like a AGW induced typhoon, spiralling out of control.


I've known about Tim Ball for a few years. Been reading his stuff on Canada Free Press. I've also known about Hoggan-Suzuki-Lefebvre as well as Gore & Mo Strong for just about as long.

The sheep who believe the garbage are dogmatic and blind to anything that doesn't jive with their side of the story. The warmers, demonstrators, etc are nuts. The media falls in between them and the people calling the shots who are well aware of and orchestrating the scam and have personal interest in it being implimented. ClimateGate emails just go to prove what has been suspected all along.

Can't remember where I heard it but it's like finding Jesus' bones and shattering the Christian religion since it's based on the resurrection.

When this has all played out I believe there will be a strong resurgence of right leaning politics, not the Christian Right either, in all major Western countries. The multicult and nanny state stuff will just be fuel for the fire.

Just my opinion


Another excellent interview!

As a former student of Professor Ball, I can attest to his integrity and effectiveness. It was not uncommon for him to begin a lecture with some commonly understood belief or factoid that he would deftly bring back to earth. Back then it was global cooling, which today would necessitate mass demonstrations and UN conferences to force coal usage on the western world.

Science and public policy have always had an opportunistic relationship. Policy makers probably ignore science more often than they heed it and man-made global warming presents just another bogeyman for those with social and political agendas. Scientists, being human, are subject to political and peer influence, not to mention funding opportunities. Whenever science get politicised, its time to take a big step back. Appeals to science need to be very closely examined.

I would remind your listeners of the over-used mantra of pro-warming advocates - "majority of scientists" and "peer reviewed" in their reliance in the IPCC. Firstly, science does not progress based on majorities or minorities (though usually from minorities). Secondly, the peer review process has been clearly demonstrated as being compromised. If the IPCC and the UN is genuinely interested in the science, they should have no issues starting over or at least opening up for an 'oil-for-food' level of investigation.

Thirdly, how many other climate groups and scientists have been erasing e-mails and data over the past few weeks? To borrow some IPCC and climate science methodology, if tree rings and other proxy data can be relied upon to estimate past climate, so to can the behavior of these scientists on the body as a whole.

Hope to hear more from Professor Ball


(re: Bob MacDonald of CBC's Quirks and Quarks)

Went to see a lecture by him @ U of M in the spring. His opening line was, "I'm not a scientist." He then proceeded to waste 60 minutes of my time with a grade 10 level science lecture with pictures of the earth from the apollo missions. I was bored to tears, when the title of the lecture was "Everything You Know Is Wrong", or something very similar.

He's an entertainer. I think he's either a college dropout with an honourary degree, or he's a drama student. But claims to be a "science buff" so I guess we should all be listening to him with rapt attention.

Dear Marty,

Heck, I was beginning to become a big fan until this issue…dropping 4PM meetings for my dose of Marty on KICK. I can’t really believe that you made the attack on my email personal. I merely pointed out that you need to balance the views of climate change by engaging both views with equal veracity.

Frankly, Mr. Ball is in a decreasing minority, given the evidence. If you do spend time examining the sites you’re sent to, perhaps you’ll take a tour through the NASA and related sites. There are literally thousands of pages to examine. Perhaps start at: . Or do you believe that NASA too, is in on some kind of scientific conspiracy, doctoring evidence from their dozens of satellites that each measure different environmental markers? I mean, if you ignore everything you see on these sites without retracing your steps on some of the things you’ve said on the air, it would seem that you’re not prepared to present a balanced argument.

Neither of us are climatologists, but that shouldn’t stop us from wanting to get at the truth about climate change. After all, despite whatever we believe, we’re both EQUALLY affected by whatever is causing it. I can hear all about the climategate theory presented with a one-sided slant any night on ultra right-wing US talk radio between the commercials. I really thought you were better than that. Anyway you have the mike… and I have a radio dial.

Yours tuning out.


(ED NOTE: for a chart detailing the history of scientists manipulating the global warming issue, go to: )

Level 4 car thiefs/killers

Hi Marty,

I'm an avid listener and I have just about had enough and I have to vent...I'll try to make my points short and direct regarding crime and justice in the city and in Canada. I love discussing the system and I am appalled at the number of flower power / hippie / green peacers attitude towards the system and it's failures. I always just bring up the following arguments:

(A) Criminal steals a car (many cars) and kills someone: Criminal gets free legal council, no financial penalty to pay to the victim of the theft (car owner) or the victim of the killing, doesn't lose his job (if he has one), and he gets counseling (if he chooses). The LAW ABIDING VICTIMS receive a bill from their respective lawyers to handle their respective cases, an INSURANCE SYSTEM that won't cover damages because the other driver was un-insured, they must pay for any counseling they actually need, loss of life and income, and they are being FORCED to pay for an immobilizer that won't work and doesn't keep them safe from this CRIMINAL. And, then the police say "Well, stay inside, lock your doors, travel with a buddy'etc...

SO WHO JUST RECEIVED A JAIL TERM? The VICTIMS. This makes me so bloody mad...

(B) Criminal rapes / assaults someone. Again, Criminal gets all benefits of above. Victim gets his / her sentence "lock your doors, travel in groups, can't replace what was lost or stolen, no insurance, etc...

I could go on and on, but the bullet points are:

- Is it easier / safer to "jail" the law abiding, tax paying "non-convicted" citizen than to fight the thugs / pimps / pushers / murderers...who might fight back?

- You know how they talk about the mobs controlling the docks in New York, etc...Can you draw a parallel between the legal system and the mob?

- Pretty soon, with all the restrictions being imposed on Joe Public (lock yourself in so that the free roaming criminals don't rob / beat / rape / murder you), it appears to me that we actually have the world's largest jail, namely our own homes.

Can you see something wrong here?

Thanks for letting me vent. Keep up the great work. If you discuss and need to use my name, please just refer to me as Mike from Winnipeg.

P.S. If ever you have a chance to discuss things like Urban reserves, etc...I have always maintained this perspective. The aboriginal / M├ętis population is always looking for an industry to give their "people" some hope / work, etc... based on a model in Japan and other Asian countries, I think that putting some penitentiaries on some reserves might be a better idea than reserves. The reason is that a penitentiary needs every occupation from janitors and barbers, to guards, trades people, accountants, social workers, lawyers, etc... I would love to hear what people think about that.

Story of the Year:


Story of the year absolutely must be Rebate Gate

This story has so many facets to it, it covers not only extreme government corruption, but also the mass media cover up of it. Yes it was "mentioned" in the media, but really in passing.

Rebate Gate is nothing more then pure theft of tax dollars by "our" government for their own bank accounts. I know full well that EVERY government mis-manages files and policies. EVERY government will eventually get sloppy and treat their friends to many perks for their years of support. We all get used to this as BUSINESS AS USUAL.

However, when a government actually steals money, and that’s what they did, purely to pad the lining of their pockets, that is where the line is drawn at complete unacceptability.

Although from what has been revealed is a lot less money then the amount of tax money that the Liberal Governement of Canada stole during the sponsordhip scandal, the principle of theft is still maintained. Both parties took money out of the tax base illegally and put it into their bank accounts.

Money they had no right to and only were able to secure it by stealing it from us by accounting tricks.

But we know all of this, and this is why this must be the story of the year.

As I said before, every government will screw up and mis-manage a project. They will put "friends" in high places. They will waste money left right and centre on programs that make no sense or benefit the groups who put them in power.

BUT actual theft of tax dollars is an aggregious use of absolute power. Something so vile and disgusting, and the only thing worse then all of that is that Manitobans were not given even a quarter of the story from the media coverage because of the relationships that they have with the NDP Government.

We were given the glossy, rose colored glasses version told to us by Gary Doer, who basically said there was no story here, just a mis-understanding with Elections Manitoba, and the MSM simply goes along with that.

This web of deceit is woven so intricately, that it took almost 10 years to come to light. Everything from stealing money from the tax payer to our current Premier throwing the other 25 candidates and agents under the bus to paying off the head of Elections Manitoba in order to make everything "go away".

No disrespect to the stories on the nomination list, ironically this one not even on the list, but this hits on every theme of your show from naming names to government corruption to the gatekeepers of information and even to your new theme for this coming year of whistleblowers.

Marty this must be the story of the year.

Thanks for everything you do on your show, it's one of a kind and greatly needed here in this city. It's the only forward moving and thinking thing in Winnipeg.

Aurtarlia gets my vote for story of the year.


for meth caller; real radio that would definitely not be heard on any other dial in the city!

also liked the exposure of the woman who died in the emergency room at HSC

what about the crooked NDP/Selinger accounting fix of election funds?

jay jona jameson

First of all great coverage on climategate.

I believe there can only be one candidate for story of the year. Numbers 1, 5 and 9 all pertain to the Winnipeg Free Press. Add to that Dan Lett, Gordon Sinclair, Bob Cox and the zombie story, their being in bed with the WRHA, Hydro whistleblower coverage, Crocus coverage, climategate non-coverage etc. etc.

Add all this up and I believe the story of the year has to be the downfall of the Winnipeg Free Press.

A once great paper in this city is now just another lefty rag.

Also I saw Judy Wasylycia-Leis on the CBC last night commenting on those Greenpeace losers who illegally trespassed on parliament yesterday and hung signs saying Canada must do more to combat man-made global warming . She said and I quote " what a courageous and brilliant act ".

I couldn't believe it. Even for an NDP MP this comment shocked me. So she is saying it is o.k to break the law.

I wonder if she would have made the same comment if the protester had a sign that said man-made global warming is a myth.

Hope you have a Happy Hanukkah and all the best in the new year.

Love your show,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Memo to Margo Goodhand: Gordo has exposed the great divide between you and your readers

Dear Margo:

First of all, thanks for correcting the misinformation in last Tuesday's Editor's Bulletin, even if it took my unacknowledged email to get you to admit, 2 days late, that it was wrong of you to assert to your subscribers that the Manitoba Conservatives had proposed a plastic bag ban.

If only the woes of your newspaper were limited to such trivial details.

For it is also wrong for you to publish a column entitled "A question of transparency and trust for charity" on Saturday, and expect to get away with it.

This is not my message; it is the message clearly stated in the online comments from your own readers about
Gordon Sinclair's innuendo-laden lecture, based on the departure of John Mohan from the helm of Siloam Mission.

December 12, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Journalism sure has changed over the years.

Reporters knew then what was on or off limits, and based on this article, you forgot that. The paper falls down another peg. What a classless thing to do.

You could learn a thing or two about compassion from this organization Mr. Sinclair. It's a private matter and let's leave it as such.


Posted by: Rural Roots

December 12, 2009 at 12:08 PM
Gord, does this mean that, given how the public puts their trust in journalists like yourself to inform us about the "news" of the day, that you will from here on in ensure that your personal issues and those of all your colleagues that may in some direct or indirect (why were you grumpy in your column today, should I start guessing publicly?) your work will now be noted at the bottom of each column or in a press release?!?

and this

Posted by: Grubfoot

December 13, 2009 at 2:25 AM
"In other words, it's personal. But if what I hear from a source inside Siloam is true, there was also a highly uncomfortable professional aspect that should have made it Siloam's story to tell, too."

What made it your story to tell? There's a highly uncomfortable professional aspect to your infringing on John Mohan's right to privacy. It's more newsworthy that bleeding heart liberals are stabbing the charitable-hearted in the back.

Speaking of which, I am sure you took note of this comment:

Posted by: Jason Wayne

December 12, 2009 at 3:11 PM
Two words.......Pork Gate.

Let's compare the two stories.

Reported: John Mohan leaves his job after evidentally separating from his wife, who is still employed at the Mission.

Mohan and his wife split over something. That's personal. It has nothing to do with their jobs or the public that supports Siloam Mission. It is not "news".

Unreported: Somebody steals food from Winnipeg Harvest and gives it to Free Press employees.

That was "news", Margo.

It must have been because your striking employees bragged about receiving the 'donation' and then clammed up after it turned out the real story was not so kosher, as it were.

Not to mention theft is a crime. And the FP covered it up even after the City of Winnipeg issued a health warning about consuming thawing meat handed out by an unknown distributor from the back of a truck.

Tell us all, when a half-ton of stolen food meant for the truly hungry and poor ended up in your employees freezers, did you give them this lecture about "accountability and trust"?

The Winnipeg Free Press has no moral authority to lecture any other organization about accountability and transparency, or about ethical obligations to the public to 'come clean'.

The FP raises money from the public for Harvest every year. There's a direct connection. And your newspaper pretended nothing happened.

Siloam Mission could have used the unspoiled portions of pork to feed the poor, but instead some of your well-paid employees, accepted the pilfered, taxpayer-subsidized gift.

And now, one of your employees is criticizing Siloam for protecting the privacy of a couple in their employ? Your newspaper has been protecting the privacy of the thief and those who accepted stolen food for over a year now.

This same employee has ceaselessly been an unapologetic cheerleader for Harvest honcho David Northcott and has never asked why Northcott gave up his "investigation" rather than find the thief.

Margo, the attack on Siloam Mission exposes the selective commitment Gordo and the Free Press has to reporting on "A transparency issue for a charity that relies on the public for its funding."

And, it calls into question whether you agree with his observation "Transparency being the currency of trust."

If you do, Gordo will reveal what he knows about Porkgate.

Who got the meat. Where did it come from. Who stole it from Harvest. Why the FP did not report on it even after the city and federal health warning. How much money does the FP give Harvest. Was the meat a kickback.

I realize you have your hands full, what with one blogger
discovering Gerald Flood was snookered by a seasoned PR spinner posing as an average citizen wanting credit for the Field of Dreams, and another blogger discovering that no one has even bothered to ask about the impact the relocation of Canada Post trucks to the streets of the inner-city will have on adjacent schools and daycares; and then of course there is the matter of a case of apparent plagiarism by Bruce Owen. (Who has his own link to Porkgate as you will recall).

Until you address this double standard, the great divide between the public and the newspaper of record will continue to grow wider and wider, and you will continue to scratch your head at the abandonment of readers and subscribers from the Free Press.