Thursday, October 30, 2008

City Health Department issues a caution: Free Press employees may have tainted pork

Press Release
For immediate release

Pork given to Free Press employees may not be safe to eat

The City of Winnipeg Health Department has cautioned anyone who received pork on the Free Press picket line of potential health risks.

A Free Press reporter claimed in an internet post that some of the minced pork delivered to strikers was already spoiled, and the rest was "already thawing". Most was taken home by picketers. The reporter went on to suggest the pork was being refrozen by many of the union members, with the intention of being handed out in Christmas hampers.

Peter Parys, Manager of the City’s Community By-law Enforcement Services, provided the following information for our listeners.

* meat that is not, or has not been, properly stored can certainly pose a risk if consumed;
* it is not recommended practice to refreeze meat;
* consumers should be cautious if they do not know how food has been handled and stored prior to receiving it.

Food storage information is also available on the City’s website at

While this information was directed to the listeners of The Great Canadian Talk Show, we believe that it deserves a broader distribution, as there is no way of knowing who may end up eating the possibly tainted meat. According to media reports, the one pound packages carry "Winnipeg Harvest " labels.

The Honourable Rosann Wowchuk, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, informed TGCTS on October 28th "we are very concerned with what has happened in regards to the incident in question with Winnipeg Harvest."

In an interview on today's show, Mayor Sam Katz expressed alarm at the idea of anyone refreezing meat, and promised to ensure the Health Department would pursue the matter further with those responsible for handing out the pork.

Exclusive: Premier Doer, flying to Vancouver, gets broadsided by Nova Scotia leak

A leisurely Air Canada flight to Vancouver en route to China for a trade mission had a rough beginning and an even rougher ending today, for Manitoba Premier Gary Doer.

A listener reported that after enjoying the advantage of pre-boarding for executive class, Doer quietly assumed his seat in 2A. "If one of the women hadn't said "Gary" I wouldn't have realized it was the Premier," said our listener.

However, one of his 2 female companions caused a ruckus when her ginormous carry-on bag, which she insisted could not be flown as checked luggage, did not fit into the overhead bins. The diva-like histrionics held up the great unwashed class of passengers for 5 minutes until the bag was finally wedged out of sight.

Then, something happened during the flight that caused another great hue and cry upon landing. Something about "moved on the wires", "Federation of Labour", the name "Rick Clark ", and the premier muttering
"it wasn't right it was leaked."

Our listener suggested we could find our what the problem was for the Premier, and as we often say, google is your friend. Here is the story:

"Peter MacKay has some explaining to do after he was the only Nova Scotia MP who did not sign a pledge form to help stop the closure of the Air Canada base in Halifax," federation president Rick Clarke said Wednesday.

- snip -

Air Canada announced several months ago that it planned to close its Halifax flight attendant base on Nov. 1 and lay off 187 employees. The airline is also shutting down its Winnipeg base, with the loss of 144 flight attendants, and laying off up to 225 in Vancouver.

- snip -

The provincial labour leader has also called on Premier Rodney MacDonald to follow up on a promise he made a few weeks ago to "hop on a plane" to meet with Air Canada officials in Montreal.

Mr. Clarke said the premier should follow the lead of his Manitoba counterpart, Gary Doer, who has taken a number of steps to try to stop the closure of the Winnipeg base, including
offering a provincial discount on fuel tax that would save Air Canada about $2 million a year.

Although we stand to be corrected, it would appear that this is the first anyone has reported about Doer's generous offer to reduce feul tax for the airline.

Perhaps the taxpayers of Manitoba could be next.

Within minutes after we got the scoop about the scoop, the province emailed a press release, no doubt to divert attention from Clark's unfortunate loose-lippedness:

Province Requests Declaration To Save Winnipeg's Flight Attendant Base

The Manitoba government has filed a notice of application in the Court of Queen's Bench seeking a declaration that Air Canada's decision to close the Winnipeg flight attendant base is in breach of the federal Air Canada Public Participation Act, which requires the corporation to maintain operational and overhaul centres in the city of Winnipeg, Competitiveness, Training, and Trade Minster Andrew Swan announced today.

"We are asking the court to clarify the legal authority under which Winnipeg's flight attendant base is being closed," said Swan. "When the federal government privatized Air Canada in 1988, Manitobans were assured jobs, including those of flight attendants, would be maintained in Winnipeg. We are relying on the wording of the legislation to keep that commitment."

Swan pointed specifically to section 6(1)(d) of the Air Canada Public Participation Act, which requires "the Corporation to maintain operational and overhaul centres in the City of Winnipeg, the Montreal Urban Community and the City of
Mississauga." He also noted further assurances to this effect were provided by parliamentarians at the time this legislation was debated in the House of Commons.

"Air Canada's decision to close the flight attendant base seems inconsistent with what was contemplated in the federal legislation and we want the court to provide clarification on this point," said Swan.

- 30 -

This story, more exclusive news on Porkgate, Mayor Sam Katz live in studio at 4.30, and a special interview with wrestling star Kenny Omega at 5.10 Pm, all on todays' show.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free Press strike ends as Pork Scandal grows; Ag Minister "very concerned"

By resounding margins, all 3 bargaining units - carriers, pressmen, and inside workers - accepted the 'final offer' put forward by the owners of the Winnipeg Free Press, and will return to work Wednesday, with the paper to hit the streets the next day.

But as listeners of The Great Canadian Talk Show heard, the controversy over the delivery of frozen pork to striking workers intensified even as the ratification vote took place, with the provincial government now voicing concern.

The first strikers story about the pork, which can be found
here, claimed "A man who delivers donations for the Winnipeg Harvest food bank" miraculously appeared at 11 AM on October 17th at the picket line, after he was "asked to get rid of it", and that the meat had been declared "surplus":

"The province’s biggest food bank appealed for donations last week when supplies ran low. The appeal drew hundreds of donations, including the frozen meat."

We have now discovered, that story was quickly re-written, excising the reference to the meat having been part of the public response to the emergency appeal and deleting the time of the delivery, but the strikers added the detail: "The meat was piled into trucks and most of it was to be driven back to union headquarters and distributed."

The strikers ran
a second story on October 20th after the Porkgate controversy erupted on CJOB and in the blogosphere, titled "Harvest boss happy pork got to Free Press staff".

However after a couple of hours, even that story got a revision, and someone added the following sentences to the very end:

"On Oct. 16, a truck came by the Free Press line last week after trying to deliver frozen pork to Winnipeg Harvest. The driver was told Harvest had no room in its freezers for the pork. The truck then came by the picket line and donated it to the strikers, saying Harvest couldn’t handle the donation."

When our listeners emailed questions about the pork to the strikers website,, they were told:

"The issue of the free pork was addressed on Please see the story "Harvest boss happy pork got to Free Press staff"."
This advice, directing our listeners to look at their revised second version of events, occured DAYS AFTER the absolute and categorical denial of the "facts" contained in both stories -- by Harvest honcho David Northcott, in an appearance on Richard Cloutier Reports on CJOB.

He told the AM audience

- that the delivery had never been turned away by Harvest,

- that it was actually meat Harvest had donated to other organizations for distribution to the needy, and

- that he could not get help from anyone, to identify the driver or the organization the pork came from.

When one of our listeners asked the strikers who the driver was, their spokewoman emailed back:

"I don't know the delivery persons name, you would probably have to contact Harvest for that information." -- sending our listener to the same David Northcott who had already declared on CJOB the week before, he did not have the answer and had given up looking for it.

Meanwhile, on October 23rd, TGCTS sent a series of questions to provincial Agriculture Minister Rosanne Wowchuk, and today her office responded:

"... we are very concerned with what has happened in regards to the incident in question with Winnipeg Harvest."

As we continued to pursue the mystery of the meat delivery, and what the Union really did with the taxpayer-paid pork, we received an email at the end of today's program.

We went into overtime to read it on-air.

This contains shocking details of the reason why the strikers' pork stories had no by-line, what really happened with the delivery, and confirmed the discord within the union that had forced a clamp-down on the comments section of their news website. While we cannot yet confirm this email came from a union member, it is the best account available of the delivery or of the mood of the strikers. Here it is:

I work at the FP in editorial. I had friends mention to me that you were asking some tough questions about the strike and content on the website. I thought I'd add some additional information to you.

I was on the picket line the day the pork showed up. I can tell you that I didn't see anyone touch the food. We were horrified and disgusted that anyone from the union would have accepted such a donation, for the obvious reasons you have highlighted. I guess the cold and the depression stunted our normally inquisitive minds, and the folks I was walking with never did ask for an explanation.

I was quite concerned when I heard you on Monday explain that David Northcott had disowned a story on the fponstrike website. I read that story, and considered your analysis. I think you need to know this is part of a much, much bigger story.

The story on the website is not really indicative of the quality of the work of the striking journalists. I know that is your normal rant, but I think you should consider that this is not about shoddy journalism, this is about a union that is lying to its own members.

I did some asking around and the version of the story on the website was directly from the top brass at the union. That is why it did not have a byline. Normally, a member of a union could expect to get the straight goods from their own union reps, but not this union, and certainly not these union reps.
The union has consistently misled the membership about the negotiations and the issues involved. We were asked to support strike action based on one set of issues, and then once out we found out it was a whole other set of issues that were the cause of the conflict.

Our biggest issue, and the root cause of all this dishonesty, is a union that foolishly unionized its carriers. These people make $12-15K a year for working two hours a day. They get a full vote on all union decisions, even though none of them picket. Why? Because they have other, full-time jobs to go to. The union claims these are disadvantaged, underprivileged minimum wage earners. WHat a crock.

We have been screwed twice by this union, which has taken us out on the street primarily to get stuff for the carriers, who control 55 per cent of the membership by their sheer numbers.

So, you'll forgive me if I see that story behind the story of the frozen pork as yet more evidence of how dishonest this union is. They believe they can tell us anything, lie to us, all in the name of some greater good. In fact, all they are doing is trying to satisfy a disinterested and unaccountable part of the membership.

This union decided to somehow score some free food from Harvest, without considering how utterly appalling it is for the strikign workers to take food out of the mouth of truly disadvantaged people. Then they lied about it to cover it up. They will no doubt continue lying to cover up the earlier lies.

I know you love to hammer some of my colleagues on a regular basis... but this isn't about shoddy journalism. It's a much bigger story about liars and cheaters who do their dirty work in the name of a greater good. You can see from the letter crapping on picketing workers that they no longer care what anyone thinks other than the small band of thugs who control the union. They are out of control.

Fighting for the rights of workers at the FP? What a load of shit.

For what it's worth, there you have it.

Wednesday at 4PM, we'll have more on the strike vote, our investigation into Porkgate, your emails and calls -- and of course CTV's Kelly Dehn with Crimewatch at 4.10 PM -- as we are joined by our special guest co-host, Scott Taylor of the National Post.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our local blog suggestions list, and ahead this week...

Last week, as we continued reporting on the strikers' false story of how they got the free frozen pork ahead of Winnipeg's truly needy, a caller suggested we prep a list of blogs that locals could rely on until the Free Press returned to ink and newsprint, as alternate sources of local news and opinion. Good idea, we agreed.

And so, in no particular order, here are some options:

* Blogger Rob Galston has been a guest on the show, and he posts (mostly about urban development and planning) at

* Luc Lewandoski guested with us just before the federal election was called; he recently speculated about what Prime Minister Harper's new cabinet could look like at

* One of the most ambitious local blogs not only breaks news with video, and covers local issues but also sports, gas prices, pop culture - hey , online coupons for Quiznos! - a package that is pretty unique and worth bookmarking:

* A true favorite of ours is the biting wit of the young university athlete Graham Hnatiuk at His writings about the state of transit, and the media's fawning over the Friends of Upper Fort Garry campaign, are particularly worthy of review.

* One of the most frequently referenced blogs on our show is the well-informed Policy Frog, who frequently needles the premier, city hall and the mainstream media with insight and humour:

* Although sometimes his columns are a little too 'inside baseball' for us, David Watson repeatedly connects the dots among the developers, politicians and media interests in this city, examines urban sprawl and transportation concverns, and really deserves further attention, at - hey look, he mentions the RRC Cre-Comm course and our show today!

* Recently returned to blogging after a European vacation is, whose contributions this spring on the wandering stadium proposal, criticism of police use of tasers, and NDP legislation to un-balance budgets and control opposition mailings were all good reads.

* Maybe a few new visitors on his meter will remind Steve Andjelic that summer is over and he will resume posting at He's a brilliant guest with an understanding of high finance and markets, and the ability to translate it into language the ordinary person can relate to, that far surpasses anyone I know.

* Only rarely does Bryan Scott interject with commentary, but some of the most beautiful photography of our city is captured by him at

* Off the beaten track, here is a blog by a family man and marathoner, Mike, who has some interesting perspectives on people and stories in the news, as well as a list of 20 Signs You Grew Up in Winnipeg in the 80's:

* Another unusual blog recounts the things people say on transit buses, and it is a riot:

* How could I forget our own Spirited Kenny?

Finally, a nationally-reknowned blog that frequently has observations about local happenings is

( BTW, A new favorite for US and international news and analysis is Tina Brown's )

Thanks to last week's interview subjects -- Councillors Harvey Smith and Scott Fielding, who both handled 30 minute Q and A's with us last week, hockey referee Ryan Wood, MMA fighter Nick Penner who won his bout Friday at the Convention Centre in round 2, and Young Josh for his Year-in-Review of the Derelict Buildings initiative...

This week --
Monday, TJ Bratt of Atlantic Pizza will argue sports with Frank the Italian Barber;
Wednesday, National Post columnist Scott Taylor will co-host the show;
Thursday at 4.30PM, Mayor Sam Katz will, among other things, answer the question- why, when you said on our show on October 23, 2007 that you would stand for re-election in 2010, do bloggers and reporters still suggest you may not run?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Inside the Winnipeg Free Press strike

The labour stoppage on Mountain Street has played out before the eyes of the public, thanks to the new technologies -- to the chagrin of some of the combatants.

The Free Press website has never seen so many stories posted, with some usually deskbound senior editors pressed into service demonstrating undiminished skill in crafting up to a half a dozen stories in a day.

Meanwhile, the strikers established their own news website and is competing with management to churn out online content and keep readers informed.

Public opinion of a newspaper strike -- and of the 2 sides -- is not as easily manipulated as in the old days, both because of the role of independant bloggers, and due to the strikers' miscalculation when establishing their website.

Blogger David Watson took shots at both sides.

"Striking WFP reporters are now reduced to blogging. They now get the same salary as the Black Rod and Policy Frog does – zilch. In a sense the WFP reporters have arrived at the ultimate destination of all major newspapers prematurely. Their newspaper is now totally virtual. No dead trees need apply...

Which friends of Bob Silver in government and industry will he call upon first for support? Will Gary Doer be in solidarity with the workers or with his chief business advisor? Will Sam Katz tell us his story of his rags to riches yet once again as he sides with the head of Destination Winnipeg? Will U of M professors support the strikers in the classroom or the head of their economic engine, SmartPark?"

Repeated strikers' stories about the falling unit value of FP Newspapers Income Fund - since the strike started it has dropped to all-time lows -- provoked blog readers to suggest that it was "misplaced union propaganda" and counter-productive, despite the protests of one reporter that "We love the paper, we love the brand and we love our jobs."

"...publicly humiliating your employer will not make anything easier now or later... These kind of actions will cause a lot of animosity between employers and employees once operations are running again. I think for a bunch of journalist’s this is pretty pathetic."

Not only was the public voicing their opinion on blogs, so were bloggers -- on the strikers site.

October 14th, 2008 at 12:36 am #
Love the idea of this website guys, but I have to say that this piece comes off a bit more like a pro-union editorial than a legit article. Nearly every other publicly traded newspaper group in Canada and the U.S. is also at or near a 52-week low, if not an all-time low. The driving factors here are the economy in general, and more specifically, the increasingly outdated business model of the printed newspaper. Making it appear like the drop in FP.UN is largely due to labour issues seems a bit sketchy to me.

Union members also wrote in the comment section of the share price story on the newssite, dissatisfied with their representatives.

free press walker posted:

"This strike leaves me wondering too. Full time and some part time production workers make in excess of $70,000 some making close to $90,000... Too many times have strikers found out to their dismay that union leadership like management is calling the shots."

When reporter Bartley Kives doubted that the poster was really an FP employee, another commenter retorted:

This is a forum created by the union for an exchange.
If Bart does not want to hear anything against his own stance then go back to the old newsletter of the last strike and he can say anything he likes without reproach. Kind of like having a column with a byline and without any opportunity to hear an alternative view (No, letters to the Editor do not cut it).

I have no objection to the right to strike in case you may be wondering but don’t think for one minute you will get away with hearing only your point of view in a blog such as this. If it was created to spout one point of view, take away the comments section."

In a further attempt to quell dissent, as listeners of the show heard Friday, an open letter to the strikers from a negotiating team member hectored doubters and armchair quarterbacks, for not appreciating what an ordeal it was to represent them.

"An Open Letter to My Fellow Strikers

... Hard copies of the ‘final’ offer will be distributed at the strike headquarters.

The bargaining council cannot accept this package – it attacks everyone, and I would never vote for it...

But I have to say that the web page has had its problems, like everything else in this strike. That’s to be expected. What’s not to be expected are the people who whine and complain when everything doesn’t go perfectly for them. This may sound na├»ve, but if you see a problem, ask someone if you can help find the solution. The people on the various committees are doing the best they can. And, when I asked for volunteers to help out, few people stepped forward -- now those individuals know why because of the abuse and grief they’ve been getting.

Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving? Well, it wasn’t a good Thanksgiving at my house. I spent 9-10 hours each day on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in an office at the Labour Department. There was no Thanksgiving weekend for my family or the families of the other bargaining council members. And I have to say that my patience for whiners and complainers is at an end. If you’re offended by this, I don’t care because iIt’s become all too clear that there are a handful of individuals who are only thinking about themselves, ignoring the contributions and efforts of all the others trying to make this a successful strike.

I don’t care So if you’re not happy with your picket shift, when you picket or who you’re picketing with then you’re just going to have to suck it up and move along like the rest of us. And I don’t care if you’re not happy with decisions of the strike committee or the communications committee. No one is out to screw you personally, or anyone else. Decisions are made with the best of intentions. If there is an issue, discuss it with those individuals responsible. Solutions will be found. These committee volunteers are not management – they are your sisters and brothers who are dedicating their time to help all of us...

I will be on the picket line Thursday, Friday and Saturday to answer any questions you might have and to hear your suggestions on where we go from here."

Union members were not unanimously buying into the rah-rah speech, and started raising even more questions in comments threads about their situation. Reporter Bruce Owen waded into the fray online, urging members "Don’t listen to rumours on the picket line. It does no one any good and plays into company’s hands."

At the same time, public outrage began to swell over a strikers story posted Friday afternoon describing how
Free Press employees accepted handouts from Winnipeg Harvest like a bunch of mooches, after only 4 days walking the picket line. This came a mere week after CBC Radio held an emergency pledge drive to restock Harvest's shelves to feed the poor.

The next thing we knew, on Friday at 3.02 PM Kives announced on behalf of "the team" that henceforth, comments on their news website were going to be moderated i.e.- the filter went up.

Which only goes to show, freedom of the press to report and comment on the public, does not extend to freedom of the public and union members to the same consideration, when it comes to the Free Press strike committee.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We don't have an election prediction but a listener does

A listener sent us an election prediction that was so far off the existing polling, we thought it was worth posting JUST in case they are right.

CPC 114
Lib 95
BQ 62
NDP 36
Green 1

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SDA readers in particular will enjoy this update on the CBC attack on Trevor Kennerd

Greetings to all our new readers coming to us via Small Dead Animals!

You all know that the CBC Manitoba sneak attack on Winnipeg South Centre Conservative candidate Trevor Kennerd went so far as to find a defender of his right to oppose the Winnipeg School Division "diversity" program in 1999, but then falsely claiming that the man "Gerald Fast, a former Winnipeg broadcaster (who) was fired for making anti-gay comments on the air around the same time".

I worked at CFRW in 1999 hosting the drive-home show and Fast was never fired over any comments.

The timing of this CBC "discovery" couldn't be more suspicious.

Top-rated Corus talk show Richard Cloutier Reports on CJOB had already scheduled a debate between Kennerd and his opponent, Liberal MP Anita Neville, for this very morning.

Then tonight on the CBC News at 6, Coffee with the Candidates featured a softball session by Donna Carreiro with none other than -- Madame Neville.

Carreiro was last seen lobbing softballs at her former CBC colleague Lesley Hughes, including the set-up question that Hughes utilized to insult the Canadian Jewish Congress and the entire Canadian Jewish community as "they're having trouble telling their friends from their enemies", when the outcry about her promotion of anti-Semitic 9-11 theories forced her from the Liberal campaign.

L'affair Hughes has cost Neville dearly in the heavily-Jewish riding, as she was seen shoulder to shoulder with Hughes at the Asper Community Campus speech by Stephane Dion, just hours before Hughes pro-9-11 truther was disclosed on the blogosphere.

Little wonder that Hughes, in an open letter this morning to prospective voters, vowed to "do everything I can to protect a more responsible internet as a free and democratic means of global communication".

Nowhere but the blogosphere will you read of her promise to:

- "advocate for the many Canadians working to establish a national public newspaper, owned by Canadians and free of both government and corporate influence", and

- "strive for an alliance between Canada’s three "left of centre" parties, so that the single "right of centre" party can no longer dominate our political landscape" ...

- "as an independent member of parliament whose values are sympathetic to your issues and to the Liberal and New Democratic parties", and of her

- "personal commitment (is) to a healthy environment via pollution prevention and energy conservation measures endorsed by both Stefane Dion and Elizabeth May."

In other words, she's so independent, why vote for a party on the left, when you can vote for all 3 of them in one candidate!! who only wants to use your taxes to subsidize a left wing newspaper and muzzle the bloggers that exposed her.

Thanks to Winnipeg Police Association president Mike Sutherland for joining us in the studio today, as well as community safety consultant Bob Axford explaining why city councillors should rebuke the proposal to spend $440,000 on 10 crime cameras on bizarre (mostly downtown) locations, when a community-based program could protect up to 1500 households in gang-riddled neighbourhoods for the same money.

Tomorrow Kelly Dehn of CTV brings his weekly CrimeWatch feature; and we'll also be speaking with Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen as the legislative session ends.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lesley Hughes "in Monty Python territory as far as I can tell"

At a bizarre press conference held inside the campaign office rented by the same Liberal Party that had revoked its sanction of her candidacy for Parliament, Lesley Hughes announced this morning that despite having been "terribly wounded by the claims and charges made against me", she had "managed to rise above it" and would accept election by the voters of Kildonan-St Paul and sit as an Independant.

"I'm leaning to think (an independant) might be able to do a better job", as they are not subject to "party discipline or explaining party behavior", citing "a groundsweel of public support" for her to carry on if elected.

Technically, she cannot legally campaign under Elections Canada rules after her Liberal endorsement was pulled, but can participate "as an individual" in candidates forums if invited, and her name remains on the ballot. "We're in Monty Python territory as far as I can tell", she mused.

Hughes again refused to apologize for the "Get the Truth" (about 9-11) column of 2002 that sunk her campaign, claiming she had apologized "to anyone who has suffered as a result of what I write - and I include myself", but rejected being "required" to withdraw her column.

Hughes scrambled to distance herself from the anti-Semites in the 9-11 Truther movement she promotes, insisting that she personally rejects claims that Israel was part of a conspiracy to attack US targets as pretect to start a war.

But, she said it was her "duty to challenge in a responsible way" the official explanation for the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, and defended her column and framed the demise of her Liberal Party support as "a warning signal to any journalist".

Hughes told the media her column was really about the US war in Afghanistan, and the part about Israel was based on published reports in the London Telegraph, The Jerusalem Post and Fox News that "(Israeli spy agency) the Mossad had said they warned the CIA" in advance about the 9-11 plot.

The longtime CBC commentator and host pointedly noted that her column was not from 'a blog' as has been carelessly reported by many MSM outlets.

"It was a column I wrote for Transcontinental Media (print publications), not a blog."

"A blog," she pronounced, "is not accountable, but my column is."

"I traced the sources as far back as I could ... I believed the sources, but who has the time (to verify)? If you do you'll see how credible the reports were."

As in her letter to the Winnipeg Free Press published yesterday, Hughes once again avoided mentioning that her column repeated without question, the rumour that an Israeli company had broken their lease and evacuated the World Trade Centre based on the Mossad warning of an impending terrorist attack.

Canadian Jewish Congress CEO Bernie Farber described that conspiracy theory as "evoking a horrible dual canard that Israelis (Jews) are both somehow secretly conspiring to affect or control world events and that Israelis (Jews) are so callous that they left 3000 fellow human beings to be mercilessly slaughtered."

Liberal leader Stephane Dion refered the issue to the CJC and when Hughes did not apologize for supporting what Farber called a "modern-age twist on the age-old anti-Semitic calumnies", Dion concluded she was not a suitable candidate for his party.

In response to her ouster, Hughes stated:

"Some Jewish organizations are under so much sustained stress they're having trouble telling their friends from their enemies".

She added "I'm told I have a very strong case for slander and defamation."


And this news from Rick the Boss:

"Check out Kick-FM's new archive feature!

For a subscription of only $1.99/month you can access past KICK-FM shows from our Audio Archive. Download as much as you want from the available folders.

Subscription fees help fund programming at KICK and you'll be a much better person for helping us! You will be billed $1.99 Canadian funds each month.

Go to and look for the Audio Archive link on the right side of the page. "

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September guest and story review

The launch of Season 3 of TGCTS on 92.9 Kick-FM was highlighted with our unique analysis of stories that kept listeners tuning in and calling, such as:

- The refusal of NDP government ministers to grant interviews to "lesser media", and the delivery of a direct invitation to Premier Doer

- The Green Party rife with anti-Israel candidates

- Why didn't the Winnipeg media show video of their "meeting" with police Chief Keith McCaskill?

- The near-abandonment of covering the Provincial Legislature by undermanned newsrooms

- The pre-election spin of MSM trying to influence what the public should consider issues

- Phil Walding, Son of Pawley-government kaibosher Jim Walding, approached to run in Elmwood by-election to succeed Jim Maloway

- Rookie councillors given run-around by city bureaucrats

- NDP MLA says Cheez Whiz suitable replacement for fresh milk in north

- Winnipeg Free Press edited out comments by Mayor Katz about anti-Semitic attacks

- Transit, traffic and the failing Park and Ride system

- The ramping up of violent attacks on city streets

- The capture of fugitive Danny Wolfe, the history of the Indian Posse and the sympathetic coverage of CBC-TV

- CBC refusing to mention the race of aboriginal suspects sought by police

- The life and times of the late CFL legend, Ron Lancaster

- Winnipeg Free Press (and other media) attacking 'conflict of interest' at city hall without admitting their own conflict of interest, i.e. coverage of the Crocus Fund and Spirited Energy campaign

- Exclusive news about the proposed locations for police security cameras that would exclude neighborhoods most in need, and the mayor's vow to scrutinize the list

- The death of an emergency room patient in Health Sciences Centre after 34 hours in the waiting room, and the claims of Health Minister Theresa Oswald that she was being unfairly held accountable


The chronology of Lesley Hughes' ouster as a Liberal candidate, her links to anti-Semitic 9-11 conspiracy promoters, the infiltration of political parties by those marginal characters, and how most of the mainstream media - the National Post excepted - refused to credit the blogs that broke and advanced the story.

Special thanks to our guests in September:

Dr. Jon Gerrard, Leader, Manitoba Liberal party

Colin Craig, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Jon Lovlin, News Director, Global TV Winnipeg

Prof. Dave Levinski

David Richert,

Luc Lewandoski, Hacks and Wonks blog

Paul Turenne, Winnipeg Sun legislature reporter

Jon Waldman, Slam!Sports,

Brian Smiley, Manitoba Public Insurance

Jeff Browaty, City Councillor, North Kildonan

Samantha Loxton, Hillel/Jewish Students Association

Kim Davis, Manitoba Junior Hockey League commissioner

Randy McMullen, Diligence Works

Kelly Dehn,

Scott Taylor,

Suzanne Wiebe, Beginning Experiences

Donavan Robinson, Vantage Studios/Sex in the District event

Tahl East, Director, CDI College

The Pushing Daisies band

Mayor Sam Katz

and thanks to our crew -- Slurpee Girl, Spirited Kenny, Young Josh, WonderBoy Taylor, Dave Shorr, Shannah-Lee and Bootiful Broose of, Kick-FM news director Dangerous Dan V., and Frank the Italian Barber.