Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crimestat flaws predicted 5 years ago/ Faron Hall poster child for failed NDP holistic approach

TGCTS opens today by recounting our recent Twitter interaction with the likes of civics blogger Brian Kelcey, Taxpayers Federation director Colin Craig and PC Justice critic Kelvin Goertzen that proves the relevancy of our platform in the current local media scene.

Then 3 main segments are undertaken:

1) The attack on Christian values by the left, as analyzed by CBC's Rex Murphy for the National Post, was almost predictive of the plan of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to blame Christianity for the Holocaust, even while as Tom Brodbeck reports, the federal money tap to pay for it is being turned off

2) Revisiting previous stories -- The unexplained (by MSM) reasons why the NDP had to roll out a 511 emergency communications system - it's a 4 letter word; Bernie Bellan raises the issue of the responsibility of the WRHA and Health Dept. bureaucrats in the death of Simkin Centre resident Lilyan Peck; and the Free Press estimate of the enormous cost of the bribe paid (in the form of higher wages and pensions) at the back end of the wage freeze the NDP arranged with their union friends.

3) The amazing analysis of Bob Axford on March 12, 2007, that the proclamations of then police Chief Ewatski and Mayor Katz about how their version of Crimestat would emulate US successes was a con job on the public. Recent blog posts by Menno Zacharias and Rae Butcher seem to back up Axford's hypthesis.

Plus a rundown of recent near-killings and robberies involving teenagers, the jail time for a rampage last summer on downtown bike riders by a fledgling gangster, an excellent court report from James Turner about a 53 x arrested for intoxication downtown vagrant and what should be done about him, my comparison of that case to recently arrested and intoxicated 'homeless hero' Faron Hall, the biggest example of why the NDP has failed to protect not only the public, but the perp (from himself);

and last but not least, Justice Murray Sinclair jumped on the "one minute to midnight" bandwagon and the Free Press had to censor dozens of commenters that called his bluff for making excuses for the potential of aboriginal violence .

And a reminder to join our Facebook group at the Kings Head next Wednesday at 7 PM for a roundtable and announcements about the growth of our platform. GET INVOLVED - YOU HAVE THE POWER.

Here is the Wednesday Podcast:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Failures exposed: Paul Martin and WeDay, Chief McCaskill and Crime "Roadmap"

This week, the mainstream media:

- Ignored the obvious questions about political bias and self-serving agendas that infected the presentations to 16,000 schoolchildren at We Day. TGCTS culled Twitter and the parliamentary record to bring you the other side of the story beyond the hype, about the event itself and the sorry history of former Prime Minister Paul Martin who pretended to now be the champion of aboriginal needs.

- Ignored the failed administrative practices, deceptive promises and insufficient math of Chief McCaskills' promises to bring more control over problem tenants and more cops to bear on crime in Downtown. TGCTS recaps the extensive analysis of The Black Rod that revealed how McCaskills' artsy layout cannot mask his failure to utilize Crimestat properly or to deliver meaningful change.

- Ignored the travesty of the Diamond Lane ticket trap on southbound McPhillips at Inkster, even with news cameras filming bewildered motorists getting tagged when the buses-only priority is not in effect. City Hall directed a cop to answer our listener Outlaw Adam Knight, who took the issue to Mayor Sam Katz and is keeping our audience in the loop.

- Ignored the disconnect between the Court of Queen's Bench on what would be acceptable conduct to "reasonable members" of the public and what a normal person would think actually went on, when the Labradoodle trial was compromised by a provincial Court judge's actions and a motion for his dismissal was rejected. We were there.

Plus: updates on the disruption of the Downtown Biz safety forum, the PC leadership race-to-be, the latest violent incident near the Air Canada building on Portage, and an arrest in the shooting of a 14 year old boy in the face last month - and a translation of the McCaskill-approved press release into plain English.

And no less than 8 shout-outs start off the show - along with the announcement of Marty Gold doing play by play for a cable TV sports special.

Here is the link to the Friday Podcast:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fifth Anniversary Episode: Chief McCaskill's colouring, em, crime reduction plan-to-make-a-plan booklet reviewed

Today's podcast marks the 5th year of The Great Canadian Talk Show serving the community as the voice of the alternative media. The support of so many people, from all political stripes and opinions, and from the mainstream media, bloggers, world of business and academia, and supporters of free speech, is gratefully acknowledged.

My latest column in the Jewish Post and News provides some historical background on the training to engage in this form of broadcasting that I received under the mentorship of the late Yoram Hamizrachi East.

Shout-outs off the top of the show include the instructors and students at two institutions I had the pleasure of speaking to this week: the radio class at Academy of Broadcasting under John Copsey; and the Writing Partnerships Practicum course in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications department at the University of Winnipeg, at the invitation of Associate Professor Jennifer Clary-Lemon. Her class blogs at .

Our focus on this episode is the colouring book-like booklet distributed to the media on short notice last Friday by Winnipeg police chief Keith McCaskill, long on fluff and filler like:

“The fact that you’re planning is more important than the plan."

As I said to the classes I spoke to, if a Grade 10 student tried to regurgitate self-serving quotes and artsy pictures in a class project like McCaskill did, they would be awarded an F.

Forced by statistical fact of an increase in violent crime to croon a Petula Clark hit to explain where he intends to target resources - hello Stefano Grande - McCaskill adopted what could be a new phone number representing the lowball targets he has for a crime-reduction strategy - 9-3-3 - for approval at city hall "where normally supportive politicians damned the long-awaited plan with faint praise."

The Free Press also reported on how the presentation did not address breaking the backs of gangs "that seem to invade every safe space" by going after "the kingpins"; nor did the material explain how the Chief wants to work with the MLCC to address alcohol-fueled violence after working WITH the Liquor czars to pursuade the NDP to expand the hours socials held in neighborhood halls can sell booze.

Rounding out the show is a recap of two accounts from the blogosphere of last week's Downtown Biz safety forum being hijacked by anti-cop, anti- Biz anarchists:

(NB - it has come to my attention that one of those stories is being disputed, which I will raise when taping the next installment.)

And of course given the circumstances, a special reflection on our time at Kick-FM and growing the audience, the dishonest conduct of Red River College censors under Stephanie Forsyth towards community radio and free speech - lying about Sam Katz and Vic Toews for instance - and what our listeners are saying about the show and the direction this city has taken in the past year with no one on radio holding the oligarchy to account in our stead, are part of the commentary. Here it is:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Exclusive: Velomobile introduced in Manitoba; plus city "leaders" cower from public consultation on bus fares

(Thanks for alerting us, the audio link has been fixed) On Remembrance Day, I was out with one of our close friends and sponsors, TJ Bratt of Double D Snow Removal (call 805-3555, he'd want me to remind you). As we drove down a quiet street in St. Boniface, what looked like a white rocket crossed the road about a block ahead of us. Naturally, as intrepid reporters and curious Georges, we set off in pursuit.

What we found was the debut of a unique form of transportation to Winnipeg and a most affable driver.

In this special podcast, you'll meet the owner of the first Velomobile on our streets, who has taken his love of cycling to a whole new level. Josh, (not to be confused with our longtime associate Young Josh, now of APTN) is a longtime resident of Southeast Winnipeg and although a believer in active transportation, has never been aligned with the militant bike lobby.

Rather, he went about his hobby quietly and decided to invest his hard-earned savings from his job as a shipper/receiver in the most unique, cool, self-propelled vehicle imaginable, the Sunrider model manufactured in the Netherlands.

Josh describes his personal background, the reasons why he decided to buy it, the physical demands of this style of cycling, and his hopes to add sponsorships to the fibreglass hull and perhaps make guest appearances at local events and for worthy causes to help him defray the costs. He sat in for the entire show and it was a pleasure to be able to host him in the studio.

Also on today's show - Josh helps list who was hitting up our blog (thank you potty-mouth Pat Martin!) and the shout-outs to our newest followers on Twitter - including Manitoba's Top Employers, social media ace Erica Glasier, and Destiny Watt of city hall.

And speaking of city hall...

You will hear our analysis of how councillors betrayed the working class, seniors and the poor when "leadership" at city council was re-defined as ditching all public consultation to hike bus fares by 400% more than was originally asked for, thanks to the allegedly spontaneous brainstorm of Deputy Mayor Justin Swandel to fund rapid transit ... sort of.
The way the vote passed, and who supported it, exposes the deep divide between the marginalized inner city and the arrogant oligarchy at 510 Main that resorted, without shame or guilt or conscience, to procedural trickery to avoid public debate. It was like they sneered "ya, what Pat Martin said" to Winnipeg voters, and ignored their promises to make sure the people had a say after the disaster of bike lanes in 2010.

Which members deserve a pat on the back for refusing to go along with anti-democratic tactics? Do we need recall legislation to ensure elected officials do not abuse the public trust or pocketbooks again ? What was said and by whom, in the Twitterverse and on blogs? Listen and get informed.

Also reviewed (speaking of Remembrance Day) is Free Press columnist Dan Lett admitting in a blog post to his surprise (and a few other things) that a U of M student didn't swallow his attacking Mayor Sam Katz again and told him off; and the fierce debate among our Facebook group about who (beside the convicted boy) should be held responsible for the murder of a 14 year old girl stabbed through the mouth while she was passed out drunk. And it ain't Gary Filmon.

Here is the link to the Friday podcast:

Go Bombers !

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Crime Special: Chief McCaskill's priorities dangerously out of touch

The numbers tell the tale of a city where thanks to the 12 years of the NDP's "holistic approach" and a clueless police chief, criminals have no fear of cops and think they have a human right to commit crimes.

5 - the number of homicide cases in 2011 with no arrests and seemingly, no leads.

14, 15, 17, 17 - the ages of accused gun, knife and bear-spray wielding suspects this past week.

12,13,13,14,14,14,15,16,16,16,16,42 - the ages of their (known) victims. Think about how many teens across the city were terrorized, and the effect on their families and friends.

#33 - the Exchange District drive-by shooting where police are begging for tips.

# 35 - the most recent homicide count, the latest victim is now being canonized as a troubled homeless man found fatally injured in a blazing abandoned apartment block, barely 5 weeks after he himself almost killed an innocent man by bashing his face with a rock.

5 - the number of incidents referenced above that occurred in downtown Winnipeg in the past 7 days, (6 in two weeks if we include killing #33)

With murders, stabbings, shootings, macings, arsons, and break-ins ( including a bloggers' home) are rampant in Winnipeg, and while other cities try to find genuine solutions, in the Tuesday podcast we itemize the unacceptable priorities of our Chief of Police, Keith McCaskill:

- don't answer the non-emergency line;

- launch an encrypted dispatch system to conceal the number of violent emergency calls from reporters and the public, a technology that so endangered cops on the beat it had to be pulled;

- announce a volunteer-staffed fake initiative to compile complaints about "community issues" like poor street lighting that already never get fixed (why have citizens call 311 directly when now police trained volunteers can do it instead ?) ;

- assign cops to enforce diamond lanes on Saturday mornings in the north end - are the buses being delayed on McPhillips ?? - rather than having them investigate real crimes;

- pressure city council to ban snowmobiles, ignoring how maybe, maybe one day in a blizzard (ie 1966, 1986, 1997) the cops will actually need citizens to rally the troops and get doctors and nurses to hospitals;


"The problem is not a lack of policies or examples or approaches. It’s the absolutely shocking failure on the part of Winnipeg’s entire leadership class to act on any of these examples.
" Brian Kelcey

Listen to the Tuesday podcast:

Twitter: @TGCTS

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winnipeg blogosphere backlash against Free Press hypocrisy

Today, Graham Hnatiuk blogged about a war of words started over on the Free Press website, after columnist Dan Lett didn't take kindly to being called out for ignoring allegations of election irregularities in the vote that resulted in Kevin Chief winning the Point Douglas seat at the legislature.

Hnatiuk raised serious issues about the derisive attitude of the Winnipeg Free Press towards citizen journalists, at the same time as they have joined forces with Red River College to administer a $400,000 program via the Winnipeg Foundation to "train" them.

I want to make clear that in no way do I think, or have I ever thought, that Dan Lett had anything to do with the "keep this confidential" backroom gang - style 'hit' of my reputation and my community radio program by pro-censorship elitists aligned with "people whose opinions we care about".

However, the following email from a listener about today's blog post demonstrates that even one year later, the actions of Free Press and Red River College officials and of their corporate radio "partners" masquerading as community representatives on the radio station board of directors, continues to cause deep mistrust in this community towards the MSM and Red River College - and has backfired on FP editor Margo Goodhand, her bossman Bob Cox, and RRC president Stephanie Forsyth.

Hi Graham and Marty,

Graham, your post today was very well written and highlights the arrogance and hypocrisy of some MSM members.

Folks like Mr. Lett are not used to being challenged and as a result instead of engaging the public, resort to ad hominum attacks.

Whether teddybaxter is right on his/her facts or not - he/she is actually a customer of Lett.

All Lett had to do was place his evidence forward and invite teddybaxter to do the same - while keeping his professionalism.

Instead the public is treated to "Behold the wonder of citizen journalism" and accusations of being "birthers" and 911 conspiracy folks.

This is an insult to every single "citizen journalist" and every single person who reads/listens to them (like me).
The MSM is losing the trust of the people that they supposedly serve. As a result those folks are increasingly looking for alternatives.

This scares the MSM because they are losing that exalted space that used to be theirs.

When backed into a corner they lash out.

I'm glad that you reiterated the cancellation of TGCTS. This has dire consequences for all community radio in this city.

If commercial/"elite" interests can get away with it at KICK, you can bet your ass they'll try it again somewhere else. What happened to TGCTS should not be forgotten. These jokers might not like something on your own radio program and all of a sudden there's no room at the inn at UMFM.

This past year has been one hell of an education for myself (and it's not over yet).

"Citizen Journalism" and the "Alternative Media" have never been needed more.

All the best as you continue your work


(Next podcast is a Tuesday special about Crime in Winnipeg
. )

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Live at King's Head - City Hall, the Bike Lobby and 'Rapid' Transit; reel-to-reel & 80's Winnipeg VHS tapes wanted; special guests

Thanks to the wonders of our Facebook group, a live edition of TGCTS broke out at the King's Head on Wednesday night and was it fun (if perhaps recorded at a too-quiet setting, live and learn ) !

Notwithstanding the absence of a wireless signal, a fast-paced and wide-ranging discussion ensued with shout-outs to all sorts of Twitterists, guest commentators including Graham Hnatiuk of Progressive Winnipeg, and a rave review of Dr Pepper Barbeque sauce is but a fraction of the fun.

Oh, and the answer to the question from our last Podcast - how many callers did I hang up on at Kick-FM?

Lots of opinions, information, naming names galore (Rosemary Vodrey??), and discussion about Winnipeg past and present, and especially plugging Jim Jaworski's work to preserve historic video of this city
( if you have any to contribute), at


PS - If you would like to book a live edition of The Great Canadian Talk Show to generate discussion with your group or organization, as a fundraiser, or for your own entertainment, we'd be happy to oblige.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Osborne House CEO Barb Judt speaks out: Domestic violence and the underfunded women's shelter

One year ago today, Osborne House was denied the launch of a $10,000 fundraising campaign on Kick-FM.

The Tuesday podcast returns to the issues surrounding domestic violence in our society that CEO Barb Judt was going to raise a year ago on campus radio - until RRC made the choice to stifle free speech and protect the fiefdoms of their "media partners" by canceling The Great Canadian Talk Show without notice that day, rather than have the story of Manitoba's largest shelter heard and help protect vulnerable women and children.

When she tried to address College officials involved with the Kick-FM board about their arbitrary actions, she was misled, outright lied to, and ignored. The President of Red River College Stephanie Forsyth and her obedient staff of censors "demonstrated insensitivity to Osborne House", says Barb, and they failed to recognize that their own students are among the most common demographic of victims. She appears on TGCTS today to set the record straight as part of Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Listen to Barb explain:

- how dysfunctional childhood backgrounds create volcanic environments for adults
- that new technology is enabling more pervasive stalking techniques
- the spiraling demand for protective services from new immigrants, who are shunned for refusing to be imprisoned in their homes and beaten
- why business owners and managers have a vested interest in raising awareness and funding shelter services to help their employees deal with domestic violence
- how the NDP government has finally moved on the funding crisis
- why mainstream media shies away from reporting about the issues Barb and her staff deal with every day

The details touched on in this interview about the role OH(@OsborneHouseWPG)
serves with children and new Canadians are of utmost importance. This is a podcast that listeners should email to everyone they know, and to elected officials they may not know but who control the public pursestrings.

Also today, Los Angeles homelessness activist/documentarian Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) - whose speech at CDI College this summer was attended by ZERO MSM reporters, ZERO CEO's and ZERO Downtown Biz representatives - made an observation this weekend about the true test of people who claim they want to help find solutions.

Listeners may also want to send his remark to everyone they know and to elected officials they don't know, it's that good. Some local phony-baloney "leaders" would surely pale at the thought of living up to Horvath's standard.

The shout-outs today include a blogger, musicians, an online radio industry hub, a newspaper rep, and a journalism instructor. Plus news in progress about a planned gathering of our Facebook group members on Wednesday evening.



Monday, November 7, 2011

Feedback on Occupy Winnipeg, Downtown Biz and safety, poverty, Crocus; plus FLM nominations open

In lieu of a Podcast today, we are going to take some extra time to prepare a special Tuesday episode marking the one year anniversary of the betrayal of radio listeners (and their own Cre-Comm students) by the anti-citizen journalism, anti-free speech bosses at Red River College.

One of the reasons the media oligarchy, as Scott Price of CKUW describes it, had to find a way to silence the community platform offered to TGCTS by CKIC station manager Rick Baverstock, was our mandate to circulate other sources of opinion and information and to reflect the comments by listeners and readers in our community about the issues and how they are reported on by the mainstream media.

Can you imagine if last November, heading into a provincial election, the public had learned on drive-time campus radio that the largest shelter in Manitoba was rife with mould and needed $1/2 million in repairs, while the Selinger priority was to devote over $30 million to polar bear projects and $40 million for a museum about "human rights" ?

Which media outlet do you think would have asked Greg Selinger why his government underfunded Osborne House and endangered its clients health? Because TGCTS would have.

Then again, we derived not a dime from his government.

The execution of TGCTS on radio wasn't about silencing us in the studio - it was about silencing ALL of you who were being given a voice at a time of day when people would actually be able to listen to their radio, and would want to participate in a professional format that engaged the audience to take action and challenge elected officials for funding the pet projects of millionaires to the hilt while they ignored the daily needs of vulnerable human beings in our community.

We are sure the brown tower bullies at RRC and their loyal "partners" in mainstream radio will want to listen tomorrow to the story told by Barb Judt of Osborne House about domestic violence in this community and the demand for the services her agency provides.

After all, it is the story that they themselves silenced one year ago at Kick-FM because they cared more about their corporate agendas then they did about homeless women and children in Winnipeg and the precarious financial situation of the shelter.

In the meantime, here is a sampling of recent public affairs coverage in the alternative media and feedback we get via email and social media from believers in You Have the Power.

Firstly a message posted on our Facebook group from Kristaps:

"Whether you are for, against, curious, or have no idea about the Occupied movement in this city, please come down and talk to us! We are a diverse group of people of various races, religions, educations, careers and views on the the movement. You are always welcome to come sit around the fire and share your opinions, and hear ours. If any of you have been thinking of joining the movement do not procrastinate. Yes the weather is getting cold, but we are preparing for the winter. I am a full time student at U of W, and I hold down a part-time job while still camping out every night. We have food, extra sleeping bags and a communal tent in case you do not have access to any of the materials to get started. Please come and talk!"

To which a listener responded:

"Thursday's podcast was good. Kenny and yourself have good chemistry and you're at your best with someone acting as a foil.

I was really impressed with the way you have treated those on the facebook group supporting "Occupy Winnipeg". It shows your commitment to community engagement

Personally I have no issues with the occupiers as long as they clean up after themselves and leave the park as they found it. At least they are engaging each other and if they are sincere are willing to openly engage anyone who wants to hike down there.

Perhaps members of our government and city council should go and talk around the firepit as well. They may get more accomplished."

And we heard more from our Facebook group after we spread word that an Exchange District business, Ragpickers Anti-Fashion Emporium, was re-structuring for the future:

Kristen wrote:

"CBC french radio was by today, with their film cameras - and the shop was filled with French speaking Victorian Dressed frolickers, from other continents, on their way to party! We live in our own time zone here...its multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, and filled with uni-bio-philia!!"


An earlier public event, well and deservedly panned by the alternative media, was the CEO Sleepover PR stunt at 201 Portage by the Downtown Biz.

For those who think we were alone in hammering the hypocrites, check out these two pieces from the College press:

And this blogger had some valid observations:

"A quick Google search on the subject reveals that most of the conversation regarding the CEO Sleepout is of the chest-beating, back-slapping, self-congratulatory variety. Participants in the Human Library have been far more self-critical"

and there was also this view:

"As I think about that event now, it’s kind of corny: rich and powerful people pose as those in solidarity with those most desperate among us."


A lot of the recent criticisms about the Downtown Biz stem from the unrealistic statements on downtown safety coming from their office and public officials after the Air Canada memo was made public.

My column in the Jewish Post about the controversy

garnered the following response:

"I finally just had the chance to read the Jewish post article about downtown and it was fabulous man. Well done. Its completely unbelievable how air Canada is getting blasted and no one is actually talking about the real problem. J"

Plus this view from an eyewitness:

" In my last job, I used to be at work for about 5:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday. I would drive down Ellice and make a right at Garry Street. The first left you can make before Portage Avenue takes you down a small back lane. On Garry and down that back lane was a regular occurring show of sex (orgies included), drug deals and then the individuals who thought they had privacy masturbating in public. If you drove down there and startled one of them, you ran the chance of having someone urinate, throw feces or blow their load onto your vehicle.

I used to park in the underground lot at the TD Center. Because it was heated, individuals used to sneak in on occasion and have sex. There’s nothing like stumbling upon that at the end of the day!"

and we also got the following email from a former resident:

"Good article on the downtown. This is what happens when political correctness takes over."

EDIT: and finally, this quote from a documentarian and activist from Los Angeles; his speech this past summer at CDI College was not deemed worthy of attendance by Winnipeg's CEO's for lack of a ribbon to cut or other similar PR trade-off, I presume.

"every person working in homeless services should spend at least 4 hours (1/2 day) each month on the "front lines". They need to "feel" the real pain of homelessness to better understand people and find solutions to help"

Mark Horvath


Inasmuch as poverty is a frequent issue raised in matters of homelessness and downtown crime, this blog analysis by Brian Gilchrist about how food banks are seeing more 'working poor'

led to this FB comment:

"I agree with two of his points...

Minimum Wage is part of the problem... Minimum wage went up 5.26% in October, which is over 2% mora than inflation. Minimum wage goes up, businesses that higher unskilled/minimum wage labour, such as those working at grocery stores, have to raise their prices to compensate above and beyond the usual 3% inflation.

Since we are on a variable rate taxation system, and that won't change for the forseeable future, I think the best thing they can do is make the personal tax exemption limit 25% less than minimum wage at full time, which would currently be $15,600, which means low income earners pay tax on just $5,200 per year. Now, I can predict now the socialists in the group will say, WAIT!!! They shouldn't pay tax at all! If they make minimum wage then they should keep all their money.

But, if that was the case, the take-home income for someone earning $30,000 per year would be $21,050, after tax, which is only $250 more than someone on minimum wage who got to keep everything. So everyone, even the lowest earners need to contribute to taxes to keep things fair."


One of the news stories we kept the spotlight on for years was the Crocus Fund rip-off. The wrist-slap deal made between the Securities Commission and 8 of the Directors - that ONLY TGCTS looked into the details of - fed public cynicism about what justice means under the NDP:

"The sad thing is the people who are responsible won't get punished."


Lastly, you may want to occupy a few minutes of your time by taking part in the following process that recognizes true leaders in our community:

"Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,

As many of you are aware over the past number of years I have been involved in the Future Leaders of Manitoba Council (FLMC). On Thursday, January 26th, 2012, the FLMC will be hosting the Fourth Annual Awards Gala, which honours young Manitoban’s aged 25-39 for their amazing achievements in the areas of Business, Community Service, and The Arts. We are always looking for new talent, and cannot wait to honour Manitoba’s finest once again this year.

If you know someone exceptional, please visit the FLMC website at for more information on how to nominate. Each finalist and their nominators will be given 2 tickets to the event, to come and celebrate Manitoba.

Nominations are due on Saturday, December 10th, 2011. All nominators will be entered into a draw to receive 2 tickets to the Winnipeg Jets vs. Anaheim Ducks December 17th hockey game courtesy of FLMC Media sponsor, HOT 103.

Thank you in advance for taking some time out of your day, to honour your friends, family and colleagues by nominating them for one of the exciting and prestigious Future Leaders of Manitoba Awards.

If you have any questions about nominations please feel free to reach me by email at"



Follow us on Twitter @TGCTS

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spirited Kenny chimes in on crime, gangs, CFS, and MSM

Spirited Kenny finally rejoins the TGCTS microphone today!

He contributes a horde of opinions about crime, cops, courts, homicides #33 and 34, gangs, the CFS system, Gordo, his alma mater Red River College, and of course Gary Doer, who, as he points out, at least had charm -- unlike his successor Greg "where's my glass of milk?" Selinger. And city plans for garbage and transit hikes gets a schmeissing as well.

We also discuss upcoming improvements to the TGCTS platforms. It was good to have Kenny in the co-pilot seat again !

Here is the link to the Thursday Podcast:

Among our shout outs today are to new Twitter followers:
@larrystefaniuk and @WHY_music,
and to a couple of participants in the Occupy Winnipeg movement who wanted to get messages across to the community.

First this from Kristap to our Facebook group:

Whether you are for, against, curious, or have no idea about the Occupied movement in this city, please come down and talk to us! We are a diverse group of people of various races, religions, educations, careers and views on the the movement. You are always welcome to come sit around the fire and share your opinions, and hear ours. If any of you have been thinking of joining the movement do not procrastinate. Yes the weather is getting cold, but we are preparing for the winter. I am a full time student at U of W, and I hold down a part-time job while still camping out every night. We have food, extra sleeping bags and a communal tent in case you do not have access to any of the materials to get started. Please come and talk!

And our friend Kristen Andrews wanted us to pass along the following information about a meeting on November 15th to transform Exchange District mainstay Ragpickers Anti-Fashion Emporium into a co-op retailer.

( Next Podcast will be on Monday but we expect to drop something fresh to read on the blog over the weekend.)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday podcast: Ethnic gangs focus of both weekend homicides; Gordo wants bureaucrats not crime fighters

On the Tuesday podcast, we find there was nothing innocent about either of the weekend homicides.

Victim #33 was linked to a "Vietnamese" drug crew, but no media outlet seems to have looked for the details of their failed foray into the US crime market. We did:

Victim #34 was not alone when he was shot, with a 17 year old also getting blasted in the face (remember what we said about "reported" shootings this weekend?), rushed to hospital while his African Mafia pal was left for dead on the Lincoln Hotel pavement.

Media reporting about this shooting was less than optimal, with CBC continuing not to identify racial ID's - (the suspect in the SUV was black in appearance and, as police spinners put it "STALKY"), while Sun TV's Krista Erickson and Nicole Dube both unaware the gang, a Mad Cowz spin off, has been terrorizing Winnipeggers since 2005.

Let alone anyone in MSM asking, what was a 17 year old doing out at 4.40 AM getting shot and did he have a social worker ?

Meanwhile, Gordo outdoes himself by using an unrelated Sunday afternoon mugging of a 17 year old girl by 2 chicks on Watt St. in EK for her IPod, to backstop egghead Rick Linden's fund-more-bureaucrats agenda in Monday's Free Press. The ink-stained wretch and Professor Immobilizer want to heap more dough at "root causes" - like that's gonna stop gangbangers from jacking other teens for their stuff.

Listen in to hear how quality journalism like Gordo's has been greeted by readers ... that's the sound of thousands of people not buying the newspaper anymore according to the official audit.

There was also some confusing contradictions between CBC and the police statement, but apparently there were 2 bear spray-induced robberies of pedestrians by a group of thugs around Osborne St in the Village. The root cause being simply - THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT, GORDO.

Today is also time for a round-up of:
* Ambassador Gary Doer's visit to the home of NDP-pleasing censorship, Red River College's Creative Communications crew;
* the disgraceful attitude of Health Minister Theresa Oswald in Question Period - who cares about 361 cancelled surgeries in 5 months when Gary Filmon can be blamed?; * Kevin Chief being turned into a prop so Erin Selby can act all Ministerial instead of doing what he was elected to do, stick up for the people of Point Douglas and ask real questions in the House.

Lastly, the issues of Occupy Winnipeg seems to befuddle Mayor Katz, who wonders what these people occupying Memorial Park are about.

Well, the best reason to Occupy anything in the city, was seen at Ozzy's last Friday night.


PS: Two other links of interest, a weekly round-up of local stories at and the 18 year old son of a former NFL quarterback drinks himself to death