Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Sun column: The idiotics of the city clearing snow off Assiniboine bike lane

Our second column has been published in the Thursday Winnipeg Sun, about the Active Transportation/Public Works "planning" for Assiniboine Avenue:

Our thanks to those who voiced their appreciation for our first Sun column, and once again to our new readers, welcome! Use the search function on this blog (top left of page) or refer to the tags on the right, to see our archive of previous issues we have covered on TGCTS. You are always email you comments and story tips to

Putting the final touches on a special blog post :

We've learned that those involved with the Assiniboine bike lane were sending a "message" to Red River College officials, while our radio program broke story after story about the one-sided "consultation" process and defended the South Broadway neighborhood from exactly what our column in the Sun describes has now happened- waste of tax dollars, disruption of normal business and services, and downtown gridlock on Broadway. Details upcoming....


Blogs to read:

** Stadium financing scam --

Menno Zacharias: "...the total cost to Winnipeg tax payers is in the range of 87 million dollars. That ups the City’s percentage contribution to the project from 6% to 46%."

Cherenkov: "So ultimately this isn't Bomber debt -- it's provincial debt. It is community debt. It is taxpayer debt. All of this stuff about paying off the stadium though increased revenues and TIFs and whatever is all just slight of hand."

** The Evan "taken for a drive and dumped out of town by police maybe I think coulda been possibly perhaps" Maud investigation:

Menno again: " When I read the media accounts of this incident, the assertion by Maud that police took away his jacket and substituted a sweater was one such statement. It just did not make any sense and suggested an alternative explanation that accounted for the complaint’s jacket perhaps being missing."

( Don't you think the professionals in mainstream media should have noticed when looking over their competitors' stories that this Maud fellow told 3 different versions of his tale - was he tossed into the car or asked to hop in? where was he asked to walk a straight line? was he walking down the street or waiting for a bus?)

Suburban NIMBY's opposed to high rises :

Graham Hnatiuk: " I usually view these kinds of infill projects as a loss to downtown. Remember that light bulb that turned on in my head? It flickered again: when residents make an appeal against high rises in their neihbourhood (sic)? THEYRE ON MY SIDE! They're saying "these don't belong here. Build them somewhere else. Leave my suburb alone."

Somewhere Where tall buildings "belong?"


The following are video links to my eulogy of the late Col. Yoram Hamizrachi, who inspired our work for the community and to hold those in power accountable --

I begin speaking (after an introduction by Cantor Len Udow) at the 5.45 minute mark:

Continued in Part 2: