Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New link added to TGCTS Live reviews/ podcast coming

Our deepest thanks to the friends and fans who attended our first live studio show. The Norwood CC is a great venue and they were totally helpful. Special thank you's to event organizer Bob Axford, our sound tech Shane 'DJ Monkey', Kim the Traffic Reporter, Peanut Gallery, and Caed from Academy of Broadcasting.

Spirited Kenny is hard at work prepping the podcast, which will be posted on this website.

TGCTS on 92.9 Kick-FM showcased the rise of the alternative media in the city. Half a dozen bloggers were in attendance last night. They, and the rest of the audience took great interest in the sequence of events that resulted in the cancellation of TGCTS with 35 minutes notice.

It started with a Free Press reporter running crying to her editor about our coverage of her non-reporting of complaints against NDP Mynarski ward candidate Ross Eadie. He admitted at a public meeting she was covering, to receiving campaign funding from the New Democratic Party, which would be against the law.

In the hands of Free Press management, her tears turned into false allegations against TGCTS that "the incident did not occur".

Despite the fact yet another FP reporter had corresponded with a witness to the incident about Eadie's remarks, and formal complaints against Eadie were filed with city electoral officer Marc Lemoine, the Free Press has never once reported on this.

Instead, they smeared the work and reporting of TGCTS to Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth, who never spoke to anyone about whether the allegations were true or not. On October 22nd she had her staff start to ask about "Marty Goldman" and Kick-FM, which RRC funds and carries the capital debt for.

With no regard for the 4 year long contracted relationship between TGCTS, Kick-FM and RRC's Cre-Comm department ( or for the truth), Forsyth relied on the false allegations from the Winnipeg Free Press as the basis for a "suggestion" to her appointees to the Kick-FM board to cancel the show -- based on her belief that mainstream media should be not named and held accountable when they fail to do their job properly.

After the Podcast we will have more on this blog about Stephanie Forsyth, the "core mandate" of Kick-FM, and her position on Freedom of Speech at a radio station training her own RRC journalism and radio students.

This post will be updated with links as more reviews become available.

Young Josh:

Here is Graham Hnatiuk's take:

NEW!! Cherenkov chimes in:

You might wonder: did Ross Eadie really say that he was receiving support from the NDP? Well, that's what some people heard, and there are complaints to that effect currently sitting with the city elections official. There were also a couple of witnesses from the New Winnipeg forum, at least one of whom I have met personally so I know they are a real person.

More live events are being planned for 2011. We expect to have a number of Freedom of Information files from organizations such as The Winnipeg Parking Authority, The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, and Red River College, to bring forward to the public at those shows.