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November 20-24th: Inaugural week in review

Our return to the Winnipeg airwaves on 92.9 Kick-FM started out with a huge show and kept the momentum strong all week long.

Monday: Kelly Dehn, CTV crime reporter was our first guest. He spoke about the first story he and Marty worked on together cracking leads in the Talwin and Ritalin injection epidemic in 1987, and then touched on current crime issues and his fancy new haircut.

After taking our first two callers, Brian Smiley of Manitoba Public Insurance went over the details of the refund of premiums ordered just hours before by the Public Utilities Board, and assured listeners that the cheques would be out in April. The former sportswriter also agreed to appear in-studio to debate the issue of whether former Montreal Canadien's toughie and Winnipeg Jets GM John Ferguson deserves to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

To our surprise City Film officer Kenny Boyce, an old friend, called in to offer congratulations and promised to come in for an interview in December and ca…