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Richard Balasko leaves Elections Manitoba - tune in to TGCTS Monday for analysis / Nov.- Dec. guest list

Thanks to all of our listeners and the followers of this blog, for making 2009 so rewarding for everyone at The Great Canadian Talk Show.

We kicked off 2009 by breaking the real story behind the actions of News Years Eve partiers rescuing a mother and her infant from a drunken carjacker on Horace Avenue, and that momentum carried on through :

- the amazing "meth caller" after a druggie suicide in a cop chase,
- our coverage of the lies by Health Minister Theresa Oswald and WRHA officials about the preventable Emergency Room death of Brian Sinclair,
- our exclusive interview with MP turned MLA Bill Blaikie,
- "breaking news story of the year" about the cover-up of the hospital negligence that contributed to the 2004 death of Gail Glesby at Health Sciences Centre,
- the whistleblower-driven expose of the 1999 NDP Election Finance scam,
- The Parking Authority and Transit's Diamond Lane policies running roughshod over Winnipeg drivers, businesses and neighbourhoo…

VJ's John and Frank the Italian Barber to meet live at 4 PM - plus story of the year/replay sched and more!

This week we are limiting our live broadcasts to Monday and Tuesday in order to enjoy some much-needed time off. But we will be ending the year with some very entertaining and informative shows, as well as excellent Best-of replays to fill out your New Years' listening.

Today, along with the usual post-Sunday quarterbacking of the NFL scores - hello, Jets fans! - by Brad Harrison on the phone and Frank the Italian Barber in the studio, we will be joined by the man behind the busiest burger counter in the city, John K from VJ's.

He's taking an afternoon from the annual winter shutdown/vacation of his Main St and Broadway shoppe to participate in TGCTS and bring greetings to the many carnivores who are already suffering withdrawals from the fries and grilled meats that VJ's is famous for. Maybe Frank can give him a little trim...

Also on Monday we will be declaring Story of the Year of Year 3 (ending Nov. 20 2009), and once again recognition will be in 2 categories: news a…

Memo to Margo Goodhand: Gordo has exposed the great divide between you and your readers

Dear Margo:

First of all, thanks for correcting the misinformation in last Tuesday's Editor's Bulletin, even if it took my unacknowledged email to get you to admit, 2 days late, that it was wrong of you to assert to your subscribers that the Manitoba Conservatives had proposed a plastic bag ban.

If only the woes of your newspaper were limited to such trivial details.

For it is also wrong for you to publish a column entitled "A question of transparency and trust for charity" on Saturday, and expect to get away with it.

This is not my message; it is the message clearly stated in the online comments from your own readers about Gordon Sinclair's innuendo-laden lecture, based on the departure of John Mohan from the helm of Siloam Mission.

December 12, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Journalism sure has changed over the years.

Reporters knew then what was on or off limits, and based on this article, you forgot that. The paper falls down another peg. What a classless thing to do.

You could le…

Coming up: Katz tomorrow, Climategate series, and we clear the email bag -- lots about us, parking, traffic, and the NDP

Time to clear out the email bag--- but first a reminder about our upcoming guests and stories:

Monday- Coun. Jeff Browaty and a Grey Cup reviw with Blue Bomber punter Troy Westwood

Tuesday: Mayor Sam Katz from 4-5 PM

Wed- Friday: Special Series-- everything the mainstream media doesn't want you to know about Climategate

Wed Dec. 9th - Bart Jose of
Friday Dec. 11 - Coun. Harvey Smith
(later in December-- Ace Burpee of HOT103, lawyer Jack King, and a special guest for the holidays!)

A big thank you to everyone who participated in and contributed to The Kerry Brown Tribute show on November 10th. Here is an email we got from his mother in response to the story by SLAM!Sports writer Richard Kamchen:

Hi Richard,

I just finished reading your writeup on the tribute, I am blessed with everything you had to say, I will keep this email with me till I am gone. I have regrets now that I did'nt see any of Kerry's matches live as I was totally impressed with the w…

Vote for best story of Year 3! and Manifesto Monday tomorrow

Young Josh has reviewed the list and has determined the following 10 nominees for Story of the Year.

You can register your vote at
and one lucky voter who picks the winning entry will get a special prize package courtesy of TGCTS and 92.9 Kick-FM!

The nominees are:

1) Porkgate - the Winnipeg Free Press never once covered the story of how taxpayer-funded food for the poor, mysteriously arrived at the picket line around their building, and was later the cause of public health warnings due to the fact it had already thawed and was reportedly re-frozen.

2) The real story of the New Years Eve "Vigilante"/hate-crime" beating of a carjacker on Horace Street by concerned citizens defending the occupants of the warming vehicle, a mother and her baby.

3) The Meth Caller- a friend of meth addict Daniel Van Den Bosche explained her view of his shooting himself when cornered by cops, only hours after a raid uncovered illegal guns to which he was believed linked. She told of …

Exclusive: Free Press facing Press Council complaint over misleading photo

The Manitoba Press Council has been asked to investigate a complaint by a man who was scorned by the Winnipeg Free Press after asking the newspaper to address the distorted use of a photo of him.

Used in conjunction with a story of public disorder at a "Zombie" walk, and clearly identifiable in the picture while posing on the hood of his brother's car for a stunt photo, readers were left with the impression police had been called on the man while he participated in the march.

The Press Council is a virtually invisible media watchdog, and lists only 4 complaints lodged against Manitoba papers in the past 4 years. Three, including one against the Free Press, were dismissed. The Free Press is listed as one of 51 members.

The MPC website describes its work this way:

As a non-judicial, non-government review board, the Manitoba Press Council’s main objectives are:

To consider complaints against its member newspapers. In a decision, the council outlines why a complaint is uphel…

Browaty replay, more on Asher Webb, Orlikow live at CDI, 3rd Aniversary show makes for a busy week ahead

I want to begin by thanking everyone who contributed their time, effort, auction prizes or support for the Kerry Brown Tribute Show last week at the Marlborough Hotel. It was a pleasure dealing with Mike Episcopo and his staff and the entire performance side of the presentation was problem-free. All the wrestlers were committed to putting on a physical, fun card.

I especially want to thank Spirited Kenny, Stacia and Danielle, and Dave Shorr of Kick-FM for also handling some duties in relation to the event production. And to special guest ring announcers Cosmo of CITI-FM, Ace Burpee of HOT 103, and Scott Taylor. They looked like they were having a blast. (I also want to mention Adam Knight who produced the wonderful tribute video, Bob Axford for printing and design, Jay Walker for the website where you can still make Paypal contributions, and to Kevin Wallace of CJOB/Power 97 for his support of the event.)

A very nice write-up by Richard Kamchen about th…

CBC finally wakes up to 2008's story of the year - Cheez Whiz

Despite the stunning revelation by Free Press columnist Dan Lett that Premier Gary Doer kept Dave Chomiak in the pressure-cooker Justice portfolio even after his wife committed suicide, which resulted in his long-time confidant struggling to even get through a basic day, the CBC decided the most important issue was something we first reported over one year ago.

Here's what they refused to report for the past 14 months:

"While making excuses for the NDP's refusal to support a Private Members bill of Liberal Kevin Lamoureux (Inkster) to establish a fixed price for fresh milk and make that staple affordable to Northern Manitoba, (keep in mind the price of beer is, by law, the same as in Winnipeg but milk runs up to $22 or more for a 4-litre), Marcelino stated that the people of the North were ingeniously using other products to ensure their children get calcium in their diets.

Specifically: Cheez Whiz.

Which, as our science specialist Spirited Kenny is going to tell us on Friday…