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Three Books for the Holidays; and a look ahead

I spent more than a few years without a close family situation; so I well remember what it was like during the holidays in the 80's and 90's when various wrestlers, bands and other misfits would be looking for something to do and knew where to find entertainment and a full fridge. A safe haven with no religious overtones as it were.

This year one of our interns, Silent Mitch, is having the time of his life Christmas night at the ol' office, watching a 1990 episode of TSN's Pro Wrestling Plus and asking why the style was so different from area to area, why was there so much noise for the Rock and Roll Express, and was that really Bruno's son wrestling in front of 200 people in a Georgia bar? (When I told him there were hundreds of tapes just like it in our vault, he was speeechless.)

Hopefully everyone's enjoying a peaceful and safe holiday.

Three books we've discussed lately on the show, that listeners have asked for us to put information about online.

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Read it for yourself-- the Derelict Buildings bylaw report

One listener call that came up this week that had to be addressed, was a request to provide a link to the report presented to the Property Committee about the "success" of the Derelict Building bylaw in Winnipeg.

It's in a PDF file,

Scroll to agenda item number 10 and click on it. It is a lengthy document you can read page by page.

The numbers asked of the administration don't get presented until Page 11.
Numbers like -prosecutions - "33."

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This week- Frank the Italian Barber Monday, Chanukah Tuesday, Kelly Dehn of CTV Wednesday, Jon Waldman of Slam!Sports Thursday and Denise of Body by Denise on Friday !