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Attention residents of Berry, Sherbrook., St Matthews, Silver: the bike lobby says kiss your parking goodbye

Kim the Kick-FM traffic reporter reviews the Active Transportation Open House on March 25; plus -- an email from a concerned resident to elected officials:

Kim says:
I arrived at the Active Transportation open house at 1420 Portage Ave Mennonite Brethren church at about 4:01pm and left at 7:10pm. I took note that the electronic billboard WAS advertising the open house (I think nagging Kevin Nixon finally worked). The count for the evening was between 70 and 80 people, most of whom were cyclists.

Took note that CTV showed up as did Councillor Harvey Smith.

Upon first entering the Church people are given a comment form. Question number 3: How do you typically travel to work, school or shopping? The choices given are:
-other please specify

This question is the ONLY time walking is mentioned on this form. All the rest involve cyclists. Of the 35 Active Transportation projects, 14 are multi-use pathways which would include pedestrians, all the re…

New Disraeli bridge= expropriations: Free Press breaks 8 day old news, misses real story

Only 8 days after we broadcast the concerns of Elmwood and Point Douglas residents about potentially losing their properties to the revised Disraeli bridge repair scheme,

the Winnipeg Free Press finally decided it was a story.

Well, not exactly.

The story is really about the refusal of city officials to address the questions about property losses, until pressured by the alternative media after stonewalling the affected residents for months.

On Friday March 19th we heard about how mainstream media outlets including the Free Press and CBC, had ignored the complaints of potentially displaced and threatened residents, who had asked for proper consultations and straight information from city hall.

As North Point Douglas resident Martin Landy explained, for all the coverage about the Omand's Creek bike bridge where no houses were threatened by a $1 million Active Transportation structure, standing up for poor …

Alternative media panel at 4 PM- plus the All Star Sunday line-up

Today, The Alternative Media panel is convened - we look at the state of the city, the province, and the mainstream media, with publisher Bob Axford, Graham Hnatiuk of, and Rob Galston who writes the Rise and Sprawl blog, (not that the Free Press ever tells their readers). We may even be joined by Young Josh!

The Selinger/NDP election fraud scandals, the conduct of judges in the Brian Sinclair Inquest, the WRHA, Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Lotteries, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Disraeli, the bike lobby, garbage carts and the Parking Authority, among the topics expected to be analyzed.

And, at 5.25PM, Illegal Curve previews tonights hockey show at 7 PM.

PLUS listen to win passes for the PCW 8th Anniversary wrestling spectacular tomorrow night at Dylan's on Pembina, featuring former world champion Steve Corino, Outlaw Adam Knight, Canadian Champion Average Joe Dixon, and the fabulous Kenny Omega.

* TOMORROW - Live remote from CDI College

* Friday -…

Museum for Human Rights ignores graveyard below

Last Thursday on TGCTS, a Metis researcher told of the significant areas of the Forks which had served as a burial ground for aboriginals for a century, and his attempts to get the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to acknowledge this.

Museum champion, Gail Asper did not return David Carriere's call, delegating the task of blowing him off to a flunky.

"Elders" had assured the Museum millionaires that their location was not a burial ground as " we would not have buried so close to the banks of the river".

CMHR head cheerleader Gordon Sinclair of the Free Press also brushed off the concerns, based on assurances from the museum's handpicked aboriginal "experts" that enabled the pet project of millionaires to proceed unabated.

Carriere explained, because of the significant financial support of FN organizations such as the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and the Manitoba Metis Federation, if there was any notion that the construction was disturbing a nativ…

Eric Daniels was chased by armed aggressors towards fatal confrontion with cops: brother

Monday at 4 PM, startling new details about the final moments of Eric Daniels were revealed by his brother Dallas Courchene, who says only Eric could have prevented his own death at the hands of Winnipeg police.

Listen here:

Courchene has himself been the target of threats from native radicals, after repudiating any allegations that the police shooting was racially motivated, stating that Daniels looked white, and posed a threat in the altercation on Sargent Avenue last Saturday March 6.

Daniels was shot once by police when he refused to drop a machete and walked to within 5 feet of police responding to a call. He allegedly only carried the weapon for self-defence from gangs, after leaving the Native Syndicate.

Courchene confirmed that Daniels, 28, was on probation for a drunken petty theft in Portage La Prairie and should not have been drinking -- but that was his lifelong weakness which led to repeated incarc…

Winnipeg's Active Transportation "consultation" failure leads to Omand's Creek Bike Bridge battle

In preparation for our coverage of the community open house next Thursday evening for the proposed Omand's Creek bike bridge, Kick-FM traffic reporter Kim did what the mainstream media didn't - she went to the scene and spoke to actual residents.

Hundreds are mobilizing against the Active Transportation department's mindless kow-towing to the bike lobby in the name of "stimulus spending", that would ruin the local toboggan run, and add to other safety concerns.

This past Wednesday, area Councillor Harvey Smith told us he had no clue that the neighbourhood toboggan hill was going to be obliterated by the support pilings for a 75 meter bridge, and that he thinks the bike lobby has too much influence with city hall insiders. He's not the only one.

Kim's report:

Hi Marty
I was walking down Raglan on my way to the park when near the entrance I was stopped by a couple of people. One was a woman who is also one of the organizers on getting people out to the mee…

Outraged listener asks voters to protect Churchill High students from retaliation by school trustees,This is a perfect example of your theme of this year to hold the elected officials accountable.I cannot believe that this is even being considered. I guess Winnipeg School Division is showing that it's organization should be operated from the Kremlin.
I wonder, would these same students be facing possible discipline action if they had caught say a kid shooting another kid in the school on their cell phones??Are we really about to show Canada, because this lap dance video has been seen on the National on CBC, that our officials are this stupid, that the two teachers did something at a high school pep rally that if not gets them suspended, fired or possibly losing their licence to teach, instead we are going to focus on why a couple of students used their phones to video tape the incident.As I said, this is stunning that this is even being considered. They should be giving these …