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A Special Message For Parents About GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV comes out today. I’m not gonna lie: this is a video game in which, if you choose, you can get a taste of what it’s like to commit horrific and sensationalized criminal acts.

And that’s it. A taste. If you choose.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

Grand Theft Auto IV will not train you on hijacking cars, shooting guns, or any of a number of other criminal acts.

All you’re being trained to do, if anything, is press buttons.

That being said, it’s still rated for mature audiences—just like the Godfather movies and Sopranos TV series, which have similar subject matter.

And just like everything else intended for mature audiences, your kids will probably want access to it.

If you’re a parent or an educator concerned about Grand Theft Auto IV, the very first people to listen to are your kids.

I say “listen to” for a very specific reason: find out what they think of the game, first. You’ll probably find a reaction similar to the one you had when watching Scarface or the Godfather mo…

BULLETIN: Harold Buchwald, community leader, passes away

Harold Buchwald, QC, longtime Winnipeg lawyer and community leader, passed away this morning at the age of 81.

A renowned tax lawyer, he was an original partner in the firm Buchwald Asper Henteleff, which is now known as Pitblado LLB. Named a member of the Order of Canada in 1993, his support for the State of Israel was unwavering and most recently he was a leader of the campaign to create a historical site at the Upper Fort Garry gate in downtown Winnipeg.

When reached by The Great Canadian Talk Show, National Post columnist Scott Taylor was saddened by the loss of his friend.

" I had a lot of wonderful discussions with Harold and he was always pleasant . The great thing about Harold was, if you disagreed the discussion was always civil. He was a great sports fan and a great supporter of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and his support of the arts created so many lasting friendships. He was ultimately a fine fine man."

Canadian Friends of Hebrew University Director Ron East ech…

The Right To Remain Hidden- watch it here !

This is Young Josh's documentary on the proposal to install public surveillance cameras in Winnipeg, focusing on the situation in the revitalized North Point Douglas area (which has numerous private citizen cameras) and the North End's William Whyte neighbourhood (which wants cameras in the wake of 4 gang related murders). Startling footage of the realities on the streets.Starring Mayor Sam Katz, Councillor Scott Fielding, and a cast of, um, a half-dozen or so. Feedback welcome at

Spirited Kenny for official audio content deliverer for Starcraft.

My fellow citizens;

I come to you today as a man asking for your help. For far too long the Starcraft community has remained voiceless. Sure, there are games, books, and even stadiums where players battle each other while their fans cheer them on.

But there is no voice.

Well, on Friday April 4th 2008, live on The Great Canadian talk show I tossed my hat down and declared my intention on becoming the official audio content deliverer for Startcraft.

I understand that the thought of having only one voice for an entire cultural phenomenon can be scary, but trust me. When I’m appointed with this great honour, not only will your wildest dreams come true, but they will come true with such force that your brain will have no time to adjust to the new reality of pleasure that it has now been forced into.

Just go to:

and sign the online petition. It’s that easy to make your dreams come true. Not only will I bring the integrity to this hono…