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Lindor's column proves need for The Great Canadian Talk Show stronger than ever

This week Lindor Reynolds wrote about a woman whose life path had brought her to the doorstep of Osborne House, unable to afford rent for an apartment with both her sons, a circumstance which forced the older boy to move in with his father.
Osborne House executive director Barbara Judt says shelter staff work closely with clients and Manitoba Housing to try to find safe and affordable housing."It's challenge," she says. "It is a challenge. There is a shortage."Judt says women are often forced to use their food money to top up rent. Osborne House offers food hampers and donations when women move out. They can receive furniture, clothing and toys.Many women flee their homes with little more than their children."There are a lot of people in need," Judt says.In May, I appeared at Executive Policy Committee and City Council and told ou…

Cone of Silence decended on Stephanie Forsyth's House of Censorship to protect Graham Thomson

It didn't take long for listeners of 92.9 Kick FM to smell the stench of censorship behind the sudden cancelation of The Great Canadian Talk Show on November 8th.

The next morning, designated College spin doctor Twylla Kreuger was inundated with 21 calls raising conflict of interest questions, such as:

"Curious how 2 outside mainstream media GM's (such as ) Golden West radio stations have that much input over a campus radio station. as someone who listened and financially supported GCTS and also 92.9KickFM by buying advertising, I'm thoroughly disgusted and embarassed to be an alumnus of RRC"

and other calls expressed disbelief that Red River College would have arbitrarily silenced a community platform:

"This is a really sad day for free speech in Winnipeg and please, it's very very bad for public relations of RRC - it's really horrible, so please pass this along to people who make that decision. They made a very bad decision not just for RRC an…

What bands are playing Canada Day at the Zoo, you ask?

I was involved with the Canada Day celebrations out of the Osborne Village Inn - the Zoo - in its formative years in the 1990's, and then again in the mid 2000's.

In fact, among my proudest accomplishments in entertainment was hosting and producing our own branded Rough House Rasslin' events, where families and fans enjoyed the skill and science of wrestlers like Chi Chi Cruz, Bruiser Bastien, La Sombra and many more.

Chuck Green gave us a tremendous opportunity and the lasting memories for the performers and the fans are part of his legacy. Right, Horse?

Every year a hundred thousand people or more pass down the street and renew old friendships, sample food and fashion from local stores, stroll to the vibe of live local music, and enjoy the freedom to be Canadian. It's a sea of harmony and good feelings.

Once again this year I will be at the Osborne Village Inn doing my best to help things run smoothly, and I hope to see our listeners and supporters come out for awhile …

Controversial Cathy Rushton Departs Red River College

Cathy Rushton, the longtime Vice President for Finance and Administration of Red River College who has been under intense scrutiny after internal emails revealed her part in orchestrating the cancellation of The Great Canadian Talk Show on Kick-FM at the behest of College president Stephanie Forsyth, is apparently no longer employed by the campus.

Over the weekend, bloggers noticed a sharp upswing in internet searches for "Cathy Rushton" with some interesting adjectives added that indicated what could politely be described as a parting of the ways.

Then on Wednesday, TGCTS received the following email from Barb Judt of Osborne House:
Hi Marty:When I called RRC today and asked to speak with Cathy Rushton, they advised me that she wasn’t in. When I asked when would she be back, I was told that she ‘would NOT be back at the College’.Other sources confirm her departure, suggesting that Rushton officially hit the bricks last Friday, June 3, right after the spring convocation …