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Scrabulous Withdrawal Syndrome? - We're here to help!

One of the neat things we get to do behind the scenes is stay up late at night, guzzle Diet Dr. Pepper, surf the net, stumble across pop culture stories the MSM in Winnipeg never gets to until it is waaaay too late, and brainstorm about how it relates to our audience.

Exhibit A: this online story about Facebook dropping a mega-popular application.

Scrabulous pulled from Facebook in US and Canada

Tue Jul 29, 7:17 PM
SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - The creators of online Scrabble knock-off Scrabulous said Tuesday they have pulled their application from US and Canadian Facebook pages due to a lawsuit filed by game-making giant Hasbro.

"This is an unfortunate event and not something that we are very pleased about, especially as Mattel has been pursuing the matter in Indian courts for the past few months," Scrabulous co-creator Rajat Agarwalla told AFP.

"We sincerely hope to bring ou…

CRTC revokes campus radio licence of 107.9 CJWV-FM

In an unprecedented decision -- and despite the pleadings of proposed savior David Asper not to invoke "the death penalty" at a June hearing --Harmony Broadcasting's 4 1/2 year long misadventure in campus radio was put to an end by the federal regulator today.

"Given the long and wilful history of non-compliance by this licensee, its misunderstanding of the Campus Radio Policy and the nature of its licence and the fact that the station has been off the air for a considerable time, the Commission is of the view that revocation is the only appropriate measure in this case." wrote the CRTC in Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2008-146.

Despite giving the dubious operation a reprieve with conditions (6 mandatory orders) after a September 2006 hearing, the CRTC ruled Harmony had afterwards breached:

"Regulations with respect to the submission of logger tapes on two occasions... non-compliance with Mandatory Order 2 and section 9(2) of the Regulations in that it did not …

Our Special Tribute to Frank Goodish/Bruiser Brody

I want to thank today's guests:

Larry Matysik, author of Brody: The Triumph and Tragedy of Wrestling's Rebel (and also Wrestling at the Chase, which features Brody on the cover), and Dan Denton, who told a hilarious story about being a rookie wrestler that got on Brody's good side and took a memorable road trip with Brody for Tony Condello's WFWA promotion (and ribbed aspiring comedian Ted Stevens right out of the business).

Frank was raised in Detroit, a hugh Tigers fan who played some minor league football and got a tryout with Vince Lombardi's Washington Redskins in 1970, and played for $7200 for the Edmonton Eskimos in 1971. Life as a sportswriter in San Antonio could not satisfy the wanderlust in Goodish's heart, and a chance meeting with fellow footballer turned wrestler Joe "Ivan Putski" Bednarski opned the door for the 6'6", 300 plus pound dynamo.

His intense crazed style made him a headliner with and against all the top international st…

This week is loaded with guest interviews

A quick note about this week's line-up.

* Today we're looking at the opposite side of the Rapid Transit Coalition lobby after their ridiculous publicity stunt last week mesmorized the zombies who populate Winnipeg newsrooms into thinking they were making "news".

Dallas Hansen and Jim Jaworski of TRU (Transit Riders Union) Winnipeg will explain why a subway/metro system has never gotten a fair examination in the MSM and how the costs and benefits measure up to Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail Transit, flying carpets, or whatever else is being suggested to modernize public transportation in the city.

* On Thursday downtown businesswoman Ari Driver will join us in-studio. Her first person account of dealing with the prosecution of a gun-wielding robber and a series of break-ins will open a lot of eyes about the NDP "justice" system.

And as usual Jon Waldman of Slam!Sports will join us to forecast the Bombers set-to against the BC Lions.

* Friday we will be joined by…

Today: 20th anniversary tribute to wrestling stars killed in Nfld. crash/more 511 from Kenny

A short week but one of our busiest, as Councillor Mike Pagtakhan was in studio for over 80 minutes on Wednesday, discussing and debating the proposed Blue Bomber stadium/waterpark/hotel/infrastructure renewal of South Point Douglas put forward by David Asper.

Mike said he would work to ensure residents of the Point (just like residents near Health Sciences Centre in that expansion) would be compensated on the basis of "a home for a home" if they are expropriated or forced to move.

He also stated that all residents of North and South Point Douglas, not just Aboriginals, should have equal opportunity at any jobs or training that comes out of the plan, and also speculated that sewer renewal alone to accomodate the Asper plan might cost $50 million. At some point, Mike said, there is a number that is too big for taxpayers, but the plan is worth a serious evaluation.

He would like to see the principles of an upscale, forward thinking revitalization enacted, and promised that any co…

The 511

The July 31 2006 News Release headline reads as follows;

‘Environment Canada Welcomes 511 Weather and Travel Information Service.’

The promise is to provide up-to-date information to travelers about road and weather conditions so that they can make knowledgeable decisions about their travel plans. Since Environment Canada is moving quickly towards implementing this 511 service, it will be rolled out in 2007.

So if you were to phone 511 right now you would get the up-to-date information about the weather right?


It is hard to imagine that almost two years after this press release, there is still nothing. Environment Canada is very tight-lipped about the whole matter. Inquires about the most basic of information about the 511 service, are replied with:

“Environment Canada is working both within and with other government departments on both the technical and financial requirements of such a service. Environment Canada has been working with Industry Canada and Public Safety Canada and the 51…