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Manitoba Ombudsman Cites Website Flaws In Ruling Winnipeg Public Consultation Procedures Unfair

This morning City Council was voting on a motion to allow their bureaucrats to prepare a response to the Manitoba Ombudsman, after her investigation discovered that the city had not treated residents of Transcona fairly when Plessis Road was removed from the authorized Truck Routes list.

On the city agenda, this was portrayed as revising a minor Bylaw issue. It is much more.

Never mind that the city spent an extra $10 million to rebuild Plessis to meet standards, and then in effect wasted the money by removing trucks from that roadway.

The Ombudsman, Irene Hamilton, not only rebuked the city for how the change was hidden from residents on the adjacent truck route which suffers now from the unexpected increased traffic, she found that citizens cannot be expected to navigate the vaunted city website to keep track of upcoming meetings, past and future agenda's, minutes of meetings, or participate in city processes.

The following is a speech on the wider implications of the Ombudsman…

Does accepting 'Diversity and Inclusiveness' at Red River College depend on "the Quality of the People" in question ?

Last week, instructors and employees of Red River College got a dose of advanced education, Stephanie Forsyth style.

Having determined in her decade at BC's NorthWest Community College that "colonialism" had been "unknowingly perpetuated" on that campus, she ensured that RRC would get a head start at rooting out such snobbish attitudes. And so, a summer course to teach employees about being open to all cultures and tolerant of all opinions, was convened at the Notre Dame campus.Unfortunately, it was a little less impressive in practice than in theory, according to one insider.

On day one, the instructor may have uttered less than flattering things about the City of Winnipeg from the get-go, surely an embarassment for Forsyth as she seeks to ingratiate herself among business and political leaders. No less embarassing was the revelation that said instructor apparently disregarded prohibitions against texting on the celphone while driving. An exercise in having …

Praise pours out for Fighting Irish, Broncos star Pete Duranko; dies after 11 year battle with ALS

Last week, I commenced an interview for Slam!Sports with a former 1960's football lineman about his life and times, which included tours of North America as a hated heel wrestler, trained in the craft by Gene Kiniski. Given my penchant for remembering obscure players and rosters from my childhood, former CFL'er Mike Webster heard some names that brought a smile to his face.

One of the former teammates I asked him about on Thursday, was the "Diesel", big Pete Duranko. Mike quietly mentioned, he's not going to be with us for much longer. And then I got an email forwarded to me about Pete passing away on Friday, after a courageous public battle with 'Lou Gehrig's Disease'.

Coming out of Johnstown, Pennsylvania he headed to Notre Dame in 1963 as one of the most beloved high school footballers ever, athletically so gifted he was able to walk across the practice field on his hands.

"Absolutely, Pete was the best," Penn State All-American Jack Ham, w…

Theresa Oswald asked: what's your plan to reduce Concordia ER wait time?

On Monday I was stunned to read of the medical dilemma facing 87 year old Max Pressman, whom I am related to by marriage on my mother's side of the family. His son David and I were frequent teammates at the YMHA as teens.

Max's daughter Selma was horrified that her elderly father was going to have to wait 9 months or more to find out if he needed a pacemaker.
"Last week, Health Minister Theresa Oswald boasted of the "A" score the province had been given from a coalition of professional medical associations for the patient wait times associated with elective open-heart surgery.But the assessment by the Wait Time Alliance only measures the period of time a patient waits for a procedure -- after -- a medical specialist makes a decision on what procedure needs to be done until the procedure is completed.Based on that definition, the clock hasn't even begun ticking for Max P…

Corydon-Osborne Open House showed "public consultation" still failing

(This editorial is republished with permission of Bob Axford's Neighborhood Living community newsletter, now on stands in Robins, Smitty's, Perkins and other fine establishments across Winnipeg)Do the voters need to teach City Hall a lesson in civics again?
Last year, everyone thought City Council was turning over a new leaf when it came to including everyone in our town in planning for our future. Active Transportation project organizers failed, in the development phases, to include many of the residents and businesses neighborhoods targeted for "improvements" in discussions. Rushing the projects because there was federal government infrastructure money to spend on the demands of the bike lobby was the priority. (Those pesky deadlines).Outrage across the city against bike paths and other changes to streets and roadways, forced the issue of "public consultation" into the mainstream media right before the October electionFuror was heard from the north end to …