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Best line about the return of NHL Hockey to Winnipeg so far

Courtesy of one of our former sports analysts, Brad Harrison via Facebook:

Brad Harrison Reading some comments on the TSN site last night, someone made an interesting, if not a possibly ironic comment;

"If the new Winnipeg franchise proves to be successful, then because of revenue sharing the NHL has, Winnipeg will be helping to pay for the Phoenix Coyotes."

Welcome back, major league hockey !

Support Osborne House ! 13th Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner this summer

ON COURSE FOR COURAGE 2011 Osborne House Inc. 13thCharity GolfTournament and Dinner - August 11, 2011Dear Friend:We are the oldest and second largest shelter in Winnipeg, Canada for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Courageous women and children, who rely on us to build a new life free from violence, need your help.Over forty companies and hundreds of individuals make ON COURSE FOR COURAGE a tremendous success year after year. Your support will make it an even better event this year. Here’s how
– make a cash donation
– donate gifts-in-kind of goods or service.-- help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, with your friends and business contacts (Ok I added that, they won't mind) For more information, call Joy - (204) 942-7373 ext. 240 and Google my name (Barbara Judt, Winnipeg) to see the great work we do here.Let’s rock this event together and send a message to the brave women and children fleeing violence in their homes that we believe in them.In sis…

Kick-FM's fake Executive Committee faked "meeting"; Red River College already decided to cancel TGCTS

Notes obtained from Red River College through access to information laws, reveal that repeated claims the so-called 'Executive Committee" held a formal meeting on November 2nd about Kick-FM programming or The Great Canadian Talk Show are false.

RRC Creative Communications department chairman Larry Partap serves as Secretary on the Board of the non-profit radio licencee, Cre-Comm Inc. A FIPPA application forced him to turn over handwritten notes about an urgent meeting held by Partap and RRC Dean of Business Graham Thomson with station manager Rick Baverstock on November 4th.

It was exactly 2 weeks after Thomson assured RRC President Stephanie Forsyth that TGCTS could be knocked off the air "without too much trouble ... through a chat with Rick".

Although Thomson told the National Post in a November 17 story that a meeting of the "Executive Committee" took place on Nov 2nd, "where four voting board members unanimously decided to cancel Mr. Gold's show…

Struggling Winnipeg radio stations sold; Evanov now holds 3 licences

Alas, the efforts by Newcap to make radio listeners forget the abandonment of country-themed Hank-FM and embrace K-Rock as a classic rock option are at an end, as the Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited has sold both K-Rock 100.7 and the multi-cultural formatted CKJS (810 AM) to Dufferin Communications Inc., a subsidiary of the Evanov Radio Group.

This summer Evanov is going to launch the almost-forgotten CFJL 106.1 licence awarded by the CRTC a couple of years ago, and hopes for CRTC approval of the take-over of the other 2 stations to be approved by years' end. This marks their first foray into the West, bringing the chain to a total of 15 frequencies.

More posts in the works about local radio, city hall and the Manitoba legislature. Enjoy the long weekend !

Five things no one seemed to mention tonight about the election results in Winnipeg South Centre

1) School trustee Joyce Bateman was a late entrant for the Conservatives after Ray Hall's campaign was scrubbed in the first days of the campaign, which only happened ...

2) ... after Bateman switched from the Liberals. She had not built a party base, so how dedicated was the Winnipeg South CPC constituency team to run a short campaign and knock off the "Liberal heavyweight" (CBC's label) ?

3) Neville's vote was down by almost 1700 votes but all anyone talked about as a reason for her loss that I heard, was 'vote split'. The NDP vote went up by 2500. The Green Party was down by 1500. We all know they showed up to vote and where it likely went. So the votes that "split" from Neville and went NDP, might have been 1000 tops. But...

4) Bateman added 1365 votes to the Tory ledger over the vote count of Trevor Kennard last time out. Her margin might well have been there were 150 Liberal families that rejected Iggy and went blue with Bateman, with a…