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Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth: The troubled history of the executioner of TGCTS

Since October 18th, the Winnipeg Free Press has managed to wedge 3 stories involving newly-arrived RRC president Stephanie Forsyth into their news-hole-challenged broadsheet.

* The first story was a flattering piece about her arrival on the Prairies and her personal mission to save RRC from relevancy in the current job market.

Think of Red River College and maybe you think of future plumbers and electricians and carpenters and computer programmers and medical technicians, and people learning how to build, maintain and fix huge and complex machinery.

When new RRC president Stephanie Forsyth thinks of the college, she thinks about how the school and its students can relate to the planet, and how Red River can attract and keep students now too often unable to benefit from an education.

"I don't consider myself an academic. I'm first and foremost a practitioner," said Forsyth.…

TGCTS Podcast #2 - Live Event Update, more on Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth, $3 Million for Bike Path boondoggle

TGCTS Podcast #2:

* How listeners can Stand Up for Free Speech by joining the TGCTS Live studio audience on December 7th in Greg Selinger's back yard (well, close to it)

* Blogger gets on city committee

* Another blogger stands up to Coun. Vandal's approval of an extra $3 Million for bike path cost over-runs, as the Downtown Biz gives an award to a cycling lobbyist;

* Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth gets her picture in the Free Press again (3 times in 5 weeks), this time for being a great employer and community supporter

* Local Colleges and Universities keep making headlines for the wrong reasons

* CBC's James Turner embarasses Lord Selkirk city councillorswho didn't have a single question for cops about the triple-shooting investigation....

and Spirited Kenny discovers the NFL Network


The Stiff Bishops – I’m No Better Than You
The Stiff Bishops – Kimberley

Mas Headspace – James Dit
The Stiff Bishops – Kick off
Pulled Asunder - October



Anniversary show podcast now online; Stories of the year, Red River College censorship, and what's the Parking Authority trying to hide?

Podcast is again available, sorry for the interruption!


Spirited Kenny Productions is pleased to present:
* The Great Canadian Talk Show 4th Anniversary Show*

- Marty's first person account of how Kick-FM dumped the showwith no notice,
- the National Post expose,
- reaction from media, students, bloggers and supporters,
- background on the reported relationship between the new Red River College President - Stephanie Forsyth and the Winnipeg Free Press,
- good questions asked by outraged listeners for those responsible -- and their not-so-good answers;
- a review of recent news coverage about snowbound bike lanes and traffic circle, NDP edumacation policy, Manitoba Hydro and Miss Whistle, Free Press "reporting" about Iggy and the Filipino vote, and more.

- Our Freedom of Information request uncovered that the Parking Authority, already on the city hall watch list for untendered contracts , was also paying an Ottawa company to monitor TGCTS and file reports…

4th Anniversary Show podcast Saturday -- more about who wanted TGCTS silenced by Red River College

The Great Canadian Talk Show will celebrate its fourth anniversary on Saturday with a special podcast edition, our first ever. Story of the year, breaking news story of the year, and whole lot more including a giveaway of a copy of Retropeg!

Spirited Kenny assures that he has the technology down pat, and in a special one hour edition he and Marty Gold will reply the flood of emails and comments from supporters, go inside Kick-FM and the Red River Cre-Comm department, review the multiple changes to the official story, and explain why the targeted cancellation of the voices of the community is a Freedom of Speech issue.

Assiniboine bike lane chaos in the snow, Roch Street traffic circles, the Crocus Fund scam, Hydro Whistleblower proven right, Selinger's Stadium shenanigans and more --- the style and substance that made TGCTS the alternative media leader will be part and parcel of the anniversary package.

ON the podcast, will also be a special announcement about a Live Audience Ed…

Free Press fibs to the National Post; Margo knows and so do I

The National Post has extracted an admission from Red River College that shortly before the cancellation of The Great Canadian Talk Show, Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand had "contacted" newly-installed RRC president Stephanie Forsyth.

This was an open secret throughout the College and mainstream media newsrooms over 10 days ago, but when I asked Thomson when he delivered the bad news on Nov. 8th he could only muster an embarassed "no comment".

“As I understand it, the president did get a communication from the Free Press,” he said, later adding that he believed the communication came from editor Margo Goodhand. “There were some concerns about Marty having taken shots at the Free Press ... I believe that the concern about the show was voiced by the president to one of our vice-presidents who is on the board.” Mr. Thomson said the vice-president was present at the Nov. 2 executive board meeting of Cre-Comm Radio Inc. — the non-profit corporation that …

Red River College Students Defend TGCTS Learning Experience

Compare and contrast:

First, the public excuses of the educators for the cancellation:

Recently, the Executive Committee of the Board of CreComm Radio Inc. made a decision to re-focus on the station’s role as an instructional resource. This means giving students more opportunity to hone their craft during primetime hours, ensuring they receive structured performance feedback, and exposing them to standards and practices that are consistent with the management of a commercial radio station... As an initial step, the Executive Committee has decided to stop broadcasting the Great Canadian Talk Show.

Now, the facts, from the blog of Kick-FM news director Danielle Conolly ( and check out the comments other students posted in response):

"he was a friend to every student who helped with his show. He asked about our course load, offered help where he could, and was excited to help us learn how to operate …

Without even a thank you, RRC chopped The Great Canadian Talk Show

On Monday, November 8th, just before 3.30 PM, the Kick-FM station manager brought Red River College vice-president Graham Thomson into the studio. I was doing pre-show preparations for the 4 PM start time with Bob Axford. Thomson nervously pulled out a small piece of paper which, he said, he was ordered not to provide a copy of.

It stated that the "executive committee" of the Kick-FM corporate board, held a meeting last week and decided to refocus the station for its purpose as an instructional tool for the Cre-Comm students, especially in the prime time hours. Therefore, the board has canceled The Great Canadian Talk Show.

That was it. No thank you and nothing in writing.

Questions were patiently asked:

Was there a complaint to the CRTC? no.
To the Kick-FM Board? no.
Was the executive committee aware of the number of students from RRC and other local colleges already involved in the program on a daily basis? no.
Who is on the committee? names were given.
Was there any discussion w…

A Lesson in Journalism - comparing the theory of "academics" with the practice of TGCTS

Massive public pressure has forced Red River College to trot out its second spokesperson in 2 days.

The College wants to try to deflect responsibility for the arbitrary termination of Winnipeg's only drive-home call-in show to the Kick-FM executive committee, which RRC conveniently neglects to mention is under RRC control.

Tomorrow, I will issue my own response to their latest version of excuses with the truth about how the program that held elected officials, the mainstream media and assorted bigshots and special interest groups to account, and provided an unparalleled opportunity for students from ALL educational facilities to learn the art of talk radio, was silenced -- with NO notice or opportunity to defend our record and our work.

Today,please take the time to read what (for today), stands as "the official RRC theory of radio training for students", and then compare it with the experience of an eyewitness who got involved with the show and learned firsthand the mea…

Welcome to our new readers and thanks to all our supporters!

This isn't the usual way one would want to set record traffic, but thanks very much for coming by in such droves to our site. Our work continues and you should continue to make your voice heard to those who chose to discontinue our broadcasts despite no known complaints and with no notice to the community TGCTS served.

Feel free to use the search engine to find important stories about your community, local media, social, health and crime issues, and the odd tribute to a fallen hero.

My deepest thanks to everyone who has voiced support, especially our sponsors, student interns, guests, and you listeners. Feel free to 'like' the Facebook group
Red River College Kills Free speech on 92.9 Kick FMand join other Winnipeggers who also believe "YOU HAVE THE POWER".

Many bloggers are also chiming in about the principle of free speech and respect for the community and due process -- and that is also a healthy part of democracy... for those who believe in those kinds of things.…

Red River College Kills Free Speech on 92.9 Kick FM

The headlines:

- Red River College sent an executive "messenger" who refused to give Marty Gold a copy of a brief statementread to Marty today.

- The statement said two Red River College employees and two commercial radio general managers who are on the executive committee of Kick FM, made a decision without any involvement of anyone else on the Board, excluding student and community representatives from the process.

- They claim the station needs to focus on "student outcomes" and want to exclude all volunteer radio programs (like the recently elevated to CFRW Illegal Curve Hockey show, Beer for Breakfast and Breaking and Entering on Saturdays, and The Winnipeg Free Press’s Stop The Presses) and on the job training. No fewer than 7 students and volunteers trained on TGCTS went on to garner professional jobs as a result of that training in journalism and technical operations. Many others started their own radio programs.

- The RRC spokeman openly stated in front of Ric…