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EXCLUSIVE: Crocus CEO got sneek peek at prescient negative letter to Free Press editor

The editor of the Winnipeg Free Press provided at least one (unpublished) letter from readers critical of the Crocus Fund, directly to Crocus CEO Sherman Kreiner in Feb. 2003.

Then-editor Nicholas Hirst warned Kreiner “This letter become insidious if followed by others. It suggests there really is something wrong.”

The letter specifically alleged that the $10 Million cash infusion from the Solidarity Fund of Quebec (Fond) was “a short term loan with high interest rates (20%)” and questioned why Crocus called it an “investment” when it could be cashed in on demand.

Hirst explained his emailing the 'Letter to the Editor' to Kreiner, “as an example of one of the many letters we are receiving about your fund.” Saying he had already found it "difficult to keep such letters out of the newspaper”, Hirst admonished Kreiner “I was not being light”.

“Part of our job is to provide balance,” reminded Hirst, concluding “the only way to combat it is to continuously reply with facts.”

At the…

City's Huge New Bylaw Not So Super

There is nothing wrong with the Super By-Law; in fact it’s a great idea. Consolidate some smaller bylaws into a big by-law; it’s a fantastic idea. Also hiring people to enforce the by-laws are great too. I have no problems with the concept.

What I do have a problem with is the fanfare about this by-law enforcement team, and the Neighborhood Livability by-law. Now if anyone had the patience to read the EPC report about the by-law, they would have found they are consolidating some 17 by-laws, but also changing some of them. This should have been a major part of the story that I should have focused upon, but I didn’t catch it right away.

"A slight change has been made to building address provisions to address the reality that big-box retail complexes cannot realistically post street addresses on their buildings that are large enough to be seen from the street. In these situations, the new provision requires street addresses to be posted both on the building and on signs that are visi…

Five Arrested In Radocaj Murder

On Wednesday Jan. 23, RCMP announced the arrest of 3 men in the killing of Ivan / John Radocaj in his home in Inwood in September. They are:

Donald Richard 31, Daniel Richard, 22, and Timothy Richard, 20, charged with first degree murder.

On Friday 2 more arrests were made.

Melody Lynn Sanford, 43, the estranged wife of Radocaj, has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Rita Louise Cushnie, 53, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Cushnie is the mother of Donald Richard, and is a friend of Sanford, Sgt. Line Karpish said Friday.

John Radocaj, as Ivan "The Croation Giant", was a Winnipeg pro wrestler for New Brand Wrestling from 1982-84, wrestled briefly in the Maritimes, and as "Big John" was the first MMA champion in Manitoba in 1985 winning the North American Sumo-Style Championships.

How To Contact Your City Councillor and Mayor Katz

On The Great Canadian Talk Show, we reflect upon accountability at City Hall. Mostly, we talk about how our votes hold city councillors accountable for their actions. But you can help hold your councillors accountable more than once every four years.By calling and e-mailing your councillor directly, you can make sure they hear your concerns, and answer your questions. Below, we’ve posted the office phone number and e-mail address of each city councillor by their wards, as well as those of Mayor Sam Katz.Call and e-mail your councillors. It’s their job to listen to you.---
Mayor's Office
Sam Katz

North Kildonan
Jeff Browaty

Bill Clement

Scott Fielding

Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry
Jenny Gerbasi

Harry Lazarenko

River Heights-Fort Garry
Brenda Leipsic

Week In Review: CTV picked up our Maloway spending story

When Winnipeg Centre MP Pat Martin called for the move of the CP Rail yards, we saw the Free Press get three days’ worth of stories out of one (not to mention the CBC and their single-source offering). Martin's idea came out of nowhere but got him the headlines he thrives on. Another good question is why some columnists say Martin has 'vision' and other leaders don't, conveniently ignoring the dumpfest Hugh McFadyen had to endure from the media when he floated his South Point Douglas redevelopment ideas in the provincial election. Maybe it all depends if the ideas come from the political left or the right...City Hall’s call for a downtown water park continues to get considerable coverage, although nobody but TGCTS is asking: Why did the city pull $7 million out of a Kildonan Park redevelopment to fund a water park outside the North End?We had morning host Broose sit in with us on Thursday for a 30-minute interview with Marc Emery of Cannibus Culture. Marc has sold mari…

Our Five-Point Plan for the Vacant and Derelict Buildings Bylaw

It's no secret that Winnipeg has a lot of vacant and derelict buildings. It's no secret to the families living next to these places that they're common targets for arson and vandalism, when they're not already home to organized criminals.

And thanks to our grandstanding council members, it's no secret that Winnipeg's Vacant and Derelict Buildings Bylaw (no. 35/2004 if you want to look it up) is supposed to be one of the most cutting-edge property laws on the continent, designed specifically to get rid of vacant and derelict buildings.

But it can hardly be cutting-edge if the city doesn't have the guts to use it correctly, now can it?

I'm Young Josh, and I've spent the past three months looking into the Vacant and Derelict Buildings Bylaw; what it does, how well it works, and how the city uses it. You've heard me talking about the Bylaw with Marty on The Great Canadian Talk Show, and if you've tuned in over the last two weeks, you've heard m…

CanAlert, 10 years later: Governments dawdle while Canadians left in peril

The CanAlert low down
by Spirited Kenny
(A Great Canadian Talk Show Exclusive News Story; original published at

Why is CanAlert a big deal, and why do I keep beating it like a long dead horse?

For one beating a dead horse is so much fun and two because it is common senses to have a public warning system to alert every one of incoming dangers. We keep bringing it up and giving everyone bits and pieces about it. So I figured I would give a 2007-year end fact sheet about the program, the concept, the strategy, and the debacle that is CanAlert.

* Industry Canada was given the CanAlert project in 1995, but was then made into a joint project with Public safety taking the lead in 2002. It was finally made a priority in 2005 between the federal and provincial governments, then again in 2007. No budget has ever been given for CanAlert.

When I tried to contract the (federal) public safety critic about CanAlert the critic didn’t even kn…