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Another woman voter demands NDP MP Pat Martin apologize for verbal attack

For the second time in two weeks, NDP Member of Parliament Pat Martin has found himself in hot water for verbally attacking a female voter at a federal election all-candidates forum.

The constituent, Karen Jones, explained why she has demanded an apology after what was said Thursday night:

" I said 'after 15 years of neglect and arrogance from the MP who is known as the 'Charlie Sheen of Parliament Hill' I am shopping for a new representative, so this question is for Darrell Rankin and Allan Wise {ed note- the Communist and Liberal candidates} : 'What would you do to ensure that you don't lose touch with the constituency?'

The moderator said that Pat could have an opportunity to answer and I said, ok, lets get on with it."

TGCTS has acquired an audio recording of his remarks, and this is what Pat Martin said to the audience:

"I know some people are frustrated and I know the questioner has been barred essentially from my office -- we don't…

(WIKILEAKS CMHR LINK ADDED) Public rejects Winnipeg Council voting to float sinking CMHR boat

(Note: If only I had known about this information BEFORE appearing before city council. The US Ambassador provides some very interesting details about the lobbying of Gail Asper et al and the spin put on the financial aspects of the project. h/t Graham Hnatiuk )

At an April 27 council meeting, Winnipeg councillors proclaimed deeply concerns over the housing crisis, crumbling sidewalks and roads, and funding for rapid transit.

They heard about genuine charitable need and legitimate questions about the source of repeated "official" assumptions that 250,000 human beings will come to see the "iconic" Canadian Museum for Human Rights (more than the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles).

Yet in a unanimous vote, all 16 civic leaders, led by Mayor Sam Katz, added yet another $3.63 million to the $11 million "interest free" loan the city has already handed over, to the pet project…

NDP MP Pat Martin forced to apologize for verbal attack; woman questioned if he lived in riding

Pat Martin, the incumbent NDP Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre, has been forced to issue a written apology after he made a false accusation about a female constituent at an All - Candidates meeting on April 12th.

The woman, Kim Calder (formerly the traffic reporter for The Great Canadian Talk Show) is a resident of the riding who with other voters, voiced concerns at the open microphone about Martin's record as their representative in Ottawa.

" I asked him about the issue of not returning calls, not only I but three others had the same question. I also asked Mr. Martin who he was representing. Mr. Martin stated that he has a house on Canora, but does spend time in Vancouver where he owns property that is rented out. (Yet, in the Winnipeg Sun dated April 24th, in a quote to Tom Brodbeck, Mr. Martin stated that he just went through a divorce and his wife received the property on Salt Spring Island.) "

What happened next stunned Calder.

"As I sat down, Mr…

Public Trustee finally forks over Knizat estate after Dr. Jon Gerrard presses NDP

On Thursday, October 1st, 2009, the case of Louie Knizat was brought to listeners of The Great Canadian Talk Show by his daughter Marilyn and son-in-law Howard, in one of the most moving and disturbing stories of government-sanctioned abuse of power we had ever broadcast.

In our blog post recapping the fight for dignified treatment of the hospitalized Louie and the disrespectful conduct of the Office of the Public Trustee towards his wife Mary, we wrote :

Is it any wonder the Trustee controls $140 Million in liquid assets, when they can bully families without having to account to anybody?

When they can use the families own money to hire lawyers and fight them in court?

When they do not have to be accountable to the Minister of Justice or to the Legislature?

Even after Louie died, the bureaucrats continued to try to starve the widow out, insisting she sign of…

What EPC heard that MSM did not report: Winnipeg charities victims of CMHR-induced donor fatigue (revised with quotes)

With the use of emails, social media, and by making the rounds of local gathering spots, TGCTS has continued to ensure that your elected officials still hear YOUR VOICE on important public issues.

Last month, the business plan of the Winnipeg Parking Authority to hike rates and expand their empire hit a little bump on the road to implementation.

We raised serious concerns about the complaint process for bogus tickets, credit card charges, and towing incidents ie -- THERE IS NONE. We also pointed out to both the Alternative Services Committee and then to all of Council, that the WPA has no actual citizen or small business representation on its Board, and that our surveys proved that over 50% of pay station machines were either broken or improperly programmed. And for this they want to ding parkers for even more money ??

Even Mynarski Coun. Ross Eadie agreed that as long as Selkirk Avenue had meters, it was an obscenity to pretend they weren't "needed" to encourage parking &q…

Winnipeg Free Press celebrates award for streaming the last night of the civic election

The newspaper that cried to Red River College falsely claiming the campus-funded radio station was not following CRTC regulations, is bragging it has won an award from print colleagues for their own, un-regulated internet streaming coverage, of the final night of the civic election.

Let's be clear: the award from the Canadian Newspaper Association is not for Free Press reporting of the Winnipeg races for city hall during the election campaign.
In fact, it is not for the quality of the presentation or reporting, at all.

It is for merely doing, not for excelling.

The award is in "the digital innovation category" in the "Great Ideas competition", for streaming video of election results and commentary on one night only, October 27.

That is as far removed from a prize for actual reporting or superior production of a newscast as you can get.

It is a newspaper industry award for 'best new gimmick'.

And while "staff writer" trumpets "THE Free Press'…

The Bartley Kives emails to Red River College - they're real and they're spectacular

In her first "this has to be kept confidential" email about Marty Gold to Red River College president Stephanie Forsyth, thin-skinned Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand not only used the comments of the in-house attorney about the misleading information she gave him to bolster the righteousness of her grieveances; she also made an unsourced reference to her own staff having been given the bum's rush when they tried to have concerns addressed.

"I do know that individual reporters who have complained to Gold and his station boss have been dismissed."

Both publisher Bob Cox and Goodhand had been invited onto TGCTS a number of times to discuss the newspaper's role in the community and reporting. They declined.

The email did not mention that fact to Forsyth.

Columnist Dan Lett made two extensive appearances in studio. Other FP writers were also interviewed on TGCTS. No mention of their taking part in the program was made to Forsyth either.

Only one Free Pres…