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Candidate Judy and other post - election emails

Thanks so much Marty. It was great to be on your show twice - sorry couldn't manage it in last week but no matter what happens I'm sure I'll be back on air with you someday.

(candidate for Mayor)

Good Day Marty,
I thank you for your excellent coverage on the City Election. I will continue to speak out on the issues.
Fred Morris
(candidate in St. James-Brooklands-Weston)

Virtually no change!
Looks like another 4 years of B.S.!

YOUR efforts to invigorate the campaign were stellar! Don't give up. It will be very interesting to see the poll by poll results!

I REALLY thank you for your efforts. they gave me energy and supported my commitment to change. Ah well!

Shane Nestruck
(candidate in Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry)


The funniest thing was watching the Tweets roll by as the Media "snobs" congratulated each other on how wonderfully they covered the election. Talk about a tight knit bunch of second rate jour…

Bike lobby smears AT safety concerns as " civic election hysteria", will "focus on celebrating bicycle culture" after federal deadline revoked

Minutes of the October meeting of Bike To The Future reveals a lobby group floundering after the unexpected backlash against their pet projects, resorting to propaganda campaigns and a shocking plan to divert attention from the dangerous traffic circles by smearing opponents as a "hysterical" minority:

"Were confident that the vast majority of Winnipeggers will support these projectsonce we get beyond the shock/hysteria from some local residents. Most Winnipeggers already support these projects.The Civic Election has definitely contributed to hysteria ..."

- Unable to secure funding for its lobbying efforts, defections from the Board has left the lobbying group shorthanded and burned out."Kevin is concerned that virtually nobody wants to do staff work for a volunteer salary, although we know virtually everybody wants to continue contributing to BttF in some way. .. To do everything we want to do requires a staff person, but obtaining funding is very diff…

LIVE SUNDAY : You Have The Power Pre- Election Broadcast

For the first time, TGCTS will be going LIVE on a Sunday night.

On October 24th, we will preempt the first 3 hours of our very popular Sunday replay block to review the stories and candidates of the civic election thus far -- from Mayor Katz denying a bike lobby exists, to Coun. Gerbasi proclaiming the destruction of Assiniboine Avenue was 'payback' by cyclists for years of neglect, to the little old lady on Edmonton St. who said "let them bring their own mothers down here".

Spirited Kenny and Captain Audio will join Marty Gold in studio, along with calls from bloggers and you listeners of the show. Who know, maybe even a candidate or two might join in !

As an added bonus, we will debut our Cue to Call for exclusive TGCTS Winter gear, courtesy of Compustitch! Listen in on Sunday night for the very best in local election coverage.

Traffic circles continue to dominate the headlines after the crash yesterday at Grosvenor and Waverly. Ignoring all science, …

Kim's report on almost-all candidates meeting for Daniel McIntyre ward

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter

An all candidates forum was held at the Magnus Eliason Recreational Centre, 430 Langside on Tuesday Oct. 19/10. Invited were all five of the candidates running in the Daniel McIntyre ward. However, only four of the candidates showed up. The candidates are Harvey Smith (incumbent), Keith Bellamy, John Cardoso, Cindy Gilroy-Price and missing was Lito Taruc who, we are told had a scheduling conflict even though he'd been invited to this forum four weeks ago. One would have thought he would make the effort to attend the only such forum for the ward in which he is running.

There was a packed house with people not only standing but often lined up out the door, so it would seem the residents of Daniel MacIntyre were eager to hear what the candidates had to say. Not only were the candidates present, but a variety of School Board Trustee candidates made an appearance. Some of them were Anthony Ramos, Myra Laramee, Christine Barr, Cathy Collins…

Fire Dept. motto "safety first" changed to "safety maybe", thanks to bike lane on Assiniboine

Email and video from a listener at noon today:

Hi Marty,
What we all have been talking about with emergency vehicles happened on Edmonton near Broadway.

It took place today at about 11:30. Many emergency vehicles were at the Edmonton Broadway corner. They are not visible in the videos (they are beyond the bus which must also have been caught up in this). Many of us turned to go north on Edmonton and ran into this. I do not know what they were responding to.

The yellow fire truck was not needed in the emergency and the only way it could get out was by backing down Edmonton. Not an easy task since many cars (including myself) had turned onto Edmonton.

All cars had to turn around and go south on Edmonton to clear the way.
The second and third video show the truck backing up. Just as it was getting in the clear a school bus came around the corner and more shuffling had to be done for this truck to get out of the way.

The cars that had to back out or turn around on Edmontonhad…

Col. Yoram Hamizrachi, inspiration for TGCTS, passes away

Yoram Hamizrachi- East, the former Israeli commander in South Lebanon, took me under his wing in 1983 and taught me about Middle Eastern geo-political affairs, community and multicultural activism, journalism, the art of radio, and how to burst the balloons of the rich and entitled class in society, among many other things.

That he had moved to Winnipeg, and come into my life, was a miracle. He passed away today after a lengthy illness at the age of 68.

I met Yoram when he was standing at a bus stop on McGregor Street near the family home on Matheson in June of 1983, and my then-wife and I recognized him from his interview that morning on CTV news about the Israeli war in Lebanon against the PLO. We pulled a U-Turn and my high-school Hebrew surprisingly sufficed to persuade him to accept a lift to the Garden City Shopping Centre, as he wedged his bulky frame beside my year-old daughter in her car seat. He and his wife Beate readily accepted my young family into their home and I became …

The Oct 7th Sam vs Judy Debate, as reviewed by Kim the Traffic Reporter

The Mayoral Candidate Forum held Oct. 7th at the Hydro Building downtown attracted a full house of those who wanted to hear what the candidates had to say about the downtown area. This event was presented by The Downtown Biz, Institute of Urban Studies (U. of W) and The Exchange District Biz. The event moderators were Richard Cloutier of CJOB and Dan Lett of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Cloutier and Lett did do a really good job as moderators moving questions and answers along in a timely manner, including shutting down the candidates when they ran to long on any particular subject and of course we at the microphone got our hands slapped if we took to much time .

There was ten scripted questions put to the candidates, which the candidates answered prior to the forum. It would have much more interesting to see how the candidates would have reacted and what their answers would have been had the questions not been scripted and been allowed to answer prior to the event.

However, …

Kim the Traffic Reporter replies to the online critics

Hello Marty,

I was informed that questions regarding my integrity and the bike/vehicle counts I performed on Sherbrook in June of this year is being discussed on a public forum website. This is my reply to those questions or concerns about my integrity.

A comment from Shaynelle (ed. note: this is the online pseudonym of an employee of Health Sciences Centre. She appeared as a delegation at Public Works Committee to voice support for the controversial Sherbrook bike lane proposal and opposed using Furby or Langside, as requested by the Spence Neighborhood Association and West End Biz, saying those streets were too dangerous for cyclists like her. Mayor Katz told our audience it has now been postponed by the administration due to questions about the consultation process.)

Re: Biking in Winnipeg
by Shaynelle on Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:08 pm tgcts wrote:I only reported the count. The counts themselves was done by KIm, who worked for the commissionaires for many years and takes the oath of p…

Gerbasi: Buses running over sidewalks part of Assiniboine "traffic calming"; Points finger at Shiller for consultation failure

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter

On Wed. Oct. 6th Jenny Gerbasi, the area Councillor (Fort Rouge- East Fort Garry) had a meeting with the residents of a seniors building at 33 Edmonton. This was done at the request of the residents who had concerns about the changes occuring on Assiniboine and the effect it is having on their street and transit services.

Councillor Gerbasi gave a brief presentation on her background in politics, then took questions from the approximately 15 residents in attendance. Many of the questions ran in the same vein, the traffic issues, transit, concerns about snow clearing and how it will affect the sidewalks.

Some issues regarding traffic is the traffic congestion on their streets because of the lane changes, one resident said there is "more traffic now" and that "people were driving around over and over" because they couldn't find how to get where they were going or because they didn't realize there was no through traffic…

The root cause of Bike Lobby sense of entitlement: Decades of unchecked abuse of Wellington Crescent residents

From: Kim the Traffic ReporterI was contacted by a resident on the west end of Wellington Cres. which is by the Academy/Kenaston entrance. This resident (who for obvious reasons does not wish to be identified) revealed what the real story is behind the barricades being "vandalized". I shall refer to this person as "MS" (my source).*****************************MS has lived on Wellington Cres. off and on for many, many years, including prior to the bike path being installed.

The story begins at the time of the inception of the bike path on Wellington Cres., this was done sometime in the 1970's, MS does not recall the exact year. The City approached the residents asking to put in this path, which would include the closure of the street to vehicles on Sundays and holidays, the residents agreed but with conditions. The conditions were simple, all the residents wanted was to have access for themselves and their visitors, a gap the width of a vehicle was to b…

Tomorrow in your FP: chasing 2 TGCTS stories-- what you won't learn in the MSM versions

Avowed cycling enthusiast, and Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand, had a double-doozy in her Editor's Bulletin this afternoon. Make that a triple.

1) Her intrepid reporters were waiting to ambush Sam Katz at a policy announcement today, to get his reaction to his slide in their recent poll.

We didn't ambush him, he walked into our studio yesterday and COMPLIMENTED the alternative media for asking smart, tough questions. And you know what, NOT ONE question was about the poll, or ANY polls. We talked to the Mayor about ISSUES.

And in the process, here's what you won't read in tomorrow's MSM scribblings:

A) The Sherbrook bike lane from Ellice to Cumberland is on hold while interim COA Michael Ruta meets with residents and the West End Biz.

B) Berry Street work proceeded yesterday on the authority of Ruta, even though the Mayor admitted he saw that the residents have NEVER seen a final version of the undulating mess, only the fantasy version of 2 straight pavement r…