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A big week coming up on TGCTS

This coming week is a must-not-miss 5 days on The Great Canadian Talk Show:

Monday: We dissect the latest smear in the relentless anti-Sam Katz campaign spearheaded by Free Press columnist Gordon Sinclair and ask more questions about the different standards applied to Katz than to friends of the newspaper like University of Winnipeg President Lloyd Axworthy; also the publisher of the new Manitoba Score Magazine, Tom Thiessen, will be in studio with Marty and Frank the Italian Barber to talk about his business plan to give amateur sports the coverage it is denied by mainstream media outlets.

Tuesday:Councillor Harvey Smith will appear in studio at 4.05 PM to explain the findings of the City Finance Committee in their investigation into the multi-million dollar overruns for the West End pollution control plant.

Chairman Coun. Mike O'Shaughnessy will only discuss the story with "reporters he has a prior relationship with" at CBC -- despite our numerous requests for an intervi…

CBC-TV's Dragons' Den Monday night -- and then we're LIVE from VICTORIA on TUESDAY !

The Great Canadian Talk Show on 92.9 Kick-FM will broadcast LIVE from Victoria, British Columbia this Tuesday, October 9 at 4 PM !

Host Marty Gold, with special guests from ISE Television Ltd., will have exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of what happened Thanksgiving night, when we made our best "elevator pitch" to CBC TV's The Dragons' Den - 5 of Canada's most successful business leaders - trying to convince them to back our pre-sold TV series.

And Spirited Kenny will be in the Winnipeg studio with exclusive information about the federal CANALERT program, which is supposed to warn Canadians and help protect them from weather emergencies like tornados, but has been strangled by bureaucratic neglect.

Here is the press release explaining what the CBC show is all about:

Power Pro Wrestling takes on The Dragons’ Den, Monday October 8th @ 8PM on the CBC. Check local listings for channel.

Business consultant “Dirty Money” Shaun Myall of Victoria and broadcaster/producer …

Point Douglas residents take back their neighborhood this Wednesday

During today's program, we received an email that is right in line with one of our main themes - crack cocaine and gangs threaten the fibre of our city and the safety of our streets.

We've had many elected officials on the show including Point Douglas MLA George Hickes and Mynarski councilman Harry Lazarenko, who represent the most endangered residents of Winnipeg. Full of platitudes and little in terms of commitment to take on gangs head-on, from two politicians who have been in office for a combined 50 years.

The kids from Norquay School beseached Govenor General Michaelle Jean for relief last June, and spurred the residents committee to take a stand starting with addressing then - CAO of Winnipeg Annitta Stenning during meetings for public input into hiring a new police chief. A mere week after they complained that nothing had been done by police about crack houses on two streets, a SWAT team swooped in.

Now they embark on Phase Two, and will hold a public gathering on Wedne…