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Street gangs not so dangerous that security cameras needed in North or West End, according to police proposal

Last week's attempted glorification of Indian Posse fugitive Danny Wolfe resulted in a hurried about-face by CBC-TV on Friday; evidentally the outcry of viewers about Wolfe's unchallenged claim that his crime sprees were rooted in his parents being 'victims of residential schools' embarassed CBC into balancing their initial report.

Common sense comments by inner-city viewers included insisting that when even actual residents of the schools had served in the armed forces and lived within the law, and raised hard-working honest children, intergenerational-victim Wolfe still bore personal responsibility for his own life and actions.

His own actions have included previous convictions for threatening witnesses and a violent home invasion; and Wolfe currently faces first degree murder and attempted murder charges in a Saskatchewan home invasion--which is why he went on the lam after a Regina prison break.

The history of the Indian Posse, the Wolfe Brothers, and the disturbin…

How to listen to TGCTS on I-Tunes !!

So, I recently discovered how to listen to the show on my Mac. This pleased me to no end, because I live out on the edge of the city, where KICK-FM's signal isn't too strong. But you can't beat the coverage from the Internet!

Here's how to listen to TGCTS on your Mac:

1. The URL for the KICK FM live stream is Copy that text.

2. Open up iTunes. Go to Advanced, and click on Open Stream.

3. Paste that URL into the Open Stream window, and click OK. Bam! Marty's in your iTunes.

Cheers! Thanks for listening!
- Young Josh

PS - I'll be at CDI College with Marty for our on-site broadcast next Tuesday, don't miss our live interview at 5 PM with Mayor Sam Katz.

NDP endorses Cheez Whiz as affordable milk substitute for Northerners

Thanks to Councillor Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan), who visited in-studio yesterday for a very far-ranging discussion about, among other things, wastewater treatment plant costs, the Disraeli Freeway revitilization, the Winnipeg Police Advisory Board, and in particular his frank revelation that city bureaucrats have tried to use his inexperience to BS him. He'll be invited back regularly as he provides a fresh point of view and is not afraid to be held accountable.

We had a flood of emails and calls after the show, in response to our story about the outrageous comments in the Legislature of NDP MLA Flor Marcelino (Wellington) on Tuesday.

While making excuses for the NDP's refusal to support a Private Members bill of Liberal Kevin Lamoureux (Inkster) to establish a fixed price for fresh milk and make that staple affordable to Northern Manitoba, (keep in mind the price of beer is, by law, the same as in Winnipeg but milk runs up to $22 or more for a 4-litre), Marcelino stated that…

Keep listening for federal election news and analysis

Day 1 of our coverage of the Federal Election featured:

- Breaking news about the exclusion of the Green Party from the upcoming leaders' debates and Elizabeth May's threat to seek an injunction;

- the Free Press revealing that Prime Minister Harper won't meet with their editorial board, while at the same time Stephane Dion won't return the calls of Corus Radio's Roy Green requesting an interview;

- that Dion didn't know what a 'car pool' was, and gave out the URL of the Green Shift company that the Liberal lawyers argued can't be confused with their use of the term;

- and with Jim Maloway entering the federal arena for the NDP, a name surfaced of a possible candidate in the upcoming provincial by-election to replace him -- Phil Walding, son of the former Speaker of the Legislature Jim Walding who took down the Pawley government in 1986.

Mainstream media can't cover it all. Space and time limitations, staffing shortages, direction from their bosses, …

Politics and media coverage to the forefront

With a federal election looming and the Manitoba Legislature about to resume, and following on the heels of the interview we did with provincial grit leader Jon Gerrard about the state of health care and Regional Health Authorities, politics and media will be front and centre on the show in the next couple of days.

Today at 4.10 Pm, the News Director of Global TV in Winnipeg Jon Lovlin will take time for a conversation about the style and content of news in Winnipeg; Jon is a good friend of the show as you can see:

Also, Professor Levinski will take a look at the life of respected Holocaust survivor Phillip Weiss, who passed away yesterday at age 83; and we'll have a special interview with Niverville race car driver David Richert, who is competing on the Volkswagen's Clean Diesel Jetta TDI Cup and will be throwing out the first pitch at Friday night's Goldeye's playoff game at 7 PM. As well we'll be featuring the audio from the following Fox News clip where Megyn Kel…

Invitation to appear on TGCTS directly delivered to Doer

The Mackintosh Watch is at Day 16 and there is no sign that the Family Services Minister will respond to our request for an interview to allow him to answer the questions stemming from the Gage Guimond death/Sagkeeng First Nation and Cree Nation Child and Family Service reviews.

Questions like:

What will he do to ensure whistleblowers can come forward and be protected from threats of physical harm?

Why did the province hand over millions to the Sagkeeng CFS authorities without ensuring more than a paltry $1000 was spent on criminal background checks and foster parent training?

What responsibility does he and his bureaucrats accept for their failure to protect children in care?

Gord Mackintosh is not alone. Many of his cabinet colleagues, including Health Minister Theresa Oswald, Healthy Living Minister Kerri Irvin-Ross, and their boss Premier Gary Doer, do not even bother with the courtesy of a call to tell us they won't be available to come on the show and let the listeners of Kick…