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Episode 3: A Sunday night in downtown Winnipeg: perception vs reality

A surprise visit from Graham Hnatiuk caused the script to go out the window for Episode 3, as the civic issues of panhandling, homelessness, and public safety in and around downtown forged to the front of the line. Graham was a regular contributor about urbanism on our radio version and it was great to have him join in again.

The Downtown Biz wants to paint a rosy picture that doesn't do justice to the injustice of how unsafe the city is when cruise night winds down. How dangerous is Marty's perception of downtown Winnipeg on a Sunday night? Plenty. How upset was Graham with the Winnipeg Sun? Plenty. How embarrassing is it that the pet project of millionaires can't pay its taxes ? Plenty.

Read more preview and take a listen here (or click on the player to the right):

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Exclusive: Deputy CAO Alex Robinson splits from Winnipeg City Hall

TGCTS has acquired the following statement from Winnipeg Chief Administrative Officer Phil Sheegl

Good afternoon.

This afternoon, I am writing to advise that Alex Robinson is leaving the Winnipeg Public Service leadership team to seek other career opportunities, effective today.

Once a member of the former Business Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs Department, Alex returned to the City of Winnipeg in November, 2005 as an Advisor in the Executive Policy Committee Secretariat, moving into the role of Senior Advisor in December, 2006. Alex took on a new challenge in September, 2007 when he was appointed Acting Chief Administrative Officer. In April, 2008 he was appointed Mayor’s Director of Economic Development and Strategic Initiatives, and was responsible for a comprehensive intergovernmental relations strategy and the review of high profile, strategic initiatives.

In November, 2008 Alex was appointed to his most recent position of Deputy Chief Administrative Officer…

Fan reaction to Podcast launch; New episode explains the NDP jumping on the Jets bandwagon, candidate interview, book contest, and more.

Using email, Twitter and Facebook, listeners gave us feedback on the debut of Winnipeg's Premiere Podcast:

Hi Marty and Ken Enjoyed the podcast. You did a great job. I was surprised how professional the sound seemed done from a Mac and Microphone.

The good: Updates on the blogosphere, I know some of them but learned some new ones, Selinger/Flanders comparison, crime court and public safety, shout outs and finding out what past TGCTS staffers went on to do.

The Bad: nothing really. - I think that finding a way for the live audience participation is a good idea.

I even found something to disagree with.

Sorry, I'm really skeptical about the Jets. It seems that this is a sop to the masses to distract us from the issues (like crime, healthcare and infrastructure). Circus Minimus while Rome burns. Middle class gets to spend incredible amounts of cash to watch upper class play game to benefit upper class assuming they can get tickets. I really hope I'm wrong (and …

Podcast episode 1: How electable is the unelected premier, Greg Selinger?

Our inaugural podcast is TGCTS at its best, including going into overtime cause there was so much to dissect on the local scene -- especially when Spirited Kenny is in the studio.

Who's more exciting, Greg Selinger or Ned Flanders? Kenny decides. It's a fun kick-off to Winnipeg's premiere podcast with a review of how the leaders debate at the Teachers Society unionista gathering sounded on CJOB and the on-site reaction to the saturation bombing of Tory ads on the broadcast.

We also put out the call for tips about the Manitoba election - (dirty campaign tricks to report? tgcts1 at g mail dot com folks!) and set out the first plank in what we think should be an election issue -- Sunday shopping.

Also there's a Crime Courts and Public Safety update with a tremendous assessment of the abandonment of the north end from Rae Butcher, plenty to say about Winnipeg radio, newspaper and TV reporting, recommended blogs to read, and innumerable shout outs to all sorts of Winnipegger…

Podcasts launch next week, just in time for the Manitoba election

The gatekeepers of the Winnipeg mainstream media tried to use their power behind closed doors, to cancel our drive-home talk show, and then lies were told to cover up the actions of "role models".

Ask yourself, who benefited?

And why did anyone feel they had to lie about the true motives for canceling our show "as a first step" to eliminate the community from campus radio on 92.9 Kick-FM ? (a flimsy excuse that has since been erased from their talking points, when the brilliant minds at Red River College realized it would be illegal to do so under the CRTC licence. )

Because we made a difference and shook up the status quo, that's why.

Our civic election coverage proved, there was a silent majority in Winnipeg who want their stories told about this city, that want to hear the views and analysis of bloggers and the alternative media, are interested in the concerns of small businesses and non profits, and wanted the voiceless defended. It accomplished what …

Stephanie Forsyth controversy hits pages of Free Press; ethics complaint filed with RRC Governors

(Edit - for readers who asked, here is the link to my latest column in the Winnipeg Sun, about the night Baljinder Singh Sidhu was murdered across from the Osborne and Stradbrook firehall

A prominent news story all about her 'big plans' for Red River College, and a much smaller companion piece in this morning's Winnipeg Free Press - with a vague headline and no byline - has generated the kind of attention Stephanie Forsyth would prefer to avoid, as readers look past the PR spin and towards her controversial management style and priorities.

The RRC president made clear her facility envy of local Universities, as she told a remarkably uninquisitive Nick Martin how the College wants to add lights and astroturf to athletic fields, wants an indoor soccer facility, and covets the decrepit Public Safety Building, even if the main Notre Dame campus infrastructure is "in dire need of replacement&q…

Cathy Rushton's belated apology to Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz

Welcome to our new readers from colleges and universities across the country, including the Ontario College of Arts and Design, the University of Waterloo, University of Lethbridge and Northwest Community College. We are interested in more of your comments about our stories and investigations, especially if your campus funds a radio station licenced under the CRTC.

After our last post about the Manitoba Ombudsman confirming our complaint that Red River College breached provincial privacy laws and failed to correct false records created by (then) vice-president Cathy Rushton about Mayor Sam Katz and TGCTS, readers asked more about the letter from the Ombudsman:

'What did the apology Rushton sent to Katz say?'

Rushton, who admitted to blogger Graham Hnatiuk that she "was confused and incorrect" when she spread the falsehood to College and Kick-FM officials that Katz had beefed about "attacks" on our radio program, was no less confused and in…

Red River College breached privacy law, Ombudsman finds; lie about Mayor Sam Katz left on files for 4 months

The Manitoba Ombudsman has discovered that Red River College, which teaches journalism students about the importance of Freedom of Information laws, committed a breach of the Protection of Privacy Act.

The discovery was made after College officials had assured the Ombudsman that a false allegation regarding Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz had already been corrected using required protocols. Instead the falsehood - repeated to at least 4 people by former vice-president Cathy Rushton - that Mayor Katz had complained to former College president Jeff Zabudsky about The Great Canadian Talk Show, remained on the official College files for 4 months.

After learning of the false allegations when an Access to Information filing uncovered Rushton's emails about Katz to 2 other College vice-presidents and 2 members of the Kick-FM Board, show host Marty Gold acquired a letter from Katz describing claims he had ever complained about the show as "patently false". Gold insisted Rushton attach t…