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Photo radar emails galore, this week's guest list, and a tribute to John Tolos

Time to get into the blogosphere what we have been broadcasting on the show. Our work on the photo radar scandal was raised twice in Question Period at the Legislature - and resulted in Justice Minister Dave Chomiak having to personally call Mayor Sam Katz to apologize for falsely claiming that Katz stood opposed to refunding cash-grab tickets; and then Councillor Gord Steeves revealed on the show that Chomiak got him wrong too, and that Steeves did not have the authority to decide that if a refund of the city's share was ordered, the money would have to come directly from the police budget.

So many of the emails spoke about personal experiences, both pro and con, of the use and misuse of radar vans and red light camera's too. We lead off by reprinting an insider's advice on the program and its flaws:

Tickets are issued to red light runners with the emergency vehicle clearing seen in the background.

It is Legal to enter on the red light in order to yield right …

Chomiak misled House: admits Katz not blocking Radargate refunds, blames Steeves instead

For the second straight day in Question Period, information about the photo radar scandal uncovered by the Great Canadian Talk Show was prominent in Opposition grilling of the government.

And, it has caused Justice Minister Dave Chomiak to eat crow and resort to fallback strategies to stonewall opposition demands that illegal speeding ticket revenue be returned to victims.

Last Thursday, Chomiak was confronted about the denial that a conversation witn Mayor Katz even took place, let alone that Katz refused to repay the city share of fines because the money would come directly out of the police budget.

Today, Chomiak admitted he "misspoke", and in effect misled the House, and instead, hid behind an alleged May 7 letter from Protection Chair Gord Steeves - but again stumbled and started to claim the Mayor sent the letter before correcting himself.

Photo Radar Tickets
Support for Proposed Motion

Mr. Kelvin Goertzen (Steinbach): Mr. Speaker, I think those GDP projections must have …

EXCLUSIVE - Katz to Chomiak: I didn't say that.

Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz has confirmed to The Great Canadian Talk Show that he never told provincial Justice Minister Dave Chomiak that the city was opposed to, or could not afford, refunding cash-grab photo radar tickets.

Yesterday in Question Period, a frazzled Chomiak hid behind the excuse the city was to blame for his failure to right the injustices suffered by thousands of car owners, dinged with huge speeding fines despite missing or misleading signage, tickets issued when no workers were actually present in construction zones, or in outright speed traps.

"I said to the mayor today, will you pay back that money? They said, no. We have no legal right. We're not touching it. It's $10 million. We're going to take it out of our police budget." Chomiak said in the Legislature yesterday. (Today Chomiak resorted to hiding behind the police chief Keith McCaskill, who has never been put on the record about the propriety of his department being funded by illegally obtai…

Photo radar insider adds to NDP's woes; CBC spins WRHA's leaked poll; MSM divided on suicide coverage

Today at 4.20 PM, we'll have an account of the outrage of residents of South St. Vital at Justice Minister Dave Chomiak and the NDP government - and the city - for the variety of ways they say, the rapid sprawl of the area has made them easy pickings for photo radar and red light cameras.

Plus, a photo radar insider has provided us an email with even more clues about the faults in the way tickets are issued. Some of the information jibes with the calls and emails the show heard last week, so it appears that indeed, the people cannot be fooled all of the time.

EDIT: here is the email from the insider:

Tickets are issued to red light runners with the emergency vehicle clearing seen in the background.

It is Legal to enter on the red light in order to yield right of way. How many people blindly just pay the "fine".

Weather and vehicle type (like motorcycles) can cause the plate to be non-identifiable so a lot of infractions are missed.

If the public truly wishes to stop the use …

Councillors and media ignore Friends of Upper Fort Garry in violation of city disclosure conditions

The City of Winnipeg Standing Policy Committee on Downtown Development met in-camera on May 4 to decide whether to go forward with the process to transfer the "historic Gate Lands" to the special interest group that opposed the growth of downtown residential population.

The zombies in Winnipeg's mainstream media blandly regurgitated that the councillors- Pagtakhan, Fielding, Gerbasi, and Steeves - voted to approve the deal going forward to Executive Policy Committee.

BUT a leaked copy of the administration report acquired by TGCTS revealed that the Friends do not want the public to know,

- who has contributed money, and the amount of their donation
- the actual cash amount the Friends have on hand
- how much is outstanding in pledges, or
- the conditions donors placed on their support.

This is significant since the conditions placed upon the Friends by the Committee explicitly stated a schedule of funding must be submitted that would include those details (as well as a busines…

Conflict of interest clear to all - except Free Press publisher Bob Cox

This morning, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority succeeded where even their political masters, Manitoba's NDP government, had failed.

By offering the promise of a substantial dowry-- perpetual advertising revenue -- to the Winnipeg Free Press, the beleagured WRHA 'braintrust' have miraculously bought off their harshest critic.

This deal perhaps explains why two weeks ago, the Free Press concealed the truth about the performance of the province in the national MRI wait times report, and misrepresented bench mark achievements- or lack thereof - in knee replacements.

After all, you can't very well embarass someone one week and expect them to be your business partner the next.

The broadsheet, whose publisher Bob Cox pretends that their "unique" deal to print, deliver, and sell advertising for a glossy WRHA rag is not a blatant conflict of interest, decided pimping out the WRHA brand name and publishing a glossy bi-monthly "healthy living" magazine was…

Family lawyer Jack A. King interview transcript

On Thursday April 16th, Winnipeg lawyer Jack A. King spoke with us for about 20 minutes on the subject of parental alienation. Courtesy of his staff - who are also loyal listeners - we were provided a transcript of that segment and the brief conversation that followed with in-studio guest Outlaw Adam Knight.

Jack King’s interview on The Great Canadian Talk Show (92.9 KICK FM) April 16, 2009 with host Marty Gold

Marty – I am joined right now on the line by Jack King who I am told is a listener of this program, and is a family lawyer of 20 years experience in the city of Winnipeg . Hello, Mr. King

Jack – Good afternoon to you.

Marty – It’s a pleasure having you on the program. I don’t often touch on matters relating to family law, etc., but I have been advised that there’s some issues that are of a concern specifically as it relates to the matter of parental alienation and so I wanted to bring you on this program and, subsequent to bringing you greetings and welcoming you, to ask you what t…