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Exclusive: Our Winnipeg Open House = EMPTY HOUSE

Photo of the second round table on Friday morning: once again, zero attendance.

The city of Winnipeg drove the final nail in the coffin of "public consultation" today, when the inaugural "Round Table" feedback session for the vaunted 25 year development plan Our Winnipeg drew ZERO humans to Red River College on Princess.

When local publisher Bob Axford and I walked into the room today to cover the event, all the attendees were dressed as empty chairs. Not a soul had crossed the threshhold, save for 2 city planners involved with the SpeakUp Winnipeg project.

Neither of them could answer basic questions, such as:

* Who is responsible for scheduling the meeting with less than 24 hours notice to the public?
* Why are the Round Tables all scheduled within the next 6 days, and only during working hours so that people with real jobs can't be heard?
* Why did 311 not have any information about the Round Table or Information Open House session tonight at RRC, beyond that …

"Award winning" Winnipeg Parking Authority creates HSC "ghost town"

First, we look to the Downtown Biz website, in a posting entitled
"The Winnipeg Parking Authority Staff Recognized by International Institute/Winnipeg’s Parking Authority has been recognized by the International Parking Institute with several major awards."

Earlier this year, the WPA was identified by Manitoba Business Magazine as one of the Province’s Top 75 Companies. David Hill also received a Mayor’s Business Improvement award for his work with the Downtown BIZ.

"Our Board was unanimous", said Stefano Grande, Executive Director of the Downtown BIZ, "our city parking environment is vastly better than it was years ago, it’s great for business, and we appreciate the the City’s leadership in getting us there"... "It’s good to see these people striving for excellence".

For businesses and residents outside of the Downtown Biz catchment area, they might interpret that definition of "excellence" as meaning :

"it's good as lon…

Jets saga, WRHA secrecy, battle against Sherbrook bike lanes, Holiday Blog reading

A hodge-podge of thoughts and comments:

Isn't It Fun watching the mainstream media play catch-up...

For weeks on the Great Canadian Talk Show, Scott Taylor and I have been talking about the three groups or individuals involved in the alleged purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes: Chicago’s Jerry Reinsdorf (who is too smart to buy that dog and leave it in Phoenix), the under-financed dreamers from Ice Edge Holdings (who were looking for a bargain-basement price and nothing else) and the Mark Chipman-David Thomson duo (who really have become the apple of the NHL’s eye).Now one of the local mainstream outlets determined that yes, indeed, Chipman was the third buyer on the scene.
Wow! Nice scoop, FP. Glad the Globe found a "document" for you. What ever happened to real reporting and the old adage, "get it first and get it right."At the Great Canadian Talk Show we always seem to get it first and once again, we get it right.Nice to see the local broadsheet caught up to the &#…

Manitoba Day crowd told Friends of Upper Fort Garry seizing Assiniboine Avenue for their pet project

Today, at the site of the taxpayer-subsidized provincial park that will form the new backyard of the Manitoba Club, residents of nearby apartment buildings and other citizens were shocked to learn that the greed of the Friends of Upper Fort Garry (57% controlled by the Club) knows no bounds.

"They're crazy" said Tom, a senior citizen whose apartment overlooks the site. He spoke to TGCTS after attending the Manitoba Day tent display of the plans the entitled class have for the neighbourhood.

"Your flyer is 100% right, they don't care about us, they want everything for themselves. Take away parking?? We already have city employees with those damn parking permits taking up all the street spots. Fort Street is already congested half the time. Now they want to make it worse!"

A model of the site does not even pretend to hide their shameless sense of entitlement.

It showed Assiniboine Avenue completely closed off to east-west traffic, with parking removed, and east…

Despite North End Poverty, Gangs, Potholes, Governments Choosing to Spending over $2 Million on -- Bicycle Paths

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter

I arrived at the North End Bikeway System Workshop taking place at 200 Powers (William Whyte School) at about 4:45pm on Tuesday May 4th.

At that time one of the consultants was placing signs on the front doors of the school regarding the open house, the signs were standard sizes of paper, one of the signs had an arrow pointing north. The entrance to the event was on the side of the building, entering in through the receiving doors. Rounding the corner, I took note of standard size paper with the usual notice of the open house.

(by the way Marty this is for you, Bill jest said he was feeling neglected because you hadn't mentioned his name for a few I had to tell you.)

According to the Active Transportation website, the workshop was supposed to follow a schedule. This however was not the case as there were enough consultants on hand to deal with any questions. There were six consultants available…

Parking Authority driving out businesses and residents of core area

Here are our latest findings about the WPA and how yet another struggling neighborhood is being gouged and treated with no respect. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> From: Kim the Traffic Reporter To: hello marty; On April 22/10 I did a little walkabout in the Exchange area, this is what I found:

Start: 12.10 Finish: 2.45pm

Around the Salvation Army I found Main St. was the only area with meters. Maple, Henry, Austin and Henry East of Main St. remained a time limited zone. The WRHA building is right across the street from the Salvation Army. There are no meters on Higgins.

Looked at Union Gospel Mission on Princess between Higgens and Henry. There are 2 paystations, one on the east, one on the west side. According to Greg Stetski the Executive Director of the Mission there had never been a parking problem. Mr. Stetski said that "most of the people who come here are don't have any money for a car". The area up until late sum…

Mayor Katz issues statement on death of longtime Charleswood Coun. Bill Clement

Original Message -----
From: Salyn, Brad
Sent: Mon May 03 21:43:42 2010
Subject: Statement from Mayor Katz

"It is with great sadness and deep sorrow that I am to inform all Winnipeggers of the passing of Charleswood - Tuxedo City Councillor Bill Clement. Bill ultimately lost a hard fought battle with cancer.

We will miss Bill's passion, dedication, and knowledge who as a councillor always represented the citizens of Charleswood - Tuxedo and Winnipeg with integrity and wisdom.

On behalf of my colleagues on council, we pray for his family during this difficult time. Funeral details will follow."

Listeners emails about Katz vs Judy, city "communications", CMHR stomps on boneyard, NDP soft on criminals, and kudos for Kiniski

From our bag o'email:

Sam vs Judy and Sharon


Its a good day for democracy in Winnipeg - Judy is supposed to finally make official her intention to run against Mayor Sam. As much as I like mayor Sam, I don't think its healthy for an incumbent to be unapposed at the polls.

THe really good news for Mayor Sam is that Judy has picked Sharon Carstairs to run her campaign. Sharon comes to the position with a wealth of experience in losing elections. In fact, if the popularity of the NDP under Howard Pawley had not totally imploded, paving the way for a temporary two and a half party system in Manitoba, she would have been yet another "unknown voice" of liberals in the province, rather than the "lone voice" that she became.

One thing really bugs me though: Judy will resign from federal politics to run for office, just like Kevin Lameroux will resign from provincial politics before he runs for Judy's seat. That's fair.

But for the duration of t…