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Orlikow sends a message to city bureaucrats: stop screwing around with democracy

One of the issues continually raised on the Great Canadian Talk Show is the lack of proper consultation and discussion on important civic issues at city hall.

Time and again - bike lands, land swaps, water utility - things taxpayers have serious questions about or nothing of to begin with, are rushed before council for a vote to get things rolling. And stuck in the middle - cause they certainly aren't insiders - are councillors, who, we have learned, are not as clued in on the QT as we often presume.

From veterans like Charleswood's Bill Clement to greenhorns like Jeff Browaty of North Kildonan, we have heard that councillors are caught unawares and are expected to make complex decisions without having time to read, absorb and interpret the background material. For instance, the rookie from Fort Garry/River Heights, John Orlikow, spent 12 hours cramming for the water utility vote in July. How could the city mandarins expect citizens on the first week of summer break to devot…

Winnipeg Free Press wilts as Police Association challenges editorial "facts"

On Tuesday, a Free Press editorial entitled " Time to police specialization" said:

" the jockeying of special interests, the police union has launched a salvo, warning that the strategy to beef up the battle against gangs will be a wash unless another 25 officers are assigned to the organized crime unit. ...

Hiring another 25 officers -- a number that was chosen as an opening negotiating bid, no doubt -- would cost millions of dollars; raiding other policing priorities would leave others exposed, in all likelihood the general patrol duty officers who respond to daily calls for service...

The number of officers on the city's payroll can be defended by Winnipeg's relative crime rate, but only to a point. Both Edmonton and Vancouver, for example, have higher crime rates but considerably fewer cops."

President of the union, Mike Sutherland, challenged the basis of that claim:

Dear Ms. Goodhand,

In regards to today’s (September 22, 2009) editorial (attached), “Ti…

Boycott of Peak of the Market brand no small potatoes

Mainstream media newsroom managers scrambled late last week, faced with a compound headache. Sorting out the details of a brewing battle between small potato growing operations and a provincial marketing board is hard enough, but they are also assessing the risk to their own jobs if they cover the story. The only thing worse than a complex story, is one where the execs upstairs mutter "bury it, they're a big advertiser".

The facts first broke on a website of Waverley grocer Crampton's Market.

"Until this year, farmers who did not grow potatoes for Peak of the Market were allowed to grow 4 acres of potatoes to sell on their own. This year Peak of the Market changed the rules as of July 15th. Now farmers are not allowed to grow potatoes to sell unless they have a Peak of the Market quota and sell only to Peak of the Market... It is now illegal to grow and sell your own potatoes in…

Our tribute to Kerry Brown, Alabama Jim Silver's gang "study", and more! today at 4PM

Today at 4 PM we'll be joined by Dan Denton from Los Angeles. It was Denton who introduced me to Stampede Wrestling star Kerry Brown. Kerry became a close and valued friend, and his sudden passing at age 51 has saddened everyone from the world of wrestling who knew him.

Here is a link to the story I wrote about Kerry for Slam!Wrestling:

A demo reel of a 1994 match under my Rough House Rasslin' label, with Kerry putting his career on the line against rookie Paul Marcoux, and yes that is my voice on the play by play:

Thanks to Tony Condello, who trained Kerry and broke him into the business, for sharing his thoughts yesterday on Kerry's career and his influence on so many of the younger local hopefuls.

Also scheduled for today:

- At 4.20 a special look at the Alabama Jim Silver and co. Free Press op-ed where we read about how 6 gang members conned Jimbo and 3 …

What we did on our summer "vacation"

Traditional news and information outlets claim that summertime is "slow".
That with politicians on vacation, stories can't be pursued.
That people like parents, college students, Joe and Jane Lunchbucket, are too distracted during 'construction season' to care about news.

Could have fooled us.

The Great Canadian Talk Show continued to prove the important role alternative media serves in keeping the public engaged all through July and August. The emails and phone calls poured in. There was no vacation for the elite with their pet projects on our dime, for politicians, or for the untouchables like 'arms-length' agencies and the media gatekeepers, from being held to account.

* While the daily newspapers published without question an "editorial" of Gail Asper that her Museum project was soooo good for all of us, we

- dissected the massive and predicted cost-overruns that were ignored by the mainstream media until it was too late to protect taxpayers;

- r…