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So far in 2010: emails from listeners on local affairs


Hi Marty Gold: Where is the NDP candidate for Concordia ? I live in the riding, and all 3 candidates from the Liberal, Green, and PC party's have knocked on my door, but no NDP candidate (Matt Wiebe). It was pleasure to meet the candidates from the other 3 party's, and talk about issues. Is this the kind of representation we can expect from our MLA, the same as the last one (Absent Doer)? Thank you ND

Dr Postl's replacement as head of WRHA/hallway medicine

Hello Marty, I do not have any high hopes for this particular candidate, however i am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. It will be interesting to see if/how her previous history as a nurse is of any benefit.

As for "no hallway beds" - what a joke! Our hospital is routinely (nearly daily) hard up for beds, and we are continually having to keep patients in the ER because we are otherwise "full".

Now think for a…

NDP shields Wiebe, as Lib and Tory Concordia candidates accept interview requests

The Concordia by-election next week has been a low-key affair, and the voting public welcomes any opportunity to evaluate the candidates. But the NDP did not learn from last years' Elmwood campaign. Or maybe they did.
Last year, once we got through to him directly, candidate Bill Blaikie was more than happy to sit down for a pre-recorded interview with us, and address issues for the many listeners in East Winnipeg who were eligible to vote. He gave as good as he got in a 22 minute classic that remains one of our most popular interviews. He even said he enjoyed it.

But when we asked for the same consideration from Matt Wiebe, seeking to succeed former Premier Gary Doer as MLA for the area, we got every excuse in the book.
Too busy.
Knocking on doors.
Shaking hands.
Kissing babies.
Can't join Matt on the campaign trail and be allowed an interview as a blogger was, because said blogger was a constituent with an audience of about 6 dozen.

After all, we were told, he did a quickie with Ha…

Bullied by Parking Authority, third victim fights back -- his email to Councillor Fielding

The following email was sent to City Councillor Scott Fielding (St. James-Brooklands) and was copied to our show.
This is the case we discussed on-air last Thursday, about how a driver was duped into thinking the Parking Authority was going to deal with him reasonably. Instead he was being set-up to pay an extra $233 for an illegal lien on a car he had sold months before.
He got called "stupid" for not realizing he was played for a fool by a WPA official -- who told him any complaints were to be sent to HER. And 311 was of NO help. The WPA, it appears, can do whatever they want to drivers in Winnipeg, knowing that ultimately, the City pays for their lawyer and the executives and employees responsible face no consequences.
Wednesday after 4 PM on 92.9 Kick-FM, we will ask Coun. Jeff Browaty about this and other recent WPA horror stories; we plan to ask Mayor Sam Katz about them as well, on Thursday when he appears in studio.
My Story …

Parking Authority victim fights back with new website

The man who claims he was assaulted by a Winnipeg Parking Authority official last summer, has launched a blog detailing his case. The Abuses of The Winnipeg Parking Authority includes audio of our exclusive interview last week.

"When the parking authority official was told that the Winnipeg Police supported Jason in the illegitimacy of the ticket he responded by saying “We don’t care what the police say, they have no control over us”.

And the latest experience of Jason Ross with the WPA, shows even more secrecy going on then we knew.

Read all about how the WPA illegally ticketed and towed the musicians' truck, claimed they were above the police, and confronted the driver when he insisted on an uncaring official of this city-council sanctioned agency identifying himself for the record.

And after waiting 5 months for police to investigate, Jason has now learned not to don't bother trying to call the WPA directly. The City 311 service is Dave Hill's new gatekeeper.


VANOC admits torch rules bent for Gov. Schwarzenegger; ducks explaining breaking rules for Premier Selinger

The Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee was forced this week to justify allowing California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to run with the Olympic Torch contrary to their rules. In the process, it has brought the torch run of Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger back under scrutiny.

"VANOC torch relay manuals obtained under Freedom of Information from the City of Vancouver say sitting politicians cannot participate in the relay."wrote 24Hours reporter Bob Mackin on Monday.

“This policy is not an IOC policy,” said International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge. “Who runs with the torch relay is a matter for the organizing committee.”

To many, the controversy revolved around the admitted past steroid use by the bodybuilder turned Republican politician, as the Games have long fought the scourge of tainted competition.

Scrambling to save face, John Furlong, the chief executive of Olympics organizing committee Vanoc, told Canwest "He has taken an extraordinary position on…

Driver alleges assault by Winnipeg Parking Authority official - Today at 4 PM

The mainstream media in Winnipeg has uttered not a word about the bullying tactics of the city's parking mandarins. Recent developments will make it more difficult for them to ignore what is shaping up to be a serious issue in the civic election.

New abuses against the public have come to the attention of The Great Canadian Talk Show on 92.9 Kick-FM, including improper parking ban tickets, illegally towing cars, allegations of intimidation and now, of assault. * Last summer, the Winnipeg Parking Authority, a special operating agency (SOA) that is at arms-length from council, embarked on the arbitrary placement of pay stations (the modern day equivalent of meters) in core-area neighborhoods without any consultation.

The residents and businesses of streets such as Alexander, Ross, Pacific, Elgin, Hargrave, McDermot and Bannatyne near Red River College, and on streets within about 4 blocks of the Health Sciences Centre, saw the unwelcome imposition of paid parking on their st…

"Little guy" fights back against the Winnipeg Parking Authority, plus a Bob Axford editorial

More and more, we are being deluged with complaints from our drive-home audience about parking tickets, bike lanes, diamond lanes, and the state of our bridges and streets. The lack of genuine consultation, the secret meetings with special interest groups, the bullying of unaccountable agencies and bureaucrats -we'll get back to that in a moment...

Today on the show at 4.30, the story of a listener, who has drawn the line with the Parking Authority after they threatened to seize his car over a ticket that was tossed out of court. And that's not his only bad experience with the WPA, and their perverted interpretation of drivers as 'customers' and what they do as a 'service'.

Plus your emails about garbage bins, another bike lane with no consultation coming?, why society is NOT guilty for the assault on Faron Hall, and a doozy of a Winnipeg Free Press "Our Mistake".

Also today, at 5.15 our final NFL panel for the year recaps the fabulous Super Bowl, wit…

A councillor, an anniversary, and a farewell - today at 4 PM

Today will be a very interesting episode you won't want to miss.

* At a special time of 4.05 PM, we will be joined by Drew Mindell of the Illegal Curve Radio Show, to preview their first anniversary show that will start tonight on Kick-FM at 7 PM. With top-shelf guests and great analysis, the IC crew has made a significant impact on hockey coverage locally and across the continent, and we are proud of our association with them.

* Mike Pagtakhan of Point Douglas, (substituting for our scheduled guest, Daniel McIntyre councillor Harvey Smith) sits in with us at 4.20 to discuss civic issues that will include the "tax grab" zoning certificates, the rolling garbage bin expansion, taxicabs being carjacked, the Active Transportation initiative excluding motorists from planning and the favoritism shown to the bike lobbyists, as well as a listener complaint about the Parking Authority and their total lack of accountability.

* After the Crime, Courts and Public Safety Update, at 5.1…