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City Health Department issues a caution: Free Press employees may have tainted pork

Press Release
For immediate release

Pork given to Free Press employees may not be safe to eat

The City of Winnipeg Health Department has cautioned anyone who received pork on the Free Press picket line of potential health risks.

A Free Press reporter claimed in an internet post that some of the minced pork delivered to strikers was already spoiled, and the rest was "already thawing". Most was taken home by picketers. The reporter went on to suggest the pork was being refrozen by many of the union members, with the intention of being handed out in Christmas hampers.

Peter Parys, Manager of the City’s Community By-law Enforcement Services, provided the following information for our listeners.

* meat that is not, or has not been, properly stored can certainly pose a risk if consumed;
* it is not recommended practice to refreeze meat;
* consumers should be cautious if they do not know how food has been handled and stored prior to receiving it.

Food storage information is also availabl…

Exclusive: Premier Doer, flying to Vancouver, gets broadsided by Nova Scotia leak

A leisurely Air Canada flight to Vancouver en route to China for a trade mission had a rough beginning and an even rougher ending today, for Manitoba Premier Gary Doer.

A listener reported that after enjoying the advantage of pre-boarding for executive class, Doer quietly assumed his seat in 2A. "If one of the women hadn't said "Gary" I wouldn't have realized it was the Premier," said our listener.

However, one of his 2 female companions caused a ruckus when her ginormous carry-on bag, which she insisted could not be flown as checked luggage, did not fit into the overhead bins. The diva-like histrionics held up the great unwashed class of passengers for 5 minutes until the bag was finally wedged out of sight.

Then, something happened during the flight that caused another great hue and cry upon landing. Something about "moved on the wires", "Federation of Labour", the name "Rick Clark ", and the premier muttering "it wasn…

Free Press strike ends as Pork Scandal grows; Ag Minister "very concerned"

By resounding margins, all 3 bargaining units - carriers, pressmen, and inside workers - accepted the 'final offer' put forward by the owners of the Winnipeg Free Press, and will return to work Wednesday, with the paper to hit the streets the next day.

But as listeners of The Great Canadian Talk Show heard, the controversy over the delivery of frozen pork to striking workers intensified even as the ratification vote took place, with the provincial government now voicing concern.

The first strikers story about the pork, which can be found here, claimed "A man who delivers donations for the Winnipeg Harvest food bank" miraculously appeared at 11 AM on October 17th at the picket line, after he was "asked to get rid of it", and that the meat had been declared "surplus":

"The province’s biggest food bank appealed for donations last week when supplies ran low. The appeal drew hundreds of donations, including the frozen meat."

We have now discovere…

Our local blog suggestions list, and ahead this week...

Last week, as we continued reporting on the strikers' false story of how they got the free frozen pork ahead of Winnipeg's truly needy, a caller suggested we prep a list of blogs that locals could rely on until the Free Press returned to ink and newsprint, as alternate sources of local news and opinion. Good idea, we agreed.

And so, in no particular order, here are some options:

* Blogger Rob Galston has been a guest on the show, and he posts (mostly about urban development and planning) at

* Luc Lewandoski guested with us just before the federal election was called; he recently speculated about what Prime Minister Harper's new cabinet could look like at

* One of the most ambitious local blogs not only breaks news with video, and covers local issues but also sports, gas prices, pop culture - hey , online coupons for Quiznos! - a package that is pretty unique and worth bookmarking:…

Inside the Winnipeg Free Press strike

The labour stoppage on Mountain Street has played out before the eyes of the public, thanks to the new technologies -- to the chagrin of some of the combatants.

The Free Press website has never seen so many stories posted, with some usually deskbound senior editors pressed into service demonstrating undiminished skill in crafting up to a half a dozen stories in a day.

Meanwhile, the strikers established their own news website and is competing with management to churn out online content and keep readers informed.

Public opinion of a newspaper strike -- and of the 2 sides -- is not as easily manipulated as in the old days, both because of the role of independant bloggers, and due to the strikers' miscalculation when establishing their website.

Blogger David Watson took shots at both sides.

"Striking WFP reporters are now reduced to blogging. They now get the same salary as the Black Rod and Policy Frog does – zilch. In a sense the WFP reporters have arrived at the ultimate destinat…

We don't have an election prediction but a listener does

A listener sent us an election prediction that was so far off the existing polling, we thought it was worth posting JUST in case they are right.

CPC 114
Lib 95
BQ 62
NDP 36
Green 1

SDA readers in particular will enjoy this update on the CBC attack on Trevor Kennerd

Greetings to all our new readers coming to us via Small Dead Animals!

You all know that the CBC Manitoba sneak attack on Winnipeg South Centre Conservative candidate Trevor Kennerd went so far as to find a defender of his right to oppose the Winnipeg School Division "diversity" program in 1999, but then falsely claiming that the man "Gerald Fast, a former Winnipeg broadcaster (who) was fired for making anti-gay comments on the air around the same time".

I worked at CFRW in 1999 hosting the drive-home show and Fast was never fired over any comments.

The timing of this CBC "discovery" couldn't be more suspicious.

Top-rated Corus talk show Richard Cloutier Reports on CJOB had already scheduled a debate between Kennerd and his opponent, Liberal MP Anita Neville, for this very morning.

Then tonight on the CBC News at 6, Coffee with the Candidates featured a softball session by Donna Carreiro with none other than -- Madame Neville.

Carreiro was last seen lobbin…

Lesley Hughes "in Monty Python territory as far as I can tell"

At a bizarre press conference held inside the campaign office rented by the same Liberal Party that had revoked its sanction of her candidacy for Parliament, Lesley Hughes announced this morning that despite having been "terribly wounded by the claims and charges made against me", she had "managed to rise above it" and would accept election by the voters of Kildonan-St Paul and sit as an Independant.
"I'm leaning to think (an independant) might be able to do a better job", as they are not subject to "party discipline or explaining party behavior", citing "a groundsweel of public support" for her to carry on if elected. Technically, she cannot legally campaign under Elections Canada rules after her Liberal endorsement was pulled, but can participate "as an individual" in candidates forums if invited, and her name remains on the ballot. "We're in Monty Python territory as far as I can tell", she mused.Hughes a…

September guest and story review

The launch of Season 3 of TGCTS on 92.9 Kick-FM was highlighted with our unique analysis of stories that kept listeners tuning in and calling, such as:

- The refusal of NDP government ministers to grant interviews to "lesser media", and the delivery of a direct invitation to Premier Doer

- The Green Party rife with anti-Israel candidates

- Why didn't the Winnipeg media show video of their "meeting" with police Chief Keith McCaskill?

- The near-abandonment of covering the Provincial Legislature by undermanned newsrooms

- The pre-election spin of MSM trying to influence what the public should consider issues

- Phil Walding, Son of Pawley-government kaibosher Jim Walding, approached to run in Elmwood by-election to succeed Jim Maloway

- Rookie councillors given run-around by city bureaucrats

- NDP MLA says Cheez Whiz suitable replacement for fresh milk in north

- Winnipeg Free Press edited out comments by Mayor Katz about anti-Semitic attacks

- Transit, traff…