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Final guest list for 2008, and holiday replay schedule

As we wrap up 2008, our thanks to the great guests who have appeared on the show since October:

Mayor Sam KatzKelly Dehn, CTV NewsBernie Farber, Canadian Jewish Congress

Jon Waldman, Slam!Sports

Brad Slater, Team 1260 Edmonton

Hugh McFadyen, Manitoba Conservative party leader

'Dirty Money' Shaun Myall, Island Sports and Entertainment

Phil Walding, federal election analyst

Steve Andjelic, Halifax based blogger

Ryan Wood, professional hockey referee

Nick Penner, MMA fighter

Coun. Scott Fielding (St James)

Scott Taylor, Citi-FM Sports Director

Kenny Omega, Indy Wrestler of the Year

TJ Bratt and Anthony , Atlantic Pizza

Stacey Ashley, CTV News

Caroline Barghout, CTV News

Prof Michael Bennaroch, University of Winnipeg Dean of Business ( and a dear childhood friend)

Paul 'Willie' Williamson, Winnipeg Free Press automotive columnist

Loretta Hunt, editor and MMA writer,

Joan Wilson, general manager, Unicity Taxi

Chic Devanney, coach and GM, Winnipeg Alliance Indoor Football Club

Ron Sc…

Burpee and Bockwinkel audio online/ big party tonight and other plugs/ replay schedule thru Monday

Recently we presented two of our most popular programs, and have had a number of requests already for the audio.

This Monday we hosted Hot 103 Morning man Ace Burpee, a big fan of our show and of the alternative media.

He sat in for the entire show and joined Spirited Kenny, Wonderboy Taylor and the inimitable Dave "I'm a stand-up comic, really I am" Shorr, as we discussed news coverage of the day's events and he chimed in during our Porkgate update. Ace had picked up on the scandal, and the harm it has done to the reputation of Winnipeg Harvest, and was the first mainstream media personality to raise it on-air with Mator Katz (on Hot103 last week). He also went toe to toe with Frank the Italian Barber comparing losing SportSelect tickets.

I can't thank Ace enough for his kind words and support.

Courtesy of our esteemed fearless leader, Rick the Boss, the link for the entire program with Ace is here:…

Evolution of a blog post: Kenny and Josh discuss the gaming industry crisis

This is a geat example of how we foster stories for the show;

I picked up on a short note on the Wrestling Observer about the video game business having a economic downturn that was going to affect TNA on Spike TV, and sent it on.

Which led to a fascinating exchange between Spirited Kenny and Young Josh about the inner workings of the industry, and the development of a blog post by Kenny -- which is linked to at the end of this exchange and is well worth reading.

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 18:24:07 -0800
From: marty
Subject: gaming takes hit
To: spirited_kenny; josh

"Midway laid off 150-200 people today and closed down their Austin studios. Their main Chicago branch also laid off 20-25% of the staff, and the big news is that with the exception of Mortal Kombat they have suspended development on all future titles, including the proposed TNA Impact 2"

From: kenny

this was weeks in the making, when the Sumner sold his shares in the company to Thomas. This activate some law where…

A Sampling of Listener Letters

A sampling of recent LT-me's, as we call 'em ( as opposed to LTE's- letters to the editor). Send yours to



I know you don't listen to early morning radio, which you told me when I called re: Bob Silver panhandling on CJOB for the United Way one day.

This morning on Hot 103, Ace Burpee had the Mayor on and asked him about Porkgate. Some interesting notes Sam mentioned:

1. Both the City AND Province have been looking into this.

2. Sam is so upset by this he had had a meeting specifically on this topic, with who not sure.

3. He said the main problem is that no one is talking about this and they cannot get any answers.

4. He honestly doesn't care about the who what where and when on how the pork got out, just that he doesn't want anyone to get sick.

5. No coverage since the MSM is not doing anything on this topic.

Now you may know all of this, some thigns might be news to you, just thought I would give you the update since you give me the…

Dr. Reynolds firing, anaesthetists' working conditions, alleged Porkgate assault among last week's highlights

Last week the health beat was front and centre, as we uncovered insider information about planned changes by the WRHA to the way anaesthetists will be assigned to cover after-hours call. It's an attempt to alter working conditions and make those valued specialists de facto employees -- this months after (as we exclusively reported) the doctors resoundingly rejected a new contract that would have made them employees under tax law.

We also reported about cancellations of surgical slates at Children's Hospital because, despite the recruitment of anaesthetists, the critical shortage of nurses continues to impact patient care. And just wait till the call system changes, and surgeons who schedule procedures for after-office hours are forced to wait for anaesthetists to run around the city from hospital to hospital in blizzards because, well, the bureaucrats from the WRHA prefer to inconvenience patients rather than deal with staffing issues responsibly and ensure all hospitals have a…


I guess Darlene Dziewit and the Manitoba Federation of Labour have to admit one thing: for a "fear-mongering campaign", it looks like there is way more fear of a prospective Prime Minister Dion taking orders from Jack Layton and their separtiste friends, then there is of letting Stephen Harper prove his mettle.

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December 5, 2008

Canadians Call for New Election; Harper Would Win Big Majority, Sweep Seat-Rich Ontario and Overtake Liberals in Quebec

A Canadian Business/COMPAS Poll

Canadians Call for an Election
Below are highlights from a new Canada-wide, COMPAS Research poll on the recent turmoil in the House of Commons. Permission is granted to publish or broadcast results provided COMPAS Inc. is appropriately cited.

For comments or inquiries, please contact COMPAS President Conrad Winn at (416) 598-0310 or on his direct cell at (416) 460-5844.

By a more than 2:1 margin, Canadians call for another election if the choice faced by the G…

Jim Rondeau Minister of Science, Energy, Mining, and all Technology -- except Video Games?

When the ESRBreleased the new videogame summary, a number of American politicians that have been very critical of the content of games, and how they were rated were more than happy to praise the ESRB.

Politicians like Senator Hilary Clinton and Senator Joe Lieberman have coming out supporting the new rating summaries.

When I heard all this, I thought for sure our political leaders would be more then happy to comment on the new ESRB summaries, and they were just waiting for the right outlet.

And who better to comment then our very own Minister of Science, Technology, Energy, and Mining? That’s right -- my very own MLA Jim Rondeau.

After all, what are videogames but technology? They also happen to be a major part of the entertainment sector, one that has billion dollar days, and we have yet to tap into it here in Manitoba.

Jim Rondeau, after all, did give a little speech at the University of Winnipeg when the MacArthur Foundation released the results of a $50 million dollar US research stud…