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Dissecting a listener's complaints, Hydro maps downtown, remembering a retailer

Last Friday, I read on the air a typed letter Rick the Boss got expressing "disappointment with the decision to extend" the show - which was in September. It was unsigned and typical of some of the pressure put upon the station to silence TGCTS and your opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and share information the mainstream media often will either mis-state, distorts, or ignore.
I want to respond to some of the issues raised by the letter.
Dear "disgruntled KICK listener",
I appreciate it took a lot of time to compile the ad-hominum attacks used, like " conspiracy theorist, right wing ideagogue" ( an idea-gogue? I sure am); "toxic rhetoric", and suggesting my "conduct is borderline slanderous".
However it is apparent *someone* does not actually listen to the show.

"maligning public officials without allowing time to rebut or refute any of his salacious allegations."
This is utterly false. The lack of response (emails or ca…

Links to recent Currier/Browaty/meth interviews, highlights of this weeks' news and analysis, and what our staffers do in their spare time

A flurry of action has driven more interested listeners to the Kick-FM website than ever, to sample the special interviews we've snared since the begining of the 2009. Here is a convenient compilation:

* Audio of our interview with veteran CJOB sports and talk guy Geoff Currier, who gave us the very first broadcast interview about why he left the world of commercial radio and what he thinks are the issues to the voters in River Heights - Fort Garry, where he aspires to replace the late Brenda Leipsic in the March 17th civic by-election:

(Note that the page linked to, includes another good interview Currier did on our Monday night staple The Download with Kick FM News director Dan Vadeboncouer and co-host Conor Lloyd.)

* Speaking of City Council, Jeff Browaty (North Kildonan) made an in-studio visit last Thursday and we covered, well, everything but Waterfront Drive:…

Exclusive audio: Caller explains the Simcoe St. suicide and Manitoba's Meth epidemic

Last week we had exclusive details about the St Boniface car thief who was detained by citizens and got called 'vigilantes' for defending a mother and child, and of the altercation at the Stand with Israel rally and the anti-Semitic hate literature displayed at the University of Manitoba by Hamas sympathizers.

We also explained the dual reasons behind the WRHA announcement that after-hours emergency surgeries at the Seve Oaks Hospital were being cut; and heard from Mike Sutherland of the Winnipeg Police Association about the aftermath of the west-end chase of a suspect who ran from a car that was pulled over, and when cornered pulled out a handgun and shot himself in the head in front of stunned officers.

The dead man was connected to a house on Manitoba Avenue which was raided the next day, where police found 5 guns and arrested 5 men and also made arrests in connection to an armed invasion last week of a Selkirk Avenue home.

This weekend the Winnipeg Free Press crime reporter,…


You've all watched and read and listened the past few days, as the mainstream media bent and twisted the facts (the few that they had) to their own agenda, and willingly provided a platform to race-baiters who defend criminals if they meet certain criteria.

It took about a day for TV stations to begin to balance their stories and see there was more than "racist vigilanti-ism" going on. It took an hour and twenty minutes this morning for AM talk radio to admit "there was more we don't know than we do know", and an hour 40 minutes to report there was a child in the car.
As this story unfolded, the local website was outstanding in holding the media outlets that ignored the crime and focused on allegations of "a hate crime" to account.By posting Global-TV's original video report and very responsibly also posting about the more balanced follow-up by Lorraine Nickel, Winnipeggers got a transparent real-time lesson on the alternative media a…