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Raising the Alarm

We were leaving the funeral for Dr. Carl Pinsky today, around noon, when I said aloud "I suppose today we'll do a Lesson In Journalism about those 2 stories about the legislature - and the one story about that MLA they missed - and recap the news of the month a bit."

Not 2 minutes later, the monthly recap of what The Great Canadian Talk Show was all about in May, was in essence, heard on CJOB.

* Car thieves try to kill 2 cops in the Maples.
* Gunshots sprayed at a house in the 400 block Mountain, 5 people narrowly escaping injury.

The mainstream media ignored the decay of law and order in Winnipeg until only when it could be no longer denied, and now when cops dive for cover and a housefull of people almost get whacked, the MSM headlines this afternoon reduce the crisis to:

"Police officer fires at stolen vehicle"
"Chaos on Fife; Police matter ties up area"
"Shots fired into home; no injuries reported"

The MSM uses dismissive labels like "alarm…

The news stories MSM won't report, we do every day- a sampler.

This weekend we read about the mainstream media crying the blues about how there is no news to cover at the Legislature. Instead they meekly send their reporters to cover press release-driven political announcements they don't have guts enough to challenge.

We at the Great Canadian Talk Show break genuine news stories that matter to you the listener -- and provide the kind of challenging analysis that listeners have come to count on.

Whether it's
* the inoperative national CanAlert system,
* the worldwide food shortages caused by Bio-fuel subsidies,
* the laughingstock that is the Derelict Buildings bylaw, or
* the unreported links between the millionaires of the exclusive Manitoba Club and the Friends of Upper Fort Garry,
we consistantly break stories the mainstream gatekeepers try to ignore.

Here are the kinds of stories you hadn't heard or read about anywhere else, (and in most cases still haven't), that we did in April:

April 1st - Conservative justice critic Gerald Hawran…

Uncle Bob dissects the impending Disraeli Bridge fiasco

A lot of people around town pick up Corydon (or St. James or insert other Winnipeg neighbourhood)LIVING. It's a coffee and donuts kind of easy read available in Smitty's , other restaurants, and a lot of businesses all over the city.

As an important part of the alternative media, the ideas and points of view in the stories by Uncle Bob and columns by Marshall Armstrong are thought provoking and entertaining - and often exactly what we hear from you listeners.

This week's installmnet by the publisher had me laughing out loud. Here is Uncle Bob's frank assessment of the attempt by an NDP MLA to influence the city's selection for the to-be-renewed Disraeli Bridge.

Bridge - the Card Game

“Bridge” (the card game) includes a Dummy.

“Bridge (the Disraeli) attracts a whole bunch of them.

Bridge-building is supposed to be about uniting people – and the nutbars who want a new, improved Disraeli bridge may just be able to do that – uniting the people who pay…