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Exclusive: Eliminator-RC saved from Disreaeli expropriation

Re: 120 Higgins Ave wpg mb


I got conformation today that the city has adjusted their design and will not need to expropriate me from 120 Higgins Ave.

They will only need a piece of my property .

Thanks to the hard work from Sam Katz , Glen Laubenstein and Alex Robinson.

Mike Gobeil

"Consultants" forgot to bring surveys, Parking Authority forgot to show up: Osborne Biz open house reveals Roslyn Road next target of bike lobby

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter

On June 23rd an open house for the Osborne St. parking study was held at 103-B Osborne, in the courtyard area of the Osborne Biz. Though if you didn't know where you were going, it was a little difficult to find.

The open house ran from 4-7 PM with three consultants in attendance as well as the member from the Osborne Biz. Attendance for this event was abysmal with approximately 10 to 12 people attending.

Not one person from the Winnipeg Parking Authority was in attendance to answer any parking questions, nor to explain any of the parking issues. The consultants at the open house were unable to answer any of those questions and in fact I ended up answering parking questions which were asked.
I was told that the Parking Authority would likely not be in attendance at the open house planned for July 1st.

* This study is a neighbourhood study on parking issues in the Osborne Village area with the cost of the study being shar…

EXCLUSIVE: Parking Authority cash grab - majority of parking meters improperly collecting weekend fees

An audit of pay stations in the Exchange, Downtown and Health Sciences areas has found that a clear majority are taking payment from parkers outside of legally prescribed times - this despite repeated assurances of the award-winning Winnipeg Parking Authority that their vaunted technology prevents such after-hours fee charging from happening.

Kim the Traffic Reporter found:

* Payments are being accepted outside of the legal hours the WPA can charge for parking, including taking payment on Sundays, such as the 300 block of Ross Avenue, which Coun. Jeff Browaty was told months ago was a glitch and would be fixed. Not only was it not fixed, the number of machines that did so steadily increased.

* Contradictory signage is resulting in confused WPA officers writing up parking tickets for "no receipt" after 3.30 on Saturdays, when parking ought to be free. Many of the victims of that cash-grab are visitors to the Women's Pavilion on Notre Dame Avenue, who only buy time until 3.30…

Exclusive: Bike lobby "counts" for Sherbrook exaggerated by 300%

The TGCTS bike count, conducted by Kim the Traffic Reporter from Monday June 14 - Friday June 18, was planned as a 4.5 hour per day rush hour count, or 22.5 total hours. (7-9 AM, 3-5.30 PM)

There were 50 minutes of afternoon time missed due to an interview, and 30 minutes not counted one morning due to heavy rain, so it's a net of 21 hours total for the week of data collection by TGCTS.

By comparison, according to City AT Co-ordinator Kevin Nixon, the bike lobby counted 2 hours per day, a grand total of 10 hours in a week, and their methodology, unaudited or unverified by Nixon or anyone at city hall, involved multiplying their 2 hour count by 5, for a 10 hour daily estimate.

BTTF claimed 1000 ("2000 per day on Sherbrook and Maryland Streets") in their petition to the City Centre Community Committee, or an average of 100 per hour, each and every hour, for 10 hours.
TGCTS did more than twice as many hours of weekly bike count data collection compared to BTTF.


Thirty years later, the story of my first match

Today is the 30th anniversary of my first professional wrestling bout. The following article was originally published online in 2001 when I lived in Los Angeles. Since that time I have had many other excellent adventures involving the wrestling industry, including producing events in LA and Vancouver such as the book launch for One Ring Circus; reviving the Canada Day Rough House Rasslin' shows in Winnipeg; and producing the Kerry Brown memorial event last fall.

Let it be said, I love what is now my hobby, but for most of my adult life was my passion.

In the last 9 years I have also met and/or worked with and/or interviewed stars such as Dan 'The Beast' Severn, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, Steve Corino, Samoa Joe, Nick Bockwinkel, Dutch Savage, Jim Brunzell and Canada's Greatest Athlete, Gene Kiniski. I was also lucky enough to appear on CBC TV's Dragons Den in October 2007 and set a record audience of 670,000 with Dirty Money Shaun Myall and Notoriou…

False excuses abound after Parking Authority hand caught in bylaw cookie jar by CJOB

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter


On Wednesday June 16/10, Dave Hill appeared on the Richard Cloutier Reports on CJOB in regards to the issue of the WPA ticketing vehicles for a by-law ( signs advertising "car for sale") that hasn't been enforced in the past, and for which Dave Hill and the Parking Authority have no authority to enforce today.

Cloutier had found two monetary tickets on parked vehicles with 'For Sale' signs and asked Dave Hill :

"so are you folks now enforcing this big time?"

Dave Hill's response was

"not enforcing big time, it's something we have to do as part of the streets by-law."

I'm afraid I must disagree.

* Even when enforcement had been under the Police, this by-law had never been enforced, this was confirmed by someone who had almost 20 years of experience as a by-law enforcement officer.

* City Hall knows this particular offense is NOT a parking issue.

Dave Hill is authorized to …

NDP whistling past the graveyard of 400 dead kids in care

The Greg Selinger government fell over itself last week trying to act more concerned about endangered children in government care, than about the fate of embattled Family Services minister Gord Mackintosh.

The media coverage started inauspiciously in a little noticed story in the Wednesday, June 2nd Free Press. Opposition critics voiced concern that a permanent replacement for on-leave Children's Advocate Billie Schibler was not a priority for the NDP.

"Gerald Hawranik (Lac du Bonnet), a Conservative MLA who sits on the Legislative Assembly Management Committee (LMAC),... said while (acting CA Bonnie) Kocsis is "very competent" and may apply to be the permanent Children's Advocate, it's a disadvantage to keep someone in an acting position for too long. Much of the Children's Advocate's role is to develop long-term solutions to problems affecting children, Hawranik said. "I don't think that a child's advocate who is there in an acting capa…

Bike Lobby presents no data, no comprehension of West End parking issues at Sherbrook Bike Lane hearing

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter

RE: Report on City Centre Community Committee meeting, Tuesday June 8th

The councillors in attendance were Harvey Smith, John Orlikow and Jenny Gerbasi, dealing with the Active Transportation proposed bike lane on Sherbrook from Ellice to Notre Dame.

There were several presenters against this bike lane including Belinda Squance from the Ellice Street Cafe as well as a representative from the West End Biz and an apartment owner on Sherbrook.

Also presenting were Mark Cohoe of Bike to the Future, Anders Swanson and Tim Hiebert who are in favour of this bike lane.

1) Belinda and Gloria (West End Biz) have requested more time to gather information regarding this bike lane. Both indicating that there has not been enough information for the residents and businesses in the area to have an informed opinion on this issue. Also stating that the consultation process has been somewhat lacking.

Though the West End Biz had been involved with putting up post…