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Mayor Katz makes news on CJOB's Nighthawk with Marty Gold; top stories and guests list for Q2/09

Thanks to all the listeners who called in and emailed during my inaugural hosting of CJOB's Nighthawk show last evening.

Mayor Sam Katz addressed questions about the proposed partnership to create a water utility, claiming that GST and PST will not be causing an automatic 12% hike in rates, and that the change would protect taxpayers from sudden infrastructure costs; said he was interested in a callers' suggestion that the City was long overdue for a plastic bottle refund system like Vancouver's depots; and Katz refused the demand of MGEU prexy Peter Olfert to apologize for refering to paramedics as "ambulance drivers" in our TGCTS interview earlier this month. The Mayor proclaimed his support for rank-and-file paramedics and promised to ensure the public gets proper service, despite recent ER redirects, dangerous working conditions, and outright lack of ambulances to respond to shootings etc.

Today on TGCTS, Blues guitarist Derek Miller will be in studio at 4.30…

Two stations, one host: what you'll hear on 92.9 Kick-FM's TGCTS and CJOB 68's Nighthawk this week

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the opportunity to bring the vibe and content of alternative radio to CJOB this week.

And welcome to CJOB listeners who are finding this blog for the first time!

Feel free to go back in the archives and see the kinds of stories about topics like Porkgate, The Friends of Upper Fort Garry, and the difficult relationship between the Winnipeg Free Press and its increasingly cynical readers, that you have not heard anywhere else.

Here's how a Free Press contributor describes how we have revolutionized local open-line radio:

... meticulously ripping apart the work of the big, bad, biased and arrogant mainstream media while promoting the opinions of the city's relatively unknown (to the public, anyway) bloggers...

TGCTS Kick-FM schedule:

Monday: Unfortunately, Coun. Jenny Gerbasi is under the weather and has postponed her appearance on the show today to discuss the proposed Water Utility. We are trying to reschedule her for next week. We will …

Live NHL draft report, Scurfield on MJ, hot topics for Friday

Welcome to our new readers from across Canada!

Today's show is another good example of why so many people are turning to the alternative media. We have 2 exclusive reports, from the worlds of sports and entertainment. that you can't hear anywhere else.

Live at 4.00 PM from the National Hockey League draft in Montreal, Jon Waldman of Slam!Sports, with all the news of tomorrow's superstars being divied up by the needy.

And at 5.15PM, Winnipeg Free Press columnist Maureen Scurfield will be prodded to remember a Michael Jackson story- or two.

In between those exclusives, more analysis and your comments about bike paths -- and a blogger's exclusive report comparing the Asper Stadium open house with the pro-bike lobby presentation on bike paths the same night by the City, the city's budget needs, party-bus busts, and what Chief McCaskill did NOT say about gangs this morning on open-line radio.

And we will give away two passes for the Derek Miller concert taking place Tuesday…

Spirited Kenny takes a bow - province finally moves on weather radios; and speaking of radio...

Yesterday Emergency Measures Minister Steve Ashton announced that the Government of Manitoba was finally, finally going to get weather radios into 1580 locations such as care homes, schools and municipal offices across the province.

Longtime listeners will recall that in 2007, Spirited Kenny started asking serious questions about the 10 year delay in establishing a national weather-warning system. Until the alternative media began pressuring elected officials such as MP Steven Fletcher, the public safety aspect was secondary to the inertia of bureaucrats. So a tip of the hat to Kenny for his work on the file, that served to embarass the NDP government into finally tasking meaningful action.


Yesterday we featured a personal story of a victim of a violent unprovoked mugging on May 30th. Kevin Bracken called in after we read his email, and the ensuing conversation…

Loaded with guests and topics to usher in summer- win Derek Miller passes too!

The last week of June is shaping up to be a busy time on the show, with lots of guests, exclusive stories and a look towards Canada Day.

Today:Mal Anderson of the Exchange District Biz will tell us all about what's happening in the city's 'it' neighbourhood.

Along with the daily "crime courts and public safety update", we will try to answer a political question posed via social media by a Free Press reporter.

And as usual in our weekly sports segment, Frank the Italian Barber will explain the ups and downs of life with his bookie.

Tuesday:The City is holding an Active Transportation Open House on Wednesday, from 4-8 PM, at Red River College Princess Campus. This is specifically about plans to add bike lanes or pathways along 4 routes in the city.

Community Living Publisher Bob Axford thinks the motoring public is being lulled to sleep by a process in which co-opted consultants cater to a small vocal minority of cycling enthusiasts, who strike fear into the hearts …

Paramedics association outlines "ambulance emergency" causes; emails from bloggers, doctors, and other listeners; MMA interview today

Hello Marty,

I’m writing in response to comments made by Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz on the Great Canadian Talk Show earlier this month, and to offer comment on the topic of “ambulance shortages”.

By way of introduction, I am the Chairman of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba (PAM). PAM is NOT a labour organization…it is a professional association for all licensed Emergency Medical Services personnel in the province with close to 1000 registered members across Manitoba.

In response to comments made by Mayor Katz:

“…if you are an ambulance driver…”

· Fire fighters aren’t fire truck drivers…police officers aren’t police car drivers…and Paramedics aren’t ambulance drivers.

“…paramedics on fire trucks has made Winnipeg the envy of other Canadian cities…”

· No other major Canadian city uses a fire-based EMS model. Edmonton tried and failed. Calgary looked at this model some time ago and abolished the concept. Ottawa , whose Fire Chief has lobbied their city council to move in this direction,…

Auditor abandoned by Elections Manitoba after catching NDP insider "not being truthful"; EM stalled paying his bill while NDP attacked his integrity

Above is the letter that the auditor, David Asselstine (no doubt soon to be called 'disgruntled" by some media apologist for the NDP), sent in 2003 that outlines his experience with the Elections Manitoba officials, the NDP, and the ethics of both. What is apparent is that he got a witness, an NDP campaign insider, to crack. In retaliation, the NDP spun a theory - not even a direct accusation- that he took advantage of her emotional distress about a family matter, and he got nuthin'. He was set to reply to the NDP directly but Elections Manitoba really, realllly wanted to see what he was going to send first. Speaking of he got nothin', the letter contains a fascinating detail of how the vaunted Elections Manitoba was letting the auditors' firm hang out to dry on a the legal bill for the investigation, a mere $47,000. He demands they pay, tells them they have no right to screen his letter to the NDP, and also complains they failed to defend him to the NDP bullies. …

Doer five-steps question: who told him about refund scam

The Marx brothers continued their starring run on Broadway today, as Premier Gary Doer side-stepped questions about his knowledge of the 1999 election refund forgery on 5 different occasions.

"Who was it that made the party aware?" of the fraudulent misrepresentation of union workers as a legitimate election expense, was tossed in various forms at Doer again and again by Consevative leader Hugh McFadyen.

'Groucho' showed off his vaudeville skills, tap-dancing around the serious issue by claiming the Election Manitoba official answered the questions in committee (he didn't), that the Tories spent more than the NDP did (as if that's an excuse to cheat the public), and that his government banned corporate and union donations as proof of their piety.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Dave 'Chico' Chomiak waved documents, pointed at words on paper, and demonstrated the unique skill of bulging his eyes out of his head, when forced to field questions directed to Fin…

Chomiak's non-answer to Refundgate questions smells like an answer

Justice Minister Dave Chomiak faced renewed questions in the Manitoba Legislature today about his knowledge of the taxpayer-fleecing accounting switch pulled off by the NDP in 1999, when he was campaign chairman for the Doer victory.

After earlier jousts between Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen and an increasingly frazzled premier Gary Doer about the timeline of who knew what-and-when about the scam, Liberal leader Jon Gerrard followed up, zoning in on Doer's admission last week that he had known since 2001 that alterations to the election returns of 13 candidates had been done without the knowledge of the official agents.

Dr. Gerrard accused Doer of playing "hide and seek" with the public and asked whether he will call a public inquiry.

Doer repeated from the diversionary themes handbook - that the refund of the disallowed expenses was published in 2004 and tabled in the Legislature without a whimper from the opposition at the time, which goes hand in hand with "the…

Audio of NDP whistleblower now online/ upcoming guests

We received so much reaction to our exclusive in-depth interview with former NDP election agant Jim Treller, that Rick the Boss has made the audio available in record time for our listeners.

Treller explained in simple terms, how 13 NDP campaign agents in the 1999 general election were duped into signing official returns where the numbers added up, but certain expenses had been illegally shifted in an "eligible for compensation" category.

It wasn't until an April 2003 meeting that the candidates and their agents learnt of the deception, designed to receive $76,000 in rebates that the NDP was NOT eligible for. They were told this was a common practcie in the past and all they had to do to avoid criminal prosecution was sign revised forms, as part of a deal with Elections Manitoba.

And Treller described the reaction at that meeting of Finance Minister Greg Selinger, to the news he may have be…

NDP whistleblower calls for public inquiry into '99 campaign finance scam

An an outdoor press conference at the Legislature today, the former official agent for a winning NDP candidate says the 1999 expense return details were altered by someone in the party headquarters without his knowledge.

Jim Treller, who was on the winning team in Rossmere against incumbent Conservative Vic Toews, says that it was unfair for Toews to be prosecuted while he and his candidate, Harry Schellenberg, were not.

He added Elections Manitoba has never heard his story of why he willingly signed the revisions presented to him by NDP party officials in April 2003 as a way out of being charged, when he hadn't made the mistake in the first place.

" There was no pressure. I was relieved!", said Treller, who pointed out that Elections Manitoba was put in the position of criminally charging agents and candidates who had no idea the party had altered the return information.

"Someone" slipped some donations-in-kind from into a campaign expense column, making that su…

An open letter to Margo and Gordo

The desperate cheerleading by the two of you in today's newspaper for the pet projects of millionaires marks a watershed moment in the history of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Formerly, your newspaper at least pretended that the concerns of taxpayers, of the working class, of the poor, of the homeless and hungry, was a consideration in the development and publication of stories, columns, and editorials.

Now, you have exposed beyond question, that the crisis of confidence first enunciated by bloggers in the aftermath of your covering up Porkgate, and the diversionary fundraising effort for not-even-close-to being evicted Chantel Henderson, was 100% accurate.

The two of you have abandoned any pretense of journalism or of caring about the average reader.

Instead you have exposed yourselves as the middle-aged equivalent of not-quite loaded high school kids (in my day, from River Heights) who suck up to the spoiled, connected, influential rich kids (Tuxedo) and 'nya-nya' that the poor…