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The key blog posts of 2010, or, all the links you need to know, part one

* Thank you for all your support and feedback in 2010.

In the new year, my columns in the Winnipeg Sun will be augmented by appearances with Shadoe Davis on 92Citi-FM, which I am tempted to call Back to the Future.

One of the reasons for the immediate acceptance of The Great Canadian Talk Show 4 years ago, was that Winnipeggers had already heard our wry commentaries and civic election coverage on Citi's top-rated drive show in special interview segments with Cosmo. (I want to thank Cosmo for helping open that door. When listeners hit the scan button cause you were stopping down, they heard a voice they already knew would make them laugh and make them think.)

* AS well, later in January, I will again be hosting Classic Canadian Wrestling, a fast-paced family show that gets kids screaming and parents laughing. By the end of the card we even manage to tell kids that bullying ain't cool.The last event in Gilbert Park was awesome and the promotion would be glad to work with your com…

Special podcast: Listen to the story behind why TGCTS on Kick-FM was canceled by Red River College (part 1)


Whether you are from British Columbia, the Yukon, New Hampshire or Washington, your interest in our stories and the attack on freedom of expression in Winnipeg is very much appreciated. The past 4 months has generated 25% of our all time blog traffic and we had already doubled over the previous 12 months. More and more people are seeking out the alternative media for the details and analysis they need to help them find the truth about matters that concern them and the community.

I'd like to also recognize our many new visitors brought over from my columns in the Winnipeg Sun. The feedback from column 1 led to the follow-up. I see the print column as giving you a voice in the mainstream media, so keep sending your story tips to
and I'll keep holding elected officials and bureaucrats to account. If you have not seen those columns, scroll down to our earlier posts in December for the links.

More information abou…

A tribute to Dr. Morris Erenberg, and a story of Christmas past and present

News of the passing this past Tuesday of Dr. Morris Erenberg Z'L" evoked very strong memories for me.

His son David, a fellow true-blue Sittler/McDonald/Salming/ 'Paaahl-ma-teeeah makes the saaaave' Maple Leafs fan, was one of my closest friends in high school.

We did dueling Bob Cole imitations and aspired to great misadventures. A sarcastic, witty and athletic guy, he waxed philosophic on the issues of the day, That 70's Show style, while shooting hoops, playing field hockey and football, and yes sceptics, even riding our bikes sometimes.

The next son in line, Reuven, was a lanky classmate of my sisters' and was an even bigger character than Dave.

Legend had it Reuv once got tossed out of Hebrew class - surely intentional - and on the way out marched up to the teacher (who as an Israeli would have had no clue what he was doing), evoked the Baron von Raschke claw pose, announced " and DAT is all de people need to know !! ", and goose-stepped out of the…

Discovered: Previous failed attempt to intimidate Red River College to silence TGCTS

Attempts to directly intimidate Red River College into silencing free speech and The Great Canadian Talk Show on 92.9 Kick-FM was not a tactic reserved for the Winnipeg Free Press.

We have learned the tactic was trail-blazed by an employee of Red River College, who claimed to be relaying the message from their former place of employment -- Winnipeg City Hall.

What the person did not apparently do, however, was disclose that they were also a member of a cycling lobby group -- RHCO (River Heights-Corydon-Osborne), and attended formal meetings with many members of Bike to the Future (BttF).

The double - agent was "concerned" that the relationship between the College and City Hall may be somehow affected due to our questioning of the actions of city officials and bike path consultants, and their connections with the Bike Lobby.

In an attempt to undermine our radio show, the message suggested all those associated with the station, including the College, co…

New Sun column: The idiotics of the city clearing snow off Assiniboine bike lane

Our second column has been published in the Thursday Winnipeg Sun, about the Active Transportation/Public Works "planning" for Assiniboine Avenue:

Our thanks to those who voiced their appreciation for our first Sun column, and once again to our new readers, welcome! Use the search function on this blog (top left of page) or refer to the tags on the right, to see our archive of previous issues we have covered on TGCTS. You are always email you comments and story tips to

Putting the final touches on a special blog post :

We've learned that those involved with the Assiniboine bike lane were sending a "message" to Red River College officials, while our radio program broke story after story about the one-sided "consultation" process and defended the South Broadway neighborhood from exactly what our column in the Sun describes has now happened- wa…

Stephanie Forsyth feeling the heat from Red River College alumni

Welcome to our new readers brought to us via our column in the Winnipeg Sun.

Supporters of The Great Canadian Talk Show include

- many graduates and former students from Red River College, as well as current students and staff members,

- Mayor Sam Katz, City Councillor Harvey Smith, the Winnipeg Police Association, social service agency leaders, educators, University professors, journalists, and broadcasters,

- musicians, business owners, working men and women, athletes, and many listeners who also value Freedom of Expression -- even if they did not agree with opinions expressed on the program.

Over 400 people support the Facebook group do not, for one minute, believe the cover story that Kick-FM acted independently of the pressure from the Winnipeg Free Press on new president Stephanie Forsyth to silence the opinions expressed on our show, and our training of volunteers and students i…

TGCTS debut in Winnipeg Sun; Podcast on the way/Stadium deal commentaries

Quick notes to our listeners and readers, Freedom of Speech is clearly an important issue to you all. You Have The Power to hold those who silenced the voices of the community to account.

Firstly, our debut column in the Winnipeg Sun
City hall’s irrational love of bike lanes"For the businesses and residents in the South Broadway area, this has provided a unique opportunity for the city to demonstrate utter bumbling and wasteful incompetence year-round, right on their own doorstep." our new readers from the Sun, welcome!

Check out our archive using the search engine for our leading about terms like Assiniboine Avenue, bike lanes, bike counts, traffic circles, active transportation, and city officials like Jenny Gerbasi, Harvey Smith, Mayor Sam Katz, Kevin (whatever happened to him?) Nixon, and Bill Woroby.

A great compendium of all sort of original research and news stories, is at Graham Hnatiuk's blog

New link added to TGCTS Live reviews/ podcast coming

Our deepest thanks to the friends and fans who attended our first live studio show. The Norwood CC is a great venue and they were totally helpful. Special thank you's to event organizer Bob Axford, our sound tech Shane 'DJ Monkey', Kim the Traffic Reporter, Peanut Gallery, and Caed from Academy of Broadcasting.

Spirited Kenny is hard at work prepping the podcast, which will be posted on this website.

TGCTS on 92.9 Kick-FM showcased the rise of the alternative media in the city. Half a dozen bloggers were in attendance last night. They, and the rest of the audience took great interest in the sequence of events that resulted in the cancellation of TGCTS with 35 minutes notice.

It started with a Free Press reporter running crying to her editor about our coverage of her non-reporting of complaints against NDP Mynarski ward candidate Ross Eadie. He admitted at a public meeting she was covering, to receiving campaign funding from the New Democratic Party, which would be against t…

Special gift donated for TGCTS Live! Crowd at Norwood CC tonight

Thanks to Laurie Mustard and the Winnipeg Sun for the kind mention of tonight's live studio audience version of The Great Canadian Talk Show.

Another act of kindness comes from Michael Melanson, publisher of RETROPEG. The magnificent compilation portraying Winnipeg in the 70's - captured in stark Black and White photos by former Winnipeg musician James Donahue - was a favorite call-in prize and gift for guests. Michael personally delivered cases of RETROPEG to me, and so the first 75 people in attendance at tonight's TGCTS Show will get a copy, as a token of our appreciation for your support.

We will be bringing forward even MORE new information about the real story behind the cancellation of TGCTS by Red River College officials on the Kick-FM Board, as well as surprising news about MSM reporting practices in the recent civic election.

Stand Up For Free Speech
87 WALMER ( ST MARYS turn west to FERNDALE, turn right onto Walmer and it is jus…

EXCLUSIVE: Red River College social work students barred from key work placements; Kick-FM backlash ramps up

A prominent social service agency has informed Red River College that social work students will not be accepted for practicums (necessary to complete their diploma) after 3 RRC employees concealed their role in terminating The Great Canadian Talk Show on 92.9 Kick-FM.
And other social service agencies have been informed of the deception, and may impose similar sanctions. Barb Judt, executive director of Canada's oldest women's shelter, Osborne House, had been scheduled as a guest on the canceled November 8th episode of TGCTS, to launch a $10,000 fundraising drive for the shelter.
"The demand never ends" Judt told TGCTS this morning, " and women and children arrive at our doorstep with literally nothing and shattered spirits. They should never be the victims of institutional politics or the abuse of power and control. There are people in this city who need to learn to keep their ego in check, and realize it's not all about them."
* TGCTS had champio…

Tickets now on sale for TGCTS Live at Norwood CC next Tuesday night

Stand Up for Free Speech
The Great Canadian Talk Show
with a live studio audience -- taped for future podcast

WITH Special interview guests, Spirited Kenny, and inside the cancellation -
* the role of Red River College officials,
* who voted to kill the broadcasts. and Publish Post
* proof the "official" story is a cover-up

Tuesday December 7th
7.30 PM

Norwood Community Club
87 Walmer
Tickets $20.

available at
CDI College , 280 Main St 9-5 PM
(please have exact change)
by emailing
From listeners:

Hi, was so very curious why I wasn't hearing the show on my way home from work and decided to do some googling to figure out what's happened. So very sad to hear that the show was cancelled, it was the only reason why I tuned into "College Radio". Absolutely loved the Show. It educated me on so many issues. For the record the show prompted me to take part for the very first time in the election proc…

Red River College President Stephanie Forsyth: The troubled history of the executioner of TGCTS

Since October 18th, the Winnipeg Free Press has managed to wedge 3 stories involving newly-arrived RRC president Stephanie Forsyth into their news-hole-challenged broadsheet.

* The first story was a flattering piece about her arrival on the Prairies and her personal mission to save RRC from relevancy in the current job market.

Think of Red River College and maybe you think of future plumbers and electricians and carpenters and computer programmers and medical technicians, and people learning how to build, maintain and fix huge and complex machinery.

When new RRC president Stephanie Forsyth thinks of the college, she thinks about how the school and its students can relate to the planet, and how Red River can attract and keep students now too often unable to benefit from an education.

"I don't consider myself an academic. I'm first and foremost a practitioner," said Forsyth.…