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Kim's Disraeli Open House report: A lot of unhappy people who attended, but will their voices be heard?

Thursday, April 15, 2010 11:31 AM From: Kim the traffic reporter
Re: Disraeli Bridge Open House at Norquay CC Wednesday night

I arrived at the Norquay Community Centre at about 3:40, departing at about 7:15 and Was greeted at the door and given this nice shiny brochure about the Disraeli Bridge Project. More about the brochure later.

Once past the door the visitors are greeted with a series of posters providing information about the bridge and overpass. The following are some highlights of a couple of the posters:

Key aspects of Disraeli Bridges. This poster tells everyone what those key aspects are, a few of them:
"-a minimum of 4 lanes remains open during peak travel times.
-new AT bridge so pedestrians and cyclists have an easy crossing over the Red River.
-bridge and overpass designed to accommodate future expansion to 6 lanes."

Next poster is Bridge Alignment, a few highlights:
"Consultation indicated that keeping the bridge open during construction to minim…

City spin doctor Ed Shiller goes MIA as Disraeli discontent mounts

Last night, after extensive questioning by Marty Gold of city staff at the Disraeli Bridge Open House asking who was responsible for the abysmal communication of the ever-changing project to the residents and taxpayers, the name Ed Shiller trickled out.

Yet he was not present at the Norquay CC meeting, nor was he at the first open house in Elmwood the night before.

The public was told by Councillor Lazarenko, go to the Open Houses, and your questions will be answered. Yet the man responsible for keeping the public informed of the $195 M project and the possible loss of people's homes and businesses, was NOT there to face the angry attendees.

That was not a total surprise, as at Bronx Park his non-attendance was explained as "he is on a leave of absence".That alone seemed unusual.

But last night we alone got the real story, when a spokesman finally broke down and told TGCTS: "Mr. Shiller is no longer with the City of Winnipeg."

Knowing we were going to break that exc…

Gene Kiniski, "Canada's greatest athlete", passes away at age 81

From:Nick Kiniski To:Dutch Savage Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 6:54 AM Subject: Dad
Dutch, Dad passed away this morning. You were a good friend of Dads. He always talked very highly of you. Out of all the presents he received the shotgun was his greatest. You take care and stay in touch. If you would pass this on in the wrestling world I would appreciate it.

Cheers Nick

We will have a special program - including the last-ever interview done with 'Big Thunder', dedicated to the memory of the former NWA and AWA World Heavyweight Champion, on Friday's show. God bless Gene Kiniski.

Disraeli Open House at Bronx Park- Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Guest blog post by a listener who was at the Bronx Park CC "Disraeli Open House":

Disraeli Open House - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
- P.R. Project Fails to Answer Real Questions, Shows No Accountability
By: Staff Writer -- I mean, By: Adam Knight
Full disclosure; I live off of Talbot Avenue in Elmwood and use a portion of the Disraeli freeway every day to get to and from downtown. So if my opinion seems in any way slanted, there is my bias - right out in the open. With that said, I will now do my best to provide diligence and balance as far as this "online article" goes.
And for the record, I am not in my parents' basement dressed in my pajamas as I write this Mr. Sinclair.
Yesterday at approximately 8:30am I just happened to be listening to CJOB in the morning and managed to catch the tail end of the news bite announcing that there would be the first of two Open Houses that night at the Bronx Park Community Centre on Henderson Highway, just before Kimbe…

Osborne Village Bike Lane surprise coming: traffic jams in front of Gladstone School

From: Kim the traffic reporter
Open house Active Transportation Fleet/Warsaw, 525 Wardlaw Crescent Fort Rouge United Church from 6-8pm.

Arriving at approximately 5:55pm, departing at 8:10pm. Noted that the billboard had no mention of the open house, seems if it's not an electronic board nothing gets mentioned.

There was not a large attendance with 37 signing in to the event.

There was however, a good mix of ages. It is also noted that some of the same people show up for these open houses. Dr. Gerrard made an appearance, however did not see Councillor Orlikow at the open house and neither did any of the consultants.

FLEET: Note there is an existing bikeway from Lindsay to Corydon, Fleet will be used to connect them.

Lindsay to Oxford at this time no loss of parking, there will be curb extensions with a raised crosswalk at Brock, where a crossing currently exists. (The raised crosswalk is virtually the same as a raised intersection which is basically a large speed bump).

Cambridge to Thurs…

John Collison at 4 PM on "the Stadium deal", plus Hydro vs the whistleblower update, and Gordo's groupie story

For the first time in over a decade, returning to the drive-time Winnipeg radio airwaves, at 4 PM former CFRW host John Collison will dissect the deal made by your unelected premier Greg Selinger to fund a David Asper-built stadium;

plus, Bob Axford with more on Miss Whistle and Manitoba Hydro, straight from the NDP convention;

Free Press readers say Gordo jumped the shark with his bedroom confession on Saturday;

and an email from a very upset resident of soon-to-be-bike pathed Berry Street.

Then at 5.25, Spirited Kenny and Frank the Italian barber handicap the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Four houses, 12 trees to be razed to satisfy bike lobby lust for land in Lord Roberts

From: Kim the traffic reporter
Re: "Active Transportation": Hay/Jubilee bike paths

Upon arriving at the open house on Wednesday night I noted an older couple who were sitting in a small park outside the Leisure Centre. I spoke with them, turns out they were there for the open house, in fact they were eager to see what plans were being made for their area in regards to future pathways. They enjoy cycling and walking. However, this couple do have serious security issues with the current multi-use pathways along the river.

* Their home is on Osborne facing onto the river, it is a seniors complex. The residents have been subject to kids throwing poles at the building along with threats to "rape all the women".

This has been discouraging to the seniors in the building who might want to use the river pathways. Corney and Joy want more security patrols so that people can feel safe using those pathways. Joy indicated that many of these kids are from 12-18 yrs of age.

* Hay wil…

Kim reports Brazier bike path open house draws 54

From: Kim the traffic reporter
Subject: Re: Open House Apr. 6 Roch/Brazier
Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 2:32 AM

As I approached Miles MacDonnell Collegiate, I noted that the electronic billboard was displaying the information for the open house 'from 6-8pm'.

Information provided at the kiosk in Kildonan Place Mar. 26-28 had indicated the open house was from 5-8pm.

I arrived at 5:40, departing at about 8:10. I took note that when I arrived, residents were already in the building.

Some people did indicate they received a flyer in their paper on Sunday, although not all streets received such information. One person stated that a family member lived by Watt and did not receive any flyer.

The plans for Roch/Brazier have changed, Brazier will no longer be included the active transportation project. A decision was made to stay on Roch.

A new poster was up dealing with bike boulevards including pictures of various traffic calming measures including:
-a bi…

More Loud Whistle Blowing Drawing Attention - and, coming up this week...

Editorial, reprinted by permission, from Bob Axford's Community Living newsletters on stands at Winnipeg retailers this week:

Denied intervenor status at the Public Utilities Board hearing into rate increases proposed by Manitoba Hydro, the woman known as "New York Consultant" made an unprecedented media appearance to take her case directly to Manitobans and caution that without her participation, the PUB hearings will be a farce. She did so using the alternative, rather than traditional big media outlets, to engage in her first-ever broadcast discussion of the issues, speaking for over an hour on Marty Gold’s ‘The Great Canadian Talk Show’.

Listen to the audio:

Last Thursday, 'Miss Whistle' explained that after a series of smaller contracts, ongoing work led her to discover system flaws in the Hydro computer system which led to miscalculated financial forecasts which in turn led to…

NEW! AUDIO of HYDRO WHISTLEBLOWER ; plus listener emails

Get the full audio, and preview story,

From our mailbag:


Every single politician at city hall has passed the buck on public consultation issues. The almighty Administration has them all on a short lease and could care less if the public is stiffed again and again.
They have the power, not the public.
Since no politician will take on these bureaucrats they are all complicit with what's happening.


Bikes and Active Transportation:
I have to tell you about this. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. I was driving down Princess the other day in the afternoon. I was in the right hand lane behind several cars that were driving slower and then one by one they would dart out to the left as if to pass an obstacle. Yes they were passing an obstacle, a cyclist, all decked out in cycling gear.

Now you might think that this is no big deal but the fact there was a…