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CBC poll results help us expose Free Press spin; March 19th -26th

Over the weekend the Winnipeg Free Press released the results of a poll conducted by Probe Research about opolitics and issues. This resulted in an opportunity to provide another lesson in journalism for our listeners, because the story was not in the poll itself, but in the way the paper manipulated the results.

On Tuesday when the CBC released their own results -- from the same poll -- of questions they asked of the electorate, the lesson became a weeklong journey into how mainstream media uses polls to create news and then confuse voters by presenting the information in a twisted manner.

The Free Press reported that the Doer NDP government and PC opposition were tied in popular support among decided voters at 40%, but the riding splits would give the NDP another win at the ballot box.

Our focus was on the Freep's coverage of one issue in the poll questions- about the Crocus Investment Fund scandal.

Freep analyst Mia Rabson repeated the "finding" that only 2% of those poll…

Leaked emails cast NDP Crocus denials in new light- March 12th - 16th

Another week of digging into the Crocus story, spurred on by more Tom Brodbeck bombshells about the Crocus Investment Fund in the Sun over the weekend. Then we got into the act by getting our own copy of the newest batch of leaks coming out of the Department of Finance. The Free Press didn't have em, the Tories didn't have em, but we did after an on-air surprise email. It led to us breaking more news and analysis that closed the gap between the NDP government and the collapse of the Fund.

Monday: We kicked things off with an interview with Sprinfield MLA Ron Schuler. Tarring the government as being knee deep in covering their tracks, Schuler said the Brodbeck excerpts proved that the government knew about trouble at Crocus and should never have allowed John Loewen to be stifled by Crocus officials when he tried to raise alarms in Feb. 2002. While he was defending Loewen, an email arrived on our screen with the emails in full, a startling sequence outlining a discussion between …

The Crocus Cabinet Cover-Up series: March 5th- 9th

When Premier Gary Doer returned from Washington DC last Thursday he had to immediately try to do damage control duties over a Cabinet briefing note from November 2000, which was leaked to the Liberal caucus.

Doer tried to convince the media that the Cabinet memo which hit the press while he was away, had nothing new and it was already covered by the Singleton audit, and claimed it didn't in any way show his government had acted specifically to cover up for the Fund operating in contravantion to the perspectus. Problem was, even if some in MSM took the bait, a lot of things were being looked at by the public in a new light -- and found wanting.

That didn't matter to the Free Press, who devoted an entire front page of the Saturday paper to pointing readers to an "analysis" provided by "an unnamed Grit source" that tried to downplay the collapse and losses of 34,000 shareholders.

The Great Canadian Talk Show dedicated a special week to getting into the contents o…

Crocus leak sets the tone - Feb 26th - March 2nd

Over the weekend a leaked November 2000 Cabinet memo raised questions about when the NDP govermment first knew the Crocus Investment Fund was in serious trouble and had turned into a Ponzi scheme. We got right into it and looked at angles the mainstream media couldn't or wouldn't talk about.

Monday: Liberal leader Dr. Jon Gerrard, who got the brown envelope with the leak, joined the show and explained the origin of the briefing note and the meaning of the text. He had questions whether former Auditor Jon Singleton had seen it when he issued his report, because at no point did the report say anything about Cabinet being notified about Crocus troubles back in 2000. In fact Singleton told the Free Press he never saw it in 2005 when he did his review.

This leaked document also raised a new questions about the concealed loan from the Solidarite Fond of Quebec in 2002, which was the Auditor cited as having been falsely characterized in the prospectus and to shareholders as an investme…

Spirited Energy fails to dodge Brodbeck, our trip to BC scores new TV series; Feb. 21st - 23rd

An unusual week for us as we enjoyed a pre-emptive February holiday on Monday - and extended it to Tuesday - to see what it will be like when the government finally enacts legislation ( did we mention the Manitoba Federation of Labour takes credit for the holiday initiative at the NDP convention, but wer actually opposed to a Feb. stat and instead had wanted a stat holiday on June 21st?).

In fact we were in British Columbia for 4 days for meetings with the regional Clear Channel telecaster KVOS on behalf of Island Sports and Entertainment. But in a shortened three show week, we managed to stir up more than a few issues.

Wednesday: Kelly Dehn of CKY TV delved into the lack of a formal protocol for high-risk entries such as the Jubilee incident where 3 cops were shot. He agreed with our point that tension between the brass and police union may be at the root of the reluctance to institute specific rules - as that may lay the groundwork for endless grievances and lawsuits when things go w…

Dissecting misleading opinion poll and Driskell Inquiry conclusions, and a Bobby Hull record revisited: Feb. 12th -16th

Monday: In a story almost completely unreported within the mainstream media, the results of an Angus Reid poll showed that contrary to the headline on their press release, TV ads of the Conservative Party of Canada had in fact affected the standing of Liberal leader Stephane Dion. The ads, which used footage from the Liberal leadership campaign debates, was trumpeted as having done little to undermine support for Dion.

The press release stated "The television spots released by the Conservative party to question the traits of Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion had a negligible impact on the perceptions of Canadians, according to a poll by Angus Reid Strategies."

However a reader of the blog dug into the Angus Reid website and found the actual questions asked of voters who watched the ads and their responses posted, and the truth was quite the opposite.

On page 4 of the poll, support for Dion in key areas such as "has what it takes to lead Canada", …