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Breaking news - New Free Press drive-home radio show connected to Kick-FM director/ Harry Walsh passes away

The Winnipeg Free Press has just announced that their Hustler and Lawless sports radio show is changing time slots - to 4-6 PM, and changing stations - leaving CJOB to join CFRW.

Bob Cox is thrilled the FP will be a "full participant" allowing the FP to sell radio time as part of their ad packages.


So here we have the newspaper editor, Margo Goodhand, making an unfounded complaint about The Great Canadian Talk Show,


the general manager of CFRW, Chris Stevens, who sits on the "executive committee" of Kick-FM, deciding to cancel our show on 92.9 Kick-FM and then putting a Free Press call-in program in the time slot he threw us out of, on his own station.

Nonetheless, good luck to Hustler and Lawless, who were very good friends of TGCTS and our efforts to promote the Kerry Brown Memorial Wrestling event in 2009.

PS: CTV, parent company of CHUM, put out this press release:


RRC president Stephanie Forsyth forced to reply to Police Association complaint about Cathy Rushton's snide insinuation

On Friday November 5th, vice-president Cathy Rushton declared there were "aspects of censorship that are relevant" to justify Red River College hiding behind the Kick-FM "executive committee" to cancel The Great Canadian Talk Show. College officials had been directed by RRC president Stephanie Forysth to find a way to eliminate the show, after a false complaint was made to her by Winnipeg Free Press editor Margo Goodhand.

All weekend long, word of the decision spread throughout the city, despite Goodhand's request that her attack on Marty Gold be kept confidential.

A call from one of the key sponsors of TGCTS was placed to the station the following Monday morning, and station manager Rick Baverstock sent a heads-up email to Graham Thomson at 11.10 AM:

"I just got a call from the Winnipeg Police Association, who heard something about "Marty's possible termination" at City Hall this morning ... I asked Mike Sutherland (who called from the Police…

Winnipeg Free Press opposes censorship - - except by Red River College officials who oppose censorship

Last Monday, the Winnipeg Free Press published a little - noticed editorial. After a week it had yet to be Tweeted or shared via Facebook. It will now be a less well-kept secret.

It may be what the Free Press says for public consumption, but it's a matter of 'do as I say, not as I do.'

In private, they embrace the very attack on free speech that they claimed in their editorial of February 7th to abhor.
Here's what the FP editor did, when The Great Canadian Talk Show on 92.9 Kick-FM threatened the election chances of their preferred, NDP-backed candidate for mayor by exposing a scandal involving illegal NDP financing of Mynarski candidate Ross Eadie in the October election.

Margo Goodhand phoned the new President of Red River College, Stephanie Forsyth to silence the show.

And she wanted her call kept secret.


Red River College Vice-President Cathy Rushton invented complaint from Vic Toews to kaibosh TGCTS appeal to return to KICK-FM

(2 related posts added at bottom of story)

Last year, Red River College vice-president Cathy Rushton spread false allegations that Mayor Sam Katz had complained to former president Jeff Zabudsky about Marty Gold.

"I know Sam Katz called Jeff a couple of years ago about attacks" on The Great Canadian Talk Show, she wrote on August 12th to two officials who served with her on the Board of Kick-FM.

On September 30th, two fellow vice-presidents of RRC also read how the College had "received complaints from Sam about him in the past" in an email sent by Rushton.

The only problem was, it was not true.

But a negative attitude of RRC officials towards The Great Canadian Talk Show was what resulted.

Weeks later another "complaint" to the College, this time from Free Press editor Margo Goodhand, was never forwarded to station manager Rick Baverstock for verification and investigation. Instead, with the "suggestion" of her new boss Stefanie Forsyth backing her,