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As predicted, today's Assiniboine Ave. traffic jam brought to you by the bike lobby and their city hall helpers

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter

Hi Marty,

This morning commuters travelling on Assiniboine were met with a surprise. Unfortunately, the surprise was not a pleasant one. Plans for the Active Transportation bike path are now being implemented on Assiniboine which include forced right turns from Carlton onto Assiniboine, this however will require drivers to head right up Edmonton back to Broadway.

All traffic coming from Osborne, Kennedy, Carlton and Hargrave will be required to turn right onto Assiniboine where the only option will be to proceed up Edmonton to Broadway. Traffic is still being allowed west bound from Main Street along Assiniboine.

However, if drivers wish to access Main Street from Assiniboine, they must do so from either Navy Way or Garry Street. It is interesting to note that on Carlton the sign indicates the forced right turn is "temporary". Yet according the plans (not the ones on the website) indicate that turn will be permanent.

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Support the people of Sherbrook Street against the bike lobby: Sign their online petition



I'll give you the same schtick I've given every other media type I know.

The Ellice Cafe needs your help. My friend Harry (Lehotsky) was never afraid to make noise in the face of an injustice, (or stupidity), and as such, I'm going to try to do the same.

The Cafe (as many of your listeners already know through your radio show), is potentially going to loose most of, if not all of, its on street parking to provide for a new active transportation lane to be located on the east side of Sherbrook, 24/7/365.

The bike lobby presented a petition that included 65 names. We're hoping our petition will bury that number. Please help get the word out.

The petition is located at .

Your help is appreciated!

Ralph Mueller
Friend of the Ellice Cafe

The PetitionDue to the…

Answers and "experts" scarce at Fort Rouge Yards open house

From: Kim the Traffic Reporter
Subject: Re: Transit Development Open House July 29
Date: Monday, August 2, 2010, 5:26 PM

Hi Marty

On Thursday July 29th I attended an open house for the Transit Development in Fort Rouge for the BRT at the Lord Roberts Community Centre 725 Kylemore. This open house was put on by the developer Lexington Development Corporation which ran from 5:30-7:30p.m.

As I approached the Community Centre on Kylemore, I was stopped by a couple who lived only a few doors down from the centre. The couple were sitting out on their front steps watching all the traffic. They asked me what was going on, if it had anything to do with a potential closure of the centre. I informed them of the open house and asked if they had been informed of this event. The reply was "no, they hadn't heard about it". I was told they had not received any flyers, nobody had contacted them, nor had their neighbours heard anything about this open house,

Attention Mayor Katz: City changed Assiniboine traffic plans but forgot to tell the residents; bike lane = permanent gridlock downtown

From: Kim the Traffic reporterHi Marty

I've taken a look at the new plans for the Bike Boulevard on Assiniboine Ave., which has completely changed from the plans previously shown at open houses.

According to the maps provided, motorists will still be able to access Assiniboine Ave from Osborne, yet all that traffic is going to be funnelled up Edmonton, this doesn't make any sense. If I'm reading the maps correctly (both maps are a little vague I thought)people will be able to travel Westbound from Main St. all the way to Edmonton. The letter says "Assiniboine Ave. from Edmonton St. to Navy Way will become one-way westbound". Actually that should read from navy way to edmonton. so all traffic heading off Main is westbound and from my reading looks as though can go right through to Edmonton. It is two-way traffic from Navy Way east to Main.This means traffic coming off Main will be adding to the traffic coming off the side streets.

I think eventually Kenne…

West End fire and health hazard finally noticed; city was too busy giving residents a bike lane they don't want

During our week-long break, a listener from the west end went toe to toe with the City of Winnipeg over a smelly, hazardous pile of garbage and abandoned furniture that posed a genuine danger to the neighbourhood.

We have reprinted a sequence of emails in which he describes how the city and BFI eventually responded to his concerns.

It is worth noting that we took his complaint directly to the Mayor's Office (yes, while we were on holiday) and miraculously, the "within 3 days" that 311 told him it would take to look into it? The heap of garbage was hauled away within 4 business hours of our intervention.

From: (west end resident)
Subject: What's wrong with Winnipeg.
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 16:17:25 -0500

311... Water and waste... and the continuing build up of garbage (see pictures attached) (never mind... seems your server doesn&#…