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Free Press reports on half the MPI donation story, 3 weeks late

Today the mainstream media showed another example that they are in the history business rather than reporting news.
The Winnipeg Free Press not only took 3 weeks to even pretend to cover the MPI $1 million dollar giveaway under the guise it was a wise business decision, the newspaper of record tried to spin that it was no big deal.

But it didn't take long for outraged FP online readers - and TGCTS listeners - to assail the gatekeepers' trick of not reporting the true facts in the first place, and then say no one complained about what they read.
MPI gets little flak over donation of building"A decade ago, there was a public revolt against an NDP government plan to use $20 million from Autopac's profits to fund crumbling universities. Drivers flooded call-in shows and editorial pages and then-premier Gary Doer was forced to abandon the plan.This time, no similar outrage materialized."Oh ya? said one listener...
Posted by: a_centrist_viewJuly 30, 2010 at 9:08 AM Let…

Clearing out the emailbag for spring and summer

Who to hold accountable for lack of consultation (mostly about Active Transportation)
Thursday, July 15, 2010 5:39 PM
To: "Marty Gold" Marty, As I have mentioned you before what has happened is the mayor and yes it is the mayor has hired Laubenstein, Sheegl, Ruta and Robinson and he has created a similar situation where there was the Board of Commissioners and they had all of the power at City Hall. So if there is an "elected" position to be held accountable where the full "elected" people are not able to make decisions that you have just been mentioning it is in fact the Mayor. PF

To: "Marty Gold"

Why aren't the traffic laws enforced for cyclists as often as they are for cars! I love the idea of more people using these healthy transportation but what is about loseing an engine that means they gain impunity from the law! A stop sign still means stop! Green means go, NOT RED! Today i saw a cyclist cross Highway 1 in headingly through a …

Councillors push back against bike lobby/ exclusive bike counts for Osborne Village and Downtown

TGCTS has once again proven there is LOTS of news out there that MSM newsrooms don't bother to look for, because it doesn't fit in with their 'where's the press release' summertime work ethic.

Yesterday on our show, St. James councillor Scott Fielding praised our work to dig out the truth about bike lane "demand" and hold officials to account for poor consultation and concealed costs. Fielding assailed claims by the bike lobby and city Active Transportation coordinator Kevin Nixon that property values rise because of the addition of the paths to neighbourhoods as being unproven.

After stating that social engineering by "Egghead Elitists" was never going to get Winnipeg families out of their cars, Fielding vowed to put the brakes on the Berry Street project if he finds out city staff misled him about any added costs or work to enable completion of the project.

How Fielding has more power with the mandarins at 510 Main Street than Daniel MacIntyre C…

Next week: Classic Sunday replays, All Star Week and All Star Sunday

While we take our first extended break since debuting on Kick-FM on November 21st, 2006, Rick the Boss has tirelessly accumulated some of our most popular and requested episodes for your summer listening pleasure. Included in the list are two Best-of compilations.

Regular broadcasts continue today:

- Our exclusive bike counts for Osborne Bridge and downtown bike lanes;
- Roslyn Road bike lane deception by city hall;
- Coun. Scott Fielding addresses the Berry Street bike path cost overruns;
and at 5.05 PM we give away tickets for the Lee Aaron/Headpins concert at Silverados on Thursday, August 5th, courtesy of our friends at Canad Inns

and Friday:

- A special interview about the Chesed Shel Emes (Jewish funeral chapel), and other assorted general interest topics - "what was Lindor thinking?" when my sister Rena joins me for the first time ever on the air
- between 4 and 5 PM, we give away another set of tickets for the Silverados concert
- Jon Waldman of Slam!Sports

and then, w…

This week: the bike lane war heats up, more exclusives, and classic rock concert tickets

On Canada Day the public got information in plain English, about how Active Transportation in Osborne Village will endanger schoolchildren and seniors, and theatens private property

This week TGCTS will continue to break the real story about the bullying of neighbourhoods in the name of "Active Transportation".

With powerful friends in the city bureaucracy, the bike lobby continues to hopscotch the niceties of things like proper consultations, proof of user volume, and neighborhood safety, and get their way. The flyer distributed in Osborne Village on Canada Day was met with a serious reaction; when Captain Audio followed up last week, he heard an earful from concerned and dissatisfied residents and businesses. As part of our follow up this week, we are planning to conduct an experiment and on Thursday examine the claims made by the bike lobby about bike traffic.

It won't take us till Thursday to follow -up on the bike lane doubl…

When the bike lobby says "but in Europe...", what does that REALLY mean?

email from a world traveling listener:

Hi Marty,

I've been away (in Europe) for the past 2 months, so not only have I escaped the terrible weather here, I've been able to gather some "real" information regarding the cycling facilities in other major centers, where they enjoy MANY MORE months of "active transportation" friendly weather.

Rome. I only saw one bike path in Rome. In my mind, if you ride a bike in Rome, you have a death wish. The roads are not conducive to being narrowed, and so...they don't.

Florence. Here, there were more bike paths, painted a rose sort of colour, but they were often narrow, and were also bi directional. While there were not a lot of bike lanes I saw, they were there... but there weren't many cyclists using them.

Verona. Well here I saw a lot of bikes, but that was because of the Tour de France. The roads in the center of the city are not specifically geared to cyclists.

Venice (the island) Forget about a bike. Didn't see…

Taxpayers Federation and a listener follow up on our MPI $1.2- em, $1.4, million donation story
MPI Should Have Sold Surplus BuildingTwo thumbs up to Marty Gold for doing some digging into MPI's recent announcement to sell its surplus building to Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre.According to Marty Gold, the donation of MPI's surplus building on King St. was no small contribution - it reportedly has an assessed value of $1.2 million. Ideally, if MPI has a surplus asset, it should be sold off and the funds used to fulfill MPI's mandate - providing low-cost vehicle insurance to Manitobans. Critics may argue that selling off the asset may have only reduced premiums by a couple dollars per vehicle, but that's not the point. Taxpayers should have the right to decide how their money is spent, not the government. Again, MPI's role is to provide low cost vehicle insurance, not to get into social policy and help the province appear to be doing good deeds (see Minister Andrew Swann's f…

Councillors runs interference for city staff and bike lobby at Sherbrook bike lane hearing

Ed. note: Kim the Traffic Reporter attended yesterday's hearing at which the bike lane proposal was discussed, and filed this report. We have invited Coun. O'Shaughnessy to appear today on the show, and area Coun. Harvey Smith for Friday.

On July 13th a meeting with the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works was held at 10:30am, City Council Building at 510 Main St. dealing with the Sherbrook bike lanes.

Councillor Harvey Smith representing the Daniel MacIntyre ward spoke briefly with this committee, stating there are "legitimate concerns" regarding the bike lane. He complained that there had "not been consultation" with the residents.
Councillor Mike O'Shaughnessy, who is the chairperson of the Committee, disagreed saying that there had been "lots of consultation" and that "Kevin Nixon would not agree about the lack of consultation".

Belinda Squance of the Ellice Cafe was one speaker who stated that she …