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The topics and guests of the first quarter of 2009

Quarterly review

This has been a very busy 3 months and we want to thanks all our listeners who have contributed with an avalanche of emails and calls that kept the shows moving at a rapid fire pace throughout.

January Top Stories:
- Exclusive:
The truth about the Horace Avenue carjacker and the "vigilante hate crime beating" that wasn't
- Free Press publisher Bob Cox ignores a complaint that Dan Lett personally insulted a reader because apparently, emailers are not allowed to be "anonymous"
- Chief McCaskill tells James Turner " we never thought much of it...we missed the boat on crack"
- Bus union wants driver shields
- Exclusive: FP "Ask the City Editor" online feature ignores questions about Porkgate
- Exclusive: Details of U of M anti-Semitic incident and of Pro-Israel rally confrontation (and how the FP hid the photo)
- The Monday Manifesto: This year, it's about "the untouchables"- Government appointees such as judges, government…

Vioxx/COX2 studies faked by leading anaesthetist, stunning medical world

Awhile back, I heard something about Vioxx during an interview on Richard Cloutier's morning show that caught my ear.

Why? Well, one reason is that it had been prescribed for me when I lived in Los Angeles when I had arm trouble; when a friend found out he told me there were a lot of potential side effects. The drug worked, but I discontinued use.

The other reason it got my attention was because of what was said in the interview.

To explain further, here is the correspondance between myself and Cloutier's guest that day, Professor Arthur Schaffer.

-----Original Message-----
From: Marty Gold []
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 9:58 AM
Subject: Vioxx deaths

Hello Professor Schafer,

I heard you on CJOB this morning. I am writing in regard to your citation of Vioxx as an example of influence-peddling within the medical system and that there were thousands of deaths before the drug was pulled from the market.

Can you direct me to your source abou…

Budget and floods elbow Brian Sinclair questions off MSM radar

This past week, Premier Gary Doer paid tribute to the former Winnipeg Free Press legislative columnist Arlene Billinkoff, who had just passed away.

"(She) provided a lot of accountability for all members... because of her long institutional memory.", Doer told the Free Press. "I enjoyed reading her columns before I was in politics and respected her column after I was in politics."

Her forte, said former writing colleague Gerald Flood, was "as a writer of record rather than a reporter of news. She would exhaustively research her columns to ensure she had the whole story. It often meant that her columns appeared after much of the news had played out, but they also were always the best single source of information on a issue."

How fortunate indeed for Doer's government, that the latter-day version of the FP does not have the same commitment to research and being "the best single source of information" on the Legislature, that they lauded in Arlene…

Listener reaction to Blaikie win, U of W bottled water ban, MSM's gaffes and skewed priorities

More email from our listeners:

On our exclusive interview with Bill Blaikie and his Elmwood byelection win:


I just wanted to take some time to comment on your interview with Bill Blaikie on Friday. I was impressed in a couple ways, mainly on how you conducted the interview.

I think the reason the NDP refuses to give you an opportunity to interview them is because they are afraid of you. You are too well versed on the issues, and therefore cannot be buffaloed into accepting something that isn't the actual answer to your question. Because of this knowledge they are worried that if they don't give you an answer, you will keep asking them the questions and not let them loose.

I thought you were very professional and respectful. You asked Mr. Blaikie a question and you let him answer. You asked him some tough questions that I'm sure either made him cringe a little when he heard it, or made you cringe a little in your mind before you asked them. He gave you an answer, you may h…

EXCLUSIVE: Blaikie pledges more cash to keep Disraeli traffic flowing; leak reveals estimate of his election promise cost

It only took 24 hours for Bill Blaikie to arrange an interview with The Great Canadian Talk Show, after we saw him outside his campaign office and let him know that our 4 previous requests to his staff had gone unanswered.

Departing from the policy of avoidance practiced by members of Premier Doer's government when faced with repeated invitations to address the campus radio audience, Blaikie's people called Thursday morning and offered to make time for us the very next day.

So last Friday afternoon, 92.9 Kick-FM broadcast our exclusive question- and- answer session with the retired NDP parliamentarian, who is seeking to replace backbencher Jim Maloway as MLA for Elmwood in the March 24 byelection -- and is certain to enter cabinet if successful.

As heard exclusively on the show, Blaikie said the Disraeli Bridge reconstruction was not only the top issue with voters, it was the top issue with Doer, who Blaikie said himself takes the Freeway to go to work at the legislature every mo…