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Shootings, NDP convention, and a happy ending: Feb 5 - 9th

Monday: A house party in the 2200 block of Burrows was broken up by gunshots from an evicted guest this weekend, and 5 people went to the emergency room. two children were upsatirs and avoided injury. Yet one of the residents of the house told the media the shooting " blown out of proportion". Two suspects were wanted for attempt murder x 5; yet no one in the MSM questioned the implication this was nothing to worry about and that Winnipeg is not being overrun by gunplay.

A careful review of the NDP convention found that the move to revert to a delegate system to elect a leader, rather than one member one vote, was scheduled for Sunday morning when hundreds of attendees had left. The initiative was criticized by MLA Jim Maloway who complained that power was being handed to the Manitoba Federation of Labour. The MFL tried to convince anyone who would listen that the MFL's massive organization skills would have no effect on riding delegate selection. Yah.

That wasn't the …

January 29- Feb. 2: a fast paced week of crime, politics and hockey history

One of our most interesting weeks with a wide variety of local, national, international and sports topics as we skated into February.

Monday: A party in the 1500 block of Ross Avenue turned into a riot over the weekend with 5 charged for injuries sustained to a pair of residents who wanted to clear the house of troublemakers. The usual note to media was made that no matter how hard MSM tries to lump the address in with the North End, Ross Avenue is in this case, in Weston. Not that the North End was out of the news, as a failed drive-by robbery - presumably the cold kept the muggers inside their vehicle on Leila - resulted in shots being fired when the intended victims refused to walk up to the car and hand over their wallets.

The Winnipeg Free Press continued their biased campaign for taxicab deregulation with a letter to the editor supporting their editorial stance. It would better have served the public discourse, however, had the letter writer been identified not as some impartial …

Round Two with the Mayor: Jan. 22nd - 26th

A wide-ranging chat with Sam Katz, breaking news about the Avion shuttle vs. Unicity Taxi, ripping the Free Press again, crime, sports and entertainment news made for a full week.

Monday: Over the weekend a former Winnipeg police officer was apprehended with a familiar name from past headlines, and the city was buzzing with the news. Ken Houston had retired from the force three years ago and is owner of Level One restaurant on Corydon Avenue. When police boxed in his truck in a nearby back lane, they found Houston in the company of Hell's Angels member Billy Bowden, a 9 mm. gun and a small amount of Ecstacy. Houston is the third cop in recent years to be linked to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Emlwood MLA Jim Maloway launched a media blitz urging citizens to call Mayor Katz and prevent the closure of Kelvin CC. Maloway had been conspicuously silent in the legislature on this and every other issue for years, but suddenly decided that a political campaign was a good way to use his constitu…