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Friday podcast: Liberal fossils back Oswald, backstab Gerrard

A short and punchy Friday podcast scrutinizes the backstabbing of provincial Liberals by 2 former federal MP's who endorsed NDP Health Minister Theresa Oswald in Seine River, the Wolbert-esque Anita Neville and the irrelevant John Harvard. With friends like these, Jon Gerrard can declare his enemies quota filled.

Greg Selinger was on CJOB today and was dragged into addressing two of our favorite topics, the price of milk and a youth curfew. Wait till you hear how he answered the question of an outdoor sleepover in the north end.

Speaking of sleepovers, we also have an eyewitness account of the CEO PR stunt for homelessness at 201 Portage last night. Doncha dare miss it!

Here's the link to today's podcast:

Run John Run: Interview with PC Point Douglas candidate John Vernaus

A longtime fixture on the local boxing scene, autobody shop owner John Vernaus decided to get into the race to succeed former Manitoba Speaker of the Legislature George Hickes as MLA for the inner-city riding of Point Douglas.

Vernaus has been running some very strong radio ads about the numerous murders and rampant crime in the riding (just yesterday a knifefight between rival gangbangers broke out on the street across from his campaign office) and his own accomplishments in the community. He took about 20 minutes to talk with us last week and our discussion - about why he is running, what he is hearing at the door, and what he thinks about whether Greg Selinger really didn't recognize his name - is the centrepiece of today's podcast.

Among the other issues touched on are the CBC exclusive alleging flood mis-management by the NDP at the Hoop and Holler cut; recapping the FASD coverage of yesterday; Gordon Sinclair gets beat up by his own readers for utter irrelevancy; was ther…

Wed. podcast: The media talks about Harry Who while Gerrard talks about FASD; WRHA doctors get political

The intertwining of health, crime, and public safety is a major election focus of the Wednesday podcast, with a special candidate interview plus a guest commentator joining in for the Inside Politics analysis.

Or, as was said about the manufactured Liberal leadership dismay, "Harry Who"?. (Hear how Ray Simard could have done something about it and made a splash provincially, instead of getting ink in the broadsheet.)

The Liberals' $3.9 m FASD platform presser is reviewed, and St James candidate Gerard Allard speaks about his move from policing to politics, the social cost of undiagnosed FASD and of a surprising 'missing' issue at the doorsteps. Then blogger Graham Hnatiuk returns to TGCTS and has a few things to say about the media, Liberal campaign, and l'affair Wolbert.

We also dive into CBC's story yesterday about the we've been talking about for weeks, the online community of doctors, nurses and others (some of whom fear retaliation fro…

Conflicting, incomplete polls lead off final week of provincial campaign

Two half-baked polls - one with less than 470 declared respondents and the other conducted online and then extrapolated - leave Manitobans no wiser as to which direction the 2011 election is headed.

Today's podcast does a quick review of the latest promises and opinions - expanding Osborne House finding favour with the Tories and soccer facilities with the NDP; our story about a political contribution by Theresa Oswald's US husband makes the online comments, if not the actual news pages, of the Free Press; some follow-up comments about the Selinger photo story, including CBC's apology to us for not providing proper credit; and what blogger Brian Gilchrist thinks about Selinger's claim on CJOB that the NDP has run a clean campaign.

In the middle you'll also hear an interview with Tahl East of CDI College, whose Bras for A Cause campaign is now featured on billboards and in Swaggerville; homicide number 32 has two north end bloggers reacting here and here ; and a look…

The reaction to our Selinger photo exclusive; CJOB poll off key?; Words from Gerrard; The cost of stolen signs

It started on Twitter, with notices from James O'Connor of the Brandon Sun and local news site Chris D. Then the national online aggregator,, posted a link right to our story "The One Photo Greg Selinger Does Not Want You to See in an Election Brochure" beneath stories about the federal NDP leadership race and the Ontario election. So there is no denying, the alternative media made a big splash in the provincial election on Friday.
CBC TV picked up our story about Greg Selinger alienating police by posing with the Heatbag Records crew bandana, and even led the TV newscast with it at 5 PM, barely an hour before the Leader's debate.
On Saturday, The Winnipeg Sun added details about the past violent record of convictions of one of the group and got more police reaction http://www.winnipeg…

The one photo Greg Selinger doesn't want you to see in an election brochure

A photograph of a celebration has been circulating around town. It's of a local rap and hip hop label, Heatbag Records, and their top act, Winnipeg's Most.
The photograph which we acquired, shows NDP Premier Greg Selinger with 6 men associated with the label. He is smiling widely, while holding outstretched a black Heatbag Records bandana.
At times those bandanas been seen online brandished as gangster-wear to conceal rappers' faces in photos and videos, or as a costume for some very attractive young women who pose on social media barely wearing it. In hip-hop culture, a bandana represents the thug life values the gangster rappers glorify - pro-drug, anti-police, settling scores - which infects the lives of thousands of young Manitobans.
Selinger seems quite pleased to be associated with a popular and successful music act and the crew is definately glad to have a picture like this in their back pockets.

But Manitoba Justice officials cringe at this photo. They know exactly…

North end Liberal candidate says campaign dirty tricks "bullying"

The outspoken Grit candidate in Burrows, Twyla Motkaluk, told TGCTS today that campaign signs being stolen and illicitly removed are not the only tactics being used to try to derail her campaign. As you will hear, she claims that racism has been wielded to dissuade voters from supporting her at the ballot box.

Calling it the behavior of NDP bullies, she also told of one example of government waste that led her to seek election, a Healthy Baby subsidy program for pregnant mothers that Motkaluk claims provides about 33c per day for nutritious groceries while the administration of the funding consumes over 80% of the monies.

Along with reviewing the Liberal platform released this morning - which included Dr. Jon Gerrard endorsing our longtime call for having Legislative meetings and Question Period archived online! - a bloggers' hypothetical script for a faux Greg Selinger job interview TV ad, an email from a listener who got surveyed online about their voting intentions, Dan Lett&#…

Exclusive: Theresa Oswald's re-election campaign takes a detour to the US

A faithful listener of our program, who has taken quite an interest in the way politicians get their message out in the hopes of being elected this October, sent along a copy of a pamphlet dropped in their mailbox, a standard 8.5 x 11 folded. They had a few questions which are a little confounding, and perhaps some of the more informed among you can help clear up the confusion.

Now at first glance there doesn't seem to be anything unusual. A candidate, in this case a government Health Minister, is providing some personal career background and towing the party line.

Oswald, of course, is well remembered from her days as an English teacher - sources say she was given the nickname "Dragon Lady" for her firm attitude with students - and was a volleyball coach. The middle section of the pamphlet has a quote - bilingual of course - beside the family portrait.

"Manitoba is a better place to live, work and raise a family than it's ever been", Oswald tells her consti…

Monday podcast: CJOB debate highlights Selinger's weaknesses

The outcry about the cheating tactics of the NDP campaign hit the pages of both the Sun and Free Press, and the credibility issues resulted in Greg Selinger facing pointed arguments from his opponents for the Premier's seat, OB callers, and host Richard Cloutier this morning (who seems to have identified an issue today about full time home care jobs being created as part of a "sweet deal" with the MGEU to the detriment of patient care. Imagine being told you get one bath a week, it was going to be on an afternoon you go to a church activity, and it was being cut back to 25 minutes from an hour). Today's podcast recaps the weekend announcements and the topics of the morning debate and juxtaposes the campaign priorities the PC's and Liberals set out on strokes, diabetes, emergency response and care homes, with Selinger's performance on-air and increasingly irritated retorts to accusations of using his a way-back machine and his "Crocus calculat…

Radio recap of the end of election campaign week #2 made people sit up and notice

Nothing illustrated the contrasts between the strategy of the opposition parties and that of the NDP as week 2 came to a close, than the nighttime report on Friday by Kim Lawson of CJOB. A number of listeners made mention of it to us, and with good reason.

She started off by reporting that PC leader Hugh McFadyen pledged to extend operations of clinics to take the pressure off emergency brooms, add ambulances and paramedics, and initiate a specialized stroke unit to save lives; then that Liberal leader Jon Gerrard was focusing on investigating abuse of the elderly in personal care homes and the over-prescribing of anti-psychotic drugs as a way to numb patients despite the added risk of causing strokes.

Those were substantive proposals that spoke to the problems and worries of voters about their families and how health care delivery is managed.

Kim Lawson contrasted what the opposition leaders did on Friday, with what the NDP leader did.

Greg Selinger held a press conference with the own…

Ethics gap grows as Selinger drags Winnipeg Jets into Election Act scandal

As the NDP campaign of attack ads continues to backfire, unelected premier Greg Selinger resorted to playing the Jets card today with disastrous results.

A feel-good presser to announce an after school program for at-risk kids was immediately identified by media outlets (here and here ) as a (prohibited) "province" or government announcement, and not an NDP election pledge. This comes on the heels of an Elections Manitoba investigation into Cabinet minister Ron Lemieux presenting a cheque within the 90 blackout period.

Today's podcast looks at the official complaint filed with Elections Manitoba and at Liberal leader Jon Gerrard's terse accusations about the NDP being "so arrogant and indifferent to Manitobans that they think they can break the law and get away with it ... What kind of lesson is Greg Selinger sending to inner city youth by breaking the law?"

For his part, the dirtiest player in politics stuck his nose in the air like something didn't…

Deficit dishonesty drives NDP's integrity onto election radar

Two weeks ago TGCTS asked whether ethics and integrity were going to play into the consideration of Manitobans during the election campaign.

Now, after former senior executives revealed that Greg Selinger himself enacted a referendum requirement before Manitoba Hydro can be sold, with the spectre of possible criminal charges in the Brian Sinclair death at HSC in 2008 being reported yesterday, and the ongoing revelations about the NDP hiding loans and grants as 'assets' on the provincial books, the issue of honesty and integrity has gained traction in the media and in the minds of voters.

Reports about Selingers' "frustration" with opposition claims and election promises are contrasted on today's podcast with the NDP record on those 3 files and how whistleblowers and red-flag wavers (like Dr. Larry Reynolds and Miss Whistle) are treated by the government's bureaucracies and agencies.

While Free Press columnist Dan Lett portrays Hugh McFadyen's statemen…

The Loan Act budget trick of the NDP, and more campaign dirty tricks

A lot of important people (ie the WRHA, Manitoba Nurses Union, Health Minister Theresa Oswald) had a startling beginning to their day with the report in the Free Press that a homicide investigator had recommended the Crown lay charges against both a front line care worker, and the Health Sciences Centre, over the death of Brian Sinclair after a 34 hour wait in the emergency room in September 2008. Denials that a report had been completed, let alone charges recommended, were issued in record time, but the story had the reputation of ace cop reporter Mike McIntyre behind it, and the denials did little to quell the buzz among listeners about how "the NDP had stalled the Inquiry till after the election and now this gets out".

On todays' podcast we go into depth about the Loan Act, which is the way the NDP is shifting monies to outside agencies that can never pay it back while claiming the dollars still exist in the treasury, thereby concealing how big the deficit really is. …

NDP scandals and cover-ups continue to pile up just by reading what's out there

Today's podcast strings together reports from mainstream and alternative media to paint a picture: about Manitoba Housing ignoring health hazards (CBC TV), Manitoba Hydro refusing to give a mailing address (, the sneaky accounting to reduce the provincial deficit picture (Bruce Owen via blogger Brian Gilchrist ), and online comments from voters about NDP promises to hire more nurses and cut cancer wait times - there are a lot of people whose experiences with these Crowns, agencies and departments, hospitals, etc, demonstrates that an entitled class is running this province and has but one goal- to stay employed in power.

The facts now coming out about how the books have been cooked for years by Greg Selinger not reporting loans and advances properly, and how Tom Brodbeck is told to file a FIPPA to get to see stadium loan documents, is a red flag our listeners will well recognize.

Also, a sh…

Exclusive: First dirty trick of election campaign reported

Winnipeg's premiere podcast tells you the story of a remarkable dirty trick played in the election, from a north end riding no less. It's quite clever although highly unethical and shows someone is scared of someone else gaining ground.

Also today, Metro reporter James Turner echoes our position that rampant alcoholism is fueling violent crime in this city and should be an election issue; Dan Lett isn't very complimentary about the attack ads on Hugh McFadyen but still thinks the NDP is ahead in the race- although he didn't seem to consider another variable; and Kevin Engstrom of the Sun blasts the NDP for gutter politics.

In civics, Gordo's column about a proposed Waterfront Drive development in the FP this weekend was so obnoxious that blogger Cherenkov was compelled to make sure everyone knew the history of Sinclair distorting the plans at Upper Fort Garry to generate support for the Manitoba Club members engineering the kaiboshing of a much-needed apartment block…

Neglect of elderly patient at Seven Oaks Hospital an NDP "improvement"? ; those fake Ciclovia attendance numbers

Yesterday in the Winnipeg Free Press, NDP campaign quick-response director Maeghan Dewar was "insisting the NDP has improved health care during 12 years in power."

Today's podcast contrasts that spin, with a story in the Jewish Post and News about the horrific treatment of 98 year old Ann Rostecki in 2009 at the Seven Oaks General Hospital.

Bernie Bellan includes documentation and correspondence to lay out the entire tale of neglect - including starvation of the elderly stroke victim - and the dismissive contemptuous attitude towards the children who advocated for their mother.

"...there was little dignity to her stay at Seven Oaks Hospital--a dignity that every human deserves from the public health care system in spite of their age or infirmities. Or is this like the battlefield, where the medic only ministers to those w…

McFadyen: Selinger's lowest - price utility guarantee has "zero credibility", supports PUB role as consumer watchdog

In an exclusive interview with TGCTS, Progressive Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen dismissed the Joe Namath-like guarantee of Greg Selinger to fix utility costs at the lowest in the country as a "phony promise" and added that, given the NDP record from the 2007 campaign on hallway medicine and the return of the Jets, "these are people who have zero credibility on anything they say during election campaigns."

McFadyen also pledged to uphold the independent authority of the Public Utility Board which he lauded as a safeguard for Manitoba consumers. Listen to the full Q and A on today's podcast.

The Free Press elicited a response from former PC premier Gary Filmon about being used as a strawman to "fairly or unfairly" attack McFadyen for what he "might" do to Crown Corporations in new NDP attack ads. While editor Margo Goodhand mocks the notion the election is heating up as a lie, candidates in Westman struggle to get their message out because …

Podcast court report exclusive: 'Labradoodle' charges face motion to dismiss; Is Selinger end-running PUB with low-cost utilities pledge?

Among local media, only TGCTS was in court today to hear the testimony of witnesses in a case alleging a puppy breeder neglected dogs seized by the Manitoba government and sold under questionable circumstances by the Humane Society. And only TGCTS can report on the reaction in the courtroom today by the Crown Attorney, when defence lawyer Gene Zazalenchuk presented a motion to dismiss the charges immediately after the prosecution closed their case, citing a "fatal" flaw in the proceedings. Exclusive details in the CCPS Update today.

The front-end of the show takes a hard look at the Joe Namath-style 'guarantee' by Greg Selinger that electricity, home heating and auto insurance rates would always be the cheapest nationwide. This raised two issues: is Selinger planning to neuter the Public Utilities Board, which sets pricing rates and has repeatedly turned back rate hikes proposed by the Crown Corporations? And, is a 'rate stabilization fund' just another way …

Podcast exclusive - NDP 'statesman' gets his rude-on when PC candidate pays respects at funeral

Week Two of Winnipeg's Premiere Podcast kicks off with an exclusive !

Which NDP stalwart embarrassed himself on Saturday at a funeral reception, of all things, by trying to start an argument with someone who has publicly turned away from the Greg Selinger regime? We got a first hand account and name names. As well we tell you what was revealed in the confrontation about the NDP re-election philosophy.

With the election writ made official, our continuing series of candidate interviews features Liberal hopeful Paul Hesse of Fort Rouge; we review the Winnipeg Sun's weekend commentary from Tom Brodbeck about Selinger "cooking the books" by not reporting money moved to Crown Corporations as grants which keeps the cash on the books and lowers the true deficit, and an editorial by Kevin Engstrom reviving the old-time Sterling Lyon-ism about the NDP spending like "drunken sailors". Meanwhile Winnipeg Free Press coverage in print and on their Margo Goodhand approved…