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"Dawn till Dusk" Oswald in the dark about dusk till dawn emergency surgery cutbacks

I've listened once again to Theresa "Dawn till Dusk" Oswald's comments to CTV about the Concordia Emergency department sending a 38 year old woman suffering a ectopic (tubal) miscarriage 19KMs away to the Grace Hospital for surgery.

I still can't decifer what she was talking about- because it certainly wasn't the incident in question.

Tory press release:
“A dangerous practice that will end up killing patients”: Winnipeg physician

A Winnipeg doctor says Manitoba patients are at serious risk because of the NDP government’s decision to cut back emergency surgeries at three community hospitals.

The decision to cancel after hours emergency surgeries at Concordia, Victoria, and Seven Oaks hospitals was made public last year after an internal WRHA memo was leaked to Progressive Conservative Health Critic Myrna Driedger. Patients who require emergency surgery after-hours will have to be transported to the Health Sciences Centre, St…

MPI press release and email confirms purchase of Citiplace Mall; your reactions
Cityplace acquired by Manitoba Public Insurance
Manitoba Public Insurance has acquired Cityplace, the office and retail building that houses most of its administrative offices, while assuring ratepayers that the acquisition will contribute to stable operating costs and continued low Autopac rates.

“We have a responsibility to keep our operating costs low so we can continue to provide Manitobans with the best possible value from their public auto insurance system,” McLaren said. “Buying this building is the most cost-effective option.”

Manitoba Public Insurance has been facing difficult questions about where to locate its administrative offices in the years ahead. The acquisition will give Manitoba Public Insurance more control over its operating expenses, while allowing the corporation to avoid the disruption of relocating its administrative offices, extensive information technology facilities, a large call centre and se…

Your 3 day TGCTS forecast: A Lesson in Journalism, police, school taxes and more Disraeli debate

Monday: It's been awhile, but an opportunity for a Lesson in Journalism was presented by the Saturday Free Press. It wasn't all bad- but the sum of the parts is far from good. From goofy editing to slanted columnists to compartmentalization of story coverage to lazy reporting- it was all there, and today we'll have the analysis.

As well, one of the not-bad things - a story about the Winnipeg Police Association waking up Coun. Gord Steeves at a Winnipeg Police Advisory Board meeting last week about gangs violence not being reflected on Crimestat - will be delved into further when WPA president Mike Sutherland joins the show at 4.35.
We'll also find time to discuss 311 horrors, pundits dispute the Waverly West coverage in the Free Press, the Sun gets some defensive spin from the WRHA and Health Minister Oswald, and give away tickets to a Siloam Mission fundraiser at Dylan's on Pembina that takes place Wednesday and Thursday nights this week.

In sports at 5.15 PM, Frank…

Phil Walding's sensible Disraeli/Louise Bridge reconstruction plan, plus mailbag and YouTube selections

Everyone agrees that the current working plan to rebuild the roads in and out of Elmwood are unworkable - except the city transportation, engineering, and planning experts.

They insist only a 16 month closedown of the Disraeli Freeway and a traffic re-routing that will lead to intractable gridlock in downtown, North and South Point Douglas, and the North End is workable; have they learned NOTHING from the Nairn Overpass fiasco?

Phil Walding has over 20 years experience in the local transportation business and is a longtime resident of Elmwood. Over the course of a few weeks, he developed the following alternative plan which has been given to both Councillor Jeff Browaty and Mayor Katz for their review.

Now he has given us permission to post it for the public to evaluate and compare against a city plan which Katz and Browaty concede will paralyze an already-distressed neighborhood and send property values plummeting even further.

Phase 1

1. Acquire the vacant lot and adjacent building at 31…

WRHA execs attempt at spin control backfires

The Chair and Vice-chair of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority held a press conference this afternoon, hoping to de-fuse the explosive revelations that have exposed their officials as misleading the public about the death of Brian Sinclair in the Health Sciences Centre emergency room last September.

By the time the short 30 minute session was over, Dr. John Wade and Mr. Alan Fineblit were in search of headache medication and the nearest exit.

The razor-sharp insight of reporters such as CTV's Kelly Dehn (who broke the story last September), Jen Skerritt of the Free Press (who today revealed that Health Minister Theresa Oswald had known since October, that the WRHA official version of the man's treatment was false), and Tom Brodbeck of the Winnipeg Sun, proved that the WRHA's tangled web could be unwound and laid bare.

Reporters have not been fooled by the braintrusts' talking points (i.e - they're not playing the blame game), bureaucrat-speak (Dr. Brock Wright…

In search of the WRHA's invisible "transparency"/January guest list

The past week has proven an invaluable lesson for listeners about the true meaning of "transparency"- especially after it was defined by leading health officials and their real boss, Health Minister Theresa "dusk till dawn" Oswald.

Our request to interview Oswald about the WRHA's brown envelope addiction was ignored until by her office after our deadline on Monday.

Then we were told to make the request through Cabinet Communications, whose perfect record in producing cabinet ministers for our show
remains unblemished- they did not respond even after we were told on Tuesday "Dave (Leibl) will get back to you".

We left another reminder for Dave on Friday and were told "I'll put it forward", which must be spinner-talk for "don't hold your breath".

Meanwhile, our search for the missing public documents that would guide the WRHA's controversial value-added policy was ignored by 2 officials, then the next 2 on the chain were awa…

WRHA twists and squirms while Oswald hides from tough questioning

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has been battered this week by 2 scandals.

In the first, they claim that bonus payments from suppliers that comes in sealed brown envelopes after a bid is chosen, is under strict doctors' supervision. Since 4 of the WRHA's finest open the envelopes together, surely nothing other than a cheque made out to the WRHA ever fell onto the table, they insisted.

CEO Dr. Brian Postl originally tried (on CJOB- go to the Monday Feb. 2 audio vault 9.10 AM) to mock Jen Skerritt's scoop as " an amusing view" of the bidding policy. A real laugher.

If you listen carefully to that interview with Richard Cloutier, you will note that at no time , did Postl say he had invited the provincial auditor to review their tendering practice. Nor did he once address, the $2.2 million dollars in "unrestricted" value-adds under his direct control. It was only at the conclusion of a Letter to the Editor in Wednesday's Free Press, that Postl reve…

Frank the Italian Barber saddest man in Winnipeg; all about WRHA's brown envelopes and murders #4, 5, and 6

Say what you want about the opinionated King of Corydon Avenue, but alone among all the pundits, he steadfastly maintained from about week 8 of the NFL regular season, that the Arizona Cardinals was a team that was headed for glory.

On Monday, Frank, having parlayed his hunch into untold riches behind the skill and artistry of wily quarterback Kurt Warner and speedy son-of-a-journalist Larry Fitzgerald, will describe the full emotion of (cue Jim McKay) "the agony of defeat".

The twists and turns of luck and effort and of course, officiating, all conspired to deliver one of the most exciting Super Bowls in history but one of the most crushing disappointments in Franks's prognostication career.

Along with our analysis of the 27-23 Pittsburgh Steelers football championship there is a lot of important news to catch up on.

* Right in line with our focus this year on "the untouchables" such as justice and health officials, Jen Skerritt of the Winnipeg Free Press blew …