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TGCTS Half-year in review - the guest list

WE want to thank the many people from all walks of life, who have appeared on the air as guests in the first half of 2008:

Stacey Ashley, CTV News

Laurel Freis, Remax Realtor

Sel Burrows, North Point Douglas residents' committee

Jay Brazeau, "Tevye", Manitoba Theatre Centre's Fiddler on the Roof

Kelly Dehn, CTV Crime Beat specialist

Brewmaster Dave, Half Pints Brewing

Gerald Hawranik, Progressive Conservative MLA Lac du Bonnet

Marc Emery, Pot-TV

Kevin Armstrong, CTV reporter

Scott Taylor, National Post/Shaw-TV Voice of the Winnipeg Goldeyes

Dan Denton, Frozen Pond Productions, Los Angeles

Gord Steeves, Councillor St Vital

Paul Sveinson, Crocus Fund collapse analyst

Bernie Bellan, Crocus Fund shareholders group

Loretta Hunt, (former) editor, The Fight Network

Chuck Ealey, CFL quarterback legend,

Doug Schweitzer, CEO, PC Party of Manitoba

Sam Katz, Mayor of Winnipeg

Lianne Tregobov, Camelot Introductions

Hugh McFadyen, MLA Whyte Ridge, Progressive Conservati…

Samuel Golubchuk, 84, passes away

From left: Sam (in hat) and son Percy (holding chuppah pole), Torah scroll march to new Chavurat T'fillah synagogue building, 1974. My Zaida, Aaron, is holding a Torah, second from the right, with future city lawyer David Cohen holding the other chuppah pole. The man wearing the hat in the middle of the picture, behind the 2 kids, is the late Dr. Carl Pinsky.

I have memories of Sam Golubchuk going back to my childhood as a member of the Talmud Torah synagogue. An orthodox congregation, there were 3 long rows of benches facing east for the men to sit. Sam and his son Percy sat in the row on the south side of the shul; there was a short middle row behind the Bimah (prayer lecturn), and the bench my grandfather Aaron sat in - first row on the left as you entered the synagogue- that was our spot. Later around 1974 they joined my zaida as members of the then-fledgling Chavurat T'fillah on Hartford and McGregor, under Rabbi Moshe Stern. On Shabbat or High Holidays when service was ov…

The only "stain" in Dumas affair is on race-baiters and their media friends

The manipulation of the facts in favour of a twisted anti-police agenda was in full flight on Friday as the Matthew Dumas inquest concluded.

Those who believe in the politics of race continue to portray the shooting death of Dumas through the prism of their prejudice.

The race-baiters cherry-picked the facts heard by Judge Mary Curtis to fit their narrative and mislead the public and media. And many Winnipeg outlets are more than willing to regurgitate the fiction without shame.

Most shameless is the CBC, which suppressed the information Dumas had fought the police and escaped from the back lane before being cornered on Dufferin, right from the day of the shooting.

But their online story Friday thoroughly exposed the CBC agenda - by excluding key facts, it enabled their unquestioning coverage of Nahanni Fontaine's anti-cop tirades and aligned their newsroom with professional rabble-rousers.

Dumas was shot by police who had chased him down because they suspected he had committed a robb…

Lots of interviews coming up/Chuck Ealey fundraiser

The week keeps up the pace we've set through the spring with more questions and insight into the issues.

Monday: PC Health critic Myrna Driedger will join us at 4.30 to discuss the closure of emergency rooms across the province and the game of human roulette being played by the NDP and their Regional Health Authorities; and as usual sports pundit Frank the Italian Barber will be in the studio, no doubt rejoicing at the departure of Troy Westwood from the Blue Bomber roster.

Tuesday: The author of the popular blog Rise and Sprawl, Robert Galston, comes into the studio and he will have lots to says about the WRHA getting city grants to pay to put up a blank wall on Main Street instead of the promised retail space, as well as what is going on in South Point Douglas and on the resident-less Condo - em, Waterfront, Drive;

Wednesday: CTV's Kelly Dehn will bring us up to speed on the crime file, and will bring the Dumas Inquest (non-race card version) into focus; and at 4.30 PM Libera…

NDP moves on weather warning systems

The province of Manitoba has finally, finally, gotten moving on creating a warning system to protect the public from weather emergencies and other threats to public safety.

Alone among the local media, The Great Canadian Talk Show has for almost 10 months doggedly pursued the story and demanded answers, from MP Stephen Fletcher on down.

Spirited Kenny has put in many hours reporting on the issues behind the failure of the federal government and the provinces (besides Alberta) to follow through on the Can-Alert concept.

Then of course there were the run-arounds

And the name change of CanAlert to the National Public Alerting System-- which the government press release (below) did not seem to be aware of.

The MSM was scrambling to read our blogs to get the background information fo…

Flava sours CRTC at hearings

Wednesday, Rick the Boss made the unprecedented decision we should air a re-run and instead of returning to the studio, stay put keep an eye on a breaking story.

And what broke was the patience of the CRTC for the multiple breaches of regulations by Harmony Broadcasting (when it was broadcasting, before MTS cut off their transmission lines on October 15).

At a CRTC hearing into why they broke the rules such as not submitting tapes of on-air broadcasts for review on demand, Yo Radio, a new company controlled by media mogul David Asper, offered to "rescue" the station, maintain the hip-hop Flava format, and was willing to "be the bank" for up to half a million in expenses to revive the non commercial, campus instructional station.

The financial liabilities allegedly accumulated by what is otherwise known as CJWV-FM, at 107.9 on the dial, was pegged at well over $900,000, of which $800,000 is claimed by the outgoing GM.

The CRTC imposed special conditions after the 2006 h…

Cathy Edwards wants YOU (to intervene with the CRTC)

I got an email this evening from one of the best guests we ever had on the show, TV producer Cathy Edwards.

Since I have no small amount of affection for the old days of community TV ( dating back to a couple of quirky mid-1980's Videon productions I produced and hosted), I felt Cathy's cause- the survival of volunteer TV as a condition of the licence for cable companies to operate- deserved further dissemination.

(If you want any of the attachments she mentions email and I'll send them along)
Dear Friends of Community TV,

Shaw and Videotron are requesting license renewals in all their systems for another 5 years. Dead-lines for submitting opposition to their renewal (as simple as clicking and filling out an on-line form at the link below)are due by June 5th.

Since providing a community television service that provides access to the community to air time, production assistance, training, and equipment is part of their license obligations, now …